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Joe Castiglione with Bobby Valentine before the final game of the Nationals series

Jun 10, 2012|

Joe talked with Bobby about the Celtics' Game 7 loss, and about Rich Hill's injury.

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I before we get the baseball love. Celtics -- requiem certainly they played a strong game and I know you were around very much involved in watching. I have watched and as many. Bounces as I could and admirals -- today I thought they played great date but that didn't it was and they have -- be ashamed of the you know they lost to a better team and they almost self played them. Today Bobby said those -- Rich -- was works so hard after the Tommy John surgery here every day all winner. And their continuing his routine. Has to go see doctor Andrews about his elbow what's the concern. Well the concern is just a little tightness and you know it's not me. You know major disabling situation as we see and it's a precautionary situation because it was the doctor that did the operation. We want to. Rich that would just mean with them so -- -- I hope to set his mind -- there's this. Tightness that he's feeling -- is a natural progression. He is on the DL mark -- answer reported today what did he do in Pawtucket because his numbers are fantastic after the problems he had here. Yeah he did everything he needed to do he he can really command of his fastball both sides of the played. He through his curve ball. Four strikes in for balls for swing and misses he his changeup was so working really well also. He comes here I think he gave up one runners so -- in AAA and just dominated any feels good about. Bringing that success to the big -- you know how will you use or is it depends on the game situation. -- depend on it game situation but it will be used short and I told him you know to be ready yet to the sixth inning in particular. When we're winning the game and hopefully I'll be able use them when I want to and you know now -- I have to. Franklin Morales is rarely giving you to watch any performance is second -- third scoreless innings in his last two outings. Yeah he's you know he's been a top notch pitcher forests I felt all year long he had some short stints where he's given up hits but. You know about it you get to see him -- a little bigger clamps you could see that his stuff really plays at this level and he's he's very communities really quality pitcher and I -- abused him and his long yesterday. If I knew Rich Hill wasn't going to be available today so. We'll talk with Franklin maybe or he he gives an inning even after throwing thirty type pitches yesterday and they'll have to do that and is available. Daisuke an eight strikeouts -- gave up four runs in five innings as sort of a mixed bag yesterday. Well actually no I thought his stuff. It was indicative a lot more of the strikeouts than then the run scored you know the ground balls that went by the infielders double plays that could have been caught. You know one hard hit balls and a first pitch fastball. That's a lot to build on eight strikeouts in five innings series. I guess is good as we've had here this year. What his routine change any now or I mean you know the style of the Japanese pitchers in between starts will he be in any kind of a different program than it was before. I lecture about before her or you know different. You know he'll be on the program that he needs to get ready for his next -- and to continue to build. You know his arm remember -- he had the same operation as Rich Hill and this is the one year anniversary actually today of the time that he had it so he'll probably have a little. A little hiccup here and there that we'll have to deal with them down hopefully we really do that. You arrest to have your infielders today -- us and you question. Yes. You know you're gonna get will note -- over explain -- today and you know to get Nick Punto. You know in in that groove that he was in that haven't sit too long without dents in the that a few times. Is Pedroia still adjusting to wearing that -- a little brace on his -- I guess you know he's he's says he's getting closer and you know just having him in there -- it is a game changer in I think once he has his timing down he's going to be getting getting hit says as we know that he can. Is Washington national -- club has some great pitching -- see another one today Jordan Zimmermann who was very good against the Red Sox before he had Tommy John himself. Yeah he -- good stuff that good slider against right handers. We'll see how we make out -- -- we Italy today and and hold on. Bobby our question now Mercedes-Benz question of the day see Carl Crawford is working and changing his throwing motion with Randy Neiman. Get a guy do that today as a veteran ball player like that who's been in the big leagues so long change the way he approaches something as basic as throwing. I certainly hope so you know he has an elbow situation and has to be protected in -- protective with the proper mechanic and you know he heard it because he wasn't -- properly and now hopefully he'll he'll get into the swing of things in and learn the correct way of doing. Good like today about it okay did you think you are question for the manager brought you by -- Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- -- this month take advantage of attractive offers on select models. Find your local dealer and scheduled -- test -- today in the USA dot com let's go back to --

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