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Dale and Bradford on the Youk to the Pirates Rumors

Jun 10, 2012|

Sports Sunday rolls on with a look at the rumor that the Pirates are very interested in Kevin Youkilis. What would the Sox get back in return? Bradford says it's obvious the Sox will have to pay a majority of his salary, but they need to get pitching back in return.

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There we went out. -- be inflated. Obviously. You know. It also depends. Just -- source source this to that the dramatic. Difficult choices over the years. Conservative you live continue to play. It's intolerable and hence when. Hello I'm tournament moves and management and you're gonna do what they gonna do there's still it is best for the first time. Paul Pierce after the game last night talking about the the possibility and I think he's he's hoping against hope but not expecting that the Big Three will. Somehow be left intact here and I -- any -- leaving intact to be honest with -- but pierce talking about it last night we heard from Ray Allen earlier in the show today as well heated hearing from Kevin Garnett because he didn't talk and hasn't talked to anybody yet. I didn't stick around a shake hands didn't talk to any members of the media and altered after the game and nobody's heard from him since the game and last night -- -- hope -- -- I think we. Can fairly safely assume that he's okay yes I just wish he would maybe -- shaken hands and shown some semblance of sportsmanship -- is Rondo via. Same thing with Rondo as well mob of report on WEEI dot com from -- minute hand -- my Saturday afternoon partner. Quoting a report from Ken Rosenthal and back that the Pittsburgh Pirates apparently talked to the Red Sox about a possible trade involving Kevin Youkilis. Now your initial reaction I'm sure he has the Pittsburgh Pirates they never win anything right -- What where actually they're actually pretty hot right now they're Aaliyah a game out of first place in the National League central. But they are struggling mightily at the corners first baseman Casey -- Has an LPS of 604 third baseman Pedro Alvarez is hitting just 200 just over 200. Obviously Youkilis would be an offensive operate even at this stage even made his diminished. Offensive capacities he'd be an upgrade over either of those guys at either of the two. Corner infield positions and could play both of them depending on the situation. Yeah that pupils the slumping abilities. He's looked better since he's come back but he still I think going into. Forty since his return which is a big step up from what. Pedro Dustin Pedroia is doing writing is struggling to in regards to the pirates. To me what you -- -- what you're what they're gonna be identifying. From whatever they get back. For Youkilis is young starting pitching young pitching. The you have controllable not necessarily Major League ready at Nadal no but you have to that you look at. Where this team is going in the rotation last -- up after 2014. Back the same thing. So you have to start thinking about getting some young upside arms. And right now are not -- might be that guy that they have down and double way. You brought some -- you step in the right direction but you need some real roll top prospects. Patents -- starting pitching depth and the pirates five and so it makes some sense. It's still ways to go because we can't just say every single room where the comes out there they gonna pull the trigger on this. But. -- if that's what you're looking for. You have a team in the in the pennant race probably what you make a splash. The Red Sox would be the money. They gonna have to eat the money and I think there's any doubt as yet and you close this contract is up so the pirates of this and in major -- you to commitment for them make some sense. And and I'll say this. The happy -- guy in Boston if they could make a deal like this would be Bobby Valentine. Who you know and and not that he doesn't like Kevin Youkilis not the least you know. Want him out of here it just it's a nightmare scenario every day every time you see Adrian Gonzales and right field at Fenway Park. You just got to imagine that Bobby Valentine is doing it kicking and screaming why they figured it that I think -- result has been. Decent not better than than I would have been -- and gas I mean that's credit to him I know he's worked hard -- he's good it's good instincts. But. Forget about the how he's done out there he's a gold -- first baseman you'll want that distraction with four guy who's also try to find himself at the plate. So yet -- go to -- now. You go on the -- six in a row where you're gonna have to play him in the outfield again or not only that but you're you have to -- outfield and you're still sitting one of the guys that you want the New York yet even even playing him in the outfield you know Ortiz or Youkilis -- are gonna have to sit or middle -- it'll be one of those -- Yes it's. I agree with the -- I think that. Typically you wanna -- close to trade deadline you want to figure this out get the best offers but this has become a very very awkward situation. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Games in Natick -- David. Good morning guys how you doing today renteria if you keep on using that is but there are I'm gonna start -- residuals -- I guess yeah. Are not talking about a potential trade -- Pittsburgh -- a couple of pitchers on the staff but I really like. And one in particular. Well this is the problem though is that. The guy like James McDonald is already in the major leagues right there in a pennant race. It even then they need pitching tenure you're not getting anybody off their Major League roster in my opinion you know I kidding anybody off their Major League pitching roster for Kevin Youkilis now you -- get accurate and part of -- -- if this is this is that the -- -- trade. All all you know we know this guy so you can trade this guy but. The -- and a pennant race. Yeah they are -- guys like Kyle MacPherson. He's he's a minor league -- yeah and guess what he's talking to help you win the pennant this year. But that's what you probably going to be looking for for Kevin Youkilis. They get Stetson -- Pittsburgh hasn't Tripoli was really good they got another comic -- of his name right now. Garrett. Oh yeah but your -- Erik Cole are no -- So are. I think what -- trying to get to do here Davis the more your -- -- I went out and try to be a little realistic. And and you know realistically. You're gonna get a guy whose whose. 88 and up and coming Major League caliber arm on the road. And the same time you're gonna have to eat most of this contract. That's that's where Iraq witness. You're not gonna get a guy who's gonna slide right into your rotation. Not even a number five starter you're not gonna get a guy who's gonna slide in the bullpen. That's not gonna happen for Kevin Youkilis in this case. Gotta be a little more it and they have to identify also what Kevin Youkilis is going to be for the next month. As we are we said since he's come back you still struggling numbers wise a little bit. If they feel like he's gonna continue to do this for the next month that you you better pull the trigger pretty soon. If you get the trade deadline he still have a -- forty hitter or worse right that -- the values going to go down. So they have to figure out hey you know it does he show enough health had -- shown enough even though he's up producing now that makes us feel he's get a -- time trade deadline comes. He's gonna have better numbers by the way I'm not equating these two it's just an informational piece for you Kevin Youkilis is not playing that. Yeah and it has more to do with the fact that he's struggling offensively we mentioned Dustin Pedroia he just doesn't look right to me physically. Now with with Pedroia when he's had these injuries. This time a year in years past they can go two ways. Number what we look at last year when he had a neat thing and get checked out and that gave him just getting checked out gave him the kind of confidence that you need. And being assure the used in the UK and then he went off and played well -- the other part is. Playing through something. And still not being right. Enough feeling right and right now whether it's it's a serious matter not helping the series is that what thing couple years ago. But I think he has to get used to the parades. The did discomfort of the thumb and everything else and getting past the fact is that you know what you might get blown up inside on a fastball and in my heart that we saw the first couple did teams when he came back. You build a little bit. -- -- getting beyond outside pitches I think he's improved on that but you know it's the timing it's everything that goes and it the most important thing. Is it this hair in his thumb is not gonna get worse if that's the case and he can fight through everything else.

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