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Is it time to blow up the Sox?

Jun 13, 2012|

Mut and Lou discuss the recent poll of Red Sox fans wanting to "blow up" this current Red Sox team.

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Our too much -- ID 37 WEEI buster all -- hour from now we'll talk all things Major League Baseball park got buster. We'll get all your phone call 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Pete Abraham. I'm not in the -- and boston.com. And an interesting post yesterday about which way the Red Sox socks should go. Any says it among those Red Sox fan to actually watch the game. Can name more than three players. -- are growing willingness to start over in this case to start over me and blow up we is that we're used in the -- Guess he has I mean that's that's -- liked -- we say start over that's a nicer way of saying. Blow it up and he gets into you know what guys would be uncomfortable for the Boston Red Sox and he goes through -- bunch of different players and he gets to. A pretty big names you know any -- core players Ortiz Pedroia Ellsbury Lester and buckles. Sure that -- consider completely off limits and leads back to this idea of you know who's untouchable and should they blow it up to meet from a blow up standpoint. Hundred games to play. Is that it's still a little early to have back conversation about this team. -- you look at certain trades and you never say no if someone calls you talked about everyone but. The idea some of these -- been evolving conversation to me it's -- whirling through the hundred games ago. I didn't start thinking about that part of the season yet -- got in picnic playoffs. Cited start thinking about these candidates crossed reminded all through thirty and 3200. Games to play -- Dog didn't it and when it comes to. -- -- who's on tradable on this team. Don't you have to sit there it's we will who the hell you gonna give back and it's not know what's on tradable pick there isn't any. This untreatable on this team. It's you don't know we gonna get back to start names some of the great pitchers in the game then gonna get returned -- and that's where it is it's pitching took to me. I when I look at this pitching staff. Does any of the month tradable now but I needed upgrade pitching -- Today I needed upgrade our place and a -- I wanted to trade they Jon Lester I need. Two with a better pitching prospects -- team has. And I'm not talking about to somebody I think has a shot. I'm talking about somebody that I know it's gonna have an impact in the big leagues so if you're gonna give me that in return. Or bigotry AG Gonzales for Cole Hamels. It's Al cycle Hamels to -- -- deal given him 1820 million dollars a year instead of 21 for first baseman. But it's all about pitching. Now reality. Who might have a trade here I'd -- Sorry but I'm not touch and you brought buckles or even Lester for the effect not to the tall ball pitching. The trade Beckett and Herbert once traded to because it's all about pitching. He won a trade what's up of a prospect or a position player to get. Quality starters and a great starting pitcher -- of the net. I'm not going crazy here with this roster you'd be nice to unload some of these contracts but sometimes -- the deal reality and that's just not the case. Yes I looked -- try to create a list for me the pitchers are part of it you know last year -- brought buckles. Those are three guy I don't -- returned. -- we mean. A -- untouchables those guys three guys don't starting there at the pitchers I would not trade Buchholz Lester or infield to brought me feel you brought represents. Good value right now right for what he does and I'm not sure he can find players to replacing your point's well taken. Yeah everyone's on the list it's -- blown away by an offer. You'd think that most these guys would be available for the right deal but for a pitching standpoint. Buchholz Lester -- -- the three guys -- -- I wouldn't touch now you say Josh Beckett you wouldn't trade him. And he's been good. This year he's not been great. And he's one of those guys were by getting similar starting pitcher in return. I wouldn't be. I wouldn't turn down that deal he's the one of that that's starting pitcher group where you say no big deal ice -- you'd you'd trade Dice-K okay not factor -- that. Exactly. But the three starters dynamite untouchable as we Buchholz Lester due proposition a players. Only have three. Pedroia. Adrian Gonzales and -- -- of the three guys -- not including. Ellsbury 'cause he's hurts and it always included here and a potential drizzle down. You know if so if they if somebody called and and the giants at Madison Bom Gartner for Ellsbury buckled -- hang apple. Can even include Ellsbury in that conversation right now cars hurt trying to compact complaint. So what tech let him put him on this list under polity active players in the roster for me it's Pedroia its middle Brooks and it's -- it's not all of. Yeah I mean this and they all should be on the -- but it's gotta be what are you gonna get -- the pitcher Colby Ellsbury. You know. First off you -- traded to a team that consent to an extension. I mean don't know team's gonna pick him up knowing that. You know he's hurt this year next he's gonna cost about nine million arbitration and you let him walk because it betrayed Ellsbury you want a lot in return. Who's gonna be an extension there's that's gonna be difficult thing to do. You know Jon Lester -- -- two more years at their 24000002. Year 24 million dollars revolving door. I'm fine with that great deal you know -- five years 52 and a half million for the next five years. It's a club options in here I'm fine with that you know so I'm I'm keeping those guys and you brought that same -- young arm upkeep because it's a bought arms. A -- Jon Lester began always underperforming this year there's no question you wanna culminates that's fine but two years 24 million dollars for pitcher like him. I'm keeping him -- a baseball you pay -- him million dollars a year for win. Anything over twelve -- gap gets always forget to thank god what are we talking about yeah which deal Lester repair shop show. But the Dodgers triplets well it's that's probably not so when he -- it it's saying blow it up pitchers like the Big Three blow it up what do Mike kitten in return. You know what am -- gonna get return. And and then he can have a real discussion when I find out what is on the table would connect you for Jon Lester that we can talk one. Hear you say middle Brooks to brought not an alleged art well. Given that gets them back injuries were booking Felix for those two guys would you do that. So everybody is on the straight everybody. Is on the trade block for the -- deal. Right for the right deal. Every need that second partner and the deals that he puts out there that -- refers to in his post. -- you're getting back pretty good starting pitching you know Bom -- you get back Felix Hernandez. Extra teams to make that he'll write a -- and fumbles two teams -- -- Felix's he has missed the start came back last night and is okay roughed up early it was that a -- it's actually on the trade market with Seattle won a deal I don't know. You know just that it doesn't seem like that's the type -- guided to skits you're traded. You know this estate agent baseball -- built around that starting pitching get upon -- resigning guy you know may -- it gets to that point in the trade discussions. But it's gonna take. Two pretty big play obvious is that all it takes to get a feel for manager can deal would do brought middle Brooks and you get a Felix Hernandez back. Mean that's. It goes back to ever once tradable I -- a hard time believing that Seattle would do that for those two players really do. I Seattle would -- -- -- guys or so what that higher ceiling. For the elite pitchers not just baseball but in a cup American League disguised himself from the -- go get a every single time. -- -- All the overall feeling for me is all these names we go through. It seems like a lot of fans and over 75%. Of fans in Boston dot Koppel say it's kind of blown up rather than stay the course. You want I don't know exactly upload it means it too. If I use it as start over by use that -- trade your big players for prospects players who might that help you this year to have guys on your roster in August September. That normally wouldn't be playing -- -- and -- your team my contention. Who are not there yet with this team they've under achieved there's lot of problems to be the reality of this I mean there. We start talking about trades is given you cause obviously number one. Catching position could be number two why because you have a guy -- only behind a wise given to assemble because of a guy like middle -- bar kind of -- outfield why because you've got Ross Ellsbury pitcher Crawford coming back. So you know. The guys at everybody whether he now vote whether it be podsednik whether B Sweeney when he gonna get for those guys are the gonna give you much. Anybody in the bullpen. And I mean anybody in the bullpen -- -- contender might want to go at somebody apiece that's not getting a lot of guys out there performing well. The Melissa just came up he took apart -- gonna become -- up he stood up Bailey coming back in other words there's trades. That I would do. I don't -- -- -- -- and returned because you've got guys ready to replace them -- -- talk about it realistically -- is ready to replace him. So the -- on this club bullpen outfield you coalition catcher. I think that's dealing with the reality will they go beyond that. I don't think -- In the second part of -- that he showed up Pete writes if if Henry came out John Henry Red Sox owner and said all options open any hope the fans would be patient. As the Red Sox tried to assembly team worthy of their support the message would be -- Well what does that mean what's the timetable you know we talked about options and he talks about. You're putting the team in a position where they might get younger. You -- Pete brings up the idea at the end of the season August 1. Middle Brooks Calif Iglesias will barred way they're all -- -- would you care more or less about the team. Is that tied into where they are on the standings on August 1 there be initial bump of -- young players and their. But a week or two weeks or month in two. Middle Brooks Calif Iglesias -- way playing and the team 1520 games out and -- -- the playoffs. I can interest is awful little bit. -- about those guys are Mike Trout. You know I'm Mike -- get lot of bump and Alec is the angels are back detention. Look at the broad look at what he's done their for them are -- -- they would DNC today prospects these guys coming up and playing. The fact that Mike Trout is getting so much attention he's playing well -- also back in. -- a bigger reason to doubt audited he has been unbelievable right the player of the month candidate he's -- like this the month of June. But an -- post players in and appointing to you know other teams in baseball that -- young. And get an initial sort of hit. You tell me a month in if they're not in contention accurately about there ever go and I like Iglesias I don't care peace in that -- They're not contention I as I wanna -- You guys to model their care in -- big fans want Gary to play yes that doesn't that doesn't get me excited okay great the whole public doesn't get excited they're not ready to -- So I I I don't think you blow this thing up I think there's room for improvement is you have reinforcements or any of other options. That's about it through a picked a big improvement -- would almost pieces that I adjustments did you get anything for them now. Which you can give it up to what appease him with another piece in the minor leagues and try to bump up your prospects -- it's a big league arms I just want arms and return. That's yet. Let's face it this organization. That the U Epstein made some bad decisions and they're paying a price the salary what I love to get rid of -- salary guess what I love to hear it a cropper salary. Yes and move -- to put in other areas. I know OP yes it's August this is not very good you hearing names like. But borrowing darting into Marcos -- Tyrell PS's since August for Adrian Gonzales each. But I still feel good moving forward with him. Just wish -- on the call Crawford way knowing now the financial restrictions that this team did -- of the that would put it in other areas particularly pitcher. So we asked you the question -- -- that that blow up point because almost 80% of the people responding boston.com -- blow it up not stay the course. I'm not there yet 6177790850. To all free it is 888. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free calling and text us. On the AT&T -- won an 85850. We'll get your phone calls in ninety seconds bolster only joins us now.

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