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Mike Breen: LeBron has been criticized too much

Jun 8, 2012|

Mike Breen, play-by-play voice of the NBA on ESPN and ABC woke up early to join D&C to talk about LeBron carrying the Heat into a Game 7. He chats about the disappointing performance by Pierce in the series, what the key is to Boston taking Game 7, how the Celtics fans chant at the end of the game will help motivate the team, and if he'd be OK with a tandem of the Van Gundy brothers next season in the booth.

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Our conversation with Mike green is brought to you by Comcast business class Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy elbow me a good morning mr. -- how are you. You log in water and they've accomplished -- the last time I was on which I can remember was produced in a long time that you guys -- bordered on. Yeah I'll wait too long -- what are your bigs are asking us that -- agree on one got a appropriate I would end of the program -- -- -- ever sending in a little bit PR people said we're -- one guy from the team ESPN team and we can actually we go Doris Burke you know -- got the best and. And that's why you guys and the bad because she didn't about it. He's very very good was she -- she listened to what you saying gets a lot of information in terms of what she wants to ask at halftime. From the things that you would just say during the broadcast so it's an ice team port deal. She's just lumped media and we're just don't because she -- torture can never -- -- us. I hit and what is the chance. We we -- -- we we asked Jeff this Mike what's the chances are you guys bring in and stand an -- and haven't. You in the middle and then got these on either side -- you that would be performance. Well here's what I I would -- armed only with -- with one exception is Ethiopia and we're capable expenses above my therapy. Other than that I don't know I can do it because there's no question on these therapies that are between the two other companies. Would be broadcast gold though with the Brothers fighting and you -- a a referee shirt sitting between. I think I think it has potential but I also think it -- much the first coach literally. There we will -- to miss -- you're never felt right. It's a what are we see last night do we see a legacy change at all or is that still left to be done with their ring and may be winning a tight game. Seven game elimination game by himself at the end of. That's another great question guys. He's certainly proved something the last flight to himself recently human to a lot of critical -- as we all know. If they global lose game seven at all which is a distinct possibility. It's gonna be right back through you know well extremist just not good enough he's not good he has no rings he's MarketWatch about. So I agree government may have to come -- when the series for them to that particular step in terms of acceptance light or all of you know where you stand -- and I'm just old apple -- out how many people. Really dislike the guy because he's he's a special player and he showed it last night on -- you know that kind of pressure. But I want to ramifications that would follow because who wouldn't have mattered how many you scored that they lost you can take. A good chunk of the -- insult. It was one step formed the guy played out of his mind obviously. And now it's going to be just fascinating to see what happens and -- -- What you know we weren't discussing van Gundy more more -- in his new book ball because last night his mark my pro Mike has. You were pointing out that LeBron kind of made a statement last night then made his. Critics looks silly but I don't think his critics were saying he couldn't score 45 every couldn't dominating game record winning game. He hasn't won a game seven he hasn't won a title he had he does not have that seminal defining. Last chicken game winning shot on his -- make those of the Knox is still less time to do what you might do it tomorrow night. The -- you see the difference between being able to score 45 which he's done number times and been able to -- to win it all to close the deal. Yet deep you're absolutely right and that's -- departed -- -- M and I understand or let's see him at the end of the game. With the score tied a record -- -- that's what people want to see and I and and I agree with that he doesn't -- In a lot of big twelve games for example. Last year in the conference finals since he made all the big plays against Chicago Bulls any of them -- crunch time. Now in the finals CPI. Mean related eugenics and I mean that's still inexplicable happened. That you do terrible in the fourth quarter of immediate finals and that is the biggest stage. But it's not like he hasn't done a putter war. In some big twelve can execute it hasn't done at the finals and he got to do that -- -- people out there with the other guys. But I won't say just look look at a guy like Kobe Bryant. Goalie Ryan is trading abuses as much of -- champion is -- is what did you know that three years he played without -- hello Paul -- without any of those guns when he didn't have a real strong sort of player. They got knocked out of the first round twice and didn't even make -- play don't want us. Can you really can't do at all. Now LeBron James does he have a -- lead with a yes he does and that's why the pressure's on to those two guys to promote that when not much on -- she's already helped Taguchi tour championship. But I do think. Although there's a legitimate questions I think that the horses of the criticism criticism. Has got all the top I think it's a little too much. Will wait has not been a big help in this series but neither has Paul Pierce to the Boston Celtics -- somebody told you Mike -- prior to the series would see these kinds of them -- well I think maybe I'm even is to kind of -- -- resentment Dwyane Wade and Paul -- -- said what. If you told me that -- -- would be shooting the percentage shooting I would Serb border that probably 45 game series. -- showed you that the -- the -- of the Celtics coach -- in the grip of yourself. -- he's evolved as a poker in terms of consultant brutal present it like that and we'll have a huge impact on the game. You know particularly again I wanna make much of the big deal because people. Good partner and at peace plan -- -- -- and -- plunging almost the entire time he's out there and -- -- might not as much as previous games. So he's got the toughest jobs with a pretty. Pretty difficult injury to deal with -- deployment. But I'm still amazed and now. You know he's able to change now he can still change became desperate to this percentage as well that he's gonna have to play well for them to wanna get -- -- -- seven we just had -- victory -- -- -- I can't have another six for nineteen shooting performance he's got -- to go to more. -- -- Maybe not as hot as he was last night but just be dominant because obviously the Celtics have no answer if LeBron is on. Boston loses it it is there any reason I think sums gonna change in transit the Miami here. It's hard to come to think he would be able to shoot the ball. Like that two games and overall -- -- score big points. So much of a drive into the basketball when he. When he opens up to game by knocking down jumpers including batteries which -- -- -- -- -- -- He's not shown that consistency on his jumper yet. And you know that they're gonna attack the middle they're gonna make him a jump shot first to see if he can do it again you know I do think it goes much it -- The Celtics really don't have an answer for him. I -- I haven't had an answer for Rondo true and if -- -- stay aggressive especially offensively. It still continue to mix without. You know we see Enron dubious dominant -- -- bureau -- monitors any gardening and be able to -- some of these twelve games and he's still achievable until. Even -- LeBron goes over 35 point games opens its doors on the road. Well what is your sense at the end of that game did -- -- the Celtics looked defeated I know there are resilient and -- We have seen them on their -- they got Britain balls and they don't quit but did you get the sense that LeBron had knocked them out. No absolutely not they knew it -- -- number. From the early in the third quarter on -- just deny that last night and they had games like that drop apply elsewhere are which is not there and and nobody better bouncing back. And then quite honestly what they did last night. We're covered and however demoralizing the team may have been. And ultimately got them adrenaline flowing in the players' outlook was such a great thing I've seen a couple of. The beer I mean the beer on LeBron had so we're talking. -- And I mean well -- -- -- -- people left and the game's over you -- -- act and the fans saying okay this might the last time we -- this team to work it'll have much problem you know that that. Let's go so it was just -- election and I mean you're you're into it and it took about two straight minutes. It just goes scenario almost group Celtic fans -- believable excuse me you're an all pro sports and and I think that was I was and I think for the team to -- -- important bird bird typical. You know you must be doing something right -- because every time we talk about you all the textures and calls think your anti Boston and -- guess and when you go to Miami they think you're anti Miami so and and and the only one the only one people think you likened the refs. It's amazing how every year that there especially -- on the plastic bottles and vials with both teams. I think you're rooting for the other got a technical which you're such a pleasant might woman struggled mightily -- -- -- -- -- -- before -- game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She goes. You. About Butler Celtics. So -- listed all my things are so obsessed about Rondo memorized all the great things are about Garnett. And a legitimate call Paul Pierce maybe the most underrated clutch player and India which. And -- Doc Rivers I can't say you know one of the things about doctor did you hear any of that. And causes percentage -- is introducing many more nice things about the Miami yeah. Which you can't I understand it and it and I'm like that in the sand for the team I rooted for as a game to get that figured -- gets higher. And that's what makes this so much. You've seen -- more than we have the Orlando the Orlando Oklahoma City Thunder well rested young young team are they going to have trouble with either Miami or Boston. Yeah I think I think I'm already here and people saying oh it's going to be a five game finals Oklahoma City. I just don't see it regardless of who it is. You know you the other a tough grind for the Celtics that's the only thing that I would worried about a streak of seven game series. Even a hard -- a six game series in the first round. You know you can corner how much you have levels -- part you know how many times -- -- -- protesting human and they reported a performance of makeshift. In order to the other day they go from the aging Celtics host the veterans these Celtics beat him in the -- that I saw I would put oppressed you lieutenant satirical almost at into the distance. Well there's nothing better than seven games -- we get one tomorrow night Mike -- thanks very much for the time my good look talked it down the road sooner the sooner this next time that it was between the last two times. Nice to be back guys always a pleasure. My brain but that doesn't -- element AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER conversation with Mike. Was brought to you by Comcast business class which to Comcast business class for Internet voice and TV solutions. Don't wait call 803913000. To switch now. -- You didn't chime in and that's when he heroes and you'll see when I was looking the if you were. You know Tim Miller does that this is you know of former -- boy yeah and became a world famous play by play guy that would be a career -- that you -- not in -- in -- career -- up what -- mowing -- -- I don't sinking -- Right breast -- -- that was my muscles last best thing -- did we have music and meet their notes known good thing we've got a few years it's actually one of stupid.

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