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Tim Kurkjian, ESPN, on Roger Clemens verdict and the Red Sox

Jun 19, 2012|

ESPN's Tim Kurkjian joined the show to discuss the Roger Clemens verdict, if he will vote for him to go into the Hall of Fame, and the problems plaguing the Red Sox.

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I wanna thank those people who took time out of their schedule is comment on my behalf. My family it's been a hard five years and they've been great it's important that my wife has been -- -- And really although all you you media guys that know me and followed my career. You do when. Things -- a lot of our hard work into that career. And -- So. I did I appreciate my teammates that came in and all the emails and phone calls. Love rusty with a clap he starts the -- for -- of the rest is that louder clap yet everyone jumped into the ESCO ESCO. Clap for Roger. That's touching moment is that the got a -- you got when he walked out of the restaurant Sunday with you take out breakfast -- -- down you'll breakfast spot there on Father's Day. -- ago I get that take out breakfast out of -- -- good job. When he drove McCarty grudge -- -- -- it's -- -- united 37 WE BIs in a lot of baseball here today -- with the Red Sox and and you -- of what to do there but of course the Roger Clemens verdict yesterday heard the rocket there. I got emotional when he brought up on the media and his career Tim -- and ESPN. Joins us on the ATP hotline to talk all things baseball including Roger Clements -- Louis Rio. Good -- aren't it's in my -- last night interviewing round CC sabathia. The big boy. -- have a pretty good I -- -- interviewed John Carlos baton and unsure which look dumber meat -- and -- -- it's easy bad. They've been coming your bill approaches me and Randy Johnson standing out during the whenever 2001. Post season that was the single stupidest. And performance in the history TV for 106 and that's ridiculous. And that they were there any -- out -- one of the week. I I don't know months before I interviewed him sitting down and it looked okay and before that interview ten years ago I if you -- we're gonna do this on handing out. An. And it did what we're getting into yet. -- is about. I would say that yeah inches taller than me and it got me. At least a hundred no. -- -- wider to. Out of Randy Johnson was and a good move when he got to stand up during the interview my guess is if you had a chance to talk to Roger Clemens today at the proceedings yesterday ten. He'd be in an awfully good mood anything surprise you about the way that his trial went down and a very quick verdict yesterday of Nigeria. I'm. You know married to a lawyer and I don't know much -- Alive and therefore I'm not sure how surprising this was yesterday it just seems to me from eight great distance away and. When any panic came out and said he -- 5050 on all this. What he remembered or mr. remember. I think -- Landis trial really started to turn it and. So it wasn't I wasn't shocked by any means that this is the way the verdict came down those little surprise not guilty on all counts as quickly as they did it. Again knowing nothing about the lie it's just possible -- it. We try to prove something you record a lot which we've seen here in the last few years and athletes and everything it's not an easy thing to do you better have everything in order. Because of their shadow of the doubt they're gonna find you do not guilty and that was case yet to. Did your opinion change -- your hall of fame vote. Change given the results. You know -- was leaning towards voting for Roger Clemens and I'm still leaning towards voting for Roger Clemens and barring a change in thinking I'm going to vote Roger Clemens and. December and I -- obviously lay in the minority on this issue. And it's a very very thorny issue I must say that it just seemed to me that a whole lot of people during this barrier or doing something. That they should not have been doing in baseball made no attempt to stop them from doing that. And I -- look at. The situation where it seemed to me that the idea of athletics whether you like it or not is to win the game no matter what. And we try our teams and we -- our players to go out there when the game no matter what. These guys are gladiators on certain levels and we wonder just compete and help party wins -- that when they do what we ask them to do and they don't do -- exact. Either way -- they are supposed to do it now suddenly get all high and mighty and say well. He shouldn't have done it that way and that while restart taken records delay in taking a war to lay and keep -- people have all the same it's just a little bit uncomfortable at that. Yeah I must tell -- tell -- I don't everything around you write about this issue I don't think I'm wrong about it and I'm not sure there is -- right answer when he started asking questions about whether Roger Clemens should be. In the hall of -- I'm not sure there's a correct if you -- that and that's what makes it's so tricky for me. It's like to deal with the facts of the case and match yesterday bill. Don't have access and they know exactly what happened it didn't look at what time. And at what point did affect performance how much did it affect performance. That answers to all those questions I'm gonna vote for a guy at all same. Again on late in the minority content not can get all the pictures here eligible and it's because I. -- will be very -- I think insists he's going to be difficult thing for voters -- First before even get to some of these names -- they can go probably just have a stance you know war or your feelings on how to approach this. What is your stance on how to approach some of these names not just Roger Clemens that it gonna be coming on especially. This year how do you look at you hard fact guy is its suspicion guy -- -- about it. Well I'm not a -- guy can be married to lawyers begin at some of the mathematician I need a little bit more troops and well I think he did that he got bigger yet stronger therefore need to error in their four. He should know one tree and it became Sherwin 210 games and therefore you shouldn't be in the all pain just. -- -- can't go down that road that's just not an approved so I'm gonna look at every case. On a case by case basis and that many premieres this case may be different than say Roger Clemens case any tested positive. Twelve a during the era in which they were casting Roger Clemens never tested positive want. This is the tricky part of the TV could do that sort of say if you have any connection to PG. And where there's any suspicion that you're not getting an alternate -- and that that to me is the and I and I understand that they aren't a lot cheaper -- all saying yeah. I think you have to look at every situation. Out on a case like eight basis and make a determination there that's a hard -- -- -- -- and unfortunately that's -- uncle about it so. At this point outlook Iraq I don't think -- -- greatest picture I've ever seen and. I'm giving him the benefit payouts so decree that it's possible that this resurgent in his career it was not 100% based on. -- used to it may be. He got better maybe he became a better pitcher make this letter actually changed way to work well. But I would with the -- it's a true on this. I have to at least there is it possible he can he -- -- -- into that or he can get -- it's something other than stare. You have a chance to and it talked to voters you'll like yourself and I'm sure you've had those texts and calls and emails in the aftermath of it you say you're in the minority. Do you feel like you've talked to guys and that may be have started to the question they are what their thought was going in on what's come out here or is it state. You know pretty standard from what the answer was before and after that result yesterday. Right I think most voters and most. People are looking into this and saying well -- comment must've done something here but they just couldn't prove it in a court of law. And therefore I think most people -- and pretty much stayed with their thinking on how they vote. And the voters to meet fellas I've already spoken and will speak again very wildly in December and January. If you have a connection you're not getting it look at the numbers aren't Mark McGwire look at the voting numbers -- -- public or maybe they're pitching aces. And Roger Clemens Roger Clemens who is clearly. He'd better and more accomplished baseball player than those other two guys -- -- meet those other two guys are all gamers and yet they're getting 23. Protector of the vote and 11% of the vote so it'll be really actually to see what Roger Clemens gets -- I don't think yesterday. Everyone says well okay he's completely. Not guilty he's completely innocent of all things -- work. I have to vote for in an altar and I don't think that happened yesterday. But it sure helps Roger Clemens case -- you interest in getting all that. Baseball writers now don't have to worry about lousy going to -- glad to -- that and they clearly don't. Tim buster only had a report sent out what this Red Sox team is current team that there's tension called a club most toxic now. You think that there's this player on player attention they just haven't got -- September are looking for leaks and things like better rethink -- more player manager attention. I think it's important player manager but I think it's getting better I just saw the Red Sox and and look what they're very closely less than two weeks ago and I gathered debt. Eat whatever tension there was between. That Bobby Valentine and the team is starting to get a little bit better. I'm not saying that it's really good. But I'm -- and that it appears people at least from what I gathered are starting to listen to him a little bit more. And they're starting to understand that what he says. Actually makes a lot of sense and I personally don't think it's tensions. That is keeping the Red Sox out of first place -- You know at 500 I think it's the these injuries that they have and the obvious lack. Actual performance by some of their best players I thought from day one in this that would make him. A little bit too much about the change in in management here and even the change in general manager maybe you should be focusing on whether this team. The players are good enough to win the division. And I don't think they are right now -- couldn't be injuries that they -- I think this is that there's probably have their. I began denounced by the they and they get through they listened to I think it's more of what it felt great on the back. Let it practical impact why is Jon Lester better than this and how they can continue to work with bullpen until it daily or somebody else comes. It's in the one you didn't mention his wife is an aging Gonzales hitting for power you saw him a lot in the National League we saw in the first half next year. Outlast your excuse me it's been about a year now with a power and -- from this guy. You know what is your feeling when you watch Adrian Gonzales in terms of finding a way for him to turn around and being that Triple Crown threat. The Red Sox thought they were getting when they sign to a 154 million dollar deal. Right and I should -- -- in charge you're right that's the big question of all why did this Gary getting more than. He has so far we've wondered. I've talked to people who tell me shoulder is bothering him and yet when people go to the myself included an act said he is my shoulders by. I don't know what's wrong with Adrian Gonzales currently and he should be way more productive and -- I mean not very productive the last two months of last year now the first three months of this year so. That question after the bat and I know -- nice -- two weeks ago I asked that question and no one can figure out exactly. What thrown and you guys -- only 105. Whatever plate appearances without drawing a walk. And that is very very unlike can't let people ask them argue -- You know less selective less disciplined updated now that's about it and yet know it came out to what it might be so. Mean that those issues you know -- -- it and it is to doubt it. I think getting get eight enterprise back and -- the pitcher they used to be or -- we past that point it's not I think listening to Bobby bell. -- at last one for me is second wildcard a ball to now and I am fascinated by how teams we're gonna addresses because I got to believe there are teams that normally. What do thought rod this thing we are going to sell we're gonna trade off pieces. That now look up help the Red Sox only four back in its second while car the owner came on the radio station. And said that yesterday how does that second wild card in your mind. Affect the next month or two months and the trading deadline how much different is a -- I think it's gonna look completely different than in recent years because I've talked to a number of executives who have been telling me since the day we adopted the second wild card that the July 31 trade deadline will be a different because of it. And that will be Mort in that it and therefore there will be fewer sellers and therefore there will be fewer trades because so many teams look at it and say. We've got a chance to make -- play out we can't treat our best player now we can't give up on our database now. When we -- it still might -- an image and and several executives have pointed exactly to. That the single cardinals last year who barely got it and then ended up winning the World Series because they got hot at the right time. You guys -- not the FDA in the winter which that I liked. Get the black -- Twelve years ago when you go girl as they are by Michael or even the first round and that look at all it does work away at 888. Can't the World Series and that's why I don't think we're gonna see how many trade that the deadline could be so many teams like Red Sox are gonna say. We have a chance to make the play out we epic. Go forward now -- -- Tim great stuff is always -- let's get back to like your day appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. You say about ESPN a guy Tim -- and on the eighteenth the outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. AT&T. Rethink possible. Where -- think a break we come back I'm gonna give you a scouting report about patriots wide receiver -- cattlemen like you never heard before we'll do that next.

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