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Dan LeBatard's rant on Heat beating Celtics

Jun 12, 2012|

Mut and Lou listen to Dan Lebatard's rant on ESPN radio in Miami.

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-- Covered up because of the. And her naked because. Your comments that giant royal and I us. -- -- -- -- -- That ride out the old school -- Levittown highlight real of is many. Many rants about LeBron the Big Three there Miami. And a little bit there at the beginning of Celtics Miami a year ago on the Celtics were dispatched to -- and right on about entering the when he won the series we're gonna get some from. Eleven start. Afternoon did you ever question if you think you're allowed Dan after the -- me down 32 after game five in the crappy of the Vila and -- -- -- makes that same mistake a couple of last year. You know going off given a huge rant about how the heat beat the Celtics. Without -- this year. Q and hold off a felt this year he would wait to see the action would have finals before maybe he would raise -- not jump the gun like it happened last year. Not good radio few weights and it's good radio. If he says what he said yesterday on a show -- in Miami hit avatar. Gets me motivated it's time it gets me motivated. All right let's do this. It. Attorney. I think being that. Why -- we. Boy are convinced -- miles of me. Storage on God's word games. Visible. They're getting six. Broderick doesn't zombie. I only want 100. Million can't -- We just got a lot of. But out of the -- and -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- good. Over the events. The neighbors. Yeah. There yeah. -- -- laundered version of themselves and Dubai and -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- Think. That. It was accurate. You know what I -- accurate. What you'll do. Well I got out oh. There's -- critic and Kenny. -- who's super funny though. George -- to -- this is this off but -- still -- -- -- the show the gloat after we had a Mon -- I don't know. If we don't know who's scared. -- in his boots. And they're all worried. We found. -- where are. The beginning of that though the first few. Rants there classic I think might be that the best of the bunch classic that Boston -- -- at the -- that the the right dough and our life. It pretty good the first I heard that paid him now. Native -- -- -- -- series went a wanted to hear hate to allow one out of one of the hearing on the Celtics win don't want to hear there was a rant. Who rented a boat. Right the heat and Spoelstra and LeBron and everything else I was waiting for that one on Monday it's etiquette that. Pretty funny but it's another reason why you know and Dan lab returns a small reason his -- there but I mean you know anybody around these parts who is not. Our intern Shelby -- -- -- That's rooting for the Miami Heat in the series I don't know anybody ever like talk to get the text and -- it's old city. Let's get a bit cramp bandwagon to -- -- Westbrook Scotty Brooks that fan base. I think this TV ratings here locally pretty good people wanna city he lose this series in boss now starts at 9 o'clock at Sox. But I don't know anybody on this Miami and Wagner -- helpful LeBron get his championship are on Obama's gonna be -- against LeBron in the series I can't wait. Oklahoma City my eyes will be a Boston team for the and national media. Well it wouldn't mind seeing LeBron when you know I mean and they beat that beat the Celtics and at the outset that the national media kind of pops up. Ripping all those people that having getting on the Bryant James and not calling and clock should not calling them this and that LeBron James was. Was outstanding. You know -- towns that saw its shares outstanding in the Eastern Conference finals was. They were small what's in there where -- deferred blatant. But again I mean this team. They're -- at halftime down two to one of the patient and put nine quarters together outstanding and blew them out and they're down three to two and a Boston became Becker won the next two this team showed. -- -- some adversity and they rebounded after this can be stinks series are -- is going to be as easy as people think -- city. We'll get a break your top of the hour we come back we'll preview below NBA finals Oklahoma City and Miami Heat with doctor Jack Ramsay of ESPN that's next. Why -- we.

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