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Ken Rosenthal: Injuries are no excuse for Red Sox’s underachievement

Jun 12, 2012|

Ken Rosenthal, field reporter for MLB on Fox, joined the Dennis and Callahan show to chat about the current status of the Red Sox. Rosenthal discussed the complex nature of a Youkilis trade, if Daniel Bard was the right guy as a starter, and his prediction on which current first place team is most likely to be standing in the end.

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Our digital world baseball our friend Ken Rosenthal from fox sports joins us on AT&T hotline at AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- are you. -- -- -- good good players all review what's going on here with the favorites of Boston Detroit Philadelphia and others absolutely underachieving through I guess about 6262. Games. So far this season any theories on that can. Well currently an alternate Philadelphia injuries. And our entire answered by it well you can't shoot three or hitters and Utley and Howard and his work out a me that's pretty big -- In bought indicate that course offered no -- -- belly. And yet another completely excuse all sports use the Warsaw both. -- average performances that we saying but that is part of it in Detroit -- -- more the construction of the change because. -- let that they have not had any injuries. There are very important club and it not hit the week he expected. That that's why you have the situation -- they're. Injuries aside it would seem to me at least from me personally the biggest disappointment is the lack of performance by what you thought was your ace and -- 18 in Beckett and Lester went to Bronx is your ace you know something has bass backwards in that rotation can. Correct and believe that he's been one of the biggest questions people was. And there were patient get back where it should be and of course that was seen. At an essential part of what well where are at it I can go look it out. And that is right side and the injuries that have nothing to do it right and it. We've seen slippage. Certainly with all of them are horrible where is not -- order order. John Lackey last year or the injury but. They're not warming at the level where the Red Sox didn't want and that is part of it but it. Left or pitch on Utley and not want. And LSU reported that Pittsburgh one team that has some interest in Kevin Youkilis. Give us a timetable on this obviously it's not going to be a deadline deal they can't leave Gonzales some ripe for ever. A -- talking about any day now Kevin Youkilis deal. I don't know area actually typical -- that's what I wrote about my earlier comment just thought about it. There are some complications here -- -- now one. It decline or. He's not really hitting and coming back out there immediately. And and slow down -- -- -- are -- that's why I'm great now all that and what you know about it it this year remaining. -- -- -- This should not give you an injury all these -- The other the other issue is okay. What do you act like that's always what people want. And to me is part of while you're going to get what maybe people think you'd get the Kevin Youkilis is all the -- stated. It certainly Colin it's just speculation. Is that it only packaged in the English prospects along goal line. And regarding who knows you're the guys that they want backcourt they were starting pitching. And you're not in your opinion what. -- -- and I don't know that you're Tribune's trivia night court because. That. -- -- I think typical encouraging increased if that's probably the way I -- -- ineptitude not -- Biggio and I'd be surprised that you -- it was -- or should be level prospects. Gonna take a little bit more than that Burke replied not that look at. Do you hear do you get the sense that -- guys that could become in this way I mean you mentioned that he would be good fit in the AL -- he's battle tested. Is their conversations. Going on between the Red Sox and there former GM Theo Epstein on this. Well there -- conversation. Well baker is Beckett so close and short or are. How seriously that well recently I don't know and you mentioned pirate thing. Well I know they're cutting corners Nate. Why are there any right now where our our traveling being in the public worried about it while goalie. -- the issue. Now the Dodgers will get pitchers to sign eat your extension lately that I usually partners. And they're the kind of seeing that you could hit one to present position. It is that you could force base or even third and two. They are seen. While the -- -- that awkward -- swallow them money and ultimately not like he would that come I don't know but. I would expect that it inevitably is trading at the same time. It yet eloquently done I've had not to let the. We're talking with Ken Rosenthal and clearly to anybody who's paying attention can be Daniel Bard from the bullpen to the starting rotation has been an unmitigated. Disaster even Daniel probably have to admit that. Based on his performance and now he's down in Pawtucket and trying to work his way back he pitched him out of the bullpen bullpen but -- like to know from -- he said just where he was sent down to Pawtucket. Murton they made me do things as a starter. That I wasn't doing as a reliever and maybe I should have just tried to be the same pitcher as a starting pitcher. As I was as a reliever and they sort of backed off of that -- all my fault it's not their fault it's my fault what do you suspect that means like pacing yourself. Not throwing it 97 when you can throw at 9293. The first couple innings or what. Yet that I believe in what hanging and the reality of it is in -- pitchers start that you weren't reliever. Yes you more pitches he can't throw quite as hard because you know just. Or are won -- -- trying to hit it in the seventh period would have expected. So. The real question. With -- little right and I do it. And they will question. So the -- that made the decision of people in the game wanted to finally now down the starter. And instead I it's just not the right it -- the starter he -- absolutely -- the that -- let logic here ensured that -- was not. All in higher because. What they want to do to develop a low cost sort of like to do with who brought. And you picked you to Wear them all the better given how difficult -- -- aren't starting pitching and accurate over paper when you find it. I've got that but the question again from the beginning. Let's what is the right guy to make his decision when it and of course right now it looks like now. Again we spend all a lot of time Red Sox fans spent a lot of time wondering you know will Jacoby Ellsbury sign here -- stay here I think it's futile I think he's a Boras guy who -- is plan in mind already -- -- get to free agency. And he'll be one of them next. 200 million dollar man and that means he'll move on and DT. Well what do you think you see any chance he stays in a long term. -- the chance but I bet I looked at the way you describe that simply because it is fairly rare. Well or on his. Opponent happened there what did the errors and for the most part strategy couldn't quite successful over the years. You prefer it quiet out on the field and how they're Bowden children -- the open market up -- -- and can bike and had it been. -- When that happens. All the time being. Other. New player and grab him. Where the original game just -- war are gonna go to that and I got it out how to apple that. Over the years called the ball Colorado was an exception. -- I wanna stay -- it here we go with the exception. He is on the expansion look what -- agency. Thought he -- it doesn't happen very often walk to Jason or a situation where you know who operate at all what my. I don't like Morris was happy -- Jered Weaver -- took a lot less. Money do you -- just curious your history your experience on this one can do Boris guys take a little longer to get. Through their injuries get past their injuries because they're protecting the you know their future and their viability in the free agent market is that a factor at all -- guys in your experience. The pitching came out left me with Arizona when you're Erica I think and you're criticize you -- drew just acting what. Lingering and taking too long -- -- help protect. It dangerous to generalize -- Just not fair. And all of the sports players over the years. Credit -- a -- one look at the extremely durable. Not as an issue. Work is a guy that wants to play in -- this year courts and yet at that I I -- think there are a lot of other trip to the plate everyday. Though -- generalize like that would not be fair I didn't think it was that as they. And we generalize about the drew family would that -- there. They -- overview here is -- 62 games or thereabouts into the season when all is said and done who's more likely of the unlikely first place teams to be standing at the end out Washington and east Pittsburgh in the central the White Sox in the American League central. If the other nationals yeah you know pretty good Red Sox and the international I was international to. This -- and starting at strong. In the report out of that like a lot of it rejects and is terrific job and saw that first rate. The first three or -- on the part of our rotation in street. And hit that the question Strasburg innings but I'm not sure it's going to be -- -- factor. Well -- talked about so. What -- pictures on back and they're closer -- and that -- pretty good -- -- -- Clippers. I'd like them at your work back as well second half and harper is. Player who has and a giant you know -- transformed. So. They're much more violent at thirteen at that there White Sox are enters it. But -- -- short short then and I'm sure they're cute on all of the PGA. Member in Danks as it hurt so well the other goes. Do you have the Sox you guys -- the Sox Cubs this weekend here in our let's say the story lines everything up just Theo gets mentioned it's something -- come on camera -- across Lake Michigan -- it. I guess if you look a lot yeah sure that Jerry Porter about a lot incompetent that you -- like -- shoot it and we're right there go to. I give us your guests in ten years 1520 years. Try out harper or somebody else who's going to be the best player. Who started is is ascension in 2012. Lundqvist in the Al and that would be the third guy and that's the one that people are debating baseball which I would you have. Right now which guy who wore long term. My injuries trial. And the reason I say that it -- speed and ability at center field. Because ya hitting ability of course excellent. Now. That they had harper. In the Garrett power potential it will know it can be the best in the street quite easily and standing. There -- just particular chart. It all the the group at age 22. This -- on the -- That he's what we're happy right now and arrogant and and I really believe that. The -- -- aren't happening the all star game I know some deserving actually out of it like it is now or harper. Yet what -- going to do this guy people you'd -- guy Trout. -- you all are on merit I would be surprised. He's not a player's election. Yeah you know what -- the most charismatic though Manley was watching this week and you can't take your eyes off him and baseball doesn't have enough I had those good. I totally agree that ball. And watch over the first time it was early I can't remember exactly which game. Know exactly our reaction to not think you are a lot in life and -- actually anyway. Aren't a lot of and all played extremely hard. Big thing and went like crazy. And. We've got to vote just slowly been impact the game it's really exciting is it. Is Ken Rosenthal from fox sports get always appreciate the baseball -- go will you watch him this weekend for great broadcast we'll talk to go on the road my friend. Ken Rosenthal doesn't cal element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LP he will be right back.

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