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Friday, June 8th Whiner Line

Jun 8, 2012|

Big O is horny, and so is Herbert the Pervert. Plus way to go Mr. Kraft!

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You views expressed and expressed. My life these cars like ET TE Chris Cox. This discretion exercised. -- And now. Want to hear -- -- vote on it being an employee here as we know onions winds of one to get treated. Very well known. Work develop our combined and now especially Angie and -- the NBA record don't look you in the eye and make fun of -- Nen but don't need your bar. And listen to an Indian unencumbered. But WEEI. Whiner line readily curable problem -- Ferdinand spots in case things it'll slow dial 7793535. Indian threats and -- finish -- isn't reversed this is a big day on the big deal I'm happy about you know that right regular face here let's listen to raise rates. The lyrics and digital news. Water here so. And dogs yeah well. But -- in your line let me tell you the problem and that is they do enough homework to -- if it wasn't like the horse dies in the cinema -- They thought out and I don't know we -- at least it in the -- it was funny thing was sent him. It. I just and they didn't know the answer corporate and again. The other more of my last call it or not. The war on I'll have another. Mike adams' in the air so evil evil Mikey was that you use the drop the beer on the and no no no and you now what does -- sitting next to Robert Kraft. -- -- -- Distinction that you as a result it. Now but that was not that was -- -- think with you and that we had a tax few broke. For horror amateur and yes and I should take -- So that we years -- you're going to be worked in the US you're soaring -- first annual -- world -- start Saturday will be car art. Legacy lives in -- afford the people -- articles -- -- -- -- close close when you are -- of -- -- -- you know. We're looking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hold on you're not on the radio till next Thursday. Yeah. It does well like we have a personal drive and importantly it's going to be amber an idea which it's for the colonel WC -- and -- around. Swap of something. What. People see yeah that's right and you know what you men and the women there -- that's what they call Chicopee. -- Well. -- -- -- -- you don't make the decision on our AT&T want a record decline and right now about right now it quiet right now -- depressed to want to the past week that you. Aside one week one all you have to do is it that you vote 285850. Shall we go it's nominee. The car. Bloomberg -- well joining me in studio and that BA analyst. You know they don't have problems on our drop Barbara. Went up now the bulk rather. -- -- Who patrol the border who who wanted to quote -- it won't vote for it will. Don't think we're gonna quote cardinal almost become sort of product if there weren't open position. With the vocal but it's okay but put -- we got -- help will have more on real war for the right after ultraviolet. You go there's nominee AA and here's our second nominee to battle out nominee -- it is nominee. Betty. Nobody thought about that they're not -- Miami didn't even know it. You met him a little bit kind of stayed out of the year Kevin Garnett -- in the tunnel. I haven't I thought I. Picked up. -- Dropped. I'm up for Shaq rap but act text of the letter and do it if it if it to -- job Everton boss detects the Letterman need to wait 58 at the other Italy Italy. Why highlighted text your vote a orbit 85850. Our -- Will receive a 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible for the wider the year grab price that's why -- one Europe AT&T service included. One of the weakest -- powered by AT&T forgy LTD. With speeds up to ten times faster three GAT. And today. They are plus I'm not trying to loosen up. I don't stoppage at our conclusion in my office can point out a line what line and a point -- what line went out what line. Treatment but like your -- and just let that happen. -- When is that right. Might influence and got to applaud because I had missed that pop up about a hundred. About that wouldn't let everybody all we're not ever said you're gonna do I look at both Obama and -- It is charges that he said he -- it is even. Only match you don't at all on every how tight you can't help yourself you know Atlanta now. I would vote for I don't -- go to -- like -- I don't you just weeks. It's a shame there have to be a winner in -- in -- -- -- -- -- his regular. Stuff. America just as gross stuff like Europe it. I did it let's. Go beyond. It. The violence that have put -- quality stuff accordion guy and Mary Carrillo had -- am. Didn't quite get but it went away. But did. Who are old boy who always built. Recruitment of our corporate. Book. Hello. In the -- noted boo birds for the pathetic loser but it was the Clinton. And -- a couple of -- a light go later on in the baseball season where I apologize a thousand. -- can you slow -- and keep -- on its way down relic from -- and Oprah. It's important pride weekend. Come up I just thought I would you know in the contest. Who looks more like lesbian and aggression Spago. Have had it says syndicate -- -- And that's not just this weekend. I think to use YouTube's ads right now you're on mustache not that many I was gonna say how many lesbians have most of them and see that's that's why you -- your that you think. Just go -- It's a liberal I've always. Been part. Well the best news editor note after the Triple Crown winner of this here really bottoming out. Because -- That he's been replaced in the Belmont but if the lack of fuel that the other -- Chaman about an -- of another that. And listening to Madison Alabama mourners. And they're finding every reason in the world that care about -- -- -- -- it ended static that god. But it is the question on that. Up until -- of great. And that message. -- be -- is simple it's just not agree linemen -- -- nickname tremendous challenge itself has pretty good. Why don't you might want to hear it in my patent. He and his wife by my dog could get killed. My neck and if you can get. But it can -- I would that I made waves. Are coming -- -- I I cannot go wrong -- that is why I can't walk out on the -- -- -- goals but the problem -- almost all across walls that are part of all of it is an agreement speed -- forward. All good but might go. -- up the -- -- got to -- -- I cannot. And then when that person is if you were sentenced at a given his first burst. Stat is a lot of direct and Susan frank he's done this many times have -- have to pick -- to his -- once he takes a run -- really. Burnham and. Have you guys I'm good. Personally recharge it that was so well it's about pert always but I'm not a bad back. And that message. I'll -- formats should. -- via audio on demand page. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- without rose it's from the bad debts and a portable but it could smell bad -- -- welcome Bob. And he thinks that you're able to drop the rock that's. It's actually pick it happened I apologize that I measure used earlier on it yet but that was kind of like a -- what -- -- -- of -- took -- seriously and understand in my consumers -- right now this has never -- right and make some tough -- spectacular they were new media conglomerate that I don't you know that means. That a boxing show recently made him a free show -- sort of the rough gorges were. Right. -- -- -- -- -- It's okay. -- it's. Table study tour it's a little bit around. There underneath where my screen was sitting little brother sort of -- scoring -- Reasonable. That there -- -- Brian Barnhart our own. And I must tell you though product idea I grant but I think the ESPN group at the end with magic number so hard and -- And will want more that the day before if you remember over such words -- and they were like. Just that the Miami Heat would not playing while they were. Last night it was totally different love and yeah like a hot -- it -- like I tell us yes brutal. Well we felt that it might not walk -- golf today but I know one person that is Bob crap. Wow -- And then -- -- that. To craft was pretty good news at least it was a big hit over the garden last night -- really wasn't a lot of guys -- a love of. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob Kraft. And. -- say she's just a friend as we -- -- -- And then they go. They're like crap cryptic you know like -- boy I can't -- -- -- -- -- Next week who want to do we just gonna try and employs about -- now well. -- -- ago. Do it. -- brought with. Why is it I don't think that matters workout just don't -- good feel much milk. How appropriate they can't even find a venue to have the -- right now. I want him. Monster archives are put out that nobody wants to its street oops if it's -- -- -- Expert -- -- and god save us make -- Kurdish -- OK now. What we go to so don't want fox morning. Why didn't go home that he didn't know the -- and they -- just pick up truck and strong. And yeah. Ross these days -- -- some feedback. Well I don't levees on the roster right now it does it doesn't make a difference you have asked tomorrow. I am sick and tired of that in my own. Would not have bought in bulk and -- -- detective that called it at all I'm sick of it. That the editors help I think I have ever like the -- on car you have ever in the book club tech did that concept and. And nor are there at the -- point -- that are prepared you. Texas back. -- me I -- -- don't want people -- directors cup as it is real. Just prefer maybe there just are probably just Mikey. Just trying to joke with -- something like this social series your personal sometimes well look like wow talk about stuff like you're ugly. I. Like your fat ugly number all the criticism that I can now text these people have -- -- -- these these aren't why these people why hasn't hybrids. Great job -- My job of that part of some very -- wanted to. And a massive. Short time ago. Well -- bank -- yesterday after and I can crop up front open. I don't care about. Out of it whether -- got caught -- an -- It's my -- television. And -- message. Don't know what cards figured wait all -- -- for him to do this issue this statement of the let this these are against you know we're trying to do with that off and Michael -- and I'm gonna propose the -- Within the next few weeks maybe Iran red thought the patriots or whatever and it you'll do. You have to grow your hair out just like yeah expect. All the markets out technique. It can be done -- yeah Bennett will be done. -- he's a lot of that you wanna look for Erica. Like it when it's up there -- -- shot dead just try to do when a gallon tank of relax and the house -- -- -- 21 mystery Nat King -- -- And well you know I don't want public VP you would box with -- -- Monday because because I have a lot of commandant brother. Hard rock cafe casino -- sooner or threat or was sent. Art rock cafe posse might -- the car hearts. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Barack. Yes well until -- whether Clinton somewhat emotional armor outback. Goal. You have so -- -- and hit the -- noted. At one point in my career I was the whole thing about my back. You weren't you spell well over a bowl -- -- -- -- -- -- That's tomorrow afternoon the -- side muffled to our big games. No may be on him so -- it I can't wait to see him. We walked home. You can't wait for the -- dot -- dot input and build dark -- And that -- much aid -- in my. But. So ball. Now it. And it uptick rule -- were able to include them in -- it. Always look at. Well -- all of well. -- The wall it's with great that pin and -- Bull Bob Hope they -- Debt -- today. This is the way you could. -- for about a minute. And -- message. And our laws are one of the week ago when influenced by that he you know by the portion of one -- the only one who want it Politico would be -- one. In its computers so. Its losses. Which way they're attacked we got it all -- you the results and -- computer week. Don't like he has and Hillary's the 58 to 42. Teams and I thought I was going what they do -- -- -- -- now we want well I know you weren't gonna talk. I do you know you just -- I -- you silent now shape somebody asked ego and it is obvious well he gets a 100 dollar American Express cut from -- -- -- candidates -- all off at. Why aren't you grand guys. They claim your prize that. Doctor you want a lot of pride do you but it's it's -- Four GL TE speeds up to ten times faster each AT&T. Rethink possible may be on him so warning. I can't wait to see him.

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