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Keegan Bradley: New England sports stars seem to stick together

Jun 20, 2012|

PGA golfer Keegan Bradley, joined D&C to chat about his life and career after winning the PGA Championship. Bradley discusses how winning changed his life for good and bad, which New England celebrity surprised him by reaching out, the negative comments he received on his golf game and the spitting controversy. He also touches on which Major he would like to win next.

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Back it's Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from the travelers championship at TPC river highlands in Cromwell Connecticut the PGA tour is in new England and it would rather talk to by the way. In the interest of full radio disclosure. That doesn't Callahan has a deal in place with Keegan Bradley that every time he wins a major. He's gonna come out with us on the following Monday that's that's fair deal right absolutely a little preview and Keegan Bradley PGA champion joins us here at the broadcast how -- are again. Everything's great now feel so good to be back knowingly get them and -- nice couple hot couple days -- that really normal but I'm just so happy to be back in sixty and eventually made thirteen cuts three top tens in the second place finish what's not going well with her -- You know I IE the dude -- good job early in the years being in contention and try to win tournaments and just trying to get back there -- -- Is that a distraction I'm sure it's pleasant to see all your New England France and obviously what in the galleries and yelling your name because you're the local favorite of the New England favorite. But in other distractions to having the ticket requests that hotel requests from people Bentley and all that in place as opposed to be in Scottsdale someplace else. Yeah you know it it is it's got some disadvantages as -- you know I I hope that the New England crowd gets to Israel out from it leaked it. But you know I my mom's in town she's taking care of all the tickets okay loves it so I IE I got a lot of people to help me but. I'm I'm looking forward to seeing everybody out there are you Hopkinton their Vermont. Well. When I'm in Boston -- -- But you know I group in Vermont but my whole family is from Boston so when I moved to Boston it was pretty easy for meted. Today kind of call that home so I I kind of pretend they get to -- how old were you when -- first -- -- -- path. I until it -- it's not that long ago I still out there and play against -- she's still an unbelievable player but IE I remember one specific -- that are really -- -- for the first time -- have come back and beat -- -- -- -- -- like jingle the change in their pocket when you're -- you can take all that well lately it's funny you can -- and when -- expecting -- hear it's scary seats -- blinders on it seemed to look Grammy -- have a -- -- -- We talked earlier about how -- when guys in the hall of fame baseball changes -- alive you know autograph as they write HOF and they make a lot more money for appearances. Winning the PGA winning a major does that change your life do you do you fly private now. Now -- by private -- much that much stuff and not that theory comes on the Monday rather look right we get a ride somewhere out in the end and Eric he didn't try to -- a kitchen guys I hits like with the with doesn't bum rides up guys. You know before -- the PGA it's an autograph and -- look of that mean SP duo was him now -- -- kind of sighed and move on Adrian finished anyway and decide that houses change your life. Everything's changed. For for good and some from bad but. You know I'm just used it this lifestyle I have to live down. -- different routine at the golf course than than ever had been your requests and things like that exactly request that the media and in just a little more attention but you know I I absolutely love it if -- you do donated some. What's the best party said the is good and bad now I assume. Nationwide tour a year may be room with a guy occasionally on the road. Ozone jacuzzi spreading like a Taurus and not because he within the complementary Lexus yeah and now you're in the four seasons are. Everything's great out here I -- -- -- -- prettier and hooters tour and you know I I can appreciate what we have out here the best part about. Being on -- two hours. Kitna throw at first pitch at -- get this flip the coin at the patriots game. Drop the puck -- -- -- game in in -- in New Jersey in the name on it and that's about -- coolest thing that I ever -- ever happened in my life you put you weren't able to we'll first proceeds and -- -- a playoff games that your favorite right the -- well mr. Hutchinson actually. Set me up with some tickets there and in Miami when they won game five. And you know it's just some believable franchise and I'm so happy to be even a little bit apart of immune to go to came today. Any of no you mean like a Tom Brady knows you he's a big golf fan. And the Celtics know -- any any surprise to in terms of reaching out so you texting calling recognizing you. Well Tom Brady out reached out and after on the PGA and you know. Without sound weird he's maps -- idol Leo look up to him alive I was on the coolest things ever -- that his wife. If I think it was a prank. I thought it was a prank at first my body's I was -- -- -- -- -- -- if you guys -- mess and it is not funny things don't don't to do this agreement. I've become really about become friendly with Wes Welker and -- -- and they're both big golfers and also show on the Orton. For the Bruins and it's been really fun it is you know because of such a big fan. And dividend to have any part of these franchises really cool how famous guys get other famous guy -- -- numbers detects the like how to Brady find out what your phone -- a text read -- two in the PGA I think he called. My agency -- my number but you know this shows -- -- guys -- these guys are like I I never would've expected it around and it just shows you know it's kind of a cool little family that new England sports stars seem to. Stick together which is really cool this the question significant. And connected to nothing do you allow yourself the danger still skiing can you were accomplished skier in the in the offseason I honestly I don't -- much -- actually don't ever -- for safety reasons yeah it's amazing group in New England Vermont and I cancer link is below sixty years at -- -- -- really -- what's that you have posted. -- you know my data that still -- a -- my uncle John is a big -- My health families Alain skeen a mom but I eat Aniston Elaine after something risk your careers -- will -- where front he's via. You know -- smokers -- -- this week on two I IE I've heard yet did you get invited nights I guess you're busy but I didn't yeah I'd been invited but that's all right want to call -- and get the details because they get. A little out of -- out of tequila -- they have a little -- -- -- in Aspen. And now he called pre celebration a celebration for his wedding we will tell them vote did you have to go seek professional help to stop spitting. You you know. I. We have been even -- he did I you know I did I mean I I've been I've been speeding since I was it will Qaeda Vermont you're running around playing sports. And you know people took a big offense to it and it was scary honestly and I because I didn't think -- concluded it was a full low you know addiction almost. And just IE I just decided one day to stop artists does -- stubborn about this and stop but I did. -- do you ever had anyone ever tell you too fidgety to golf here he need to have that slower metabolism rate your you know your hockey player skier you're hyper guy. He can't play this game. Yeah you know a lot. People follow suit in you know people who go a different direction. Get criticized. That's the way I do it so you know works for me and you know I'm not I'm not in the business of just copied whatever else does is who I am in a mistake with it. The spending thing for me would be impossible I'd be looking for moisture in my mouth on the eighteenth fairway you know I'll be like quicksand paper in there but apparently the nerves how do you do with the -- in situations like that. It's funny when you when you come and onion to win a tournament. I don't feel match nerves it's it's more of it's a different feeling it's it's excited it's it's not so much nerves. It's fun it's fun. When you're coming down the and trying to make the cutter when you know plane alone with so -- more nerve -- yes. But it seems like when -- in the involved determine if it's funnier and join in need and it's there's really no there some. Some it's also think mr. about Greg Norman back in his -- there on the eighteenth fair -- -- -- we enemies Paterson has -- -- -- to an end and end their argument that it's coming down to crunch time he says that he says facts insistence that Norman. Aren't these nerves though small my hands and shaken -- -- and Norris is it's great feel that is revealing. Yeah I after IE. After I get my it's my last shot and eighteenth the Fijian -- -- my water bottle to take its about it and of my a lot of most violently shaking things answer -- -- and I -- had to hide it in order when the -- of -- answers it's adrenaline it's it's it's almost like a drug trust. You say it's fund down the stretch to -- at the PGA if you tell me it's fun at the US and in the Olympic club like. Any you know first hole. When you step up and at the violent thirteen yard par four is a fun. Not really. It's supposed to be in the US open and it's fun to be in that out in the -- you kind of have to embraces -- at different. The most like a different sport he has more survival. But it it beats you up for -- now I'm I'm tired I've been taking it easy this week just from getting pounded Olympic -- well what. What if PM and you got the PGA and your belt. Which your second choice for majors you'd like to win would it be the US open of the masters well. You know off. Truthfully I'd take any one of them again but I -- it seems that whatever. A van -- app I would like to win the most and I was at the masters and this to be the school's major UN last week US open saying man this might be -- -- major to win. In Hampshire for a while ago the British Open first time on the said the same thing so it's it's so tough because they're also a unique. In each way to win it you gotta do something different and now -- I wanna I wanna win every single one of on the flight and did you meet that little -- -- muscle that. I I saw her out there I I commend the guys it's the dams and you see these these gamers young guys get in these systems -- don't know what to -- and so they just go out there and play well it's amaze. No he does not plan on spending any time on the hooters tour the nationwide tour or taken the Keegan Bradley wrote some of them. She's gonna think he he probably thinks gonna come easily -- Yeah you know he's he's super young kid and clearly he's got some game IE. I think you know if he keeps -- we're gonna see him out here soon what would you tell him as looking back when you were seventeen a junior in high school with golfing aspirations what doesn't he know that you'll know ten years from now but this. That store. Everybody's. Very good the I am employed a year in the hooters tour and some of the best players -- -- -- with the you know there's there's a lot there's a lot of stuff that. You don't really realize that these guys out here are are really good he is doing as favorites he'll get all the galleries -- all the cheering down here at their crumble that it Keegan Bradley thanks for the time good to see occasionally continued success thank you can get -- with Dennis and Callahan will be right back.

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