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The NBA officiating conspiracy theories continue

Jun 15, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny talk about the way the officials in the NBA have been calling games and if there is an ulterior motive driving the way the games are officiated.

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How I play hey hey -- -- And I get a show where you just yelled hey chanting for hours. Not a work all right Gary glitter you know. Okay and then and. Hey we should do stadium and to you know averaged just get really draw each. I you know we know we're -- work here anymore you know we're gonna get maybe if you have hired a company in -- committees and I admit it. But get -- and replace Gary glitter for four hours audio. Hey -- that works the opposite effect of locking yourself in Vegas when he. Yeah our organic inside instead just saying hey let's just throw some F bombs for now here's the thing yeah I don't know if you guys noticed I have a brilliant and out of control I got a week. You do -- that. I got a plan I want a brief break the all time record. And I wanna be still doing this from a 101. Which is the oldest guy ever ever regular radio show and I think was called that the dementia our. I think his competitors like well yeah. What was -- saying but maybe I can break the record for the all time. Doing this for another back because -- 4050 -- because I feel good I feel like I could go for another hundred years I think you go a long as -- viewers as long as the NBA refs are are corrupt I'll have some talk about. I don't -- -- guard very good at what you been up to. I'll well actually I had my one about a sickness for the yeah right about three days was laid up by just to buy a book of bunkers and trees and I get I get them. I get Politico house race here. Air Canada cabinet -- seventy yeah and that's their -- very easily you know. And -- yeah so it's great to BO I year old better and a 100%. Of good great to airline I was grateful -- -- stars prevention mask that I have from the -- ninety now it's not like that. At giants don't get that that's right well it's a -- It keeps your way from moment through yet well you know speaking of that -- you we shall get together get down to a Giacomo in the south and sure next time I do that C radio's great -- -- -- -- You know Alonso and you go next door and show -- and drink some should may or something or some or Sam Adams and I've to a slam. But still -- violence a sports talk about whenever I'm gonna ask you for your take on these corrupt rest and you probably agree a 100% Immunogen well -- -- All I know my kids live in -- doing this since 1946. And who's been champion maybe. Okay yes and right all right so so far on the same page yes can you remember any series that. Was so corrupt. That. Yes. It kind of key notes that a year of it in the playoffs yes. Win I know what he's gonna say our 2010. When they lost to lakers yes like -- My tax but John you know exactly but that's where you'll fail because here's Celtics and that's not universal feel well I think a lot of people saw the up and down from Gasol wasn't called in the in the the blatant foul wasn't called on what's face here. Right I mean look at that -- It was a -- games sent in the finals in LA. And it was a four point. Okay now. If you don't really don't think you go backers point to really awful calls that went the lakers win that last quarter then I'll give you forty dollars. But it's it's not I mean you know that's all ahead as our games I mean you know picking on on that particular an industry report its. -- game seven and it's late here we go okay that. Port calls non diversion calls are always going to be made and you know want to feel on the most. The once that the -- dance like you and your team a Celtics are poorly all screened when we saw that no question and and and you know you can take it from there and go well did we get ripped off of office in the eighteenth banner on that or -- we know and that's really going to be. But when I would suggest rather than take a fan boy like me. Already -- hasn't loyalty to a specific team take them out of the mix by some bulls fans are some. A Dallas Mavericks fans to just watch that game and and try to give us their fair estimate of what happened you know what I know house arrest don't do that the rest just. You know that it -- well you know what I watched neutral games -- And I've been at times watching -- neutral game with some and it's a fan of a particular team. And they were outraged at some of the calls were -- go on both ways it's -- -- broadcasters national broadcasters a lot of times. They think oh my god he's really suck it up to that team but they just think that because it's their team now you know and now -- you know dissing their team. Laden tad you know it you ordinary but it gets more university sucked up to with that LeBron. I mean from the -- Hey ESP insects supplement on I don't know I don't EST doesn't mean it Talking Heads just rip them and choke job in skip Bayless and all these guys all but they're they're like they're just near and dear to roll moist about how well coached. -- -- stopped. Well yeah pretty good player right so is there is they were is very constant. You know I haven't on the back on swap. But he's he's got -- it's always LeBron where he's gonna win it what this -- -- they don't all of a restaurant and than any athlete in America okay because he hasn't won it all despite all that amazing track and despite. All the calls. The costs and look if you think I I think he's 10%. Less good. Then then he's painted. Based on. The -- all these free throws he takes a look he had 24 against the Celtics in game 2.4. They had 27 -- team bit. Last night he had twelve. Twelve for twelve. From the free throw strike and you know it's he had a he had a great cause ones in Red -- to work shorter hitters African free throws personal practice he gets. Well he's had a a -- buddy Ron price -- -- daily chart upside down I criticized him when he misses free throws but you know it is one of the greatest policies of performers have received got ripped. From him -- game two. Well you know I don't like about it my greatest impact in baseball would officiating in the NFL and NBA here again the NHL's kind of exempt from this. And good for them. Now but I enjoy the events. That you and get to play -- us. -- -- when you get your boss and -- involved -- Chicago fans and listen okay no matter if the outcome is take it right I enjoy watching them and I don't want to be swayed too much and I'll watch and at rest Sox game today and I system calls you know home played a -- is always bad calls it a little right. And I wish. Whoever can -- the idea that -- Mika. Which blocks there or whatever it is as it is sponsorship the sponsors are now and I know what it's it's a joke why. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- out -- all the guy. Don't call up your first it was sharp guys do for the most exit open US shirtless but like it's through if you watch an NBA season -- -- watch any game in any and you point in the game right. I was made joked that big leagues around since 1946. And ironically -- one and it. One NBA players this bought six study ever committed a foul line of the now it's no pace in the long run even I had to eroded and even on both sides of the -- went to the it is the calls and I -- and -- -- the -- -- -- execs wait we -- -- -- money for this -- OK. -- just -- -- to -- let's get to David -- he's been -- -- time David thanks -- -- Guys need to connect it. Watching it baseball team that has done that hat and a what people in the Red Sox making silly side OK. And at the idea. Adrian Gonzales has historically black amber yeah -- yet in May need it. That is not a cakewalk but summaries -- this is strike zone where it. And I used to be one of his stronger calling cards are serious -- what it's like it's what. Frustrating man it was a frustrating me. Is that if you had this whole fiasco with the rank on it saying you go. And you hire. You had John Henry coming on radio and saying wow I really wasn't in favor of signing call process of cases yet on when you're at a. Okay that's that's -- one net debt at a frustrated frustrated. Welcome to -- it surprised a lot of people but what did you like the Odyssey. I don't like -- honest okay we always talk about that clandestine things that management deal and then the Bruins on -- anything in the pages don't tell you any any any thing right. And then out comes on decision how we pay this guy a lot of money it's my money I should do I cut bait. But then they try. -- Well we we we got it does breathing down and we discussed this. That's like you know what collective decision well. Some pint when you had read people. Or deport people are by people in a role. In the owner said well. I really don't think we keep buying it got. I mean I I put the entire blame -- and it is very simple. I'm gonna put the entire blame. On this beat him up to date. It John and he's the one that decided well we're going to let Terry Francona go. We're going to go out in the when he made it. Speak deal or Adrian is not -- -- the agent Gonzales will probably in the end okay and Indiana in the end he will probably have. You know the numbers that we expect in the camp but the problem -- You're dating David what -- -- -- ask you ought to just get your point here real quickly because I wanna ask you and -- and yet if you say that all of the Leo. The burden of his belongs from the top down and I understand that theory a -- how does that. How does John Henry whatever decisions that he was involved in the -- deemed to be bad decisions affect a guy like Gonzales. -- is supposed to be hidden 300. Or or an injury that happens Jacoby Ellsbury. Or or half fast attitude from a guy that was signed six years ago and judgment or whatever it. And I'm originally had it damaged press Bogans -- was -- last year Francona is gone so what what's your bottom line here. The bottom line 88 I think. That if you're gonna sign. Players we can play I think -- better off. Signing your old players that you develop. A that you make the core of -- -- Well that's that's you know of the -- -- -- adds a whole different story on the Red Sox and -- -- feels watch did -- very well. The other part of that equation is what do you have to play and use minded to hit -- -- -- -- 210. Like Kevin Youkilis going to be. You can sell we resigning Uga is -- happy to do that he's at 300 Oprah's home runs over his last eighteen like I prefer not -- I've never seen two guys Youkilis who says. More than serviceable player immortal line -- -- yeah all star last year flip the following this right and and certainly gone south right. You list and you can't tell me he's not -- he should be pissed because he's into 91 you should write. But five is he walked into that clubhouse and you never had a look at that lineup no he -- he was on it that's right now we lacks any hassle and if he's sitting out. -- he was pretty upset the last home game -- -- to what do you do with a guy is one for it why are you guys that I know I can Beltran off the hook for just one of our doors are you know what at a time yet I I -- a lot of it to his. They want him in the lineup they're trying to increase. I value but it just keeps deep Kris -- well right what are they gonna get at this point I mean I -- -- -- -- clarity for let's not leave out the pitching staff you've got a guy by the name Jon Lester. Who everybody's been expecting the world of -- and justifiably so for the last three seasons. He looks like he's getting dumb and -- as time goes on as far as how to pitch and he doesn't look like he has the same. You know cachet that he had before get to demand dependable pitchers now and embark colts in two Bryant isn't that funny about that -- I QB and they -- for the time being -- and they can't win without Lester and Beckett pulling their load.

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