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Jerry Remy: I don’t find it toxic at all

Jun 21, 2012|

NESN's Jerry Remy joined Dennis and Callahan stating how he sees this as a tight nit ballclub. Remy compares Valentines style of coaching to Francona’s, touches on Adrian Gonzalez struggles, and gives his thoughts on the younger players.

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Our conversation -- Jerry Remy is sponsored by a RS restoration specialist property managers and insurance -- depend on -- cover all the disaster bases. When it comes to 24/7 emergency services swing on 28 RS serve dot com to see what they can do for you. And by -- speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use computer you talked it -- to visit get dragon dot com. And by our good friends Lexus of watered down inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go lexis. Jerry Jones on the AT&T hotline good morning Jerry Remy how are you are on -- -- very very well. The -- get to run the ball club the last couple days -- at contention is written by buster all make it up as a general kind of jumping off. Point in this discussion does the uncertainty of Youkilis -- situation. And Adrian Gonzalez playing out of position and all the domino effects that come off of that create toxic or tension in a clubhouse generally speaking that kind of thing. I don't think so no I had a lot of back and let that the other side of this thing because. I mean you know as as someone moved around quite a bit. I don't buy that fact at all and the united and there are issues you know the Youkilis situation obviously. You know having been ballots go out there in the outfield we're. You know what you -- did not objected that. I find this group could be a very close knit group to be quite out -- And I don't quite a toxic at all I I I kind of laughed a little bit when I heard that you know just knowing what I know. About these guys so far this season in other issues there were issues with every block there's no question about that I think is you know. Did that feeling out process between the manager of the team was -- -- and have a new manager coming in. There -- those type of things that go on -- -- toxic environment that I don't I. I don't find that at all and I had that kind of laughed when I heard about it because. I find these guys very easy to deal with you know compared to some of the bat lead and then they seem to get along very well. So and they've been through very tough times. You know they've been through times where they've -- and that the club together and to try to maintain. You know -- head above water -- -- can get some guys back and then make a move and as a result. It did I don't quite that way at all let's just might it have been that. Well -- McCadam rights and I know he's around a lot to unlike buster he's there like you all the time he says -- number of players are unhappy. With the lack of communication from the manager's office he said some. Dislike Valentine's unwillingness to tell players ahead of time that they won't be in the lineup the next day. Any quotes of players says that is just is not there. Did you think that could be. An issue. -- that probably some of it you know he has a different style I mean when Francona was dip. The lineup was up every day probably 1 o'clock in the afternoon guys that would not playing. Did not you know they knew the night before that they would not flying. If they were playing into the night before also and ever play -- quite honestly I would like to know. But this is kind of old school ways of doing things and and that's the way Bobby does that. And you know what I put the Dick Williams doing the same way you did an opening day in and day out -- -- -- not. But yet on the other hand that led the guns and you know so I mean you know that's the way he does things that takes some getting used to and I think I think players would like to know. You know if there and then the next day are not going to be in the the next day the night before of and I think they'd like to know early so they can prepare themselves for that particular day but that's his way of doing things. And that's part of the look you know with the money cover of that gap between a manager employers but. It's like they're not by the on the players' side of -- thing I would say -- that I'd I'd like to the lineup you don't like ultimately be in the depth but that's just on his pilot doing things. Putting a lineup or list of players who hurt -- for the public deceit is. Is that some that would bother you if -- player. If I would let you know apparently put out there have been in the press. Now wouldn't bother me I mean you know what you know nobody got to do. I mean there and then everyone knows is starts wonder and when healthy come on back and becomes his daily. Yet there and if you go to the question if if if you know what what's going -- this -- bench. You know -- not playing because the manager of the light come or it could not producing I mean I've you know I had I'd much but I have the information out there -- -- -- -- and I'm about people speculate that I but you know I'm not playing well I'm not and they couldn't. You know you want in net. So I mean I'd I'd much prefer to have to have the information out there that you know something's wrong with me than than not. A jury in your opinion. Do Adrian Gonzales of struggles. Find a simple solution as his routine being changed and playing right field is it's is it that simple or is there more to your estimation. I think there's more to what it is going up the right feel I mean you know I think that you know he's. It's timing has been up he's been playing -- some pitches that you know what they did we we don't normally see him swing that. He's the lead in the strike zone more than I can remember him doing last season. End. You know. It's just attacking the ball you know in the out of of that last -- hit the ball very well. Late in the ballgame a line shot that was more like him. And sometimes it didn't work out like that -- think the quick and you know you searching decision. He's gotten the kind of got it all that these questions always trying to figure out what's wrong you know in his beauty you know trying to figure out you know what what what he's not doing right. And went sometimes you get to me those opinions and it they can drive you crazy. And sometimes the simplest corner and just getting a bases. In the all the sudden something clicks and you're gonna go up there it has -- that simple -- did -- might -- wasn't moving quite as much. And you know what I had I think he's going to be fine I just think that would be the guy that. That has struggled at this point and I think one of the reasons that you had -- been swinging at pitches that you don't normally. Yeah -- you know if they can -- you have to be patient with so far this season. Our guns all the struggles aside are you seeing from your point of view a momentum build on this team and improved look to this team beyond just the fact that the winning some games. Well I yeah I hope so you know EE you know the wouldn't have been that struggle to get to the pilot market you dip below a couple of games come back we've been there a number of times in. You kind of you kind of wink won't get to that market and you know get maybe 567 games over that would you do that. You're right that that happens. I think when you look at it now I think the ruling may be what three games back of the second play. In the division and that's pretty credible committee was considering what's gone on so spot. So we're hoping -- look up from that point do you get a feel pretty good about things but. You know I do feel things coming together you know like they've been working without playing good at -- right -- they come home they've been win two games you know they they should be should be able have a good homestand. With the team they're playing on this homestand felt that would be a big boost for them to get back you know if that's swagger back at Fenway Park. Well you intimidate teams when they come in here. And that would be that would be great -- put them you know to be able to do that they've played decent based on the road is just unexplainable you know why they haven't been able to do at home. Now it seems like -- getting that comfort level and it in the in the you know that feel confident. -- it feel like you know you commit to my house you know you're gonna have to pay for and that kind of -- you have to have. We we don't Ellsbury gets his job back whenever he's ready whenever he's healthy but when Crawford comes back we see this every night you -- show what a mess and we see him throwing and get ready. Does not -- just go to the bench and go to Pawtucket or goal away he's been arguably the best position players that -- And he's he's been a -- and coming up I've ineptitude. Amazing what the guy's done what do you -- to let that out of the leadoff spot I mean you know they put the leadoff spot either draw the walk to get to that. But I'd have to say yeah I'd have to say that would those guys come back and -- and it's totally ready to play. The advantage you give them you know what guys they can -- and not let. Is that don't have the rush these guys you know they don't have that in the regular -- down. To be at the minor leagues and let him get the proper amount that that you know which you know maybe somewhere out there at the at bat. They have it and make them feel like they've been beautiful spring training and they're ready to open the season. You know I think it would have been real problems at those positions you know you may -- with a bit more reluctant to allow the state that extra week. But when they come back in on a quiet and you get you know you've got that Crawford played an adult replaying. And -- that I think you've got to be about lineup so. You know it is just. Right now I mean these guys have been forgotten that it seemed to be able come up and do what they've done. And and keep the Red Sox afloat in the outfield which is that you know put a total medical you know -- after all these. Thought why is it obviously their best buy is Crawford better than them. Well because he's he's got a track record of the agreement that that's simple I mean you know we didn't see it -- here. What we do well I'm very confident we will see it again is highly motivated I mean EEE you know he came in spring training highly motivated he was you know unfortunately -- these things happen to them. He's been working his tail -- out there all the time to get back and get ready and I really think that you got to see the real Kyle -- when he returns and if you see the real Carl Crawford. You know you've seen in the past -- the special level play baseball. End you know hopefully that it is for the -- back tonight I have I have all the belief that it will and so I think we all know what else we can do and we saw last year so I mean that's why I think -- -- about a club when they have those guys in the net but the median. Anything that these guys right now are doing but these guys have done that over and over again and in the -- they would expect that to happen again. Given the injuries that they've dealt with and granted two games over 500 Anthony is not anything to write home about but Ellsbury out Crawford out Bailey out all that. They have by large survived that as we talked about seem to get some momentum going. I guess the reports on Pedroia seemed to be positive yesterday but you never know something like that would that be -- a breaking point if they lost it joy for significant amount of time in terms of his leadership not to mention -- play on the field what he does for the team the club house. Of course that would you know he's been one of the best players do when he's healthy and in baseball and in the it would be. You know would be a terrible blow that -- him for a long time but I don't think there's gonna be the case and I think he's got a little back and -- -- there. You know that that he got -- from getting jammed in every -- -- him you know it is it really -- you like it did the other night. In this speaking with them yesterday you know look early in the afternoon he felt good and he really felt good to try to make it went to the lineup but Bobbie you know there's no -- -- that they -- take today off one more day off what has been settled out -- -- In maybe you can get in there tomorrow so you know and he wasn't happy about it because you want to play every that he feels like he's legacy mentality doesn't -- so. -- it could get nagging thing because you know defending his hand which doesn't happen very often with him. But if that does happen I mean that couldn't live rock bottom lip maybe games we've got a bit a couple of games in a row you know what you wanna do nothing structurally wrong. Where you need surgery you know if he'll be okay. But if -- go down long term -- you know of course that would -- the -- -- Article double back to where we started that's the toxic and attention thing and David Ortiz stood up made a point of standing up yesterday and said. This is my bleak and clubhouse I've run this clubhouse and there's nothing wrong with anything is going on in here what does that do for the other 24 guys on the team a Jerry went winning here. It's probably make them -- You know I mean it because he's a guy that that everybody respects I mean you need you know he gets respect of his teammate. You get the respect of his manager he gets respect to the front office the ownership. The players the media everybody respect David Ortiz. And let you know when he is playing like it's toxic clubhouse is that bad bothered him and because he's one of the guys that's always going around hugging people you know try every every day what city -- got a good frame of mind every day and he walks by don't say hello everybody you know and I mean he's. That kind of guy to have around and it is good clubhouse now you know and some of the other veterans have gone I think he feels like he. You can take more of a leadership role now that that would let the other guys have gone in a guy like Varitek and Wakefield. And and I think that he's doing that and employers and respected immensely. So I mean it's you know they have the -- that something may lessen. And then it's been kind of a running joke over the last couple days about the pocket you know it is it has been kind of funny. Darnell McDonald yesterday I was sitting in the club -- -- be -- and everybody's laughing and giggling and he goes up the -- Look what I view -- that no not at all because so. I mean it you know that that is one of those things they came out that. -- -- -- caught with them and it was a good thing in the long run right you know maybe in the long run it today if you know it may abilities upset. And then we're -- -- get along here what what went to baseball game. Couldn't just be Youkilis couldn't just be this as we all agree it's on and write run on -- I -- I'm I'm just saying it's a tough to -- it's. It's it's untenable you know this -- logjam these guys playing out of position everyone I was gonna get traded so naturally this going to be tension once he's traded. Can will that all change and it won't be happy. Well -- -- -- -- I mean you know and in the middle Brooks will get to play every day but the thing is you know if the hardwood because it. He's he's been such a popular and good play here you know and all of a sudden you know he didn't name names out there. And this without you know from other teams coming a look at him in the trade that all the talk has been about trade him and I can tell you we'll play -- -- have you. That's not easy to deal with. When you have no idea what your future is going to be whether it's going to be. You know here in Boston all you know what somewhere else. We're ultimately going to be is gonna be a plate so light to go. You know it the book about those things we have gotten bit up in it and it could affect back performance. Speaking of toxic final question. Well where were you when you were denied admission into the ballpark what's it was that. But I wouldn't -- I would really good at Wrigley Field so yes you're sitting outside you don't very pleased to did you resist the temptation to say don't you know who I am. No no I never dropped out once. I just tried to explain to the night gentleman that I do the games on TV for the Red Sox. Any wasn't very nice guy the guy had it and decided that he really couldn't do anything it was a lady was supposed to be that it didn't show up so -- bill we were very very very polite to the guy in he's good I'm sorry I can't help you you know you gotta wait. This lady that come and I -- you know and what people applying by the mean everybody the public plan I had. If I wouldn't let Jenny in the ballpark. Doubt they would that type -- -- what they would rather than we just we just sit there waiting to the right credentials. Yeah how we got the credentials we know we going to have been did this the first time and effort I meant that I happen I don't out of get a but. I think I think Theo did it I think steals behind you know that's happening what are reacted out a couple of -- Jerry could -- and -- -- -- week are -- dog a dozen cal -- AT&T hotline sponsored. By a RS restoration specialist property -- insurance -- depend on heiress to cover all disaster bases. When it comes to 247. A merchant services swing on era serve dot com to see what they can do for you by dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anyone to use computer you talked it types. Visit get dragon dot com and by Lexus of Watertown inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Alexis.

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