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Opinions of Lebron James seem to be softening across US since EC Finals win over Celtics

Jun 12, 2012|

The hate, piss and vinegar towards Lebron James seems to be softening a little since his win over the Celtics in game 7. When will he truly be free of his stigma? Is it now, or when/if he finally wins a title?

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-- the big shelf at 6177790850. That's our phone number. -- -- Red Sox today at some of the NBA's that you watched the Stanley Cup -- -- are large the end of it marks the are you missed the first -- or Oscars and that's very you missed the -- an instant. So it was over early. Probably watched the the third period I was happy for. For the kings went in the first one although -- -- one Jonathan -- I wanted to see you last guy I do want a situation where the team is up three zip. Now they got to the got to play for play in game seven win a championship wanted to see that there was almost. You know 2004 Red Sox Yankee it was get to boot to that point but -- the five minute major in the in the first period was it. Can score three times during that the Major League games all. So in it was unfortunate and asking him to -- know it already has the boards obviously there was a lot of blood. That's to me was. What what rewarded for game seven because it was it was it. It was a matter of I kept on going away from a little bit -- go back and forth. Because you know that the game is over you just waiting for the end of you know prices no there's no chance the doubles and getting back. Into that it's of that game at all suited for a bad thing. For the NHL wanting you you look at with the NBA. It just doesn't happen where an eight seed or even succeed it's very rare succeed. We'll get into a final the two teams that we're in year. A Stanley Cup final last night were succeed. In the last two days to make it actually into the tournament that a good thing or bad the parity. People want parity. But what does it do. For your regular season does it diminish. Your regular series are -- about home ice advantage doesn't mean anything in the NHL and -- just make it into the tournament but I think that's what well while most fans who won that unless you have. -- superstar and I have a superstar East Coast West Coast. You want in there in the -- on the top seeds in each conference you wanna see them meet in the finals like we had two years and wrote the red wings and in the -- 02 great stars of two great franchise got to me is the idea okay that's speculative and that's why you got me into an excellent. In some cases and say what the same old thing every year -- one on one and know that my team hasn't it into the finals so what this proves. Anybody have a chance in the finals if you make the playoffs. Opens the door for more teams there's no question about it use you know that all of that it was into the tournament and you've got a shot to look at that. Next year teams that are struggling through most of the season like games were fired coach mean a lot of things happen to them during the course of the season. And here they are there's Stanley Cup -- achievements in the NBA what we have right now Kevin Durant vs LeBron James. That's a dream scenario too because in the NBA won't promote -- You've got the -- returning again. And I think. The ratings are going to be off the charts. Not just because it's Oklahoma City Miami Kevin Durant vs LeBron James LeBron James and Dwyane Wade the Miami Heat in the two years now but it's still resonate for people for the wrong reasons. How the Miami Heat came together and most people -- going to be watching so they can hang on my right so the Bruins were one year removed from winning the Stanley Cup. And yet the Stanley Cup ratings the Stanley Cup final ratings with the LA kings in the New Jersey Devils the two top media markets in the country did very poorly. Across the country did poorly here in Boston when you removed from the Bruins went. The Celtics get knocked off by the heat there's that hatred here. For a LeBron James. Do we all too many or do they get big numbers announced in the NBA final with two cultural change because. It's your fresh off of LeBron taking something away from you and therefore you're hoping that Kevin Durant now takes it away from him. Huge numbers not just the Boston gonna -- huge numbers in every major market in the country -- you say it used Edouard did. Why did kings. Doubles report. You hate on the ovals. On the -- No I mean they -- Story sort with a cane league grad he wanted her door wanting all time great -- got a lot -- -- she got a lot of counter. It's hard and as I said political front Jonathan Quick who played you know a period at UMass it's. The -- hard. But there was -- but they weren't those means. They jump out that you meet the law it's not you know broad doors got a great history and he has a -- good last couple years he was used pretty good this year. It's a little bit it's a little bit different the NBA rob -- Gary fans now. They also I called -- -- -- earlier -- Well why wires -- all this hatred this vitriol was a word used toward. LeBron James when he did something and it's just not that vision and then he's sure he gets up and in sports context. Where is Ben Roethlisberger did something that you know gonna be in your -- your girlfriend your sister. Okay logically. He's absolutely right. But this is a logical it's illogical and become the LeBron James it's because. Maybe it's because he's the best player maybe it's because he's had so much success in his career. Maybe it's because you haven't played for your team. Don't know this decision all sort of -- entitlement. All of that put together. And people aren't even thinking clearly that -- LeBron James. Well they don't you and I discussed this yesterday was. -- course -- just artful little -- maxis suddenly you know it's. I think he serves and Winston flowers and I think that that some bad -- -- hear from some online Winston -- on it. Well what it's the sausage is when he left the -- fire sausages I think it was shipping goes out to -- -- -- but think about it. LeBron is viewed right now is the best player and again I agree with that he's the best -- and again. And you can go look at the best players over the history of the game Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Bird and magic Johnson and and Michael Jordan. And you figure when it's all said and done when his career is dumb the -- going to be in the same sentence with those guys right going to be an upper Echelon. Well those guys all want in the first year the second year or Jordan's case the seventh year on this night it still hasn't won. That is escaping him he still hasn't -- So supposed to know the rest of his career and I think he's gonna eventually win because I think as to what scale it down their Miami. Eventually they gonna figure it out of the gonna get a couple of all the bodies that are gonna help push him over the the edge. But nine years. It didn't happen Larry one of the second year magic wand in his first year Russell won his first year Chamberlain won what the second. And third yeah well I'm not so orderly and well projects -- -- manager and -- when that are. It was it was not generally -- it was it's a 67 was at the first yeah I mean you know him -- he's probably like eight years average temperature outlook but here's the thing with LeBron and I don't think it's fair to compare him to Jordan Shepard Jordan. The compare a LeBron two or magic or Larry in those situations. Those guys game and that's the -- to what you have OK but the -- about it. I'm gonna look at that the timeline doesn't really matter. Larry Burton and -- already have around. Very quickly. Are we had yesterday finals MVPs -- an excellent -- Mikhail Robert did a man I almost didn't have -- manager Robert Eric kept them all famers magic comes -- -- you've got. A perennial MVP always in the conversation Kareem Abdul Jabbar. -- -- LeBron James he came -- Ricky Davis. And it was terrible party -- I trying to hook himself of the triple double missing a shot on purpose but every round. So I don't think it's a timeline. If you win the championship. Comes back to you the decision. The championship Z 00 race -- race the negativity in terms of the fans. The fans say okay the reason we were so critical view because you didn't have a championship. For our decision is I don't think I think that that is part of he's gonna if -- -- a championship right now. It would -- if he wins this year it's gonna change the way people view on which Iraq. It's gonna also be -- of the year removed from the decision from that that. One hour television show that that destroyed his his entire image I don't remember anybody calling out the day after that. Saying we're talking about that was a that was a good thing for him -- -- you don't -- a million dollars for the boys and girls but it was like it it was a boys and girls like a rich here. Oh. It's an editor at it. It. Shouldn't -- should acuity and it gives him credit you're gonna have no bowling ball to. Stop the ball all the words the girl I'm. They have -- -- -- the -- longer for the worst deliberately. Odd man. That go along with regards the about it doesn't international her out and we -- we. It will send the kids to -- internationals and Paris this year. So here and win anybody over with the of the charitable end of that. But you're right decision -- record a decision was a disaster -- it really was. It really was -- the all time worst one hour television show you could you could possibly. It was worse than Jersey -- an episode. But ratings wise for ESPN it was great. Maybe that worked against the brought to everybody's saw it worked for Jim Graham should they keep -- -- thank you. It hurt them now and her model. As he was the one that brought the idea he purple when you get when in doubt. Avoid Jim Wright does jolt or is it Joseph well in Miami. Joseph Ellis up. I don't. Open at the Celtics basically that -- -- five year. -- -- outside here at the appropriate plan if you're getting to you on the -- but which you then they would you have maybe. Czechoslovak Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce and maybe Reagan got in on the LeBron James sweepstakes or -- we you have to skeptic the corporate forget well now. At first W and ever gonna get out there's -- -- there there were we just couldn't get them yeah they know you're at Miami you know there were no LeBron James sweepstakes. Added that didn't exist it was fixed right there and their helpers -- came out in person pretty much set to weaken and there's nobody believed him and then that day I'll be set -- -- -- Miami beat out -- -- Libya Cleveland. Well taught well according to reporters got to beat Cleveland with a Barbara Chicago. And I believe the next. Off to all I think I doubt it was I think there's an expert from the get dark attic we all know that now when the more you hear from the team's there was no real heavy. Conversation so it was something that you are not gonna get done. What wasn't going to happen so but your larger point is would you have moved on -- I don't know if you say -- squaring -- for LeBron James but maybe another. Point is did you move up from these guys and tried to. Avoid this point where we are right now where your KG is that it's 36 ray Allen's 37 pierce 34. And injured and of you -- forced or reconfigure the team would you have done it a year earlier in traded traded these guys away. It sounds good on paper but my answer is no because it is rarely works out the way you think it's gonna work out you're going to be what these guys go. Unless you get extremely lucky. You're going to be bad for a little bit or you're going to be a if not bad you got to be 41 and 41 got to be 43 and 39 out of championship contention for awhile so. Trading what what exactly are you trading for other bad contracts you're trading to. To change the faces a bit but this doesn't make you a championship contender bring you rarely works out that way. Well whoever took matters I mean I -- I know it was a done deal that native picked the guy and have a project -- -- The decision or whatever I mean -- -- -- where Tokyo pop send you are abroad James. The media market is brand would be very got robbed he got Doc Rivers state you can make a compelling argument to bring America. But I mean if you understand that you know it was a done deal we can advance. It was at -- -- doesn't know us and I look Danny Danny is heartless when it comes to that stuff he he's not gonna sit back on sentimentality. On if that was an opportunity. Trust me he would have pursued. He would pursue. Are those options and Kevin -- you know which you have may -- tried to Eleanor. Would I trade. What was it markers -- would go workers well. -- interest that's further a package deal right that's why they could I was never committed this out at Cleveland and LeBron. Got on likely right. I mean which you -- as you know LeBron Chris Bosh or other. Kevin Garnett wouldn't intensity open market -- through. So would you rather have LeBron James two years ago I -- absolutely because you -- three years into the into the point and and they that was the end of it which went live up get two bonus years certainly this year was abolished you're last year he probably weren't pleased with a but. Three years under -- if you could have said we've got a championship. And we also had an opportunity in game seven of of the championship we lost against the against the lakers sure at that point you'll move -- -- that opportunity and -- -- -- say would you rather have I'm sure you rather have but what's gonna happen automated and they talked about. It's something that they look forward to the all signed the same contracts the same time so vacating those contracts that expire together. And their plan was to put together what it was going to be in Cleveland which it was a -- you know 2% chance of that happening. Or going to be a Miami we're gonna play together at Toronto. A very slight chance extremely slim chance that they played together in Cleveland in all likelihood is where they want to the other money and. You know what there's there's still a lot of conjecture going on right now about what the Celtics do what they should've done and they didn't dual whatever. But most of it that that I'm hearing or reading about. It's it's not based. On the reality of the NBA and the -- the cap. And the the latest new collective bargaining agreement that affect the one to watch for here in the net next year -- so is. If you are repeater in the luxury tax. The percentage that you're gonna have to pay is going to shorter in the luxury -- gonna be paying more. So teams trying to going to the other direction. Dallas New York trying to get under Rick right now because it's gonna cautioned that much more if you go and it looks like seventy million is gonna be that the ceiling. On the luxury -- over seventy million right now so which are over. If you're Peter every year. -- out -- -- really gonna cost you but there's a lot of stuff going on that's that stripped that out there that if Danny Ainge could do. He would do it. He just can't because the rules don't allow you to -- ninety seconds were right back --

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