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Michael Wilbon: Wrestled with David Stern during Game 3 interview

Jun 18, 2012|

ESPN analyst Michael Wilbon talked with John and Gerry about how the Thunder would be better if they had Rondo, why you should feel bad for the NBA referees after this season and the legacy of LeBron James. He also speculates on why the Thunder need to be crushed and how it will help them in the long run.

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It seems to -- our friend Michael will bond is cast as the measured voice of reason in any incarnation he finds himself whether that be on ESPN ABC or pardon the Russian. Michael drugs on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- good morning mr. will -- how aria. -- -- -- I'm good that I learned -- advance my voice is decided. Mid June related in India is finally in the end and it is taking a vacation. Even though we're still covered the final so I apologize and. A I don't understand some -- I thought that David Stern was auditioning may be to replace Tony on -- is on vacation he was. He was fixed in for a fight with you last night and you were just trying to get to the interview that right. Are Null I think what happened was and it's funny that you mention that David has somewhat happy about how he felt as a back. I just think we know we give us a law he likes if he called a little rattling. And if it if you have like twelve minutes -- -- do. You can go back up what little more we have like six and its use is just. You can't really do it couldn't look bad if your bios and what you know why are you -- and second -- it wasn't that at all. Q&A great move our buddy -- a couple of answers that surprised me. And I would like to followed up on more like even done with -- you know you've got -- as David has revealed again for conspiracy to Alitalia. Three years right. And let last it's local one it was a time -- -- you -- -- -- -- know what muscles to do now it was like he was resigned I I was in the lead. Surprised that that and he was more that he was in the the more playful mood. If he had a couple of things that I that I was a little surprised about it could -- longer. Do you think officials who are working individual games know what's best for the NBA and the answer that is just does -- matter. Yes I do think they know what's best and yet if they listened to -- on the of them are very difficult year for the officials and for a lot of reasons one the compressed schedule I talked to a couple of guys. It's killed and physically and I -- think about that if the would have the best athletes in the world challenge in the of the level basketball issue's been you know. It's -- and at depth of six and usually a war. Went in these guys -- in their twenties. When it and how do we think the officials have responded this physical demand. And around the figure but I think that intellectually yes I think they you know just talking directories you've got -- directories and lived in the area where you are and Ed you may disagree with -- I think they do. I think sometimes legally a little more heavily on them Alter their expertise. And yes just because -- -- -- bare -- -- doesn't mean you don't know especially you know when it comes to what they do what -- expert. Michael can can you not espouse a theory as to Powell LeBron James can play that hard that aggressively that dug in on defense. In gitmo files called on him and shouldn't the rant off offer that's afforded that same sort of superstar treatment is such a thing exists. Yeah we know it exist and I'd have to look at. I have to go back and that we look at the game. And just predicted what LeBron did we we we've we've seen great players have happened we Kuwait and how can describe them. Ubiquity of Michael Jordan talking to Jordan right click this blog and it's hard to have to Powell. You know he could have been a bad night just simply a bad night for the way LeBron James is called. But LeBron also as we know is it you just physically appear here he can -- by taking control is Bobby. In ways that even the other great players cannot in terms of avoiding contact and that sort of thing and and also old superstar -- would surely in effect. And do read it. People -- and it. And Ernie in the NBA means in the culture in this league for sixty years longer than any of these officials have been around. Is seniority and you get that you've been great player overtime to -- a couple of -- call we have -- -- in my opinion should not have been. Agreed I agree do you feel Mike it's three games and obviously 21 Miami they got a couple more home games here. Does it feel like it's not the -- time yet that we're looking at a team that's gonna win titles just not this year or is too early to say that. That's exactly who appeals to me if it it is too early to say because they go to two with a look at this sitting in series. And obviously Jerry you know in this format. You know just 232 format it really really believe it was the home team they get back home. Down 23 even -- got -- holdings up 32. Really you know and then integrate position. And eat -- -- at the Miami winning all three home games no I don't. So I mean the series would go back to Oklahoma City but I still feel like. You know you have to. Every great player except Magic Johnson in the last I don't know 35 years. Have been crushed. You know usually in the finals. But certainly conference finals finals multiple times. Even in will be greatly hurt Michael Jordan. Were crushed came Olajuwon and David Robinson hall of fame players dream team. Before they broke through. Well. I don't get the that the Oklahoma City has you know sort of go on to their rite -- -- yet we know Miami's been there -- -- personally has been through that twice already. I feel like. Did it did a year ago it did Miami's offensive alone and we're not gonna get we're not gonna have that happen -- if apple Google mail for an entire offseason. I don't know that Oklahoma City is playing. With that he too. Sort of. Now I agree a 100% member unit and you know what. The next two days every one who mentions the Miami's up to one to them to everyone you you gonna say. Just like last year -- -- up to one at home run just like last year and it didn't even go seven. That's right end. You know these these these that in this release pins out there that I did I hate it here and used typically to take over the culture sports -- I know I wouldn't elaborate game thinking you know let. This game three -- it must be physically so overwhelming it's like 86%. The game three winner in this format -- is series. But it goes into. And of course Oklahoma City is now facing a must win situation. Tomorrow night. It goes into -- get dipping back home that will where they have really. Really home court advantage. I don't wanna decide this yet but but -- -- to your question -- it feels like to me my basic control of the series. Michael will -- would merely winning a ring change LeBron whose legacy to what he wanted to be or does he have to win it in a certain way IE a clutch performance in crunch time and a heroic shot type of thing. I don't yet that -- workshop I think. I think he had the problem multiples. But get that you got to start with water I -- of the league where the greatest players of all one multiple except. You alluded -- -- about this particular people talk about the greatest players. You know Elgin Baylor and Oscar Robertson Oscar -- one Jerry West 11. But sort of in this modern NBA -- last you know that the magic bird era and that's how -- generally define modern NBA. The greatest players of multiple championships and I think LeBron is going to be judged that way I have to magic that was here. Imagine that yet it is here because one player in the modern NBA disproportionately. Affects the game. Now I don't think -- -- last second shot a dramatic shot signature shot. He is dominating he is the best player in this series all due respect to direct who's a better shooter and a better score. The -- fourteen rebounds and he. He would he would. He the best player out that you in the bird magic Jordan. Olajuwon and Kobe Bryant. Shaquille new plates right now I think we -- continues to do that. And put his head down and played this way I think didn't hit it in his reputation and legacy will be -- and they can't blow this. You know they've -- -- -- And they get it didn't deal he always gonna have to lead to another sort of just sort of bad winter and I did get the truth. I'd like LeBron James too much just didn't go through that is like give Phil Mickelson go two years ago. I just what that story went away I'd love to see LeBron James in the championship so we just of that story line that card is taken out of the decade can well. All toll if that indeed happens which would mean the the the thunder blues will Scott Brooks look back at last night's game and in particular the decision to win direct was up with four fouls. Westbrook out as well maybe for even disciplinary reasons or because it wasn't liking exactly how was blank. But might he looked back and say that's where we lost a game we should've won and -- a chance to win a title. Well I know magic can barely think that they would just in the developed right lot of time. I've blogging to lose the -- it would go back and say wow what would we do in this game why did little falling to provide. -- -- -- you got this tremendous advantage home but but yet in this into the got that it wouldn't play the game. They were like you you have to pull -- back in the game here because you're and getting nothing from -- -- If you're giving a big game from James Harden. You don't have to -- western -- but you've got to assess your entire -- right. With the situation calls for again watching it live -- is not second guessing. This is too that's into the game real well and obviously the critical -- that -- and so ER I'm forced to go along. I'm still looking at two games. What it on the road wanted to hold you have tremendous advantage I plugged into -- People just sort of let them slide I was pretty critical item like witty play game two. I like -- the way they played last night but once -- their team that could have been through this now faces a must win tomorrow. -- -- In the off season or -- it before and during the lockout there was talk about a possible. Rondo for Russell Westbrook trade if that happened would Oklahoma City be better off right now yes. I think so would rant went to -- to get the ball in -- in the place where he's supposed to get it more often. Well it about this derailed in this series and how well I think I'm right here has gone twelve for twenty. Twelfth between two and eleven for nineteen these extraordinary shooting percentages. You're playing a lot of the game against LeBron James is extraordinary shooting percentages. Why do we get in nineteen shot that's when he shot widely. And at Kobe like number 26 at 28 shocked what seriously want to. That's a great point big. They he's so efficient like he's not a high volume shooter. Why not. And that he could -- don't have an actual point guard Russell Westbrook is the converted to guard either guy who was a star shooter storms blew himself. LA kid. Who like the spotlight like having that responsibility you can take it and make the shot itself. There's so now he's forcing his -- -- point guard well he's not natural -- -- keep gamble -- -- a lot of times it is not natural and to meet. You know I don't need to -- Although a greater part more involved more shot. You know in the typical NBA superstar role if you make them you better keep curriculum and that's not the -- Oklahoma City place. It's a great points 35 for 61 he's nine for 22 on three pointers and rarely are they wide open even the three point -- she's got someone. -- He's a good retail I got it doesn't -- what he doesn't really give her role as much as we used to seeing the great players get on. Because they they played did not look -- work form there in the NBA finals I mean did they win this series mean people can say shut up right observation brought. If they lose you know it would get a look at this and say why you think Kevin Durant quietly having some nice where he is. Seventeen to 28 why is he afforded that opportunity. I'll -- -- you know what you won't hear the Westbrook for -- talk anymore on Rondo has just played his way. Two almost untouchable have you heard anything like about a blog Garnett is he coming back is he coming back the -- -- -- and nobody else. We we have not I have not been here and that because that somewhat to -- goes to how they feel in the summer. And -- appropriately into the starting in the summer I think you just put record tiny little -- being pushed back at all. But I think he did meet other team's director Kevin I think did about his life more than basketball. -- -- -- -- look I only wanna play merely good doctor but that I want to see. If target they know. But in my opinion you can be closer to home you complete fourth contender you can play. You know you can have this situation carved out to sell you content tailored hit. Do you wanna do data do you want sort of even to retirement. You know Kevin Garnett doesn't -- lucky even to retirement guided me from what little from what I know them. I think that'd be moved them competing. Entities where is services that are I think it's easy to look at it now this failures we've got to do what I want to capital we have choices. Michael final question for me what next you're able to multitask last night to keep one I'd just occasionally look in the US open golf not -- -- -- little bit police think he wouldn't miss that it's like the workers at. In entirely. Multicast entirely. Thank god for multiple TV yeah the broker I -- And and our -- of Charles Barkley and I that. Together -- great amount of time and we had an eye on the game and aren't monitored I mean is no reason you can't do that anymore and I'm surprised at the number of people a great question about it Wednesday. I can't I couldn't watch golf basketball more -- for someone what would be what is -- 1962. Lies. The -- of people across the room and change the channel. I know there are lots. I'd I'd like to pick up by a replay of the world. It if it did look at a fun time out of LT Olympic club to me if you look like just you know didn't -- -- smiles even welcome winner via. Beyond that. It is that it in a you know you know -- that -- can torture chamber is part of the reason why they want every other course to be easy. The entire -- in the -- the -- BBC OK. We understand we have to go do this at the US open we don't want to have it happen anywhere else. End just like wow I mean it's I know it humbled them on some level I -- I -- I think it's a great thing watched I don't wanna go after the turn into that they tried to do -- a couple of years ago and it failed. But it okay to have it is 100 year and I just I I didn't to a watching it. I -- admit I know this the NBA. The NBA executives. They were not unhappy and all that type who would have blown up their game came on death and they have to do with him down the stretch. I expect Marines. It'll be enjoyed some ratings success because tiger -- about out. I would like to -- of the game at 3 o'clock then then then. Who -- the radio to look -- by themselves staged to what sell it. Wouldn't give good I know that they determined and you know that that public art that's that the media industry that CD. Are dictating that because they they wanna maximize into the number of eyeballs and advertising dollars. And at 3 o'clock you just don't have that I've ball that you have at 9 o'clock and particularly in innocent in the midwest and the west -- just -- -- have those people watching definitely in the afternoon so. But not go back I mean this is the thing was stuck. Our Michael will -- thanks for taking the time we appreciate you both battling through your scratchy voice a little tea and honey will be watching tomorrow night. -- and -- I appreciate it could be our pleasure thanks for much Michael Obama doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL GL TE was speeds up to ten times. After the three GAT and T. -- possible.

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