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Danny Ainge: 'I don't think Kevin Garnett wants to play somewhere else'

Jun 20, 2012|

We sit down with Celtics President Danny Ainge for his first post-season media talk since the Celtics lost to the Miami Heat in Game 7. All topics about the Celtics future are on the table, and we take your calls and tweets as well.

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-- -- Love this team. John. Paul Pierce he's -- Ray Allen comes off the floor to -- from doctor. It's beautiful. Arrived here from Minnesota. Already going to the whole thing. But seems to -- Catapulted himself. John brandy -- final moments of the celtics' season. Now we talk about. What happens next accurate depiction of blood -- why Michael Holley and the president of basketball operations. For the Boston Celtics -- good to see Danny thanks for coming in by -- deceive guy's arm. In any withdrawal specially when you see what's going on in this series -- that and then and we can't we could've done something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which guys Miami or Oklahoma City I don't know probably both elements here. So you look at it I mean I don't know how long it takes you to get over losses you probably. -- over losses that that it occurred in the eighties during you know in the finals but. If you look at this I'm sure not over but if you look at the series to seven game series with Miami -- What do you think the turning point was -- wire two guys playing. Well. So I think that. -- you don't get over it. A long long time that. At the same time I'm very excited about our -- proud of our team what they accomplished that adopted a great job coaching this year and in keeping these guys together and -- that the team over achieved I thought that ultimately. Miami's got bosh back in the -- I'm playing really well. And you know game six was you know I think our guys were ready to play and -- that LeBron had some to do with that game. And had had all the momentum was making crazy shots and -- an unbelievable percentage for his forty points in the first recorders. And in game seven you know it was close but. You know but again you know they've they've turned it up to another level. And I don't necessarily think it was an inning we didn't do as much is. Brahms related usage over achieved what was a reasonable expectation for the Celtics this year. Well I thought that I thought that where we guys come -- with a chance. Was. It expected when the season started here when we were. When we looked at -- roster when we thought that we would have Avery Bradley Jeff Green. Chris Wilcox Brandon Bass coming off a bench I thought that was a very good team in in with high expectations -- You know not only did the three guys that we didn't have an during the playoffs but you know pollen and -- weren't a 100%. Throughout the playoffs and those -- go edited out and and we're very gradient and hats and some spectacular games and some flashbacks and but in in the in that it just we just to have enough. So you don't get the opportunity to sit there and moan over the next three months you've got to put together a basketball team next year. There are a lot of questions that are outstanding out of the people trying to figure out where -- As any of this come into focus a little bit more since the last basketball game. Well I think that because we've you know dedicated a 100% of the time with the draft and free agency -- I would say that. You know it's not a through Z it's probably -- -- Right now so it's becoming a little bit more clear but there's still some some real key decisions have to be made. Although they probably won't be made by draft. Or by July 1. There's some there's some big decisions Acer -- that would include G that would be Garnett is income. Do you have any idea where he wants to do what's interesting flip that under seven B option AA. I don't know how to -- credit I was. My last name. So this comes out seems to be really positive that there is no question he's coming back he's gonna play for an the year but the Celtics as he told. Not flip now. What does -- do -- yourself for what are the conversations that so Kevin had a good conversation last week and the conversation. Was mostly about how he needs time before he makes that decision. How much time do you think he needs I don't know why I think that will talk. Within the next week but I'm not -- that -- a Decision Day for him I mean he made. He me wanna wait -- see what sort of team in. But amateur mean I know that he wants to come back and know that he likes Austin and a plan for Bach and loves everything about the team in the city and and so forth so. I think that it. I think that his decision is going to be viewed in a to a really want a player or do you wanna play. Well you said -- did. He wants to know what the team is gonna work like who's gonna -- that I think that that could be what he wants and -- and that that's that he's already said how obviously that team. You know what our plans are and what you know -- what direction we're trying to head are going to be important to -- -- but I think he knows that in my hockey knows we wanna be a good team was concerned how can you do that to you know exactly. What he wants to do what it's gonna cost to keep him around and what you've got the platelets. To get another -- right so it's it is complicated in the timing is complicated and you know juggling all these different scenarios are very difficult but. Reality is is it on July 1 Kevin Garnett is on our books for 21 million dollars until. Autumn. You know we either sign him to a new contract or renounce it which means we can't beside. So. We either have to -- otherwise were we we you know -- limit or cap space useless for Kean consultant for last in the 21 share. Theoretically. If he's -- here what's the likelihood of the big war returning here together. I don't know the answer might think that it's possible that the average rate could come back yeah -- -- all that's possible yeah. Brandon. Jeff. The whole world group could come back. I'm looking at the just a list of Jeff would have made a big difference this year I mean the waiver was plain and in that we had Jeff that would be huge difference because he could -- in of the the depth. I mean there's 3035. Minutes right there what do you. What do you want that because we always go back to your quota of they read the 88 Celtics and I still like that trick in the book you guys do that -- and table. What what the mavericks and Sam Perkins and it's been different the differences. Those guys were done I felt that word -- they weren't what Larry still had four in okayed the timeline -- for years of his career. And cabinet nominee but 25 years and only played like two of the years. One of the years he could set up the entire season what does the Boston Celtics get out of Sam Perkins and that that your what does that do for -- -- and -- -- available players like 22 year old player -- and -- -- -- -- elements of what -- to take. I don't know no ads -- -- I saw Perkins and at the shop for starters on NBA finals team. Because of their. Well they were number two and number three maybe maybe maybe two and four on that team while I'm just not fired up about it but -- -- we can agree to disagree. Do you want to. I mean you wanna bring these guys back by the way by the way there's nothing like have a -- yeah. The UN that's much harder to do nowadays because of their age I always thought you you're gonna say. You said. I'm not let this team get old. There are an older team and their lovable team people really read tweets and text and phone calls people really for the most part enjoy the team. Are you opposed to bringing back a veteran team or do you feel like we have to get younger. Was some we we just we wanna get younger. Okay we wanna add younger pieces but. These guys not healthy. Okay and and ray and Paul were more healthy than our young guys he could say what you should accounted on on your team not being healthy well. Had we had our 24. And 21 year old healthy. We could have been playing in the NBA finals also. If the reality of it is this team is novel. In old means that you're not -- it doesn't mean I'm not talk and we want to bring -- cousy and Russell back. Our guys are still performing. These guys are playing well wow. Finish. Like North -- correspond by an out of the you -- reacts as well but so so I think that that's I think that that is it a pretty good indication. But at the same time how does that that -- You know we don't wanna get to the point where you know and that'll -- our players to mean. In a KG said over and over again -- wanna go out not been a significant player he doesn't wanna be you know eaten alive by the young new young players mean. You know and you could see his will and buy it but at the same time. I don't think people realize how hard it is for him I mean it's really. Draining for guys that needs to it just prepared to play two with three hours with the treatments and stretching and I mean. The days are different than when you're 25 and thirty and you just sort of you know wake up from your nap and you know took to legitimate go away just because the body of -- -- went there you are. Six and it's just the way it is you can be in great shape but. It's easier it's easier to get ready when you're 26 and is your -- Right -- is -- what you see how you live I mean it is it is that a season long thing in it it's much more exhausting. At that age -- still have three options out there in the table come back with the Boston Celtics. Go to one of the team or retire as we keep on hearing now. It seems to be more either Boston or that says there's still a possibility. I'd go play for another team and I'm not I'm not sure of course he can and I don't think that's what he wants to do I think that but I do it is possible future. Would you did you get the feeling -- talking to him. I did I didn't I'm gonna get you want I didn't get that feeling back. Let you know there's he did definitely has that option in you know who knows what happens over the course of time and I hope that he wants to come back that's sort of in the indication that. If he's gonna play that he would like come back to Boston and that's that's where we aren't quite -- a lot of confusion about what you can do and what you can't do. Here in the offseason aipac you're the big shelf. Org Y and a colleague Danny Ainge sitting him this year as though we cannot wrap up the season and looking ahead to what happens in the offseason. It could Danny be considered the third man in today's the third minute oh let's talk about the Red Sox you wanna talk about. Patriots next month training camp there weigh in on this stuff -- limited to Dustin Pedroia. Everything -- what's up of dust. Haven't heard him say that I had an apartment I haven't I don't know -- evident -- -- doesn't have highlighted Dustin Pedroia I'm Obama huge huge -- to -- him. Even athletes in the city of Austin. We -- he's OK apparently that's the word we have from Bobby -- earlier in the show he's okay -- precautionary reasons but. He says Joyce is deeply tonight until it's very -- Is he is can we can we get back to Kevin Garnett here and talk a little bit by a bond that's gonna put artists like a couple of -- very he's at and if you don't disclose that they sparked him he would back and a couple weeks I have a storm and they go to Pawtucket. -- -- he probably -- this this tactic right now if I cannot see you get enough seats in here and people to the Tom Brady. Which is what she gets the revolution similar throughout. Bob we'll talk all the time about what you can do what you can't do I read it all the -- Lot of the stuff seems to be -- always say it not necessarily. Accurate we were just talking about it during the break. And the salary cap and your reportedly cap was that was confusing. It's people think -- -- it seems to be on on the surface so I look at your situation and I look at next year. And you literally have right now Paul Pierce. Rajon Rondo. Avery Bradley. JaJuan Johnson. Under contract qualifying offer I guess to the -- teams so you literally have five players. And tied up about 31 million dollars that fair to say ballpark it may -- of the exact thing. What can do how -- you do what you want to vote so we still. Have. You know on the salary cap we still have all of our freeagent Branden in Beatrice and AG. And Ray Allen and we have though the whole group of them are still -- on our books and and we have the rights to the bird rates to. -- Krstic and Jeff Green and and so if we're gonna use all of that space. We would have to renounce all of those players in order to use that cap space so that's by the timing in I mean. I signed -- complicate how far up the ladder could you go if you renounced all of those borders could you go over the -- Let's say the cap numbers at 58 X it was 58 this year right. Because I'm looking at the numbers and you add all of that up and you're way over. Right so were were over the capitals players still with their cap holds. Were still -- so in order to renounce all of those players we would have 27 million dollars and based on year. Approximate numbers. But that's just that and that that's not something that. That the past year earlier the likelihood of the big four returning it and that doesn't sound right because you stuff that cap polls was gonna say is we don't have that much money. Under any circumstance because you still have to you know holds you have to put a contract in minimum contract in that cap hold. So -- five players under contract he still mean to have thirteen players under Contra right yep -- eight what's called cap holds that minimum. That's I was gonna in addition to those numbers asked you earlier about the likelihood of the big four returning it could happen -- what's the likelihood of renouncing. All of those players. It's -- it's an unlikely right now to something that -- you're able to do right. And in the case of looks unlikely because they're good players right it's unlikely because all those guys are -- starters are very you know big time contributors and on a good team. So with with -- and the free agent market really isn't isn't. That great Brandon Bass opted out of his contract. You still could. The over the cap and bring back Brandon Bass right without any kind of penalties. -- and yet the only media without any penalties and was it a surprise to you that he opted out or not is something. No I follow a year use have a great year mean I figured he would opt out. Brandon is looking for a long term contract he sort of at that age and stage of his career where. I was pretty certain he was gonna opt out when you look at the numbers though. Unless you bring all of these guys back and use the bird exception which allows you to go over. The top of the cap. When you look at it. And if my guess Asian market to bring all of those guys back. How do you get other players. On this roster good players -- If Kevin Garnett comes back and occupies anywhere close to the number he was out last year you don't. At that says simple. And so you know that's why I say economic players that we have as free agents come. And have the bird rights to our. Or is good or better than. Most of -- -- class or doesn't it make more financial sense to try to bring as many of these guys including KG back. Certainly for next year. Until you get into the free agency in 2013. -- seems to be a few more interest in name. -- you know every year you know last year when free agency started. There was in 05 names this year and we're going to be you know big time free agents and so -- wanna cap space this year and now that that it really gets down to zero reagents for player signing extensions and exercising not opt out or even not opting out of contracts and so every year the year before free agency it looks better. And so the good list of free agents for next year will be trimmed by a significant margin because players -- sign extensions. Players all opt in contracts and so that list will be completely narrowed so if you wait if you're always you know looking and waiting for the next year in the next year. You know figured that it become slim Pickens I mean there really is only one team. That's ever done it through cap space and free agents that's Miami. And remember at the same year you know there was survivor six teams that would go on for all those guys read prepared and you know had two or three years of of pain and suffering in losing to create that and there was only one winner. She but I'm looking at this and at the two -- -- to go if you bring all of these guys are majority of these guys back and as you said green. Healthy next year Avery Bradley a year later after he showed that he can play in this -- And Wilcox the same thing the health factor. Then that sure roster. If not. And KG is not back I don't see how you get a player anywhere close. To replacing KJ didn't. -- -- from the right so you know there are sign and trades. And capabilities of if each one of the free agents and then also there is cap space that you can trade in -- So teams do want to him. You know he'd do have a big advantage of making trades with cap space. A big. So that's another option for example I don't know what does that mean so so I don't have to numbers don't have demands so five point million dollars cap space I can take. A twenty million dollar player into mine on the nineteen without even sending anything back. And -- sometimes teams wanted to sort of start over cap management. We saw we saw a trade today I think it was rumored that movement finalized but I mean that's basically. Washington has a lot of cap space third they're eating up contracts all of these -- and Rasheed Wallace's. I mean Rasheed Rashard lewis' contract to New Orleans that he gets closer but. I'm here have the ability take on Coke for -- -- And you know fit players like and -- into the caps on the flip side if you're dealing with one reviewer. Free agents here on your team let's say -- Ray Allen brings his name as an example. And another teams interested in them but they don't have the cap room. Then you could do a sign and trade and bring them back similar to what you did with Glen Davis exactly right now. And that's the way you could kind of take guys that are on your roster. That are going elsewhere and use them to get something else and returned it fits in writing you know they can use us to to get a better contract. On the other side when asked about the draft in the NBA finals and have some opinions in the finals. European banks that abroad for economic this -- cryptic I think hinted that I did EHY a great finals moment having as you know and a teammate of yours in front of viewers -- from Mikhail. He played on a broken foot in the NBA finals I think last night's performance playing with -- he's ultra right right there when a great final moments of ultra. Today -- Paul Pierce moment let's. How we got another hour to GoDaddy change in Studio One that's coming up next. Danny Ainge president of basketball operations of the Celtics in the studio we -- to that of Michael I would. Take are really good. Quarter questions here's a good one from John record Euro Danny would you consider using the amnesty clause. -- -- -- It. I don't happen if Johnny -- quite and reply -- a member of the NC closed by the way. Is part of the new collective bargaining agreement that allows -- team -- By total player without affecting their -- correct. Well not really by amount that you -- and pain in the entire amount of that contract but he did about it and they don't affect the cap get back. -- got one from. 630 -- James. That's just me. Asking you about rumors of the Celtics wanted to keep only 11 round pick and with deep draft why not have control of two young players. So I guess with a separate question. You have any interest in trading one of your draft picks. I listened to all the possibilities but right now we still viable politics and also let's just add to this question we separated -- not gonna add to it. I keep hearing that this is a deep draft -- 2003 LeBron wade Carmelo -- Chris Bosh. It is it. Is it a deep draft in your opinion. It it's not that the now. And it it won't have as many transcendent players is that Kraft had. But what I think when people say it's deep I think that it you know you might be get a player that can them. -- India rotation at thirty or forty in the draft that's unusual. That this draft it might be. He gets some good players I think we you know I think we're gonna get two good players. But not transcendent players players that might be starter some day players that might it'll come off the bench and contribute but but probably not stars. Now if you look at it. Not not not asking you to pat yourself from the back but just. With the benefit of hindsight. You've got you at Avery Bradley in the twenties or are there toward the back into the first round. You wouldn't think you'd be able to get a player like that that late. Is that how did that happen and did you see that happen would it would take somebody in front of you making -- or a lot of teams making. -- moments multiple mistakes for you to get a player like that again where you got a progress. William we've been we've been pretty fortunate with the draft to mean you've had a Weaver I was actually talking to Tony Allen this morning. In our training them he skis are doing -- -- and and knee surgery. And talking about. You know how all the guys on the in sort of that this last year we have like seven guys. They were drafted below that in the second half for the first round for starting a playoff teams Tony being one of and you know but like -- stories it's a little bit different and -- got them. You know Rondo was a unique. Way in which we were able to acquire him and Avery 121 right he had -- in Avery there was a unique way in which we were able to acquire him very fortunate. And yet you know those were guys that we identified -- in a much higher in the draft and where they were drafted so. You know occasionally that happens but -- -- you have to be very fortunate for somebody you -- projected in the top ten at the draft to slip to. In a 21 address which. Got it but it's just that and maybe you expect it to happen and they happen when Rondo. And a different draft happened with Tony Allen. In a different draft if it happened with Avery Bradley. Not Delonte Delonte West now. Al Jefferson wasn't in the twenties and at that time -- ability he was fifties they'll draft a guy at a high school and can't do that anymore but. Al Jefferson fifteen Kendrick Perkins. Don't pay them back into the first round so why not expect that that transcendent player because maybe if you look at maybe you have a different. View of players in the rest. Really well you know so I would I would say that one of those guys are transcendent players in in Rondo. I think those other players are good solid players that contribute you know -- that we -- we might be obligated issues draft as well that's what I'm saying it. But I think that you know Avery I think has a chance to be a very very good player doing what he's doing his age right now. Not only of the -- defender but. He was one of our most efficient offensive players in the last forty games of the season. So. Your work -- about Avery and. And his futures well you describe your different type players when you're talking about drafting 2122. That might be there. The one that young that's got the upside and the other one might help you right now. Is very. Difference in the 21 is more season probably is come close to reaching that ceiling. Where there's another guy maybe Bradley's -- guy you were talking about the draft certainly he was ready to play defense at the NBA level when he was drafted. The rest of the offensive game and ball handling he had to pick up. Is there a difference almost two different players that are available 21 -- 2.2 and what are you look for well. Either one and yet to weigh all of that you have to weigh. In the -- you do bad consummate the upside can't -- there's also a downside. And -- have acted. You know I I think it's you don't just bet on the upside player. So will be look at I mean in this draft there's -- there's a variety of players -- freshmen that are ready to play in the NBA right now and contribute. And then there's seniors that are a little bit more ready but they're they're probably hit the ceiling and they probably are. Are not going to be anything special but be in the seventh man and your team and so you have to weigh the options. Rick did you find a tip guys really whether a veteran minimum out here can't the Vatican helped you while right now a little bit. Isn't that guy available out there. Sure but. Those guys are available for you don't have amen to that under contract control. You know with -- potential cap issues. You know we need to get players that can contribute. On a roster as well see Candace can always take upside when yours when your team's rebuilding. A roster Unita has to step in play right now. You look at some of the players in the draft. I'll -- I'll I'll name some players here and to see -- you think of selling Jersey guy from Ohio State who. Has been questioned his his medical. As medical problems medical problems seem to be. Pushing him down a bit you know what do you think of him as a player and we also had to -- promised the caller couple weeks ago was asked about a kid on Norfolk state. Whose name escapes Iowa now and -- -- so what what do you think of those guys do you think they are solid and -- players. Yeah I mean soldiers been a terrific player everywhere is banning is dominant high school player in and a dominant player in the Big Ten. As a freshman and sophomore. I you know I don't know anything about the medical stuff I will know that manifesto were meeting this week on I'm all of our doctors medical reports that they've accumulated. So I don't knowing that that based on assists assume that he is healthy and in cleaner it's you know his issue was a minor issue can be. Rectified I think that -- He's a he's a terrific as a terrific future very solid big -- the compassion use faint. And rebound about the nor for that. Yet he's not he's not is. And have the chance to be -- specialists soldier. But he's big and he's Smart he's experienced. And you know doesn't have a lot of lift but I think you know I think we can see him in the NBA next year. Now I'll get around praising LeBron trusts me he's having an incredible post season run -- get around appraising them in effect as when -- for a praise abroad. You play in the NBA if coach an MBA. And general manager. You've seen a lot of great defensive player who's the best defensive player you've ever seen in your career played against or coached. Some. I think did. Rodman Michael Cooper. I think Jordan and Pippen both -- pippin was more defensive minded more often. Michael but when Michael really wanted to put the clamps down he was very special defensive player. Those guys come to mind -- you think about those guys. -- they were great defensive players in the justice and knock on this thing is greater the player on the they -- files and yeah yeah I think it is your guy. And you I don't remember them -- files Mike and I don't I don't I don't Michael -- it but Michael was never a guy who was described as. Being able to guard he won Arafat. Like LeBron. I think it's amazing that the bra as physically gifted as he has this physical as the years. A guy who guards five position by position they don't call files I think that's -- used well for a different a player don't. You know as so yes I think it is unusual. But LeBron is really good that I'm telling you right now he. I've watched a lot of the film yet others see he gets some. Some benefit of some calls but he is very good enough -- And he's not a guy that is a -- -- -- same kind of defense in the first quarter that he plays in the fourth quarter. And the of the game he's used to call different in the fourth quarter than it is in the first quarter and I I think he's really good I mean he I think Michael was really good at it there's guys that are that are -- anticipate better than other people. When you're the one -- stronger guy you don't have to hold and grab as much. Asia body itself is just you know heavier than everyone else you don't have to do that work smaller guys like Michael Cooper you know they had a hold and grab -- so there will be called for some of the tic tac fouls. But I really believe he is better at avoiding -- Most muscular thing is the quickness when you've got the bigger guys that are guarding him the stronger his quickness off of that forces people to reach. And commit for a -- that said he's having great post season oh he gets a lot of break I was -- partial credit where it's due date when you when you're watching. The conference finals case of the final four Oklahoma City San Antonio the Celtics Miami. Did you say to yourself at the time. The best team. Is in the Eastern Conference whether it's us or Miami because right now it looks like Miami's gonna win it and I thought before the playoffs started about the Western Conference with little stronger than east. And is not playing out that way what did you see when you're in the conference finals looking at the final four well. You know I've been doing this a long time Michael and I think every year in 2008 when we won the championship. In six games I mean it was unanimous. -- all the experts all the pundits thought the lakers were gonna win because the western game is different. And the east it's it's different you play in Miami and Boston it's a different game that Sammy then the San Antonio Oklahoma City. And so that game looks prettier in the athletes come out and it's it's different it's it's a more grind it out game and I think that that favors Miami. That is isn't much difference in the in the texture of the game whatever. And that must kill you right now when you can sit there and sentiment in six games six and six yeah. And India champion -- I'm gonna open up the fall watchable -- a couple of questions with Danny -- and our last segment here with -- six point 7779. 0858885250850. -- so the questions out of the any age coming up next to an objection. -- accurately showed letter word like Michael Holley at third man in -- showered Danny Cain actually president of basketball operations for the Celtics. And we're gonna alleged use throw some of the questions out so let's go to Dave Dave's in. Springfield here on one wants to lonesome and alone wants. I hit the wrong button -- -- -- in Springfield -- in means today. Guys they don't you know real. Quick question for you are imported about -- -- In my opinion the guys drop on ask for the draft might. Three guys that that I -- a lighter brown the deal was actually gonna go high. -- waders and I think ducks on a tremendous upside to the side -- that ability claimed the ball on the forty that he projected in -- to pick it could be and it's it's going to be popular and you can say that critically fertile man. Well yes he could -- for his old man and I think that he's going to be a top ten panic. And I think he's kind of a very bright future. As do those other guys you mentioned I think those are those are very good players we got a lot of text earlier people saying can you take 21 and 22. And move up in the position in the top ten to go get rivers. That's not likely correct it's not likely that says that's too high of -- move typically. You know maybe in the middle. 161715. That's really only get with -- -- would the second thing you move up maybe five spots yet if that's -- but that's not even certain no mean that usually happens on draft -- if there's a team that you know all the sudden they lose I don't -- they really liked it. So those are big drafting contingencies that you had to be prepared for here's Brian in Waltham along with Danny -- go ahead Brian. Hey Danielle Erica Celtics directing your career. My question is regarding free agency do you think its worst. Making an offer to a player like Hibbert who is. Restricted free agent you ought to wait and see the other in the get a match on that and -- money locked up for battery spoke just done. And restricted free agents in book AG take on can't discount. Well so I don't know that about KG we haven't even gotten there yet. On the I can't talk about specific free agents but philosophically. On restricted free agents. Especially now that you know you're only sort of tied up for three days. On -- restricted offer sheet that the team has to make a decision on so. Philosophically I would absolutely if I thought that he was the player and I thought that I had a chance to sign him I would I would do that it was and restrictive but on the whole. Who are current team has a much better opportunity at sign that characters you can sign for more -- racked. Yes -- for a fifth year the home team can sign a player for five year contract and give him a little bit more increase better increases but. It doesn't really have an effect on some players some players that's huge. The great players. The top Echelon players are really doesn't matter that much if there's still in the Taiwanese coast again and -- the maximum the next contract. -- Connecticut New England. And captain Dolan and you looked at play here. All still out a lot longer you know what -- of the so I am the powers play like. Like I do have a much like a comment. It's into the NBA. Any machine. Or how they're not really over -- Well yeah and white coaches all outlook comment. -- and -- our -- -- I think he had -- appreciate -- or. Our argument narcotics. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that they -- I went. I were critical and and that affects 6 o'clock Mikey out of our federal parliament are Martin targets every -- parked outside city you've heard all of this people complaining about the officiating we got we've got it nonstop now. During the entire. Right so you know listen I get frustrated with the with the officiating at times like everybody does but I do think our officials all our. The best of all basketball world I mean I travel the world much basketball games in the NBA officials are the best. Second ball the idea that they're not held accountable is not true. They are held accountable as his matches. Anything its its Internet they're held accountable in there. By the appears. Am by the NBA office. By teams and coaches immune operating systems were GMs coaches and but there's scrutinize him and watch all their plays the re there. Read it on each team each performance and and MBAs working extremely hard to get a better product on the court and there's a process in place and if you want to complain about a particular official or a string of officials in that ten games in this happened this happened. There's a form for you to do this -- Right so after each game during the playoffs. You know if I have calls that from him from the game both before I can submit those calls justice. Seed in the league will check all those calls in most teams submit. Calls after each game and in the league sort of gives -- report on what they what they reported on here we did what woody get out of that though. What do you think you get nothing. The satisfaction to know that is that they and and you know I usually think that I might submit its sixth in the league assailant yet those three we missed in the history we write music usually it's so -- it -- so they they -- tell you know why I didn't tell you we screwed up we messed up. So they just don't to a publicly and a wrap up -- sure you heard about this the commissioner had a very contentious interview. And at times entertaining interview with Jim Rome which are Romans asked him was the fix -- For the lottery we hear this all the time to of course New Orleans got a because the league owns them and he wanted to. New Orleans in position have Anthony Davis on and on. Your team has been in the lottery. Have you ever questioned. Or have you ever wondered more transparency more information when it comes to how the lottery is conceived house. But the you know I mean it's just you realize how many people would have to know and to be involved in the conspiracy of the lottery I mean. There is that it's it's too complicated and you -- you put your -- legacy and it is it doesn't happen of the team has ever representatives in Rome PS what they do the ping pong balls and what was the one were prospect was the one in a when you guys it went into the draft and obviously get the number five pixel if something was wrong. Yet there's no console which when you combine that thinks and let's I think there's something fishy to silly talk. I would let the new flopping that they're talking about with the competition committee in which after games they would send the film. Of the video to new York and Stu Jackson is somebody there would review it. And decide whether it was a flop off of the video they would penalize the player after the fact. Like that idea. Well you know I think that and I don't know what the answer is says so I have a theory on that is that. Rep for reason one reason way officiating is so difficult if you're sitting up in the fifteen thrower twentieth grower. If you have a better view you a present for -- that is a great idea and I think that the EC more like when you're standing right up against that some of these huge bodies there's so much you can't -- but anomaly that -- your vision as use the further you -- away the more -- NC if you suggested -- to the league yes I have talked with the league but I think and I still -- answer for it. And so I think that the challenges is that officials make calls and there was a couple last night in the game. Officials make calls them look at them Mike concede glint in Nicosia flop and they make calls at the peripheral vision. Where they can't possibly see what -- other than they see fall in the can't CD arm pulled -- in the can't see you hit him first and then fall down and and so there has to be something done with the flopping I think that there's just too who many times the officials are game fool and if I was an official I would never call. I would never call unless I saw what exactly would happen I'd much rather. Not call something they get fooled by you know somebody tricking me tell you right here remove in the amount like ten or fifteen rows. Because I do believe you see form morneau venom of broadcasting positions and you just you see. Far more a couple of times and -- of the game work the whole crowd at one tying run. You know reacts to a called vacancy right to act and its blatantly obvious in the crowd -- you know and the official right there in front can't see it but what are we to overrule them fifteen rows up what do. -- -- -- Yeah you're I don't know -- I can imagine being occasion I got them hanging from the rafters and chairs like like those cameras they have only cello from how -- if they weren't. I tell you what though that they could see the game better yelling let you know going back and forth on pulleys and yeah. Better predict the barn won't have a player scribbling your phrase it to -- -- the call to make Colin. And then have them deal with that on the court I lets you wouldn't take a more -- phone calls before reluctant to go here's video gyms for what's been eight. They got other don't they -- I didn't want to beat a million in Q thank you are up putting patriarch the other very well trade and obviously it could turn out any better oh look everyone bought appreciate that. Well thank you that the real credit should go to our ownership who's willing to pay those guys in the give me the freedom to do that bursts of applause I've got the -- kind of television owners and had a contract with -- -- got. I know I. Outbid me I called it I can't speak for everyone that we loved to have not read about compelled by. For the right right -- -- you won't graduate like the likelihood of him coming back in it he does come back you see him starting in the or or which you have -- the bench maybe try to -- that are. Well I'm not that's that's a good question but we don't have the answer to that I mean that we were very successful Brandon as a starting. Four man this year moving cagey with the senator and -- issued dean I thought really. Helped open up the court for us but you know the size it was a factor at times as well and we could use -- senator. But I'm Brandon Brandon is it is a quality player any any. Complements. Rondo in particular with his outside shooting how do you make a decision and Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox. You you're dealing with with a medical situation with ball. How do you know that they can come back can be a major factor for you next year I know the green has been around. Well or -- Morgan Wilcox has been around some as well that doesn't really guarantee you that they're -- they can go to another team correct. Right well. You know so I I spent a lot of time with Jeff. When we first found out that he had the the -- crude enlargement and and so I went to some of the best doctors in the country with Jeff and his agent and in our medical staff and a doctor McKee in and week and I learned a lot about the procedure that they were having done and it's it's all of there. Expert opinions and it's in Jeff this is recovering nicely from his surgery bit. -- they don't think that there will be any issues whatsoever going forward that this is an idea. It's just that sort of but the fact that -- able to fix with -- material that they make it solid then and there should be no problems and has been there's been a couple of other situations I -- -- Toronto during the film had it in and he -- Thomas -- and you know they didn't have any issues with enough that. It's amazing really that there are no issues you think about heart surgery for such a young man I guess. That's -- reservoirs is Putin's. Probably factors into it to -- -- -- I think so I think the youth but I think it's a procedure itself I think you know it. It's not is for for a player's standpoint it's certainly not it is riskier don't think it is coming back from. You know in the injuries. Shoulder injuries some more series so they could come right back this season and perform at a very high level. Yet there's no reason when he can't and you know there chip was up playing basketball three months after the procedure. And -- -- and you know really the big -- that the longest healing process of at all is just the chest you know they sort of open chest that's. And once that's he'll want the bones have healed. It really should be comparing and then and then it's a Medicaid you're conditioning back in. You know there probably will be you know six to ten game adjustment to sort of get back in the group as he has played for a year like any player but. I don't think there will be gaining any long term issues all that he's never gonna have these -- just from observation and looks a lot. Banners that I mean has he lost a tremendous amount of weight because of this surgery or is that just I think the minimum -- and Chris I think Chris looked a little bit smaller. And he would -- and that it Nazi that would. All right art and closely. Kevin Garnett what do you think as people -- just tuned in when do you think you'll have an idea as to his situation. I don't know why I really don't wanna push Kevin I mean obviously we have to get some answers you know by July 1. Com and so I'm just right now I'm dislike him get back to mean hopefully he'll do that as of July 1 if you don't have an answer. You you obviously -- not gonna announce him what you won't be able to free money and correct it. So put you wanna kind of a write in you know he doesn't -- he's he's not he's not looking to do in Georgia or whatever that team guy -- You know blessing he wants to do -- put a -- in a tough position he wants to help us and hopefully wants the comeback I think he will -- you know and I'm just answered if he doesn't come back to the Celtics you think he's gonna retire. Think if the Celtics -- -- I don't know that you know wanna speak for Kevin and I think that Adam. I know he wants to come back to Boston if he wants to play that's what he shared the stage by Adam now holding two and he's got a lot of options. And noble this week that time. Right and are you gonna have a busy offseason and hopefully we'll get the opportunities talked a couple times during the during the summer but good luck -- little. Thanks and micro -- look really hot today. I Didier explained by little my philosophy -- -- -- don't lose by. NEA chair of the Bellagio.

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