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Red Sox get swept by Nationals, Bobby Valentine blames umpires

Jun 11, 2012|

Mut and Lou breakdown the horrible weekend in Red Sox nation in which the Sox got swept by the Nationals.

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You try and sweep the Red Sox who becomes the 12 pitch from Tyler Clifford. So I'm not missed on a changeup he strikes out Pedroia impeding going down on a need. And he is screaming get down a quarter of the Oakland and now walking toward him he took a couple of steps as the umpires started walking away at the third base line. The Red -- livid with the umpire but Boston gets swept by the Washington Nationals. Well Bobby -- it's always a third best manager. In all of baseball that wouldn't of gotten swept this weekend. Butler and ID 37 WEEI. Very rarely the walkway from a series in you're own backyard in your building. You leave the weekend saying of the best two players I saw it Wear Red Sox uniforms -- last time that happened over their Fenway Park I can't -- It has to offer -- two young players can live up to expectation and I see Strasbourg -- -- like garbled. It's at this guys like first time in person he puts that performance together and he is a special pitcher meeting. -- -- listen it's not fair to anybody need to bring up Alec Pedro Martinez police just look at the stuff that he has fastball curveball changeup when he set the punitive. Top five. In every category good fastball -- top fastball baseball. And Overland get a hundred off Friday night at an -- it's a 100018. Ninth inning -- -- from him but he starts a game in 911993. Has Beckham's up 98 new face right away first inning. Consistent you know. Her ball one of the better curve balls in the game and changeup tonight -- monarch -- with sic movement. -- the called a split changeup he's thrown out that was the pitch it scared the crap out of me the most unique it's that outlook that a fastball. That's what's gonna make guys excellent Pedro exchangeable on a string post robust debate I saw you Friday and into her -- to back breaker for me is that it's special and Bryce Harper. You get a vote nineteen you struggled great young players knife rector of pregnant nineteen year old kid in -- -- nineteen. Yeah they -- comparisons and people did crazy names but he. He is a special I love the way he plays the game plays the game hard. Got a great approached the -- defensively. Jumps on balls his arm everything it does everything. In LA I don't Rizzo does lot of credit GM down their Washington we'll put this team together but the -- genius takes Strasburg in an -- number one overall he talked about timing. That's all about timing right there. They -- Washington Nationals at the first pick issue would you take. Merely kept that it is just get out of Stanford is pitcher apple take him first right besides all the -- -- They -- they the first pick in the draft two years when it was franchise players right Strasburg and harper. A lot of it's timing a lot of it's luck in the hit these guys are special. Well from a Red Sox standpoint that this for the first weekend for -- I'll speak for myself -- that I I started thinking about. Okay when this Ellsbury come back again when can you get anything out of Carl Crawford Cody Ross -- see he's ahead and its timetable because offensively. That was a struggle and we've faced three very good pitchers Strasburg. GO Gonzales. And Zimmerman a case so it's not it's a shame losing to them. But there were some at bats in these games from guys -- is. May be abused up the all you can get from some of these guys term expecting a lot out of them and when can you get the reinforcements back because. I game like Saturday you had three hits through six and -- it's GO Gonzales three measly hits. You made a little of the run their late but that that was frustrating if there -- -- long stretches where you know it's you know base runners. And for me it was the first time right started thinking about what what are those dates again what is guys come on back it's like UK you've survived. X about a games without them how much longer can they go to Michigan's good pitching. And hope they're gonna score enough runs to make themselves competitive matches that was my big take away from this weekend for me. Like maybe you've done enough with. The bottom of the barrel roster pieces and it's you gotta hope you get. -- very Crawford back -- very particular soon as possible Cody Ross even back in there against left handers and give you some and in that -- To differentiate does catch up TO and use your best players new face on the good pitchers and doesn't help either get a guy and Dustin Pedroia that's come back now and and since his injury in the month of June some of the numbers and it's not the junior he's. He's not -- for 24 -- duke was full -- last 25. He you know. Not only get you missing some pieces analysts and you move on instinct is still score runs they -- -- -- cut the that they were at some guys that. Not only depiction a pitching very well is different -- -- of the pictures that never wants a -- that outing whether or not. You on top of their game these guys are pitching well only through great this week. And he got PD still battle enemy the this is the concern you had right of him coming back a little bit too early solid award bottled -- put this little splint on it can be underneath his glove. He's gonna -- it with a he's played through injury before it he has. -- never been too productive when he has you just don't get that final it over the hump to where is -- okay it convinces himself that he's healthy. And Denny goes on hitting spree goes crazy. Right now you went from put some kind of split it is to solve the weekend they -- little donut honest honest pumped to. Little white little donut and that's soaps and -- now make adjustments even more so to try to get a couple the plate he missed the week the timing will be off. Not a good time though for him be in the -- not written about -- -- -- won -- five. At the beat three games upbeat look at the barred the -- we had up there and trolley one in six not coming back game. That before this is the time a year word it should be. As you'll. Jon Lester that the games -- groundhog table this is should be Groundhog Day should be shall the ballpark every day and for the most part win more than you lose. This -- good teams stocked take off it's now June. And you lose five has 56 at home not very good at Fenway Park. Where they've struggled and I -- the question asked what they struggle Fenway -- and there's no. There's no consistency to right eagle backing it looked or play games were -- their pitchers can lateral. And they got themselves in trouble there and fight back he had this weekend where. Against you Gonzales three hits and six in the third Philip overmatched at times in Strasburg went thirteen case. Over six innings. You have Valentine. Again complaining about the umpiring over the course that we -- so it's. There's something every single game it's not the same thing I wish or some sort of magic Wahlberg OK this is what needs this team needs to fix -- Fenway Park. Well the no consistency early was pitching now as an offense. And they just haven't found that program that does a lot to do want fortunately. With the injury spar we ask a lot out of these guys to step in a place the last -- installs at times -- while their plate right field. I think he's much more comfortable playing first base in -- with Youkilis and middle Brooks about trying to get them all. In the lineup. But the count Daniel Nava couldn't play yesterday he gets scratchy does some nice things for you so. These injuries build up against survivors are at a time frame with those injuries a certain time frame. And in the bottom falls out it happened when Pedroia and mark Victor Martinez got hurt. Yelling you had you could survive for a little bit and then all of a sudden spam. You dropped off the face the year offensively. I half wonder if that's the point that right now he's added Pedroia is thumb that you talked about awareness dolphins come from -- -- Ortiz and Gonzales every single night. Once Saltalamacchia looks helpless and a couple of games this weekend of the illicit gone up and down here he's trying to get back in his group so. You're asking yeah I don't I'd much -- look at all the injuries. Now Cody Ross and sure would be nice Ellsbury -- would be huge -- who knows. I mean the joy is the one got there now let's play elaborate banged up and just the U despray and it's a good pitch in his weakened. Don't Strasburg and -- Gonzales those guys and government. If the ball real well and you've got a guy and Youkilis who didn't have a good weekend and has been struggling in Dustin Pedroia fight throats of just two hitters that are trying to find their -- court against good pitcher. The news look at that weekend and the other -- crazy games you just couldn't get anything going offensively. Kokomo twins missed army of the better teams that find a way to get wins. Though it's you know expected draw on board with this team at three games overnight two games under. Is it Mears Bobby Valentine talk about the umpires must woman Terry Francona ever did. I don't know prominent of the stuff you can say -- gonna make it 54 I just hope it does like destiny here because it they're struggling there one in 51 in the sixth the last seven that's why they'll. And if you winning games you don't go where you go up there maybe Nokia calls no. When you lose in what happens. You start talking about -- I don't feel like that's become like all the -- -- I wasn't good this -- well offensively you know wasn't very good but no Valentine. Wasn't happy of what he softened the the -- I -- ninth inning issue. Just the pitch in the dirt accumulation things accumulation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Complex -- -- balls on the play because of ball. It's gonna be. You guys trying to. Let -- -- but that live. Since it's not right it's. -- -- had a real bad series of serious real answers when it went one way. Should be a review. Looking at the pitching job Washington did. Does that take away from that or room did you think that they really did you call a series -- sometimes good pitching does silence that's. I think it's probably that they got pitches. In key situations. That weren't -- the world rejoice. Ike and I didn't see the theme I guess throughout the weekend and dog duke will strike out on Friday people are upset about that heard some of that conversation but as a whole. They left what 78. An eight guys on base is a team. It over the course of three days yesterday as a team you all for great artist square position. To parade on Saturday against Gonzales one for ten. Against Ross -- so you didn't have guys come through a big hits and I guess that frustration turns into play in the umpire isn't and Bob wants -- -- I just hope doesn't becoming theme with this team. -- they've they've they've got themselves back into that point we thought they did but they have against what -- -- camping in the -- on their and it's also and six. In the at least -- three. I hope that's not the theme right now all the umpires have gotten us here pulpit is Bobby venting. And the focuses on what we -- punt chances runners on couldn't get a home that's us that the bats we got to be better we got to be able grind more. I think that was the bigger should we get pitching was great. But it's not like you say they -- base runners you left -- -- got -- base over the entire weekend against. Washington Nationals felt like when they get those two runs a Strasburg yearly card to brought up to you now you know and when you face tough times it'll all end you know face. Know some of the better pitchers in the gaining a couple of runs early it's. All right here we go it's a UN and Felix sort of even though he was such he's been outstanding for this team especially these last five point that -- was -- one with the content to. Excuse -- do two ERA but. It is to have on Friday. And somewhere I haven't seen from a you know it was one of his worst starts of the year and became a bad timing and come back the next night and Daisuke goes out they don't want to how to expect you know we mixed reviews on dice right I mean. I liked all of a study of hate it -- -- -- save mixed reviews but hey I saw -- unlikely -- this team it's it's if you keep getting that point where. There's always somebody or something when it's a locate it Daniel -- -- to -- cost can be up and down Daisuke is coming back so you know it's -- taken some time OP -- plant in its gonna take him some times are. Meanwhile it's -- June 11. You know also you expect -- to come it's been lights out right away no no you don't and I thought his stuff was good I thought it was pretty electric. The slider curveball changeup was outstanding at times it just give up those three runs they're now one inning. I thought he looked pretty good it's that this team doesn't right now I could start again at that there -- six games back mid June. You gotta start winning some games. And in camped out there make your breaks and Lester after the game. Also out Groundhog Day and and it just seems like every start for -- -- can't get a break and a 300 foot fly ball left beat him to reality. They'll balls -- out any of the ballpark but it's ballpark you play and and now it's time for guys to you know whatever I don't question -- effort I don't I'm -- the effort is there they just got to start doing the little things help them win games late. Our quick break and geno and can can any time you're stacked up phone calls on the Red Sox will jump to those with -- and Lou 93 -- ID 370 WEEI. In addition to the Red Sox haven't rough weekend we get the news that according to Ken Rosenthal foxsports.com. -- it was the first to have the news that. -- -- Kevin Youkilis might have been on the outs Bobby Valentine back -- per trading right at that correct. Can came all of us that -- the story came out Rosenthal reported this week and the pirates have talked to the Red Sox about a possible trade. Involving Kevin Youkilis the pirates to 3127. Surprisingly four games over 500. They have one game out of first place in the NL central India bat in the corner -- Casey McGee. As an LPS of 6043. Baseman Pedro Alvarez batting just 200. You -- course batting 231 for a whole month thirteen RBIs and 121 bats this year. And apparently according to Rosenthal the pirates are are talking given the caller asked about talk in the Red Sox about. Texas acquiring Youkilis the call -- will you schools they remain convinced whether it's pirates Dodgers. If there is any sort of value to be had the -- socket a trade Kevin Youkilis and -- -- play middle Brooks every day you're DH Ortiz invoked Gonzales -- their first base. You can only gamble so much with Gonzales in right field I think you've you've gone way further than you can with them. He's done a good job out there but at some point something will go wrong. And whether it's the pirates are not allowed that you -- this year after the trading them I don't know what day it's gonna be eight assuming that though there's no major -- concerns going forward -- gets hurt. I can't see you close here August 1. No I don't I don't either. But you know I still gonna go out there perform this is why it was you know appear reports that GM's all he wants him play firm for three weeks 34 weeks as -- came out of the gate. An end in he came back in his first you know 89 games swung the bat real well he's been struggled this month of June you know certain. -- sixty you know useful for 25. He's got a goal at the -- he's gonna go out -- -- for both reasons wanna get up the Sox win. Do they didn't realize that maybe maybe they're better off with them but still doesn't solve their issues and now you're going interleague play. Right in this rotation of tokens dollars and right Youkilis at first and middle Brooks at third to get all these bats in the line up. Finally got -- wrote. Nelson David Ortiz has the fate in this puzzle somewhere right I mean he's he's got to play first read at six games and wrote. You know you have to play of the -- at least three before. The only guns they gonna keep in their do Youkilis might be the odd man out the ways it's -- bat lately. I do think that that they'll -- OK I do think eventually there will be people need to understand what you gonna get return. Mean think about who would want. Kevin Youkilis to Pittsburgh Pirates right there and they're not good for them where they are giving. To -- your gonna give you a big league on. -- and take a piece off of their team for Kevin Youkilis they might look and say well yeah they need that street corner infield -- And if you wanted to depart with someone of something like watch. Well it or is gonna go to a big much money got to eat. Whatever team he goes through it suck to be adult situation to a point where this team would take on -- sellers on a -- Salaries that our picks you'll experience act was expiring contracts relic MBA yeah -- do that Major League Baseball he's got to go to a team that's competing. For playoff spots where they're giving return. We can get from -- it's depends in the kind of prospect you get to make up some it's -- coming up this team. Yet right now best case scenario at this point for Kevin you close of BAA bullpen piece I still think and the Red Sox bullpen has pitched well. But it there's -- not there's got a couple of seventh -- past couple of late inning guys have a look at the Red Sox are willing to take a big chunk you -- salary. About six million will be a lot of times traded. There will give them able and we begin we can make that. Loss on our roster but that's like the top end of it I feel more I'm trending toward where you feel. It's gonna be a prospect depending how much money they eat for Kevin -- was a salary that you'll get back in terms of a prospect -- habits mid level. I can't imagine it's gonna be some sort of a top level guy at this point when you. Trading for you clueless it's only for this year. You're not to pick up a thirteen and a half million dollar option he is old AT team option you're gonna move government anyway. We'd given the way the new CBA only the elite of the elite players all five for that first and second topic -- a guy walk away so. It's it's a weird scenario you're not getting a lot. But just given the sort of logjam that you have and now six games on the road helping -- trade with only six games but. I do think he'll be traded and the expectation asked to be. They may best case scenario some sort of help out of the ball knock him is starting pitcher. I don't think -- would you ask from positional player back in return for Youkilis. Don't know much about an -- all right -- the good from the potentially. Just a -- they -- can help you in the future because I just don't think you can even get you know. If you're competing you don't wanna give up open arms -- -- if they want to give up the ball went on for Kevin you're closer look at Red Sox are okay hoses together we really want. You know army of fifth that this team to content usually give him up and you gotta give something up to to get something. But night talking about -- eat a lot of the contract he's got to perform. You know he's got to go out there and hit better better for everybody. What he's doing so far this last couple weeks is not help in the case for bench Harrington try to deal. We don't write things they would don't have the deal when we know when and if you wanna look at you needy that you got to get rid of him but at some point you think that this lineup. Need some stability in on this roster needs some stability gonna keep rolling in Beijing Gonzales out into right field that I think is gonna come to ahead here. During interleague play when you now yet to find a way to get David Ortiz is gonna draw even more tension and the fact that. This roster right now. It's tough to manage. With with the personnel with the guys -- can just play with Kevin Youkilis plays first third DH well right now you can use the Arabic get the kid Mel Brooks who we know is the future here this team. In his swing and about okay. President Kevin right now so I think it comes to ahead I think it opens up the -- even more so given this road trip to both take. Joseph pack these phones at 6177790850. Told free it is 8885250850. On the heels the pirates who talked in the Red Sox. About acquiring Kevin Youkilis can is at heart pretty joins us I can't. I -- good. It might. Be up -- A lot -- in that dugout not blinked at Terry Francona. The break it. Oh -- could argue with umpire may be sure that during that thirty days -- stretched and number. Buzz out there it's let's that it off Francona was asking the question can out loud to me I just I don't want this to become. Where every single series they lose Valentine is harping on the umpires Valentine is blaming the umpires Jon Lester is go out there after a game again. At sangatte just a snake bit right now I just can't get it going. I hope they don't fall into a pattern like deck and of -- we try to do our best but something whether it was the the wall left field whether it was the umpires whatever. That was the reason we lost -- a -- up in get a hit in a big spot. But something else there I don't wanna see that trend star for this baseball it's a nice job fighting to get themselves back into it to start the month the GO. -- out at second but let's suck it up. -- Swap walked 89 meters to go out a little bit. Now why aren't you get it right along our. He had spotted watch out. Why yes -- come -- -- you would expect that you would want from Jon Lester you know when you look at news in his last four appearances you know in this team trying to trying to turn. Especially turn turn this into a race here try to get back in this thing. You know the last four appearances surely lose the Tampa Bay and goes for instant up seven runs. You get the win against they win the game gets no decision against Detroit six at two thirds ten hits four earned. In his last couple I mean numbers wise. You know earned runs okay six innings tour and -- seven X three or run okay. But you just expect more he's gonna put an end to -- you start this road trip against Baltimore with him an amount you feel pretty good about it. There was opportunities to give a couple of earned runs early they tied it up became I'll give up a run the that the lady came up and gave up a run this last game against Washington. Was okay yeah it any you know nine strikeouts to walks. I greatness that was a 300 foot double bill but still it it was given up. And it comes a point where you start to expect him to either start stretches or delusion to a printer ought to step up in just dominating game. And it hasn't happened yet this year. You know little -- you -- you looked at pitcher and were swamped there are no roused the crowd about -- oh you know what. Yet you happy. Well they can't be out with that there were the results to meet -- at the end of the day added that thanks for the call Kent. You looked at his numbers for the year and he talked about this last couple starts which I would say. Have been okay and hits are still out there but the walks are down he's walked three guys combined in his last three starts but he's given up in that time frame 24 hits. So the -- numbers up the walk numbers down -- just the at the end of it. The line for 57 ERA you'd expect a 457 ERA beginning of year out of Felix -- brought. Expecting 457 ERA at a Daniel Bard. I don't think it what ten out thirteen starts in. The you'd expected Jon Lester GRE be somewhere for five that number does not compute he is a better picture than that he has. He's got to be better and it's got to be more about his results on the mound and less about. Bitching about the umpire behind the plate or 300. What fly out. The these things crop up with Jon Lester. In this wanna fight through -- had chats and games like that in the last couple. Where at times he shuts up but he pitches and -- that afterward -- and you read the quote after the game out just. I can't seem to get it going. Yelled Gonzales a guy just keeps mouth shut goes to right field into every camp for the -- no complaint threatening else. Jon Lester take a -- out of a book right just while there. Tried to focus on the task at hand. Not great got a little frustrated by the fly out that and in you know I hit -- her -- or be frustrated because he had a crappy call behind the plate. Since the dog now for a couple. You're got to move passenger ends and the quote in every start for me I just can't seem to get a break in -- unlikely that a quote listen whether it's true or not I hate it. If it's. -- the problem with with him and we talk about you know complaining about the umpires are called things kind of explode in imploding on him and it really hasn't. In the cases Evan is it was a thought earlier in the year's first few starts and never really seen -- day. He thought it to a cutter and I thought it was a good pitch -- get the call to walk off the mound. He came back encirclement the next pitch and hero so he's been better. But this help I can't seem to catch a break that's been the problem -- seems that whenever something goes wrong he has that feeling here we go. This is the break editing gets gonna ruin my stock. And it's got to be better than out of want that mentality kind of sink in here with all the dough ball the wall that should have been out here we go it's gonna ruin my day. He's -- I expect more to him. I do I think he's a lot better than a full 57 ERA and yet this year he's yet to get on that run that we seen him go on it just hasn't happened yet looks. It hasn't happened he had the caller earlier said maybe at times and Tuesday 500 team Jon Lester. Ends the year of the array of 457 in that ballpark that probably gonna be a 500 team our agree to that goes on one of those Jon Lester runs the next ten starts they can win eight of the next and they could pick up some rally Jon Lester on the mound but he's I agree he's got to be better you know he's. Ought to be more consistent he's got to be able fight through some of that crap that gets thrown at him there on the mound. 6177790852038885250850. We'll continue with your Red Sox react in this you Celtics phone call and in ninety seconds. Get a recap the over under from Friday show -- Lugar on the board ninety seconds can be here.

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