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Clemens may be 'not guilty' but is he innocent?

Jun 19, 2012|

We discuss the blowback of the Roger Clemens acquittal, and the repurcusions it has for Roger, and the US prosecution that dropped the ball once again.

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-- Roger Clemens. Will be among the 10% they should have done instead of having. All of lawyers on the case investigators. To get the feeling. That Bob costs it's gotten that would make me get Bob Costas -- a trip about. Bob Costas did a much better job -- an. -- Vodka. Lou yesterday electricity it's. Now doctors would consult on its own Christmas is doing this in just teacher that -- a pirate party got his retirement Bob Costas interviewed -- and early in the process very risky move by -- enjoyment and now. Risky and okay stoop shall still. Crosses. It was hopefully. I'll watch companies. And the question there's an obvious -- was part time. Sexually attracted -- young boys. Managers and if he goes. In my. Section. There's there's no the answer is no but Bob Costas got -- in this case with -- Roger Clemens. The federal government had a couple of years to work. In the best they can come up -- was primary. The best witness that -- cooperative. And that's it you know that's the case gets you gotta you gotta say we went 90% of our cases. And this is probably not the best way to use our resources. We think Roger Clemens has done something we can't prove it yet he liked was we know we know. He lied to we can't prove -- different. Stupid sandusky and his attorney. Going into the week you. All one of the better interviewers on him and see if sandusky opposite angle to -- my lawyer. To me if it's Regis. Let's Hillary -- affect Arctic Regis and Kelly together. Or depth of the work Larry can. He's with only semi retired maybe you'll get much of a one hour special. And we'll go into Larry King going down going head to head on with Bob always -- dumbest thing you can't possibly do it by the way. -- of that can now be used. Against. In the court and it is absolutely. Right but Gomes. It -- seems like they've had they've had so much time back to come in case there's so much time to think about it. The -- they almost over thought that are they're one of two ways -- you either. You either come up with. Another witness or two or you have another angle hole you've got some more people. Or you say you know one. We just don't have. -- We don't have this is just not the time to be. Spending money on Roger Clemens. This is not what the American people want. The thing that obviously comes out of this everybody's talking about we're gonna do a lot of that -- doing the course of the afternoon as well. Because there's no question credential wise. Baseball wise he's and he's he's an over each year and there are people who are pissed about it all worked up about it. In my opinion that's that was many times and -- been consistent about this right from the beginning which as you know is not necessarily my style. But I have been extremely consistent in this. I don't know who you put in who you don't put in some of the people before and nick apart it was absolutely based on what he saw. Before Roger went to Toronto where I would -- this question out that what was -- how do we know there wasn't -- it before. How to how to Leno that he wasn't doing something before -- that would very bonds who recently as a whole thing before he. That we know is not doing -- before and then that always gets to because booked him on -- said. Absolutely. Optional -- voting and all the things that's eighteen and do. And he's -- absolutely not because he believed. Egypt's -- -- but -- you I don't think you can you know in my opinion if you're gonna guess implement. Absolutely got to put an elephant I I'll read Michael the only two that you leave now or -- -- -- moment. And Manny Ramirez Manny is a -- and there's no question about it. But he tested positive not once but twice in MLB sanctioned test sorry you blew it. -- re all foolish you'll. That you would doing story therefore you're ineligible. Now do we think that Roger didn't -- Roger Clemens is it baseball tie. I think he's tight yet to send -- I'm not at night if I believe. He'd he did steroids. But did junior Griffey deal because I keep hearing jury is going to give it and they yet you look at your numbers no numbers were suddenly pumped up during the steroid era. So I don't think any one of us. With a -- -- if they Phillips as Michael. Corporate what's the story there correct so I mean you don't you don't can't say the numbers. Jumped up during. His career how much it is -- that was during the I'm watching that he didn't. -- more money. To rule him and I think a lot of the baseball writers have ruled him out he's the one guy you keep on hearing that's going to get a first ballot. And I'm not sure that you can put him in. And leave the others out. The only what you can do it is if you fail and MLB test. We -- two guys that do are probably deserving certainly one of them is the other one probably right near to deserving of getting a double play. Will -- -- should not -- Because they failed test while they were playing again how many tests to Mark McGwire for. -- he's argument but you know what you could argue that he was a a one trick pony -- that argument they're not the -- Alex Oliver and I you're you're right I'm here to talk about the past I would accept them. As an argument which can say to me the keeping him out. Because. He did steroids according to Major League Baseball and the test -- -- to. He did not do steroids. But did not that I'm not that you've. My belief is. That he didn't do it and -- hypothetically. I can't sit there and tell you they need to do what you can't because it came out he came out and set or maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At those hearings the original hearing shelling was there primarily an amateur that your play it would be great to -- after the directed it but let's -- nothing to do with his of his performance. As a professional athlete but he's a baseball players -- nothing to do I think voters were prepared but don't give him but I don't take it style also went from our -- you -- from the perspective of these voters and trying to. Trying to predict what they'll do. Look at that they would that that performance like he was hiding something you hiding again what are you crying early voters but the confessed -- put on him what's what's the writers would junior. And a year later welcomes somebody writes somebody should you watch. Him. -- write my book right now I know -- all in order bookings and Muster. Up. Which channels are part of port three it's a trilogy we all knew that he was destined to write a trilogy. So. It was a little. And they have some background. And all lot of innuendo a lot of he said. He said. But he's a little evidence that maybe juniors not a squeeze everybody thought you've already voted into the hole for what you do. War if we get close to that period and that book comes out. If that comes out in this age. The the baseball -- suddenly say well. This talk this talk of steroid use the here for him off I'm not vote for him. Now it's it's tricky. Israeli -- you think about it it is not just. The big name guys McGwire. Bonds' trial bonds. A trial with Roger Clemens practice those guys. -- take take one of my favorite players of all time and favorite players and favorite personalities. Rickey Henderson. -- Rick Ricky played forever and Ricky who last year baseball. It was he played at least 44 Lincoln Pickard still wanna I -- put a large two car ought to Cabrera still play play until he's 44 years old. Greatest leadoff man of all time are not. Until he's 44. He was he. Is not a tall guy but he was important rock solid. Do we not question now home nodding while he was a home run hitter for a leadoff guy more leadoff homer and anybody but. -- you question guys like that said it was so caught up in the big numbers with. -- hit 65. Hits seventy home runs it'll hit. He went from hitting seven home runs one year to the 38 the next what's going on. You you really have to look at everybody. And nobody would ever Q whose Rickey Henderson. Abusing steroids although he played until he was 44. There was still a viable lead off man in his forties like question right every entity that yesterday it that's why so tough. So. Indicates if you know somebody did it for effect he actually know that they did it should put all of why don't you know. That Raphael Palmeiro bill failed a drug test them often know that many mirrors. Failed. Multiple drug test you don't put on and offline but -- Roger Clemens you think he did it. You think something is going on. How could -- be this picture in 1996 with the Red Sox. A guy who's in the twilight of his career and develop another had to -- he developed another pitch and part of that was part of the testimony and then it is trial yen and then in 97 and 98. Look like he was he. You can you can argue his 97 and 98 seasons. Or equal to if not better than his his 86 in and in ninety seasons. Let them do it yourself. Well. When did Nolan Ryan -- -- only did he pitch in his in his career I mean stuff does happen and -- again not naive I clearly believe. That Roger had some type of enhancement that was eating them along the way I I putted extremely difficult and I I think it's a a job that I don't think any of these writers can win with is basically what all the famous saying to them. Is. Originally we just wanted you to judge these guys as baseball players. And whether they're deserving to be with a small group that we have here in my whole. Now what they're asking them to do is you need to be to judge. And -- we found out how the judicial system worked yesterday you'll be the judge you -- the jury in you to -- not only whether they're good myth to begin with a lead group. As baseball players but you have to also Telus. Whether Roddick how they got there and clean or not probably got now let me throw this one -- RA -- he's the best pitcher in Major League Baseball right now. Is he not the best pitcher the best pitcher in major additionally great people can't get a now did he just perfect the -- Or is he saw on the hole is so busy he's got a little. Thing and its that's Robin is he is the shaving off. What does he do -- system in place what what is he doing there's testing system to the world we have the only test you -- when he and it is now. Shell and yet you look at it saying how does a guy. Suddenly figure it all out at age 37 he's perfected the -- at age thirty and 37 -- exhibit I think a lot of this. A lot of this really is based non. Isn't scientific. From from the writers it is based on a feeling for example just can't do feel what. But it's gonna feel that I know nobody other why it's happening just -- -- right. Because they think he -- that OK now they do they know OK what do what do they know defended -- out so NAFTA here's what you do mark here's what -- You tournament. Based on their ability is baseball players unless. They tested positive in an MLB sanctioned test is that we don't. You pee in the cup. And we we were able to prove. That you did something sorry your route those guys -- the other guys that you feel suspicious. Got a ball in if they are deserving. As baseball players have to and then we take hold what are. And we cover with a clock. You write a ball ball ball -- Right there right above. That's -- we do and we all the during this era. They're probably going to be 8:9. -- gonna that are going to get into the whole thing. -- ought to be dirt are going to be filth. But we can't prove it. We don't know definitively even though we truly believe. There's enough evidence out there that boy it sure does make them look like they were point but what else do you -- how Wall -- fair man that's the fairest way of doing it. And we -- All in the next few that we all know. -- -- -- doesn't work masters does not work only alleged. We got a lot to talk about we're dedicated to the Red Sox -- reference -- comedian and a -- I believe. Two give us a cheering your law. At what bluster only was writing here in the last couple days we'll do all of that a table -- going to Jonas lot of the Roger Clemens today. -- a lot of Red Sox stuff and we're gonna give it to bounty gate a little bit as well. Because you don't want the NFL's not doing a great job of convincing. The media people that they brought in to show the evidence and not doing a good job of convincing them that there was some some type of a -- system going. But first we get your phone calls we do not seconds it's excellence at 77908588852508. -- -- It yourself if you -- -- gave -- industry to go forward curve ball. I wanna thank those people who took time out of their schedules come in on my behalf. My -- made it's been -- hard five years and they've been great it's important that my wife has been Iraq. And really -- all you you media guys that know me and followed my career. -- -- That's -- that. Regularly and -- via. I've backyard of that -- -- when. Things a lot of hard work and a career. And so. Again I appreciate my teammates that came in and all the emails and phone calls. A -- but he's going to the grave. Truly believe in this and you'll never hear of -- dissension from him. It remember OJ you know wanted to do that special if I actually -- a -- -- I -- I don't begrudge you know don't know what it looks like okay ML network -- you start doing that it's gonna come for us. -- -- But I would have. Roger is Roger Clemens believes that the entire time he really sold that he walked around like a guy. Who was wrongly accused and he stayed in character. I'm am. NS or should be in movies as well received a great acting. So so what do we do I mean it in baseball writers are gonna make their own decisions and it's gonna be based on what. It's gonna be based on what do you think he did work or didn't do it but unless you were there. Analysts you have got solid evidence this reason that that -- -- then what are you know him what do you do. You keep -- You put junior out you know junior wasn't wasn't part of that you have a lot of reports -- that's a cop out -- still don't abstain. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We talked about this with page or not this last interview but the previous interview we did but the -- here. Because if you look at -- -- accomplishments. And we're gonna talk with -- next week at the end of the -- tradition. But when you look at his accomplishments they were phenomenal during that period because he had some of the lowest numbers we have ever seen as a pitcher. ERE numbers. And Eddie was doing it in an -- were balls were flying out of ball parks left and right. Look at it was a it was an era where the ball and the players were -- the right and the ball was four. And he was able to deal. And he obviously talks about it now and says I never wanna post it but I stayed away from it I didn't want to do the right way whenever. That's true. Which taking him on his work because we just want. Because we believe we look at this Iceland will what do we don't forget yet yet he was able to throw the boulder and it period. In 9697. Miles an hour correct. And in late Iran used to ball a lot lower them. So you're still able to give people yeah but he had to change it change the way he picked out we don't know. Anonymous know for sure. And yet we take it for granted we're doing the same thing with junior Griffey I don't think you can tell what these guys we don't know shall want to achieve just. Treat them as if their baseball players based on their accomplishments of providing they did not fail and MLB drug test. And then from that point on. He's going to know. If Roger gets in there the rest of the world is -- -- look at him being in Cooperstown. With a very suspicious. I think I think once you really think about the pros and cons -- -- -- rival former -- -- form what does this mean they are the pros and cons. You put it all together. Got -- pentagon now. -- corporate notable forum. And then leave it to the hall and into the hall of fame comes out and says no we're not gonna do -- do differently this year. Maybe they come with some decision but if if Europe voter. And you saw what happened yesterday. What we're used and I am not and I just yesterday you saw what happened over the previous two years. Roger Clemens and his attorney Rusty Hardin come out on top. Then you have to say are we got in filming any test and he was acquitted court of law when am I gonna do fortunately all of. -- it's all we -- we -- it up with acted first on Wednesday they. You. Thank you make sure we'll put on the rich tocchet and yeah. You know I'm Sharon Q and you statement that a little shocked. When -- -- doing ninety. United States attorneys on this case. Ninety total working on the case I don't know if they were all attorneys some might have been you know lost and so whatever -- when ninety people. From the -- working on the case. And that's absolutely. Absurd. When I think about this to prove that one man lying. -- choosing. -- To put into perspective I really feel. If we hear something like. But he -- United States attorney representing. In -- and violate them. United States attorney general obviously. A sign all the people he's the one that should be brought to her arms around. Because how can you possibly. Put -- people. And not come out. -- -- -- -- -- Lack of them obviously he was found not guilty it'll act government walked all the wavy hatred percent -- right. Because of the judicial system we have right now. You have to prove your case without a shadow without. An and it's very difficult to do that. If you you know. McNamee was not a good. Witness for the prosecution. He wavered at times they brought his ex wife and there she claimed that you know he was trying to -- his own career drop it might have been exaggerating. A lot of stuff that he was doing. Then they've got a catcher. Who claimed that Roger changed his style and developed a new pitch after he left Boston but he went to Toronto -- that's good evidence for the defense. And finally Andy Pettitte who the league -- They thought they added the edit in -- willing to rat out his friend but they didn't realize is any pedestal it more baseball in his arm. Wanted to stay in the game and he can't -- a rat in play in the game. Jose tried to do that it doesn't work right. I don't know if you know entry in this don't like that out. They didn't do good job that they might have hammered that they were we're gonna we're gonna get that is that it is all -- -- to Greg or it's a great question on everybody's asking the same question market rod couldn't way. Just see that they didn't have an excuse -- -- liken it to see that they didn't have a case. And move -- You don't have a case you think the guy is dirty. But you can't prove it here's why waste all that time why waste all that money it when you know. If if it's not Roger Clemens and if it's somebody else and you're trying to prove the case usually I would hope. With that type of success rate that they have -- applications. That they have. Generally a lot more witness so the witnesses a lot more information you don't get to a 90% success rate. By just relying on one guy who's a little bit shady. Other than the hall of fame question the other question effort on an awful lot here in the last 24 hours. Is the one dealing -- why with the federal government waste the money. To go over two year period with two trials to try to convict this guy what's the big deal. The big deal is that he lied before a congressional out run the senate -- you lie. And therefore if you -- before grand joy if you -- before congress if you live before the senate. Com. Then there are going to be repercussions they've because that everybody. Is going to go in there and -- but here's the one that the ticker that I that I heard somebody that describe on TV last and to -- Why shouldn't they go before congress or before the senate or before the jury and lie. Because the senators. Should a -- on a regular basis and -- we. Lie after lie after lie after lie that's. Right so. I don't know the answer -- I don't you can't. You've got to him I don't want to you know believe -- -- you you you've got to have some type of accountability. For people lying before entering -- that everybody just gonna. DS system and I think you have to have accountability now that you also have to know. If the cases winnable or not if you don't think the cases winnable. You can't Wear external obviously thought it was one who can't don't know it will get them better judgment. Wasn't winnable your your -- they don't they wanted to try to facing a two based on -- here here at 33. Key elements. One has a report from George Mitchell one of your -- Okay and that wasn't entirely at the Mitchell report was an entirely accurate and got some stuff for a little. Going on the Mitchell report. Going on Andy -- anyone Brian McNamee. It's too she -- key to shaky across the board. It's just not winnable if it's not it's not something we say are absolutely. We're gonna win this no doubt about it and if you don't go that way. -- maybe you shouldn't pursue the case of Roger Clemens. Axe murderer Roger Clemens serial killer Roger Clemens. The embezzle millions and millions of dollars from from an organization. What was he liked if you like the Bernie Madoff the baseball now. Bryant Roger Clemens lied. They think. About not taking -- I've heard people go overboard. Say what you just dismiss all these perjury. Cases what you because then people won't lie and a regular basis than. How can we determine the difference between the truth and somebody just making -- what they believe is their true. -- -- here to tell the truth. Exactly such a 7779085888525. 0850. We check in with Dave O'Brien coming up next --

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