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Baseball writers weigh in on if they will vote for Roger Clemens

Jun 19, 2012|

Seven baseball writers, with Hall of Fame votes, tell Mut and Lou if they will vote for Roger or not and then explain why.

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-- then return right now. What Sports Radio show you EI. But our buck and -- got a 37 WE idiotic question all day. Has been Roger Clemens verdict yesterday comes down after eleven hours of deliberation what all the voters do. When his name comes up in December well we've got to seven. Chatham lined up to give you their take. On what to expect when their voting comes up in December we'll label Roger Clemens. Yes you know you wanna fire through some hall of fame voters here today -- ethic that's pretty good idea well let's get this thing started here -- Krasner can be ESPN. He's got to vote he joins us hey Jerry Roger Clemens in all route or why in December. Well that we've played -- you know I. And that's that before anything I think -- street schools a -- you know I think there are people who stated that what you're doing it so. Just look at the numbers and you can't really looked at it's a PED use. And that people who say. If you do any kind of steroids are never voted for a while certainly not voting form -- the first ballots so. Do those two extreme sort of the middle ground voter I'm trying to. I tried to wait. In hopes that maybe this thing will get some clarity to it over the Easter you know will be able to put a perspective of they hear about all there waiting her trip but something like that. Police helping me out of that. All of paid a visit to outline from -- baseball writers -- the policy and so. What sort of leapt to her own devices and that the one thing also about Clemens came bond -- and I know this might be a cop well good. I didn't think you could say that they were both hall of famers. Forties started doing this stuff so. -- probably put a little bit of different fraternity. So I can't definitively say yes you know yet but I think I'm more inclined to vote for him that I -- and you know for state. -- thermal water -- guys who I think. There. Accomplishments almost solely fueled you know -- the -- -- their reach almost solely fueled by their use cell. I guess if you on the state leaning toward at this point I think that's where it's side. Guard -- appreciated. Let's go to Phil Rodgers Chicago Tribune failure on month -- is Roger Clemens a hall of Famer yes or no and why. -- on the stands -- -- he -- my quick take is that ballots says. -- there's guidelines and out of Bo candidates is less integrity and sportsmanship. Steroid. Destroyed the integrity of the game and the players that took them to. They were cheating it was against the rules that's why everybody -- their use. So with the current guidelines. I don't feel like I can go for guys I know took steroids the reason I'm on -- -- rocket. Is that does this does the verdict yesterday erased the Mitchell report and to be honest. I haven't really had time to consider how would answer that question but. It might still feel like the Mitchell report. Stand up on its its merits. And I don't see anyway that likable for the rocket under these circumstances like Jerry I would like to halt same. To give us some guidelines and had a vote for this because I think the system has broken. On the fence and leaning towards and I don't know from Phil Rogers Camp David off New York Post take canned Roger Clemens they come to you today and say. In her out of the hall of fame which -- on -- 100. Give -- a reason why can't talk because I'm with you. Well first the ball. That that period when in the -- accused of using these drugs which he would equipment saw yesterday. Occurred look for the or any real rules importance for baseball that was notepad and there was -- and -- bargains -- unit he had bought yesterday it will be yet. Not a percent and motor layoffs got a man that's the most solidly it's bad so far are having -- Dallas morning news evident. Roger clemens' hall of Famer yes -- no life. Oh lord fill him at memorial and kind of leaning calm on the bench right now but I think that there. As the right now I'd have to put our program. I go back. -- what has been set up now in terms of penalties for steroid use there. There are suspensions. Are home for what the first three strikes -- and a so it's not any. It's battle life long type thing it that you would be a war. And we all. I think it was Cordoba would like have better outlines and all -- -- Even doctors are going to do the Mitchell report. Absolutely indicating it became 100 -- steroids. You know it suggests that -- does the year trial speaker and use steroids. It got -- -- but adequate argument. The -- here in the situation around here and compete but I mean we need some dark art and all pain. Aren't how we deal with the upcoming group of guys who were going to view -- that -- -- Arts and other one on the fence and go to these voters Bob nightingale USA today joins us say Bob we're talking about Clemens the verdict yesterday. In a route here in the hall of fame for Clemens. Yeah poignant and Mika thank you make and every chart that they'll offer him the whole thing. The bottom line it was a level playing field there are so many guys and cute and they hitters and pitchers. In rare for the guys that -- and so. In they when he got into all the hall of fame elected to any editors. Intimate and here's their rhetoric himself better in a manner advocate advocate you're so much steroids but the -- let the steroid users. Look at the remote committee chairs between him and reported early in rhetoric. In the week remembering -- so 44 let them very and it's also. All the guys accused don't know who was clearly it was a -- Our bomber pre shared it lets -- -- local here let's go to the Boston -- to go to nick a -- a neck. Roger Clemens in and out in a router and why. Yeah he's been for me I agree it can baucus said he bought -- I usually agree on that topic and yeah I watch Roger predicts thirteen years -- -- At that the end of that thirteen years in the last four you know weren't that great. I said this -- -- Famer right now. So. You know he took steroids I -- -- for a couple years or three years in Toronto on the retook the longer I just don't know. But I know hall of -- Famer wanted to see one in Roger Clemens is a hall of Famer. Knicks got a man out we wrap things up on our conversation around Baseball Hall of Fame voters not a local once Steve Buckley Boston Herald. Joining us -- -- climate in or out hall of fame today. How old -- not policy saying good god all mighty what looks try to brings a rational thinking -- this first of all. Usually -- spoke columnists -- date date they. Shield your eyes -- what was happening it looked away in -- -- the money on marketing and Omar and videos and all that. Now they expect the baseball -- to clean up their -- Some very clear up there met the best way I know I'll. I think it -- -- steroids are marketable -- as simple as that is it fair no is it is it judicial. No but I poor college kids around the country were dropping like why. Getting killed with this -- -- the -- testimony would -- congressman Mark McGwire reduced several years ago. And so it's already been out now no delegates still predict and correct your body on the road and the ramifications to wake -- period. And if it might it might in my popular there's no Eric and -- don't you guys earlier. Encryption is very painfully. Going to vote for some of these guys and I'm gonna -- -- we not vote for the state there's no right or wrong -- gray area are monumental. I'm gonna get that by hand but a marketable equity.

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