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Wednesday, June 20th Whiner Line

Jun 20, 2012|

Maybe it's the heat talking, but Michael, you look hot today.

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Abuse excuse views expressed. Breast blew my mind these -- -- ET TE Chris Cox had. This is discretionary box. -- -- And now you know you weren't here alive. So why don't want to know for certain someone joking in the -- and your Christmas card list. Just would like to know -- and Kevin Garnett will get a Christmas card from you at all this year and now. Kevin Garnett will not not get a Christmas. From me now I don't know I don't I don't like him WEEI. Who roaring they're lying you know what's what sucks is that. When I was growing up nice to have his pollster in my room. He's wearing his Jersey. And the truth is you know my rookie year you know I was you know and admiration of this guy and it and you know. Shut me down and you know he's very means the American. Years dial 6177793535. And he's only mean to the young guys and the euros for some reason why airlines I. I talk a lot of trash out there good. Mean come. So insensitive and he's sweet and now they're -- need guys. Where is it's. Still up there there where's the love interest WEEI. Ugly too. Why -- from this market here said the street my. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes there's ugly out -- -- pass -- class golf that Pebbles Flintstone like a couple of the nicest guys who -- Really you're doing you're kind of goofy yourself given credit for LeBron James what is going on -- you must. You should've -- did you see the series with the Celtics did this instrument the Celtics won game two and three and 45. I do it during your heart not not on paper in your heart out to pat not a paper did this -- like Michael's single handedly he won game six let's. -- -- out like you I don't wanna sit here give credit. I haven't quite easily figure it out here's how great was it lucky it was a -- Sox. So he gets away with following more than anybody write -- problem solved it probably still. Immigrant and Greta if there was not Michael most of the games mr. darling have decades controlling the playoffs right and you should a year of them you. -- should be in the -- I should be out certain I don't hold out now what do you think it's yet. This menstrual -- element is that they were. To quit and that's why Manny took Dennis exactly sure -- alliance apart by AT&T W I live it's available at your rival android Blackberry device for a coupon AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up to -- And in. Times past then three -- -- inspector. They've got nothing to do these small and build a little plus ski on the on the -- really hot which -- Don't always. Take your reaction to light lull. Exert their -- an objection to the point exactly is like to thank my body really hot today. -- -- And today it is -- and -- to write them are desperate. Well aren't and then backed out I did -- let's just stuck it -- Hey did you know some bullet head knocked in about these you know Bradley. Did -- of the. What is it -- Bradley's got a world man it's a local guy right. Thousands. -- -- -- but he -- on when he can always want more went away from the title the title and I don't want all the way to handle this thing. About ten days ago they were talking about -- and how old decrepit -- -- little could be that I think it. And missing boys -- anybody where it's fixed. Everybody that may have to do it myself. -- and messed up blob while. I get might support -- opinion I would think about the board that the president W it I get that quality. Watch out everybody get come about all all cities Honda blah. Blah blah. I can't like that Miami it would be great players and a good supporting it don't -- -- against the mighty bomb pop. I'll -- Kevin Durant in what web lets not against the great country Americans. It is low -- in the last -- about -- it and pop. Up on the Olympic Games. And parents are celebrating album -- not Oprah got over yet has yet Mikey -- is always told me it's all fixed you can move him and therefore David Stern wants to go 6 or 7 engaged central Oklahoma city's gonna -- Barnett right of course they of course they will because the -- controlling it and -- to composure and run him out yesterday and -- -- this fall apart from -- Hamas. -- -- Go abroad and -- black -- yeah. That's the problem -- -- actually. Yeah WNBA. -- cautious. I think about it quietly that we -- -- the good -- that might have been my I don't knock. -- The clinical cure -- that I don't I don't even think at WNBA athlete would bring attention to that no I don't think it's you know in the finals -- -- -- its final generals and that's an -- really it. It was government and a fourth corner that's Crabtree but yeah -- overcome. Is baloney to that. Candace Parker with the have. It's the worst thing the -- of them Ron Wilson but it does some proposals with some ridicule. And I'm yeah I guess -- -- commitment I don't know I don't know why it again. And can get ahead -- that the island. Slugger frank does that mean. For real on the list of people he supports clemens' numbers Joseph -- thing that -- the value of college he is always actually -- it was only Clemens after he went to the Yankees -- was not clemency -- boss frank thinks names commands are Frankfurt area and -- you you can tell me he supported Joseph Paterno and Penn State you remember this story outlines I got it okay 50. Hey good -- Gatorade terror free ride on -- it -- to decried the almanac lives. Write your name Roger Clemens. Because -- here. All of it and decorate your free -- It will help pick your brain would turn out and out. You're pretty Roger Clemens. The whole ball very. Dancing With The Stars launch. It says next up seriously. -- that is basically against this the right Debbie because he's all tightened pumped its next maybe the pejorative I got -- -- -- give us your -- part of Dallas get that -- Steal our justice and one all the little Italy and the camera and WD-40 should Bennett already good way. Solidly. Scholar at the I literally like points to its Rotella are rusty not Rusty Hardin that I showed -- last four hours of governor -- RA Dickey will be and. And -- good. And abroad. Are you doing. I didn't. It good cars but I don't put out of the -- and the content if it ever. I don't have a bit more about what they do -- -- yeah as a group of third quarter revenue. -- Haven't gotten. And I was the guy yesterday -- the -- and yet cause it strips in the steroid issue. And he is basing it on the forty former right suddenly it. In 1960. That would -- Carlson about getting an evil yes of course and I worked our Hungarian no work guys what was his name again our eyes of refusal off he. And you know I I don't began to break in my muscles -- -- reflexes sharp. After all who was show today as -- allegations. -- -- he couldn't imagine being. I guess that it has been invited back in the report. And -- message. Says he stands by it is an enterprise or might put them. What do read a clear field that it -- typically it would -- kind with the -- well yeah. Followed by a group hug. And that message. They're on the way back those Red Sox by the way that's the theme of my nine minutes -- 3433. Very -- -- right back you watch -- NATO -- Yet it might impact impersonation. Tried to you know route one of the double park all of that. -- about that. Yeah. And that. -- like Michael's whole pool on let alone. Well we're going to drive stock conversion. You locked up stories just yesterday or at least I can it was just about to happen. -- -- Not my -- bonds got I'm not my job -- I don't know I've got mine I got wings game. I've got my. And that changed. -- today -- that show. I'm not a battery you know that what little audio overloaded but it is deducted. Quite stated by an autograph reverend. Why would you want to photograph -- -- play have traveled more miles between anyway -- the pocket costs. Major league baseball -- -- -- it would -- how many it would be wasted and then we would text back and works with -- guys from your neighborhood. And every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- got no problem do our -- -- -- -- -- -- was coach guy who only we would kick out of my older brother was coached by okay. He says -- teacher wants and other stories depository. Never changed those -- so until we lose sister taught you or your brother. I'll lose sister taught me Lou was Brothers freshman that's. So I thought I had a kick taken away from a guy who works with -- we -- so it's trial six degrees separate ticket down. Think it was ever coached by that Frankie from Framingham called -- one -- and correct yes worry coats in the commitment never. You know what I really like about Michael -- and that's all these problems and a daughter I'd -- it's easier to get ready quite -- that it isn't very -- my -- really happened music in the background what is it like that. Because it's just -- and ultimately probably our best ball well right off. And argue that Germany working with a -- Guys -- better and there's no way from the get started me captain and for future if you really have to work hard to get them ready for what -- because they'll I think. You're gonna make mistakes hundreds -- so. But my thing is always just be a man about it be truthful about it and then move along because once I think I'm sorry you know that it. Do you expose me now that I grew up watching Chris Carter. At Ohio State and that's where I got some of the. Who loves -- I'm in life you can explain. From labeling and Chris core apps and take some of those materials in his brain -- 178. When de surveillance equipment doubt it's Chris Carter's -- the Ray Lewis is involved and yes. Oh man and you know Buffett calling -- a question. -- -- -- -- what it happens that I don't think they'd it will both be back on the double fault that we hear about what god would have bought -- They could -- Back. And -- -- be hostile to him today KK is hot but aren't those really inspiration. On the -- she -- -- funny when the -- voices actually saying there -- patriots stay in the. I had an -- and I know. It well you know you know but -- five. There -- content very much good -- and hit it up yeah and nobody know what I bought up I'm. So after -- data off the boot camp. Both Joseph broke up -- Yet week he's back it was about even hand it took three days to come back from the dead paid no way you're gonna do is shut up. I tell you why -- three days but if he makes it if he makes it to. To Foxboro. In December. In a Miami Dolphins uniform they will turn on him they will turn on him -- American -- Anyway treaties to come back from when you just jump off across he can't hurt me the better story from two to lessen. Sensitive topic for the planet Mikey just aren't enough time to recover that not bad good luck on the job if you started out pop up and down a six and a good deal. You know as he does that not matter you can protest election by an agency to do anything in eight minutes it's doubtful the poet please is this right to feel it. We do have noted theologian John primaries that and still. And then walked but Mike Adams and call us -- -- it right. -- -- -- -- -- -- That people really. They need that night and -- -- at all. Tomorrow. A veteran back. Let him back home. It not for Mikey to nineties for the first time he's -- the show little lords over the Red Sox haven't been in it. Last place seventeen saves for -- -- -- the -- at seventeen and by the -- Papelbon -- something that -- -- -- his -- I don't wanna I don't want these guys aren't we are never thought that I lost four days just lucky dog czar. -- -- my heart by AT&T AT&T seventeen saves LTE speeds up dude. And times faster than three GE TNT -- And Michael you look really hot today.

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