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Chris Mannix: If Garnett wants to keep playing basketball he'll stay in Boston

Jun 11, 2012|

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix joined John and Gerry to discuss the end of Celtics playoff run and the Pacquiao/Bradley fight. Mannix discussed the future of Kevin Garnett, what teams will pursue Ray Allen and how Danny Ainge can salvage a respectable team for next season. Along with chatting about the Celtics, he also talked about how he scored the fight, if he's looking forward to a rematch, and how to solve the problem with boxing judges.

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Better to talk to on this Monday morning after via. Celtics season ends and whatever little credibility Bob Arum had ends as well. Different from sports illustrator asthmatics covers boxing and the NBA for the fine magazine good morning Chris how are yeah. I you know what. What where -- now you go right from Vegas to Polk city. Well on how many I mean they'll -- -- sort of -- Patrick for a couple of days. And out I hear and not so severe market. Nice nice let's let's start -- sick chronologically the way it would be chronological. The fight what why. Why they're making its so obvious that the fix seemed to be in. Why would they announced a November rematch and then have this controversy rear its ugly head wouldn't -- more credibility -- have been had announced the rematch until a lateral to eight. What it would take over from the but you -- at the rim actually announced it was established. At amber at it was doing this show called but he was that he was awakened and it's seen stuff like apple for early causes. It was due from -- -- always rematch clause them in the contracts for the they protect themselves. And the decision that -- -- on a party tried -- but the -- -- -- -- the -- all all the -- -- I'm out of promotional tour or can you look at that decision -- scored the fight for health. Decisions are -- epidemic boxing. And I couldn't even in December. Compared to sort opt scored the ultimate one and and a lot November -- One major it was a decision and an athletic commission concluded that -- So opposite so -- -- -- -- -- This is -- incompetence from college in box. You have it. Fairly close correct -- some. That -- 5113. But that close yet. And what do you want you to the punch and throw more apologies. It in Nevada or its occupant of their fighters in -- and -- Who are a lot of purchase -- -- and sit it out. From yeah. From an accident but I do it and consider. -- a lot. More that the -- Was that your sort of more democracy -- other people -- the coaching one. Whatsoever he deserves. Well afterwards packing -- wasn't all that upset a lot of people. Reading and that that may be it works out well for him he doesn't have to worry about Mayweather he's all set a rematch in November guy he knows he can beat. And make big money we we admit you know we we didn't watch Saturday night because. Of the Celtics put November it'll be a different story I think as a marketing ploy this thing works out perfectly. -- because for act is actually it was as if he's. -- He's not opera knows that it's a whole lot of people and I'm sort go to a little out promotional team. -- you know are looking into it for me I know you're going to be a lot. There won't match the you can order to pack. -- The numbers Ali the quantity and level of interest in this club I was and that's what that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It was organized in part that number is a -- -- probably -- dollars it's a -- a whole lot of interest to. Because without water and counter a brawl because it won an important. This. Little. A few people. In. The hole -- the -- and move on. Would want to look like old time. A couple of hours it. -- deeper into court and I want you and it's good to. Not been to a spot and -- So you think the fuming and the anger by Bob Arum after the fight was legitimate they really is upset with this. He's all that and in the future these two opponents. And we'll be. The top. -- plan. And in the future. From talking to the operating that he thought it looked like. Should -- do that act like. Especially. Important market in November Portland can -- it goes and and but it. A little. And a week ago. -- sometime in the fall -- 2013. Out there. Why -- never on a protest itself the actual. The -- on a 47 before moving at about forty pounds. Not only -- -- -- that's not something that all of it potential. Or are good. -- come upon you ward. -- until upset. A little disappointed I. Our talk -- such -- managing and Chris I'm wondering does this fight does this judge. These two judges are does that rise to the level or maybe I should say -- itself to the level of the New Jersey situation where suspensions or investigation or something would be -- it is a done deal. And you looking at that the public is not technically it's awkward that -- will be suspension. It will -- that. The world that. It's the way. Would justify the with the eagle double -- opt into legacy through. An apology as. -- certainly. Going to be some pop secret that the global. I'm a bit. Of political heat from -- Go to school musical apple. Just a -- And oh yeah. Important to take action -- and we're here to pro. And as you. Can -- Its its decision to block. -- cabinet and encampment -- stuck it out risks. That's a compliment by the way Cohen Kevin but anyway Christie obviously. You're an NBA guy do in your head into the finals. We don't think if the Celtics had survived Miami would have a chance against Oklahoma City I think -- over achieved is getting to a game seven. When you look at their bench when you look at their size and their age and everything else. It's amazing that they get when as far as they did now we're talking about what happens of the Big Three. To me it's simple. He says go -- Ray Allen probably already is he's from -- he said we're moving on that's Avery Bradley's job. But Garnett is a little dicier. Do you think Garnett is that would really like to stay here and what would take -- take for a used to convince him to the stick around for one or two more years. Yeah I think you can want to keep play in basketball Eagles lost. He's -- -- remember he didn't want Minnesota. In the first place physical -- Mercenary who want to -- -- organizations. Like some players. It is a lot. The important. Question. In a couple weeks ago -- people in a government. Deeply into retirement in two. So it. And seventeen years old and oracle and were doing a good time call. She's an argument that the knee injury credit -- That -- for single people ought to know. Or. Is he didn't want talks and more sociable. Promising to -- people telling. You want to go political content on number two games to war. He. Also accomplished every -- accomplished and what -- People look at this point the question here. This. Looks up that obviously select. Who asked the most interest in Ray Allen another round restricted freeagent the next the clippers Chicago Tom Thibodeau have an interest in him. One who wrote. An article in its report presented here he didn't ankle injury you have an -- He's still play. At street level that ball is still in its security that he is still in its own players to hunt for a couple of years. Then comes at a place that. I'm into recruited her computer because it. Eager to. In total output of what they want him to do it at. That and that's an example. To play. In New York in the first and foremost and Chicago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- probably -- -- certainly. The clippers and you want it. And go to West Coast -- -- option right now. To. -- off topic applicant for obviously and -- On -- -- There's going to be. On -- that he and accused. What you want it. You wrote -- -- shooting line that just jumped out at me about rail on the says his relationship ray's relationship with Rajon Rondo has created tension in the locker room. What what what do we know about that. No question that the relationship was struck an old poster you -- -- equipment -- -- between those two. Could could play a role in decision. On -- -- The ball -- probably what it actually. Broke up and coming back to the public. And -- can get there. More to it. All the -- which Allen who want to support -- not entirely clear. But certainly know that some legitimate couple in between those two players that ultimately. Is decision for it it's. So I -- Chris if Garnett retire as Ray Allen walks away. I'm Paul Pierce gets a year older are we talking about 252830. Wins next year is this going to be. -- rebuilding year next year because Arnold great free agents. Out there correct. -- And obviously ought to know and it's. It's the tropics and the window -- leaders. And keep this. And -- -- all the -- aggressive on the trademark. And at that moment on the war that. You've got out all the so -- strike a luxury toward next summer is when -- rule. Luxury -- We're looking pretty much -- all at times for toward -- east and over the capitol on the next. All. The people to people who lost. -- Somebody. The difference maker and -- and who might eat at this point but it will opportunities. He pursued. To go out and play it. Could and the window -- -- around. We'll talk with Chris manna from SI give a theory Chris as to why we never really saw the real Paul Pierce in the series age fatigue injury what what's what's your theory on that. As much injury. And -- and -- imagine how difficult it is. -- to block abroad and you're talking to depend. A lot in her personal. It's all -- -- aggressively. And the Turkey also play and after secure streaks here and play and -- This year that the people who care. Just -- pop a couple of years ago it was two exit as we brought. Him to packets and in Boston two years. But now it's just different -- critical of LeBron. The -- the onslaught career. Here at Boston special -- and those pesky and I have ever seen LeBron play. -- -- It'll all people would you respond. And it's going to be a -- the poll on the. -- give us your pick for the finals Chris Polk city is a pretty big favorite there. Well look I thought that ought to Miami series the JP came in like the effort you know the the bronze medal game to -- to -- Oklahoma City. He took a different level right now in my he has great -- -- talked. But on policy out opera mean -- Kendrick Perkins. And it and it's of course I'm a political under review. In an apartment -- falls. On what I think you can -- impact the life. It's sort of -- he's a look at that and Chris Bosh did extremely well excuse this year is to play a year and -- I'll LeBron be cute aren't quite what it activists -- but the difference maker in the -- this is Russell Westbrook Russell per -- potential. Just go off and actually monsters here -- only a much better player. That -- Thomas and you can have in -- -- an atmosphere in Oklahoma City -- -- and -- the -- It's an opera ball like a distributed are some big. Oklahoma City we talk about my deep and potentially multiple championships. The Oklahoma seeking a robot and the toddlers and it going to be around for you become the majority of these guys. A long term contract that they wouldn't this year they could be the next you know -- Jordan bulls team. But and here's. Interest and as we wrap this up -- overview of the Celtics who we all agree Chris medics that based on the lack of size based on the injuries based on. In non productive bench this was -- over achieving group to get to the Eastern Conference finals in seven games. Absolutely you know there are a -- a final touch on this sort of the most improbable but the L finals team in recent memory -- Injury after injury after injury he must come out after -- Republican. -- that -- and they had a phenomenal isn't. If -- Leo does fight at some point one Manuel Marquez you can run to get in the ring and teach a few things about markets the style right you've you've taken on. A little bit of -- beautiful. And it anywhere one more market it and it people on and on and is that it could not be a meeting pummel people little. That. Couldn't get him to shoot in new York and Jim what they can get in there and -- -- try to throw -- At a much bigger. Just call me up from inside. If Chris addicts in Sports Illustrated always a pleasure to talk and sport to the Chris thanks for the -- seat on the -- I. -- to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G.

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