Jun 12, 2012|

See what short work Kirk Minihane makes of the uuninformed sports hosts that tried to attack his views on Tim Thomas.

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And on this episode willingness uninformed as sports Talking Heads on ten. -- minute he's invited on TV to discuss an article he wrote about Tim Thomas mostly uninformed hosts are well -- -- Warmed victory victory distort my body and well did you specify that you guys during the story Michael that. I thought I did you read the story yes or -- did you specified because really yes you know I thought. And so finding your paranoia did well OK great good show for and here's more of it -- is it unfair of us to criticize him for the things that he's done here. Fourteen don't. I realize teammates is penalized team went easy did you retire. He retired he saved her retire so what's it always is gonna sit out though I didn't say that police guys clearly don't know what they're talking about so let's check out another hack. Who at least took the first. I've read that column but let me ask you two questions okay how many times have you been. In that -- restaurant in the last yes 20 and how many times you've talked to Tim Thomas just your life. Two or three times okay so my easy going after current credibility behind them there in the subplot in this -- this -- -- talking of the star of the show why you why you hear -- talk because a -- TV talking -- about why you talk about. Because I'm on TV good answer mine as -- resort to name calling now I know why you. About the -- -- but once that's why he started taking the lives in advance when they have been doing -- in -- is always talking millions of them. The -- foolish that pisses me off.

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