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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on the future of the Celts and the NBA Finals

Jun 12, 2012|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to talk about what's next for the Celtics and gives her prediction for the NBA Finals.

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Let's not our -- and -- not a 37 WEEI before 2 o'clock guests who went off funny rant yesterday not surprisingly damn -- tarred. Is Miami Heat advancing -- have the sound for between now and two here on 937. WEEI NBA finals start tonight the Celtics not a part of it jacking that -- been a part of herself has coverage all year she joins us on the AT&T hotline Jackie my little Oreo. Well I'm a little more rested now. But I'm sure that and nobody cares. I don't know a couple of nights of sleep here after the season and it feels good to get back after right. Yet it doesn't you know great run for those guys. And really what happened in the fourth quarter I think we all know you know I think we've -- on -- that the thing that was the beauty of this run lead that they never put their heads up. They've never put the headset could they did they'd realize they were -- exhausted and injured and they finally took you know what they had depth in the fourth quarter. Yeah I know you look at that game and you're still look back at that that game -- it may be a missed opportunity for game seven I don't. I don't think -- you can complain you look at and so committed -- next -- down the stretch artistic they get overpowered nearly. Via the -- that the better team won I'm not types of people here but I think that's really the truth to this point. But that doesn't mean net. The Celtics didn't give me every bit of a run for you know became sick -- -- -- they're all gonna -- on all summer and that that was there you know that was their chance. Left fourth quarter you talked about running out of gas at the -- it was the poster child that importantly Jackie was Paul Pierce. You know he was it what not -- defender -- a lot of that game bass got that opportunity. Are we gonna find out in the next weeks or months that the pierce sprained and CL was it be worse than we thought that he played through. A tougher injury just didn't have a third and a fourth quarter. Am I think that's entirely possible. You know he never. And it's -- everybody treated differently but -- never heard him talk about it you refused to talk about it. And you know they re adapt every day about his ankle and he answered it and on the doesn't make him a bad guy he's a professional he was into the questions. The patient would even go there and I like that about him. And I didn't like -- and LeBron will say that and I you know I can no one takes more -- me but I did wonder why he's stuck with that I wouldn't stuck -- that. But let me ask you both legs we talked about what the got it like was it seemed like -- covering LeBron accused challenging LeBron tickled by him. Rather then rather than challenging him to take the jump shot dismissing backwards. Yeah and you know like an eighty think that they help with post the slide over and I think they were stepped it I think there's stepped slow on all the defensive rotations in the final minutes but. A bowl matchup itself it didn't make a lot sense to me put tickets -- instead. I like pitcher when he was on the -- Jack when you look back at this -- say hold -- like the Celtics over achieved. Ali considering all the injuries absolutely. I just don't have a complaint in the world about the team. You know other than that game six which you get -- that you he'd like to have back within. These guys right from the beginning there were behind it you know Jeff Green and then you know Wilcox started playing well that he went down and then. Bradley comes into a film he goes down and and then you know for the -- rated peers and you know I'm sure there -- somewhat from a Garnett who probably and Pietrus is gonna have surgery to Egypt can't say enough about. They played did the whole trust word and I know that overused and it's a little hokey but I think it really applies here. They just -- each other and they -- Rondo let what -- coming out party for him and in so many ways it. We still you know he still keep the struggles the internal struggles he had with himself during the course of the game but. But I I like woody did. You know even in game six is bad is it like. And you didn't see him you know when things went bad in game five -- you didn't -- put his head down you know he -- he fought through it that's something different that's something better that's something new. And you know he's just well what account I think the whole the whole league to see that now. Run those and he's at a town we've seen this side of him -- this post season he was aptly outstanding. Yet there was still willing to last offseason you know toying with the idea of possibly trade this guy. Any chance at all that still a table. Well now because the guy they were -- wanted to get with Chris Paul and he's locked up now. So it really was that specific you know it's the one thing that I think. There was one bad report updated said that they were shopping and I just don't believe that I think they they could have gotten Deron Williams -- Or Chris Paul they would have been and so that's different to -- -- shopping and you know I'm saying. And that's so they're not they're not going to be out there look at -- as to who they're gonna build around especially. With the -- either Rhonda when Bradley showed you both let you know you -- can't I can't underestimate. That because it. When Bradley is out there -- -- he could run that's you know that's when he did his best that's a Bradley says that. And in what Bradley did was just a wonderful thing for Rhonda -- took the pressure off them because. He he really can't play the point per say but he can guard the point guard on the other rent and that takes a tremendous amount of pressure Rhonda and I thought that was -- -- You know we talk what the future of this team -- we did a couple months ago to ray might be gone. KG might be gone -- -- -- funny is the emergence of Avery Bradley that sounds strange college hall of famers. Makes me feel better about the future because at least you really got the point guard and you've got that off guard pierce will be here for a couple of years you would think it. It's it that when the -- -- was it strange David Bradley actually make you feel a lot better but the next couple years distinct. You know I thought it was in just being around. -- with only bit. He -- we just got it wrong with Bradley all the way up until you know like first half of this year that I get to tended to him as a point guard. At the point. And the great shooter and he said and you know what appeared to comment was the most interest he said last year are last year. We're watching that can practice he's throwing down -- he's hidden long jumpers he's the only on the can guard Rondo but that he got into the game and couldn't make it happened so. You know I don't think the Celtics are surprises me the rest of us -- because they could see the work in progress progress. But it was you know it's one thing to be you practiced played the game players now Bradley is finally game play. We're talking to -- the ball and I thought I'd reached a certain level what Doc Rivers why couldn't respect him anymore I read your piece Jacky which is a must read. And espn.com. For all Celtic fans and wanna talk about that Rondo Ray Allen relationship you seem to. Put it that it was strained at times and that document that is stepping in and talked to Rondo and ray and make sure. And -- those two to trust each other where your words in your column today -- how bad did the Rondo Ray Allen relationship yet. I don't know how bad it is I just don't think it's good academics and yeah. You know I don't think I don't know that there was a small period of time when Rondo was kind of following rain around and trying to learn -- -- Where they were really really really on the same page. But how much -- they ever have been since then I mean I'm talking for years now you know I just think they're two different guys that go about it I'm not -- that could go about it anymore differently. If they try to you know where is all about routine all the do we think exactly and we and that's not a run there was and you know another round that. So I think the two of them I think they got each -- there is no question. You know -- that is that is bird McHale at the end no. Is it beyond repair. Obviously not look at the two of them did together they got within one game of the final together. But it was at times strange yet and you know the fact that that Bradley emerge is. And played the way that -- -- want to play a -- go go go you know all that tactic analysts and rating get a lot of taxes issue -- on strike just didn't. He is in part that was because of the way they were trying to get Rondo involved they were trying to get. KG established is your first -- -- -- he he just wasn't the top priority for dock and -- in doc said many times. Once again with a professional -- -- for again that sacrifice for the team he got it and he got here I have so much respect for him. But I think it's just you know there comes a time when it's bad for everybody kind of move on and I think that's where that is where it is with -- Celtics and that's no knock Andre Andre at all. And I think he's been tremendous here. And really has sacrificed. Probably more than all of those guys. Definitely more than all of those guys but you know I think. I think at this point. And it'll be -- if you haven't limited Jamie Kennedy ankle surgery to that'll probably current value in the free agency market was that it seems. But boy I tell you -- championship contending team I didn't good long look at that guy because you know you can rehab harder than anybody else. Any that sniper and there aren't that many of them out there that you can constitute the kind of big shot that he. Jackie is their one main reason that ray would decide if that you know if the money with a lot. -- decided not to be here anymore is there -- relationship or reason you think would be at the top the list -- -- to say. You know what I wanna go somewhere else and experience something different. Now I think it's just business. I think it's just didn't -- they tried to trade him at the trading deadline -- almost traded him for OJ Mayo. If you're Ray -- future hall of Famer trying to make a last turn here I think that makes you feel. God blessed me never said a word about it again he's just he's a professional he is very very professional but. He's at a point in his career I'm sure Ricky yes he'd like to win another ring. You'd like to get in touch and and he deserves to be paid to. And so you can't ask rated take a hometown discount to be all sentimental about the big screen -- before when you try to trade him at that at the deadline doesn't work out like. Yes as a replacement for Ray Allen after watching this post season -- a plus minus with this team looks like with out Kevin Garnett. To me he'd be a guy that I can't think of what the next couple years would be -- -- next year would be like without him given what's out there in the market what do you think happens there. You couldn't be more right huge huge void because. Again due to defense first player he's made no bones about that but and reluctantly became the go to guy -- the offensive end as well you just can't say he can possibly say enough. Hello Kevin Garnett did -- here I'm just amazed. Astonished by it. So impressed by it now you know camp itself only ten days ago they KG still stomp around saying he's gonna retire maybe you will. Maybe you well and I'm sure Doc Rivers and -- either gonna spend a lot of time trying to talk and. Is it gonna be a recruitment type process here we know Danny did a great job Jackie convincing him that you know KG come to Boston after initially balking and it. -- doubles go back and recruit is that what it's going to be electronic get KG to come back to play again next year. I don't think so because I really think it just comes down that it be done is he tired you know you know that he played in pain a lot of the time. Although they you know they tell me that it got better you know during the playoffs he really was -- he was in a groove that. That lock out that red during the lockout when he thought that he was blocked any he finally -- screw it put it -- -- down. -- -- proper rest that he felt really really good. So I'm just proud of the kids they come and -- you know it it's never perfect when you're that -- to the question for him it didn't want to go through that all again. And I don't know what the answer is you know he's not hanging out my hell has happened -- -- outside that. So. Only only he knows that answer but I'm sure -- if you play if he's you know doctors say I came back. I came back public to joining me just one more time you know maybe you up. What's gonna become fascinating is the rebuilding and how to put this thing together is gonna start with carnac assists salaries going to be tight end -- Monday have to spend but I'm curious Jackie and in talking with -- and writing about a spending time with them. How much input does he have with Danny I think if I get the impression he trusting any a lot and that relationship entity that they don't fight but they get along. Right and I think I think what you see is that any good dot leaves the drafting. To gain any interest into Brian McDonough. You know they do this -- in and they take care act and the staff and Ryan in all over until it's being seen all these players in the boat to a great job of that it's. And -- don't even know the plane in the college game decides to keep the played duke it had a great freshman here you know let's keep us. -- that. Leave that Danny but when it comes to play doc will have some input you know people keep talking about the let's get Josh Smith here you know I'd be done that -- Doc Rivers want to get Josh Smith but he'll have some input into some of the freeagent you know goodness for the Celtics is. And KG you're right that they almost have to start with him it to twenty wouldn't one million -- -- -- -- -- give -- 21 million to play again. But I think it's got to be more than ten or eleven million I don't know what the price tag it but -- of the goodness for the Celtics if you look at their cap. Huge losses on their -- here for six point seven million Jermaine O'Neal. -- between Japan might play again did anybody ask you does anybody care I don't understand what people are more ticked off at him at saint. I'm not healthy enough to play for the Celtics but gee that sure like -- played for Miami anyway. That's an aside six point two million Jack was on your books -- one pointing out that fourteen million dollars by the consent and that didn't playing teams here. Any insight into Jeff green is he going to be leaning towards come back to this team Jackie how does that work out. We want to come back and you know I've Simon a few times during the course to the post season he said -- -- -- the first of its its first Pope to come back Wilcox. Also told me I really really wanna come back here you -- three million last year each unit's fairly short money. Everybody wants to come back in the question is who you know way to the Celtics go at it since. You know it -- -- you know we we know the usual suspects have been the problem is some of the better players are restricted free -- and I can -- for a fact -- -- it's not going anywhere so everybody should just give that up a Indiana's gonna resigning him. There's no question about it. I like in an environment make people talk about it I like that kid from Milwaukee you're an Ilyasova. I loved him he was second in the the most improved player voting this year. He'd pick and pop player real physical kid he's not not super athletic you know he's not gonna lead to the -- not a shot blocker or anything like that. But -- you can score a little bitty -- can rebound. And he was it is on the book shortly now he's gonna commit some good money he's an unrestricted. Probably command about eight million a year something like that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Their interest in him you know it was an unrestricted free agent guys Lavoy Allen. Well no lawyer Alan brigades and -- we don't. 800 million or so at least 250 Europe 160000. -- particularly this year he has the player option for not much more than that to my guess is. This -- opt out of become an unrestricted so this guys out there. The other one I love it Nicholas the two -- -- in number -- it ran it. If he's restricted -- and hit his thing at this situation complicated they want him back. But they've got up what they call -- cap hold on him so he'd probably be difficult to price -- that. And -- of people out there. All right Jacqui we get the NBA finals coming up here what -- what you got pretty predict is this going to be. You get Oklahoma city's highly fairies are real. Think anybody highly favored. I mean you know especially Miami with with some of the most of it I can't I think I am gonna take Oklahoma City. Because I think the home court mattered there they have the best home court fans in the NBA with the Celtics probably second. I mean Oklahoma City it's like a college atmosphere it's an incredible home court advantage for them. And you know what I loved about what I found them in the Western Conference finals. Those young guys they don't run away from pressure they run toward it -- got to arrive when the game is on the line. And -- -- -- -- Westbrook Harden those guys. While they they they really impressed me. They don't back down I love the police have to rant when they're down two to nothing and he should sit up there ain't no excuses we got to play that we get a win. No excuses just like -- -- attitude and you get -- there and you get that he gets Fischer died two veteran guys who have both won rings. Who are not gonna -- huge huge -- But know what to do when things get tight -- I'm gonna take Oklahoma City that I don't think it's gonna be I'm not I I can kick on seven. Lot of Perkins fans all the -- back here Boston again to that team I can. Did you got a -- -- -- one and he would get that. That's Kyle notwithstanding this one of the nicest guy to be around really enjoy having him around here. Jacqui enjoyed the finals will gonna enjoyed Oklahoma city of Miami we'll talk to you very soon. All right can't get it -- generally -- checking the quality SP and joining us on the eighteenth the outline its AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T. Rethink possible a very quick 92 break we'll come back we'll jump back in -- Red Sox phone calls and what to make of the way the Red Sox handle being a Barton rehab outing last night in the docket the Oakland.

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