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Jon Rish with Rob Bradford before the final Nationals game

Jun 10, 2012|

Jon talked with Rob from weei.com about the Nationals' season, and about the stunning rash of Sox outfield injuries.

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It is they're chambers Fiat pregame shows and work our way up towards first pitch Red Sox and nationals here at Fenway Park and it is time for the clubhouse insider -- WEEI dot com's. Rob Bradford -- good season good to see you beautiful day for baseball it is a beautiful day for baseball now all the Red Sox need to do is figure out how to avoid a sweep in. They have Jon Lester on the mound trying to do just that we talked about it a little bit a moment ago with Joseph and Dave. It's got to the point where Jon Lester you keep waiting for the quote unquote real Jon Lester to show while and I would think that if the Red Sox are ultimately going to get too weird they want to be that guy's gonna have to show up sooner or later they're not gonna get the. Well it goes to the -- starting rotation looking Clay Buchholz and how important he was we knew that now he's trying to figure there are you figured out a little bit. -- -- you just can't afford to have many of these bumps in the road you can't afford to how many he starts. They know it's gonna get better it's gonna get better -- the point where you have to get better you have to do better in and and -- is at the top of that list. This is game number sixty in the Red Sox have found themselves back below 500 once again. And lost the last game in Toronto. And lost the first two games at home to Baltimore salvaged one with a win on Thursday but they've lost the first two games to these Washington Nationals. And I think maybe -- some fans who don't pay a lot of attention to the National League they might have been surprised by what Washington is doing but. If you watched -- and mostly just watched the casually. He should have a pretty good idea of how talented. These nationals are specifically their study it's amazing people came into the series thinking that Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg played all nine positions. All the time. But they argued team they're very good team and there are good teams I think that nationally. Making interleague little tougher than anticipated so. Ought to do -- look at the starting pitching in another come back you say you're the best team in the circuit that when division. Well. Examples the national. You look if you look at the pitchers the Red Sox are facing coming in. And it was tough out every single step of the way and I think they've that's been true to form with no question about it. And it also makes you realize that you thought -- there aren't going to be no easy out for the Red Sox hero and then in in the national. Rude awakening it's. We've talked extensively about the the lack of outfield depth. Or at least to me that's not the right way to put it the way in which the Red Sox had their outfield depth tested because of all the injuries. Now they've been starting to get some of their guys back who saw Marlin -- designated for assignment but. All the sudden seeking a novice scratched from the lineup than Darnell McDonald was back out there needs. He quickly be reminded how quickly things can change. Which yeah it not only that but. Everyone's talking about colds very Crawford and when they come back it's the -- all the -- field depth and everything's going to be solved. We have two players that haven't played baseball a long time. And you're going to be dropping them and at probably at a time year where you need him to produce obligate. It to your point. -- you -- guys like Nava who have been producing not take a turn for the worst -- don't have the outfield depth. As you sit here right now so it's picked. It seems so uncomplicated. When you're going through you have seven healthy food you -- starting pitchers and it but that you get to -- part of the season worked counts the most. And you realize you're relying on kiowa island Eric Bedard. And the the new novel from a couple of years ago. Nobody really looked at this team and spent much time thinking about outfield depth in spring training and everybody was spending a lot of time talking about. How with the bullpen be constituted. Now all of the sudden. That is an area deaths and even though a guy like Rich Hill today goes on the disabled list you bring up mark Blanton who under different circumstances we've been back for the tucked in along time ago. It really is amazing how well he's done -- Pawtucket. And could forum Friday -- Pawtucket aren't established major leaguer closer from that last year. And he went down the right attitude. Fix things right away and kept it going didn't have because downturn is. And do you just really waiting there in the Red Sox knew that this guy I was ready for awhile now. But now you have the opening you get him back up here. And -- be interested to see him pitch -- there's a reason they traded a legitimate starting shortstop. And a potential rotation guy for this pitcher and I think that we saw a little bit of the docket now be just to see Agassi here. -- good stuff as always talk to Forman and they start. WEEI dot com's rob Bradford here in the clubhouse and -- a lot more after this here in the her chambers Fiat pregame show WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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