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Celtics fans show their class, but Lebron shows his skill as Celts drop game 6

Jun 8, 2012|

We discuss the classy Boston fans that stayed around to root on their team until the end, and how the Celtics may have missed a golden opportunity to wrap up their series with the Heat in game six.

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-- -- Afraid of was gonna hit another. -- All. This is the best moment of the night -- here -- so the thing. Right here and -- -- gonna -- -- -- not for you from -- from forward recorded work we do with this was this was Hewitt. The rest of the now. It's let's go self. We community's growing louder louder. And if not for the final fifty seconds if not for Marquis Daniels at the free throw you listen carefully the American people -- thing. One last night that they believe -- team nobody else believed it absolutely. They will. Read everything they. Spirit. In the in the posted. -- seventh game on Saturday night that nobody believed it would never happen. And it right after that next general triple. -- The only thing. More spectacular this whole drive through. Who respect and I. And game 6 win in the Eastern Conference championship. Hosted probable -- the system here tonight. To add one more degree of difficulty as one more level of good possibility. Would be for the Celtics to do it. A road game death. Rebecca you can actually still feels the -- -- -- -- after a wow so is it about the outlook Michael watt. You get you got the feeling. They cut down to what 97 and -- in his statement saying okay got a couple of good luck. An old go points and a whole rimmed out -- -- Agilent. Not not gonna happen tonight. -- -- this year was their earth did you -- have a feeling early in the second half may be old but. But that was very few moments during the course of the night which is that -- -- to get back to get back into the skated again. Tuesday. Herbert government -- once. He's taught me a story about a Flip Saunders. In his first or first or second year coach I've been echoed for the timberwolves. And and -- win and a half law government halftime. And asked flip about. You know cool and guys off and woody -- look at adjustments enemy close guy off in the second half. And flips it on -- local -- And in -- Told them. God definitely don't just school law you've got a -- -- got to come up with something and the reason the Celtics had no chances even third quarter. If LeBron wasn't cooling off and there was nobody on the floor who can do anything about her Paul Pierce was off if Paul Pierce have been making shots that would have. That would have countered that he put some pressure on the projector what do we ought to deal with the defensively it was just one -- thanks for LeBron but offensively -- done something. He was able to do neither. And now Michael preachers. What LeBron made shot. Many shots of nineteen. There was one early in the third quarter. Baseline. Yesterday all the way. Fadeaway falling wage -- bad form in the basket. That's -- make those kind of shots again -- -- go to Miami right now loss that had some stuff going last night it was. I said Andy earlier he was doing LeBron James. -- he threw it a little dark. Divorced -- the other you -- -- the right there off the right to tourism Paul Pierce. The -- old school of Broderick commission when it did when I was a junior playing against. Playing gives guys we're now accountants McNamee and -- you. It's me and everything. Every every shot -- repertory showed -- and every job mr. climate policy at the Jack Nicholson in the shining I'll stop that but who and it kept talking about. That looked about as an actor. LK your basketball player not an actor come on. Let's think we're seeing you wasting you have great gains before popping the tough -- Staring people down okay you mean business you're trying to show. Everybody a doctor sag card now that you could show everybody. This is how -- look. We're being in business. I'm LeBron. I'm not taking any more come on. Asked what game to -- gotcha game one tonight we all understand we respect I'll give credit though at the end he didn't get pissed off when Mike Adams who will be your. And I thought -- might that actually might like to catch at the end yeah. It kind of got eight Vista at that and instead he just -- right down the runway you know term like. That this is that -- -- is that something else that he walked right optical. Illicit. -- a lot of people say this there's nothing you could do about what LeBron did last night and I disagree. Because you're right if you're making some of those shots and beat Miami play great defense last night. Celtics got a lot of good looks at the browser it's simply to make him but I think -- the factor is that when you're watching a guy. Who is just hitting everything -- watch LeBron starts hitting from the -- not a great outside you know what he's outside he shouldn't say oh my god it's not our night. You have a tendency instead of playing a team game moving the ball doing it as a group as a unit. The -- every wanna view to try to do it on your and I think Rajon Rondo did that with some passes that were. Probably destined if they if they succeeded for ESPN's sports center if they don't. They're eight turnover on the block school especially many double and a game like that you are you viewers should -- Central trying to -- you just trying to keep it within. Within ten in the first half the guys at thirty point first half. You wanna be within eight to ten halftime he's and you go back and say look we with. A thirty point half from a guy still on this game we come out -- third quarter. We make this adjustment right back -- But a couple of times the problem make a shot or somebody you always mostly it was a lot of anyone got choked up every once in -- lobby -- to sharpen him up eleven and about thirteen. Celtics would come down turn it over -- fifteen and now you're just working all over in the keep it down at ten. And then they have a defensive breakdown would be great shot over it was just they were they were fighting the ship built into iron. Absolutely a lot of it is on the and I'm sure they talked about that they understood that Miami was going to come out with a great effort maybe not to the point that they thought LeBron. Would be able to put 45 up. But they had to know cause that's the normal script and -- yet I'm used to the point re word to the people now. We won't be we won't be problem on your board that affect Max is gonna join us this afternoon. We'll talk animal but she still feels that cannot open. The natural feel bad short Paul Pierce -- now. That's every. -- but the -- somebody else they're back maybe maybe maybe Oprah for about for a run maybe eight. Maybe a man who had a editor of the Miami and other top down camera down. It's the wisdom oils out there written from Zetterberg as well but I do believe the Celtics. Just sat around and watch that -- And really didn't play their game offensively they really did -- was nothing you can do about abroad in that respect but you could -- into the game by playing your game. And they didn't do it now maybe it was a matter of too hyped up. I mean. I'm not gonna play this game. And we've done it from time to time and we do when they lose we don't do when they win when they win it's written balls in -- fighting through when they lose with a giggle when it rolls. And arranger and it'd have Avery Bradley can we we can't play that game here today. They they can't clocked -- more and I. And play with great balls again we've seen through this series we've seen the past couple series applies not gonna play that game -- -- physical game will got to follow that type of script. Constantly in the in the way we deal with it everybody was beaten up -- -- to the last couple days did it -- -- out coach Doc Rivers last. I don't think I don't think so -- scripts yet. Okay there. We're not who and made the adjustments now that it sure it was that was Davis. He created in an environment where -- come to blows after one or 45 -- fifteen was it was David Stern sit in the stands pushing a little. Think -- almost push and a little button it was. Zapping did make reference there aren't that they -- we need games. Well how about what's happened pregame meeting. -- -- -- all of all of the the the sub plots that people wanna create the fix the officials this and that. None of -- must Spoelstra. -- -- game seven to implement pretty good about how much we felt good old reliable I would I would say that. You predicted at the beginning of the series. Celtics at Celtic since I didn't I didn't see it coming out of the play up his voice -- image. Oh -- know indicate our volume was already. Claimed five none -- -- it was just it was just the opposite expected him to lose game five and winning game six they win game five of those games exterior. A seventh game I thought they get to a seventh game but I thought they take a slightly different eras and it's gonna win the series since every game there is a human being out to it's qualified as we've learned through six games here. To know what's gonna happen and any one of these games because it hasn't. Gone by for not all of us now it is at all. So who knows what happens tomorrow I can't even if you don't even go back to and I'd go to form because the heat won the first two games and record with -- one next to an -- but gained two. That was totally out of nowhere maybe 44 point from Rondo making jump shots doing everything. And in in losing. He goes in that game and they probably should've won it and then you look at game four. An overtime game where LeBron bows out and Paul Pierce found -- of the game desperate as -- Michael will be another massive audience it will break the cable record once again. For the largest audience there's no question about it people are gonna watch the scheme to Marlins. They've been lowered into it now with the first six games and because nobody knows what's gonna have -- -- it Friday I think it's great series it is. It's tremendous basketball. Are not always the best played basketball but the but the fear surrounding it has been exceptional just exceptional. Really exceptional plus -- look at the deal was done there and in Miami again. Well gimmick -- little kid in Miami and techsters analyst difference between located Miami and in what happened last night at the garden need to explain to you. I kind of like you know you really Chia. Think you want to candidates. And a little bit texture compare the effort. Two let's goes up at the dinner out of the different. There were 4005008000. Fans of Miami chanting with the little kids out there might have it. All of a sudden not -- it -- no matter. The difference. I think -- this was more reminiscent note. When the Celtics lost. In in 83 to. To the sixers in the -- -- basically. Chanting to the Philadelphia dollars and in this obviously for the wrong team. It was special it was and beaten announcers who I know many of you have been beating up with on a regular basis. Com. They got they got -- figured it out they probably a bit all right about it talked about a great with the players talked about after the -- if he's the players on the senate. They're not on air strike going along with the beat. The question is did you remember -- -- and maybe something else happens tomorrow night that none of us. Are expecting because that's the way the series. Has gone to give back the original question you picked him at seven. The Celtics I -- Miami. In in seven minutes ahead OKC in Miami in the files are hoping overall -- and the Celtics are gonna win this series since every game album. I -- be watching my he had a dump that Euro -- Yeah it's all right for you know he went from he went from balancing the bearers. And got frustrated. You know -- LeBron he sets up from LeBron after the game. And they dump beer while much isn't getting industries who gets filtered out before Obama only got two Mike Everett that you do that. The only -- -- built in excuse that the beer was bouncing in losses now to sell a lot of fans over what state law -- here last night I was students into the show. -- this and -- -- after hours -- so Mikey has taken its own next I'm listening to him. Listening to him and what 6561. Guy and he's making the case on the year the least he's trying to put pressure on writer. On the air saying any writer you know if I need to leave at 730. Worth -- -- narrative before that so -- -- a 730 canyon. And we work this -- and and you know what -- come in. Is and -- work Adams worked for you. Knowing traffic and that's where throw rubber -- writer. The right it was literally a lot tighter tighter. Writer and knew -- was -- -- right after listening to did not make you feel like Andy is writer's agent. Yeah -- -- was in his advocate and Eddie was wait a minute later Mikey. You gonna have to do that writers convenient you just can't say I'm gonna work for you today one writer wants to work day -- has been. And that's good. You got a few looks -- how Mikey operatives keeps it ought to that night into that nine. And we got a text -- for -- sitting at predicting highs in games. Hottest digital calls we'll talk a lot about it obviously. I'm sorry. That again that does not does not a meal laugh. At that. Is none -- -- voice mail laugh at Augusta different calls up sex whatsoever -- have a night. 088885250850. What did you think last night. What are you looking for tomorrow night. -- look we're being in business. On the LeBron. I'm not taking anymore. -- You at all and -- the -- Eagles Eagles blow my god that you're used as it did -- that maybe duplicates. Well you know and I are good or bad. -- -- -- Who was there every burn as puzzler like. That yeah. Ever -- her brother to back my learn the horror and all of Robles -- -- to the far closer but still it's such a 7779. David -- who do you make of the U Quincy Carter. Hit an 85250855. Voted to Adonal you'll want -- line. But the wind of the week and hopefully today hopefully today. Holly Wilma sit there and try to influence the ambulance I feel like him in you know Florida worship god -- of the front dirty politics. He -- influence the vote. Regardless they only guess every single guys is would I do. -- Joseph Lieberman amendment daily pickup truck that do we have I'm not trying to influence -- and the blood is. As Mary Carrillo upward. The -- a hole in DC. Him might influence and worked in well I I. He's not ready to -- these things you can skew the voting at 221 -- -- -- -- -- usually -- the book is out as the forty whatever happens. One's gonna sit here and listen to what he's introduced you have a vote especially about. Dalton. -- have a problem. -- There's judges should etiquette is first up on today's -- LO giant. -- -- -- and I'm the -- -- a lot of the game but complete -- obviously the probably not not yet you cop lat night. Out there be in the fourth quarter. They demand that just go to bed oh lead at twenty point lead Serena had stayed up the Internet and and that at the moment and it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- report that you don't like it there was a lot of emotions going on goal that because not only idea if you know they giving them a little boost okay we we still have confidence in you get down near. And do it Miami but it's also. Com it it could be the last time that you've seen this team assembled the way it is right now playing out there on the parquet Kabila. To be. That could go on -- young when you're also all my life -- I've -- went back and had not only don't want to let it around. Upshot here lord knows what. Those are fun days north and all -- -- -- what you might remember that you're young guy you probably remember. A lot of people loved those teams. -- but I love this argue with a lock out you know it was great marketing departments did great. Could it aggregated talked and talked -- the young guys look to the point where nobody wondering -- haven't got one right away to kick it I want us to grow altogether not. Really believe that. The political restored quickly put that. We'll let -- do that appointment is now what one -- wanted to do. The record it was like -- I've checked it out -- and and drop drop in all of us up. I come in nearly died at all the work I don't doubt about that lineup and outplayed and out our crack in -- public mood not from an eight. Only -- nine it would bring back and like garrido guys on our Internet. You gotta thank you -- always don't -- -- your year from nuclear power but there's David election did hello David. Yeah hey guys how to call it worse though I was that the game last night and I was also -- -- three. My body and I have season tickets and in game three. LeBron. Kinda got to take the game all in in the section we were saying let him do. Let them score many points is he wants because when LeBron scored as many people aren't. Nobody else course. Now that work for you last night when our planet what we know -- That's record and you know it just seemed to me that was a huge part of it. In that -- there wasn't that much pressure. After they had built the big lead on LeBron James because the Celtics -- matching it. If you're matching your -- in and in your seven year in nine years six year but you're playing with them. Then maybe he'll play a little bit of pressure on some of those outside -- and never did that. David you're a bit of southern strip for a while India and -- you guys may remember when this game -- and I'm a little blurry on whether it was a regular season game or playoff game or finals game but. The Celtics were playing the lakers. And Kobe I think scored. Eighteen or twenty straight points it was something ridiculous. Doc Rivers is governor and clapping his hands the whole time he's on his guys and at one of those sideline tracks he. He says okay that's fine we just gotta withstand that he can score eighteen and -- 124 row we just gotta keep running our offense I think. But to Glenn's point at the top of the show. That's what broke down last night it wasn't effective LeBron James putting on a clinic offensively. That the Celtics weren't doing anything right to -- not think about defensively. Opposite of what you never got to the point Michael. Where other guys on the Miami Heat had to help well. So if you would match those baskets come close to match at a basket -- 6810 point beyond Europe and Italy. Game like other guys have to do it because nobody expects LeBron to do it for four quarters to put some pressure on they never got to that. And that's an -- that Rondo outscored the Miami bench himself. That was the that was one of the stats. Industry illusion that. They were those guys stand around but. He can't take anything away from LeBron not -- -- -- on my -- he put on such a great show last night but. If they'd just done something and that was just very perplexing. Yeah. I just wanting to David that the -- crazy last night after the game. And he he deserves all the accolades in the world LeBron is the best player in the week and that's why he's the empty right and people wondering why. Are people beating up on LeBron James even dot cut into. Where his post game press conference he was in May -- you guys now. Will will will lay off of LeBron the LeBron of people are talking about seizing three time MVP. And he hasn't got a ring yet. And we have seen him do what he did yesterday similar type of games maybe up 45 and the playoff game but similar to the games we haven't seen. Maybe you'll see it tomorrow night maybe -- move on a graduate and get to the next level -- the game is on the line and you've got a tie game. And it comes down to that one shot is he going to make that. John -- that we CNET -- I think a doctorate on here. Just haven't seen him with the Larry O'Brien trophy don't put that what you want this week. We said yesterday and he just hasn't won championships if she does not always stuff changes I don't Max feels warm. Mexico no match is a sensitive individual. Last I -- -- -- they shared a moment last night before the game or guarantee additional Miranda not I don't know after the -- Maybe isn't gonna felt more. -- -- -- -- -- some action pass and I know Tokyo and enjoy that was I don't have a friend Bobby your trip. That's all all that stuff is. Is it is it really boils down that he hasn't won a -- and that's that's my story and it's got 3M VPs. You know championship that's it and what she does that I guarantee all of this. The drops off well now the mistake he'd be made. Down there in Miami up on the stage me home to mobile but not one not two not -- that -- on Tim. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you doing yeah you'll. Good I'm doing great I'm Miami Heat and probably debate by any. It is I got. Good -- well the Miami thank you take us off speakerphone. Are you on radar in our tickets of that Miami Heat seek. -- got my dad told me Sebastien that is. You go back to that do you go back there Roddy Spike Lee Arab here remember. If you remember all the how party go back with the. I'd actually haggle back and not -- there are probably about 45 years. Also bigger. Areas that that looks like it's been true nonetheless I got a couple Wright's first thought. I don't know what this guy has to do will be meeting LeBron. Is finally get I mean you've got stoked when we just old saw when you go now he has the game at last night injured nitpicking you stretch and -- -- eight what -- -- Well I was a little little little one not an upbeat in my for the expression honestly it was a look at it was a little -- out -- let's got a little little little contrived. Because you haven't we don't need that coming -- -- them I've -- have great games without it we don't read it one at a I don't need to hear it. It really is probably making more fun of ESPN and LeBron but both -- say 5050 ESPN focusing on the glare on his face and then. And then LeBron going around with the scholars. Is an expression hasn't changed. He can I've seen them have great games without this Cowell I just don't believe I think he's an actor but anyway go ahead what what are other up. I'll tell it it didn't look like and actually my helpers you're the bug bit. Glorious cheers that happened last night I think it should be -- to -- and all that but there are a lot of guys on -- get on the keep fans believing with four minutes left in the game down but fourteen. -- the crowd. West at about nine minutes left in the game -- run out of I was there so that you can't. I don't think it should go down at some memorable Celtics -- that's all the fans stuck around and sell it at the ball. Well as a unit that a lot of it and in your own team McCain yeah. So a lot of this lot of stuff. I think if any and all my way to go in and ran it in. Conversation with Jack the longtime fan I don't wanna blow Jiaka. Instead. Judge us all all. Reject go back to 2008. With the Miami Heat you've seen a lot of heat history over the years and wish them. -- -- Jack let me -- -- let me ask you this Jack would you have felt better -- -- Miami Heat thing. If I don't blame the crowd for leaving because the game is over they know what's over there bombed out there emotional. And they figured that there are about 26 bars. Within about a hundred yards away and they figure they can drown their source I get that I understand that same thing happens in Miami. But consider the fact that the heat fans might not have seen their team again. What are you feel better -- crowd down here if they have to -- the 80101000. Whoever we're still there. -- for four minutes as opposed to some nine year old kid screaming. That may be so right by it still back could be the last Chinese -- -- keep all your -- that's part of what they would do. Part of what was going on and I'm a bunch of all -- that go I think I think that the fact that should be highlighted and also. Get on LeBron Paul Pierce didn't have a first rate I know he didn't -- anywhere in years to come on you're you're you're you're all gonna bring corporate. And you're happier -- -- -- praises apple appears to not want yeah longer okay so now that -- blood -- Realistic they're judged differently Paul Pierce is not being compared to the project the project being compared to do. To most recently he's being compared to all time -- he's got 3M VPs he's 83 time. Three times he's been considered the best player in the league that's why he gets scrutinized more than anybody. We'll put you at -- Paul Pierce and this Kevin Garnett -- -- compared those guys. It's a much it's a much law the year it's a much loft to your stage. For the project. The enemy sort of -- -- a bunch of -- -- doing the exact same thing saying -- -- -- 47 year old -- targets picked -- the way he does -- by the media. We forgetting -- the 37 year old guy in the league who's the best player in the league. Has 3M VPs but no championships. That's where it all comes down to really is once he gets up first on. He's he's over the hump and now what's gonna change for removable. There's no indication of -- of -- Paul Pierce has never met an MVP I quick break right back to the phone -- your average.

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