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Red Sox Broadcaster Dave OBrien with the Big Show

Jun 19, 2012|

We talk to O.B. as the Sox prepare to take on the Marlins at Fenway and get his take on the state of the team and the pitching staff, as well as his thoughts on Roger Clemens acquittal.

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I've got the big show it our way and holly a little bit later on we're gonna sit down and and address rob Bradford week. Well threatens peace today. Couple things we -- tell Leo I'm so we'll have Bradford studio a little later on also gonna give away tickets to day. Tomorrow. I believe Thursday to the tradition which Michael -- will be hosting. Next week that's with the Pedro and Robert Parish where it got the bill Monday in in the face of -- Harrison -- terrific event over at the TD garden next Wednesday. And we're gonna giveaways and tickets between now and six is me. Right now let's -- it -- our buddy Dave O'Brien it's all brought you by drumming ill afford visit -- -- fort. Dot com to view their inventory drew -- Ford it's worth the drive. You -- Dave you're one of those lowly broadcasters. Who is not deserving of having me all the things or is. God knows you haven't seen enough baseball to actually be able to determine whether guy deserves to be in Cooperstown and not put. For instance they were to pass out one of those ballots for you. Would you deal with Roger Clemens. I would say no to after Clemens school and tonight and court of public opinion is what it on him. On and a number of other guys split. Even though there. The court has ruled -- jurors ruled that he admitted that the perjury I think. Everybody has a very clear idea what's gonna. Looks obsolete the -- and Brian McNamee was -- I will political. And I also agree that the government did not -- eight. Even that particular set of circumstances that you can go anyway. I don't know I don't know -- my -- here's my problem with -- -- given the huge -- I tend to agree. I think did that Rodgers probably a dirty maybe even feel OK here's the problem I have with. How to I know the junior Griffey didn't do it as well and I've heard a lot of writers simply say because. Are people haven't talked about maybe like him a little bit more maybe or with people but what we know the bonds didn't we know that Roger had issues with certain people in the end. That. I can't sit there and say. On yes to junior and -- Roger I almost feel better that you put all of the men. Based on their performances baseball players and then we put a cloud we put gigantic -- over the whole era and we sat there and say we don't know. I mean we we we don't know we just don't know exactly which one of them it. They can hit it that way they think that the only fair way to solve that issue is just basically put the ball without analog hole. A lot out -- but what happens and and all other performances to speak to them so we Obuchi did we don't know and the only thing you mentioned some like junior -- And I see how his performance over the late stages of his career. -- off pretty dramatically. As -- Roger -- ought to be just about done and and he indicated that they're wrong but it looked like he was. He was beat didn't decline and wimpy looking in between supersonic the same weight on it at some other guys. Leading their careers I think we can draw some acceptable conclusion and -- party gone back. Yeah who we can draw conclusions this is going to be difficult day this is why would put Amanda is difficult to say. This guy was tried by the government no matter what you think of the government's case. Roger Clemens won this is a guy who never failed a drug test. And you look at his body of work is truly. One of the more remarkable. Our careers we've seen in the history of baseball it's hard for me to say this guy is not all fame just because I believe he did something but we can't prove. I I got you -- -- on the virtual protest by. And that in its strongest field drug does is famously city's past 500 -- -- and Republican or failed drug test either. Plus how stupid I was Cuban is Manny then once it's over don't -- -- Doctor -- group of six for the stupidest. Put. The report. At every night. I'll tell you one thing if I'm independent. I would watch out you're gonna get audited for the next ten years. No question about it. Courtroom pretty Roger tremendously. Yeah fifty. Oh yeah oh no I think I think he killed. The defense case I really do because initially. They thought he was the guy that was gonna Barry -- what better. Our evidence do you have out as a witness but a guy who was his best friend. -- pretty much rat on him and then suddenly -- remember. As Roger would like to say and it was 5050 I'm not really sure I think that killed the case just killed. That was the point yeah it was that was also part sport without question and. It is incredible comeback -- are you -- -- -- forward for taking growth hormone. And it'll what he can look at that many weeks a year off and cop is back in the league looks like twenty years old. He's striking everybody out he's going to detonate it. The biggest comeback but -- I'd watch his father and she would get fed ex delivery ceased making daily. Or is -- David what did you think of this baseball team that you cover primarily. Toxic what what do you think government you know buster -- have something to say about the 33 and 33 Red Sox rob Bradford who have on later after you. I said that you know he's got a column where he's at a debunking some of the myths of of the toxic Red Sox what you see. A way though that question Michael reportedly receiving got to do it of course the comment by Bobby Reid has now -- PP's. Portland -- I think all of that. Equal to fairly toxic situation it will work. He has seen it improve bulk -- and pieces and I think. You know you look at the -- with 3233. Would not accept 6016 who -- or to your -- repeat. -- still think this is a lot of nineteen out of 24 or five in -- you'd want comes back if Crawford is. Anything like -- like two years ago at an impostor last year. It is typically comes back in your packet comes back -- 1% from shoulder I think he will I think it was borderline a decision whether to go on appeal or not. Yeah I think they can opt in the second place it's -- point -- of course expect apple -- A second places it is my guess is the typical -- this I think that it agreed to a break here and there the rest of the religions I do worry about. But as far as the clock out -- salute. Some areas -- that's really improved and I think that. You know is as a starter Bobby Valentine got off to his laughter. Weeks or so and that was remarkable turnaround and that a lot of the world and it. Feel better about what they're doing -- -- -- Appeal to the democratic column today great piece on the Balkans better and the fact that Al and yet -- very positive effect on that and I think -- although it's been it's set against Bobby. And the most textures that. -- -- -- to elect goes on could that happen scenes that but it does seem unlikely to -- -- to believe a little more in the future. And then a lot of baseball to be places that just kind -- didn't rebel wild card. -- comfortable as the situation which you -- hanging over everybody in that you know they're trying to deal on. And it probably is best for him right now to be dealt him he may be the first one to say I wanna get out of there. In that you can't play middle works every night it is forced you now to take Adrian Gonzales and if you're gonna go -- to that run you just talked about. Gonzales is gonna have to get the bat it's gonna have to get audio released soon. And -- necessarily going to do it what is boiling out in in right field how difficult as the Youkilis slinging it over them make this make it tough for listing. Gonzales and I -- -- -- -- Cologne is something eagle once talked awful while the that he is all the other is -- -- don't eat the milky look city's in right field. Article quote to what they really need to -- a professional at least eat more than anything getting embarrassed. First party position you're not used to playing and having people and do you think you lost both -- team. Even that hasn't happened -- until I think it's gotta be the biggest hitting it has to be -- what steps in that pocket millions of course consult. It's fitting that it -- that need. To get his career and first base. And -- it has started happening a regular basis again it's the gold Glover play the outfield where he doesn't -- not code is case. What you could sit there and it it rolls around here at what you're watching entries which is this all went to watch and strike an extraordinary rate for them. And not take ball four but it. He's on any like he did at Chicago last night at exit or there's Kevin. I mean is that that you go our. Obviously that meant to force taking into development people and they he hit a good team and it's a long so this. Circuit so you know I I agree with you about Gonzales -- aback at first base but my question here is. Have you heard whispers from anybody around the team that he might be hurt the the shoulder is bothering him and that. Is why that the power dropped. -- heard a word -- data and you know what when he shot likely. All the way you know -- only put out there it's a field and and the like army must be okay if you can do even once a YL. I believe the key -- first. Like last year he would call and it has not happened. Roll or pop up on pitches. But -- because as for me it is more to do the fact he's not -- comfortable appear. And that bothers the heck out of particularly what we expect to first base and we get to that exceed the summer. Occurred immediately undertake off there's definitely got to be the problem physically. Well I know people are gonna laugh at this Chris Singleton was on yesterday and he was talking about how different music because era. A first baseman knew instinctively play the position -- -- -- thing necessarily. You just do it instinctively know he's got to go out to right field Zhu said he doesn't wanna screw up. He's not only constantly thinking but the the extra mileage he's putting on let other people rolling their eyes and laughing but you you you -- covered baseball you understand there is big difference. The guys whose bodies are conditioned for one position and suddenly have to play a different position. Looking to -- -- we -- -- I'm glad for a forgotten whose great great defensive first baseman and it's got to keep her in this the first space. And all of the sudden he's up there you'll there'll also compliment and eager sequences and this is -- is -- -- and Lee is cool out fielder. This guy is a competent outfielder and he and I can give it its our show and our allies and these that he is and as composed out there and he's committed this orders as he the only couple personal -- -- -- couple. But not too much but but I think you know the B level for guys like that I didn't get to the batter's -- so what -- I don't think the deeper. That the player Wakefield well to keep your duties at the box with an app for that at a profound effect that it. I did those good -- and have a good one tonight overtime once. Simulate OK that's Diebold were -- quick break we're right back to your phone calls -- Abuja.

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