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Debunking the myth of the Red Sox "Toxic" Clubhouse with Rob Bradford from WEEI.com

Jun 19, 2012|

We talk to Rob live in studio, as conflicting reports have surfaced about the "Toxic" nature of the Red Sox clubhouse. Rob believes it's not as bad as Buster Olney made it out to be, and we discuss it.

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I've back here at a big -- let -- what Michael Holley. Last couple of days -- -- -- story as Leo. A lot of a shelf life hear people talking about the toxic Red Sox clubhouse. A -- rob Bradford from WEEI dot com writing today -- bunting. More -- I love come RC mess choose these toxic. Red Sox what does that only a. I'm of the debunking the device if you put debunking and headline your guarantee people use. But let's get to me robbed you of the appointment. Singer you know Tony you know buying unions are by some of it absolutely by some of which part of it -- I buy that there's some some disgruntled people in the club house. I buy that there has been probably text messages flying around baseball. So in -- by the maybe. Giving him complain about the umpire what don't Juba abide by -- these you know that in part of the premise of my whole article was -- the toxic to me is a pretty powerful thing. It makes it seem like it's a toll dysfunctional clubhouse and to me also it a kind of portrays. It being played -- player crime which as I said I thought September -- after we found out. That it was that it way -- relievers vs starter starters against the world position players against starters or wherever OK but nobody wrote that in the know saw I set I said after the fact right but I don't always only write it nobody on the beat. -- of you guys you or any of the audio. Wrote when it was happening right in my point is my point is is that. I said that before -- is that. Pat what we've learned after the fact that -- we learned. From different people yet talked to and so that's how the club house wives are right. Now that's to me that's clocks. Isn't it isn't it possible that buster Olney I think we're going to sing in our group. It's possible that bluster only has identified a September like situation right now before anybody knows about it but we didn't know. If he had written that in August of last year you what is it you're crazy there's no way this team is in first or not -- he was on its way to the playoffs. I don't see any of this because nobody -- That after the fact we found out isn't it possible that this thing to be toxic without people seeing what. Well I think it's a situation and and maybe it's just the way -- defying toxic you can -- you set I think toxic it is. Or you have a clubhouse is dysfunctional because it's the players interaction is terrible. I don't think I I know that I'm pretty sure that's not the case here. But you're saying did buster uncover something I don't think there's any question that there's some work to do in this clubhouse and that's why set I believe a lot of what he said. But I think a lot of number one stem from Lewis. Is that this article has not very little juice if there ten games up. Over 500 and it -- is just the fact is is how the world works and the second part of it. Is because they're losing it because part of that dysfunction I do believe has to do with getting used to a new manager and the way he does things. Then that's out that the big. Problem so are you saying it's not. Player on player but it still a problem with the players and the manager of the relationship between them. I think it's more that than the players on players certainly and and you go to. Bobby Valentine has been very good in a lot of ways. But but it we've said this before when you do things like hello Kelly shop became man and said. That. That he was upset about his playing time. But you know I can understand that and and we have other examples of the Clay Buchholz and yet today the Gonzales think there's been other examples. And that's not a big deal in the world of public per opinion in -- they all live millionaire should get used to it. But the world of a Major League clubhouse that does become a big deal specially. When things aren't going one. We talk about winning and I totally agree with you when you win -- very rarely rob do you have stories of why don't editors why ineligible in my analogy I thought. -- was the basketball now if you which was when's the last time. You saw coach get teed up when they're winning game very rarely right. Mean you don't complain when your winning. And and so I think that's the case here that a -- does -- fuel that's true. Well you can play the point where you typically give -- you get technicals were you when I understand that. But when things are going good you can deal with the sort of thing -- it also it also. If you're winning if you're ten games over 500. Well the Bobby Valentine away is probably the right way. And so far all we have as the terror Franco the way and we haven't seen the Bobby Valentine way show with roots of -- -- but you know labor whatever. But but but he's an easy target for the players sort and that. He has a different style of the way he manages vs the guy that was here last year yeah they all or most of them seem to -- the -- that was here last year though they're probably at fault for him not being back this year. So I get and I understand that -- he becomes an easy target. When you're not playing well and transit. He does some strange things. I think for him to come out and actually reveal the league private conversation he had. Would block cults about not pitching and on Sunday and and coming out helping the team was a little bizarre -- a little bit strange so I -- understand players being pissed off but you don't think any of the players. Themselves pitching staff. Position players none of that's going on internally but this game -- Ottawa and an inside out and get our I would ask for examples. Me because it eat maybe there are just -- they don't even when you watch the game this this weekend -- The miscommunication. In the field things that this team was not doing a lot. But -- and how does that then that's fine I mean they didn't play good baseball this weekend. But how won't even if you want to take that leap of -- say hey you know what the players all hate each other. And now look it's it's translating to. What's going on the field do you think -- would -- get Gonzales steps of the plate that he think about Bobby velvet or if he had an argument with another team nobody. I don't what what what you think I got a couple questions like why do you think buster wrote that -- -- been around baseball for a long time. Why why do you think he went with this as his headliner I mean would wolf significant to. Because -- because as I said. Visit there I think there's a lot of truth to what he wrote. But in if you're just dropped in there for two days and if you're hearing this others all this other stuff. Especially about the tax in and you're hearing from a couple players about this of that even the umpiring. Then yeah you're gonna take that away from it but you don't the flip side of that is being around the team the entire time. And and and also talking to play Utah in the you know you hear a lot of this stuff this complaint but eat it right to start to you know another coach for another team. And he says the of this is the world of Major League Baseball complaining happens in but when you're losing and you're coming off the September and you're dealing while all this stuff. Yeah of course you don't Austral is gonna write that story for years. Both -- -- staff unhappy who's talking about who's unhappy in line. Who's on the staff Gary said the player I don't know half I don't know what it what everybody hear me. -- any indication of why somebody on the staff. Who's not a player would be upset with the the way things are going with the -- I'll just of the gas it could be something along the lines of hey you know what if you wanna go down the manager -- if there wasn't one of you know leave the guys have Bobby's work with -- -- Maybe it's something like a lot of managers hey we wanna do it this way. And no we've done it this way in the past if it's a player maybe it's something where you're not doing the due diligence you're not doing the work here and and and I'll say it again. This type of stuff is magnified for two reasons one when you lose in two when you're coming off the historic our -- Resort is anybody of Aden and I don't wanna make -- -- like the 25 guys not significant but let's just or any of the stars. In this category European any of the star pitcher star position players. In a position whether they haven't bought it you think I. Well let's split the majority Gonzales. Obviously all of these are well I mean what we know -- We know the Pedroia so what the one thing that we have. The tangible evidence that we have is the Pedroia sound -- when you close things -- right and don't think it's any mystery that. Is that that the Youkilis found time dynamic has been. Hasn't been very even. Throughout this process. But you have that. We don't do things that way around here paraphrase right but that's an example and I think that. When you don't win in those ways are working and then you can also pick out examples like you said. With a Clay Buchholz thing or the things he does with the media stay with what we do that around here. And when you're not winning -- things are going bad and then those things are gonna be raised in the probably where you know at the. Gave him the stuff is always raised when things are not going right you know winning. When you're winning all of that stuff gets dismissed nobody even brings up. It might worry. -- but Robert doesn't mean that their isn't stuff going on internally there they're losing. They're coming off of a disaster -- September. And get -- the public's not embracing the steam yet and they know. They feel most players have a good idea is that what he's going -- -- -- -- -- -- -- losing a ticket might OK I picked I think I -- also this. Then I think that that. Losing more likely is. Early on you didn't have the pitching you'd ever started pitching needed at the ball at a -- -- them better lately haven't -- timely hitting a lot look at a lot of different factors. But attitude is a big point if that if you got the talent to win. That attitude is of. Very good at that I would ask you to give examples because because all good all I have. These guys saying on the record this is a great club -- great album all I have they're saying a great club yes and I players are saying. But Josh Beckett said it was the best with the best clubhouse as he's ever been. He said that in that story that we referenced -- a month ago when a black thing about it now. But it though so you have that -- that I have you know just being around the team which we also know. That being around the team on the road is a lot you get -- What better process again what what's going on right that's all they have glad I mean I can't I can't say that there's no. Dysfunction what did you think -- September. Did you think it was just they they were pitching they're too big guns Beckett and Ando Lester couldn't get -- what did you think of September. I think that number one did you think it was in any way I like an idea I could tell there was -- frustration between the bullpen and starting with starting rotation. Did you -- No I could tell that there was this frustration it was offered us the -- reliably with the problem I have is we to a September. And nobody wrote it nobody said it. Everything was fine in the clubhouse right but I -- and first of all I think the things that you're talking about. It that you -- should be written aren't things that really. Deserve to be written at the time. And are you ask me did I know about that I'll save it for the millionth time. I did not know as players tied right players aren't they don't want it out right but in this case. Believe me it's a lot more difficult hide right now everything about this team. Because because all of players. You know being a little more open because the -- Bobby has -- -- -- eyes every once in awhile right -- the the -- clear evidence in in Francona you know and that's one of the things I think Francona did it in and during that stretch in September. That was an example how Francona had figured out. We know a lot of this because they had that system. Well that systems gone and now we know a little bit more it's also on our radar images of secret breaks thinks they -- and -- will ask more questions are rob Bradford right -- objection. Yeah there's just a different feel there's there's there's a different feel like goes back to blasters well I mean you know last year. Should adopt a slow start and are playing great baseball. A winning sure all ills of course but lend to real at -- except -- and if you guys are committed to each other we really you know willing to sacrifice and pick each other up and you're gonna be created. Our Chris Singleton from ESPN it was on yesterday -- my Maloney and rob Bradford from eEye dot com. In the studio with us and Roddick said the same thing -- -- conversations he's had with players here on the Red Sox team. He does not believe that they're on the same page means that you don't see that you're not. No no no I didn't say that I set I see some what both criminal he said. And I think that a lot of -- is disconnect with the manager. I didn't say I was not a disconnect from I don't know I mean in there could be pockets of that but. I'll say it again. All I can go by is what they say on the record off the record in observation. And using those three things I don't think there is a problem I do not think that this is in that respect the toxic you. Since that Thursday. Some frustration. From the players with the U -- situation hanging over them in that you're not necessarily putting your best line -- out there you're forced to play. A gold glove first baseman out in right field many nights and it seems to be I don't know maybe that's what's messing them operate now a complaint. But you're not fielding the best team right now. Because you're almost trying to accommodate. Kevin -- Early this or comedy and I don't look at frustration in regards the players who are involved in the equation. By for Kevin Youkilis sure that obviously this probably frustration greater Gonzales who ousted cut try to figure out how to. Give back to his old form -- playing right -- probably frustration. You know Dave Ortiz even though he's not a factor in now to the interleague. But I don't think that other than those guys will -- Brooks by he's not -- -- because he's a rookie right. But I don't think that. That Dustin Pedroia or or. -- are Jarrod Saltalamacchia or you Cody Ross or wherever saying I you know I can't believe. We have to do something with Kevin Youkilis is probably a topic of conversation. But this is I'll come back to it. When they make mistakes on the field they're not thinking hey you know what we really got to resolve this Kevin you can situation gives weighing on me that's why struck out. There's not a problem you don't collectors a problem. How was a problem resolved. In the beginning of the season I don't know how that how -- we get from. The -- of Pretoria comment he -- this is on how we do things running here. To this point now where there's not a problem in your opinion how -- how was that result. Well because. There wasn't there wasn't a problem as they said before coming out that if I'm Bobby Valentine -- might play well but not let me like probably it will only got a problem right and I just assault I solvent and I just said that I just said that it. The problem in many respects hasn't been -- And I race that I that you're identifying with the with a -- Troy University Valentine's. And the the the Valentine the way that he interacts with a median says things and how that affects players I think. That that -- tremendous work in progress specially when you don't win. Because anything good that Bobby downtime does people who is that is not to be identified nearly as much but yes. What has how does this been resolved. You know I think that this is what I'm talking about what. What do you think of him as a manager. I I know. Nick for a on the fort that's manager in baseball with the unionized payroll. Yeah I can loud place in last place in the division a second guys payroll for best manager lastly let's say one of an anomaly American League east it's hard to put a month -- this witness in the matrix but it. It ulcers is what what do you think of him as he surprised news is still too early to tell what his style is remind you of the match days the -- -- what is it. I think that I think that he's done a good job in evaluating talent and put them them and and sometimes unique situations that have succeeded. I think that he's got a much better job at the -- dormant much better job of handling the bullpen and once you get to know those guys that goes along with the -- the talent. He still makes some curious moves I think a lot of managers do. But you part of managing a baseball team you know this is it is not just on the feel like the great call suicide squeeze the other day right we praise him for that. We praise him for -- -- while the other part about that is managing the club house. And managing that situation and we -- with Terry Francona. If I think it was almost the exact opposite. Prepare for an Tony throughout that last month there were a lot of tangible examples. But hey you know why it. That's not a good -- he's not identifying the right guys there the right guys there but he was doing good job in terms of keeping everything in house. And for the most part that was his MO. But I think that Valentine's still have to find that rhythm of Boston. In regards to the media in regards to how the at the media affects the clubhouse cigars to how the little players feel about the man -- -- -- team making Iran here route between now and the end of the year and with the guys that they have very talented players. Court coming off the DL if they don't make a run with that talent what does -- tell you about the steam when asked them. Well it. I think that they can obviously make a run because they're four games on the wild card right now and you have the pieces it is amazing the -- it's amazing about this team. Is that whenever people try to identify why -- happened that all their very good offensively statistic line. You have in the last month you have blood -- brought -- it in Buchholz. Who arm the amongst the best pitchers in the AL -- last month. They figure at least you have that the build on the last since may first two of the best bullpen in the major leagues so what's the problem. And it's to me is a samples list. You have the payroll you have the top ten guys in the in on the payroll and of those top ten guys. Probably tool home are living up to expectations the Yankees their top ten guys one. Is not giving them what they need which is -- owner of air to me that's it that's what it is you have to have the guys that you're paying the money to. Come through and then you can make a run out if they don't. Then you get the trade deadline in new -- think you know wild card hunt and you blow it up. I check it out rob Bradford WEEI. Dot com and I did do the -- If you take out. The truth guys now September. Yup he wins the Cy Young winds pick up to Baltimore -- an airplane or win the plus side. Obviously this OK let me ask you this Felix to -- and in your siding with some that I use. The couple different time -- story too quickly that he attends starts this year you take out to be visit to 02902 yet you know I know -- So if he -- he'd do brought in pretty unit right right probably you would classify him as the most consistent start. Right yes front OK so the last seven starts. He hit Z he's ERA is over for right so what you have to do is yet to go through the start you have to take out that -- start Kent. Well you do you really can't if you want to identify fields to brought as the most consistent start that you have to deal. -- -- Are you taking heroin art kits at it and start you know you because -- It's I don't shipment if you are sick if you -- saying the fields too broad as the most consistent starter. And the best starter then how can he be the best starter in the last seven starts of his ERE over four. How -- that eight. It -- tell you that this gap is probably not that good night. The staff. Yeah that's right now this is it that number yeah. Go to guy on her and and in that time that a quick and some including those -- other -- for a client and that I'm talking about we're talking about the brought you have two guys who have better you are but you're still saying that you brought what mr. Carter. For the season. For an entire season and -- the last five thing since April -- I wanted to say for the last five games this -- pitcher has been the best to this -- don't -- well I'm not -- I'm not -- it was the last five games Tammy let me -- it take away to -- Josh -- -- starts this season and -- -- -- I -- tonight are expected but because of those two starts his public perception and post -- press conferences. An occasional lack thereof. Such production isn't what the pitcher is going to be identified with yes that's just would just sit there. Right and that was me start and on the DL he's missing starts right you don't Josh Beckett had a good year. Overall a pretty good year bloody bodies material are now the hard the United States it is not a big deal that's always got to look I don't care what -- you -- -- CC sabathia. -- know what it sees as its gotta be. Okay fine but that wasn't the question past. I asked if do you think yet is having an open for him OK these are good I'll don't think it's solid it's not let it go to go to OK here's the difference well there's a difference I'd put the two bad performances in them when I have that -- -- but if you -- look at the entire pitcher. I don't wanna bring tree defects in the equation you know that's what you did I go to the digital home games I appreciate your bringing up the tree lots of responses on the eighteenth. What you were compared to. President Obama is. With some and a fifth not a good job where I can tell you it was former Republican. Rob Bradford I don't I'd like of the extra.

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