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There was Another Major Sporting Event Last Night, And Unfortunately for Manny Pacquiao, "the Fix was In"!

Jun 10, 2012|

Dale and Rob didn't actually see the Pacquiao/Bradley fight live, but the news is everywhere this a.m. Manny Pacquiao dominated the fight but lost via split decision. The punches thrown, landed, damage done, etc all point to Manny easily winning - but he didn't! This is one of the major reasons that boxing has lost so many fans over the years. Just a disgrace. This is why Dale would rather watch the WWE!

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I use absolutely brilliant the series. And we all know what he's he's playing. Edit and historic level on during the playoffs. Driving -- -- is will. We do not take his talent. Or his will or his competitiveness for granted. And we need every single bit of -- he is pushing himself. Beyond. His limits and he's pushing the rest of the team as well. Erik Spoelstra is talking about to want Howard after the can help. I was Betty -- maybe not exactly true out Spoelstra obviously talking about LeBron James who has been brilliant. This entire playoff run was brilliant against the Celtics in this series. He was spectacular he just was I mean. Say whatever you want and I know that there's a lot of LeBron haters out there it's kind of hard to hate the game that he brought in the last seven games against the eagerness of all the wrong that is negative about it if you look at the series in. Even though the foul that -- -- who's called for files or files called on him. We talked about this and a break. What would you do of course you have to follow. You have this behemoth tribunal -- And if you don't follow me he's gonna get away yeah it's just. If physics. You have to follow me and they were files and that's why you get fouled a lot that's right ghost or otherwise. -- -- to light dislike about LeBron users back to the calls we go at 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Mark is in Gloucester Haymarket I don't. Good how -- -- doing very well thank you I'm not doing so good this morning actually happen probably have to be talked about the project that fight last night. You watched it ha I did I thought of the local pub and not. That decision made the NBA look like an officiating utopia. Do you doubled the you have some action on mark he wanted to do you wanna know mark you probably don't. That that Timothy Bradley. On May twenty ninth tweeted out a picture. Of the rematch poster I heard about that I I'm I'm looking at a November 10 2012 live on paper view tickets on sale June 10. Tacky helped out Bradley Pacquiao out -- that that Timothy Bradley. On May twenty ninth tweeted out a picture of the rematch legacy -- a -- given the judges now. And he actually wrote when he tweeted it out. He wrote going to be so nice we gotta do it twice. -- and a set out a picture of the rematch poster both for coming toward athletes before the fight happen. Yeah aren't aren't quite so upset about it. On the spectacular guy on the fight on collect up. There I you know -- check out how to -- is probably. Conservatively and a top ten pop up -- fighters not just in this. He's best in this generation when Mayweather but a -- I'm probably in the top ten it's that time is his legacy is it's just horrendous. No it doesn't yet -- -- while it everybody on the planet knows that he won last night it doesn't tarnish anything while on the record point. What's this -- regards to it is the dynamic -- Mayweather. Again nothing no this curious deduct on line but you know what might happen career that brought all week absolutely but look it can't happen in the fall anyway there's that little prison -- -- going on right can't happen till a year from now which is why. Pacquiao Bradley are gonna do the rematch in November which apparently was pre planned by the gonna keep the train moving them. But I you know -- out at the point of this trend now where it's still found who wrote a little bit. And. Well isn't this -- listen I don't know a lot of other stuff but from the outsider's point of view. Is this what Mayweather was doing your string you along Pacquiao as long as he -- Until -- Yost steals eroding just the sort of oh win at an area. Well I I am not. The boxing and the -- mark I certainly don't know the the sport now the way you did although as I grew up it was like the only sport might have watched was boxing. But everything I've read every single account and I mean every one. There isn't a single account written by anyone anywhere in the country that I -- not a tweet not a not a newspaper report not an online report not one. That's at Bradley won the fight. In fact every almost every single one ice I read said even the judge who scored it for Pacquiao and -- closer than it should've been anyway. So his what will happen. Iraqi they'll fight again -- you'll kick the crap Adam Mayweather get out of jail -- fight but instead of one payday one big -- you fight the oath to do. -- -- -- -- In the immortal words of bill Goldberg on this radio station and ambient number of years ago that's because it's fix that you didn't. I mean what with all respect all those NBA fans were convinced that that the NBA playoffs are predetermined by David Stern and some. Committee somewhere. Boxing is fixed a break this back there are a -- to bring -- back the Celtics because I love the talk about -- Bradley all day obviously right absolutely but. The referees last night we have talked touched on this a little bit earlier the referees last night I thought did a pretty cute. Jeff and I and I'm not even. Much of a Joey Crawford fan in fact I don't like watch him work at all. That but he officiating had nothing to do with the Celtics lost last night right Joseph my opinion George Crawford really did you factoring in to my knowledge. Too too much. But the one call that team. That at the time it happened you can roll your eyes but then you start thinking about today that's not so bad ones that play were Garnett had the ball. He stuck his hip out there to give -- a little bit of room to on the baseline. But it that was the right call. It angered -- that was my only argument you could -- in van Gundy did was that it's something that he's been doing for seventeen years so he's probably wondering why it's being -- now. But when you watch it on replay it's so clear that he sticks that -- bout in an attempt to get Rondo clearly into the basket. It's hard to argue that he did or didn't do it. He didn't do it in and you can't just slop it off because that might have been a big play. -- clearly freed him up to what would have been a lay up so you can't ignore that that you hit the -- can't say -- you've been doing it for. X amount years on the let him do -- this time to. -- -- -- -- -- -- I I do want better are you very well thanks -- don't rob I just want to let you accolade -- the -- -- Sports talk show -- radio thank you you're welcome thanks. Thank you you -- as a result that I have to say that they they were great this year and if they had a healthy walk out and chip -- and Avery Bradley no -- don't really see now. But I've got a question and panic. I think that's legitimate by the way and that's not excuse making I think it's legitimate to wonder. And and doc talked about it you know if they had had some semblance of health. Which means he would have had a bench to play with -- would have been different here. Like Leo wait inadequate -- absolutely. But I've got a question and a comment Britain the question after game five. It seemed to me I don't know what you would think that the bulk of the popular media and you idiot -- ESPN analyst. Where are sort of jumping on the public bandwagon and saying you know we've got the series under control. It is. Dive after game five. The apple one hole are a clincher in 06 I sure thought they were and a -- you have a listen -- me in this radio should be excluded this received should be excluded have always heard about wise. Wentz wolf for going to be fired. What are -- you -- how they get a break up the Big Three of Miami. That was all the talk after game five. Well I didn't I didn't feel that way that would I was very worried about that because of the couple things what was. The Celtics really didn't blow up eat many of those games that would rock close games. And that I came back in game I've been into the box come back that was very scary. But you know what you know why people -- and in what all went down that road was because bosh came back and he wasn't very -- it. You look at the game seven -- compared to game five -- two different players right. Well I -- but also. The kept them out in the in the. Well after this was the Miami and it worked out so but the way it worked out part that's what they said they were gonna do. There will be eased him back in the situation. And they gate to the point where he became the -- RC now before. I don't want what that sorry people I mean if it weren't. Every game what they did they get better. -- people. It doesn't that's easier said than done and people weren't gonna say well you know what we saw our Chris Bosh was in game five and he's really get a repeat that much better. 54 days later people just didn't wanna see that they didn't want it go down that road but that's exactly what happened. Yeah okay well I think that active but that. I've seen a lot of playoff games over the years and and you can't really. Kind of jump on the bandwagon is that this series is over because of the without -- you can never pitted during the program called. Well I -- I'm I'm not sure that and admit what may -- there were some people who who put it is vociferously is that I certainly thought the Celtics were in great shape coming home. Up three games to two game six at home yeah -- that there were terrific change. I think and then they came out and quite frankly -- an effort egg which shock to you they came out flat. In a potential series closing game on home court they came out flat. How can that even how can that be possible and they came out flat to start the second half last night. I don't think as flat as you talked about game six but they were flat whether that was because of exhaustion or not I don't know. But they had a chance to Barry that they had a chance to put the lead up over ten and then -- on the rest of the way in the it and do it. 6177790850. Toll free 8885250850. Mics in Cumberland Rhode Island -- Mike. The idea when they'll do fine thank you are you offer some lawyers want to say that I desperately missed -- -- on college on the date I'm counting on -- -- advice -- -- Thank you. -- Last night but I thought thank god you're definitely one way there's no doubt about it but the problem is -- Wembley. -- -- Was so quiet and commentary. It was amazing outlook vice president by. You were completely ignore any offense by Bradley was amazing every attack you know you -- -- sell it to the extreme. So people don't want -- you know pick boxing and they're just Washington is a big fight. You'll be manipulated by comments. I -- for effort forget about the boxing fans who were manipulated shouldn't the three judges in Las Vegas be immune to. Ted being you know indoctrinated by Jim -- played -- -- Mike did you do you also see the car -- numbers. That's -- advice I got up at. -- -- won the fight I think to read that warns that such outdoors because he had a commentary you think it's just some don't split -- to. A few rounds I'll really close -- -- you'll want. We have a comment you what you would not comment that you probably have a different view. Like I gotta be honest with -- the reason I disagree with the here is that I'm reading this from people who covered the sport. And and they they they probably didn't even hear Jim lamp please commentary they were there. And every single one. Every one and I mean there isn't a single you know contrary -- in the bunch out there is no no no I thought Bradley did -- every single one said this was a screw job of epic proportions like -- three rules of life. Never criticize Jim -- amply. Michael Buffer and I like him right there rule but. Jim politically active lately is what brings you to the table when it comes I -- I don't really quote Dan Raphael from ESPN who covered the fight. Set and I quote Jim lamp late who calls the fight for HBO said this is the single worst decision he's ever seen. That's a big big statement on quote and this is what Dan Raphael set -- -- -- -- I did see the fight OK and I preface that when I brought this up to begin with. But every single part of a chip Reid Ron Borges is decent -- and it's great that I gave you the opening line at it and got it goes on and on from there. And Borges is a great boxing writer read his -- and you know he's not exactly. That the kind of guy who gets lead around by the nose ring by the commentary of Jim -- I don't think so now I think he sort of says what he thinks and what he thinks is that. Every but what everybody knows everybody who covers the sports said. It was. Fixed snowboarders have a nose in might I don't know I mean it's one that he only brings vehicle actually when you put that nose ring in his nose -- -- reasonable that's a powerfully.

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