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Chris Broussard, ESPN, on the Celtics Heat ECF

Jun 6, 2012|

Chris Broussard joins the program to discuss the Celtics win in Game 5, Chris Bosh's limited playing time, and his prediction for the rest of the series.

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Our -- it's not -- -- 37 WEEI I'll get all your reactions Celtics and heat. -- switching pushing Miami to the break game six back in Boston more like game five go to the Celtics last night Chris Broussard. A BS BN was side but terrific in the post game talking about this thing Chris joins us on the ATP -- Chris my little hair Boston power you. I'm great how you got those. Up until a good you guys seemed as surprised as anybody on that great ESPN panel last night the Miami somehow found a way to lose this game against the Celtics. Found a way to win would surprise -- -- fair word about what you saw. No. Aren't too would be a fair word his outlook. I fully expect -- need to win. Game five and then they go in the Boston tomorrow and win games six and go about this series. Let me say that I have. We're now seeing in our plane hit before last night I mean opted to over the past few years. I'll pull out -- who -- the utmost respect for the Celtics beat Celtics. Even -- -- Lulu and I don't think they'll win that championship this year. Blog whopping -- BP now. But even where they -- You walk away say an old -- the winners you know of their champions. They play with so much heart. And job missiles this. They played through injuries through adversity. -- a well coached they execute you know they can. Play in the collect I mean. -- they're great end and they will I'm -- That lack of respect for the heat. Because they don't play up to their potential. They don't execute. I don't think they're well coached I know a lot of people around the league -- poster -- defense is our. Life. In virtually every situation in the NBA. Wind I'd seen consistently. Failed to live up to his potential. The coach is -- And yet in this situation. Nobody was -- -- finger their vote and maybe he'll be nice young. You don't coach one day and even good young coat. But he's been over tea did you me nobody -- -- credibility. They kicked him in no blight. And may -- perform. And make you play with intensity. Al pat Leo Phil Jackson. A grid problem get -- idea that. Ilk so you know maybe not so blames quote we get it over is it shouldn't -- be important in charge in this situation. Chris anything short of Chris Bosh coming on -- game saying you know I tried to go on third quarter. It was bothering me I was -- I couldn't move the -- one that's the reason why I didn't play the fourth quit anything short of that is there an excuse why he why why he wouldn't meet. -- -- Hey Jack happy pardon blog that statisticians hopefully you know this bag east pit -- they were negative twelve in the plus -- when he was on the look you know so what are the law. He was playing a lot of -- with the second unit. We know he didn't start and forget that. Peter your third bass player by far. He won't send any group play it would give Garnett for the most part. You know that's why you want to be out there in your right there -- always knew I can not equally. Bad didn't rebound. It fourteen minute. And that explanation. Was ridiculous. They -- what did they got rumored to play lug around open in three minutes. When they say you know. Play Ray Allen know both aren't they they're prepared to play popular -- sprayed in the Al. I mean this isn't that Powell. Peter -- -- -- wanted to play either grow albeit it's a bit but why you see eight lead. You know that I don't think that was the truth I think he just felt like they were. Bob let them be in effect it could probably that the plot line it or thought so the defense of rotation that lot was let alone know. Why I think it was adding these days it's true but that explanation. Was that shell. Did the globe -- your pain. Away 1617. Million dollars a year. Thank you more about every. Couple. We're talking to Chris Broussard ESPN allow me one more follow up on the Spoelstra thing when you say that -- this team that Miami Heat Chris are not well -- what do you think. Erik Spoelstra biggest weaknesses is -- the way motivate his guys is it -- the x.s and knows part of it would be said about well coached what's the biggest thing. Look some bit some of their motivation their lack of motivation. Is on the players there's no doubt I mean you should rule V. Uncles that that motivates you in that situation they mean it shouldn't and needed some I think -- Q -- Against Dallas -- in Ireland -- Q -- last night against the they'll be okay well. So there's -- -- player had to be self motivating there at their old motor. But. That is part of a coach's job and that is one of it being that may pat rapidly. Such a terrific coach. -- in -- they've -- you know the team that won the championship in 2006 with Shaq and all that. And the way way that you -- the best team in the league that he would -- great. Let -- and it and they -- to get political Tuesday it is. If he had been the -- that they -- hoping it would award he cannot think they have a very -- -- But there was a lot these motivational. You know about what we picked it broke out. He came up with bit you know is seeing strong -- it. Came up with this guy you know put that strategy -- stressed. In the middle there will be okay everybody they have leaked pictures that -- -- everything in his chest I mean. The ethernet cable it will they got these guys' height. And that's why they won that he would not because they were the better sea org because they were necessarily had a better active and well he got it motivate these. They clearly haven't done that I'm number one number to go late game execution. It on the net. I mean an end wrote this book is correct it let it credit but it has been that you know a lot of coaches do get. They give their -- into the game of the best player Eric wrote this Chicago Kobe Bryant with the lakers. Look how old age would -- -- and they basically go one sport and -- hope they don't figure role. But it isn't Albion and ice so what you know why he's there -- -- -- -- is our big into the stat. This -- so that isolation. Play it -- that basically in basketball. Guy didn't score at least. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being in the other played a pick your role -- better. You know -- I think -- -- create a better. In Hawaii is better than I felt particularly. The movie isn't that day and you reminded Kobe. And world. -- go either way it -- guy I'd sell it into the game. Most. It does not work. How well let me -- play like that Celtics do. Rumors are about every timeout. And then you run that great play music score at the end of the game whether some input here. -- -- but ray -- and even have been forwarded those. There are other option is -- -- and happy you got KG is an option somewhere or appeared they're happy. Ray or KG is an option somewhere I'll probably magic last night you know which we'll look forward to this show in. It would -- it does it up. -- eight bit that we will not played. We were. I'll play careened with a wait for the most part the first option at the end of the game or if I or -- a word -- working had to go in. And we'll roll it. Maybe we will be a part about it but either way. IPod are thought to what they did that second the second and they have got to agree that the second not simple word the Internet and -- -- magic ordered the book order went abdicate. They had any in the same -- I'll -- -- in the box. They didn't settle port -- important politically Robert -- get -- -- safe -- sound like that they would put the whole. So -- my second day. They're late game execute you got two of the top ten players in the league and whitlock is there a perennial all star power forward. You could run up play that -- -- free option. -- been there and put him in the bar there to put any -- hand and then we're gonna play where if they don't look. In making eagle there will air box you know pop in a role in it will black comic -- -- -- like that. You can't -- play with three options which you have to read -- review all our affiliate C the second being that are being hit. There court opposite of execution. In the metal will watch it but to hear it now. Does not come up with a way a liberal and way. To consistently. Play well together. I know you've got -- in to block the law date date and could dominate the ball and that is the problem so big they don't really complement each other. -- -- -- Teach him to move -- -- -- don't know what did that they're probably won't firm believer in not a -- I'll -- just sort if I could mean. Com and look they have all of those -- -- has not political map though. -- sort of level like that -- Indeed if you. Got the right thing to do any of it all away. And you know I -- me when -- -- and I like -- me. You know and so it white working now. -- think people around the situation. And not demanded that they learn how to move with the ball not demanded that -- going to call it that Turkey. You're about the -- impact Eric. -- And it's that ain't no problem I have. There execution and a court opposite -- let this transaction. Or were billed consumers are making a tremendous one on one play Baylor law. Congress the basketball one of those superstars IE and you appreciate talent I've always felt the same way Connell. -- gets a guy like A-Rod you know and seen him in those moments in the post season -- not coming through when you see a talent like LeBron. And listen he has had his moments he -- hit some shots. But not as many as may -- you would think given his tally of deferring a wide open three pointer to Norris Cole not hit net three late in the game. Part what are your feelings on LeBron James and deferring late. Well -- He did it does -- -- eight minutes left in the game. He -- driving layup that he I was late. May begin lose fat and by that point. So it would look like he was bad in the clutch and mold the -- it is not bad in the clutch. Life. He could not take over. Like a player of his caliber and -- flat out the best player in the world he didn't pay Colbert. Why you would want him to. You know that this thing. He he he prefer it time. Them. Like delaying -- night don't -- try to take over. He didn't play acting as some very good played down the stretch when he did what they -- Barrett couldn't LeBron. You're saying they're saying LeBron nobody can stop you take over why don't you do like he did against Detroit back in 07. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like you can take over -- and could be more aggressive out there a big issue I would happen he he do it. Passive. And how are you. Willingly. Condoms to make himself a role player. Down the stretch I didn't think you're shrinking last night I didn't speak like I thought oh isn't valid -- he looked like you didn't want me. In the -- I didn't see that black -- He did what he -- just kind of have to. And and didn't let -- regret aggressive. As you would like that that's what I would say about that. Icy -- cop and it heat before the game last night sounds like now Chris because a what you saw in game five. And the Celtics find a way to win back your game six. I think so I mean obviously they -- when you got some superstar and and three your dad and possibly a little more. You got it straight year there will -- outlet I know they -- political toughness. To make me believe. They're going to. To win this. You know win this game and I think when you're looking obviously this open now granted this Celtics. You know we noted it's a big light signals that he had hoped that. Recently tell -- a vote so they couldn't take his -- -- themselves. But I think these guys understating it not is not the Philadelphia 76. It's not as Chicago Bulls that didn't -- incurred artery in Atlanta Hawks in so Josh let them Mike maybe don't play with these guys. You've got just an ordinary day. Crush them. So I think this Celtics will come out into -- -- honestly. I didn't know they they see. Ever updated on the air before. I don't need not no reason for me to believe. That they can reach. Out of. A -- -- that they're told how it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The wind. Day they don't need -- win tomorrow. I haven't seen it yet where bill not one time will tell me about Indiana. And. Mediocre basketball team that they they might like to make it play out in the -- And -- and respect I have written something. We did that there are all of that -- I think there have been at sixteen maybe in the way. You know I mean I don't think that we know the whole -- there I don't know what they got champion's heart so make you know -- -- a little shot. I think that it would laid out with all due respect to the Celtics blew up. Clearly show that great respect for us -- -- older -- air bag no Avery Bradley says -- on the golf course. It -- laid out or an eight red carpet. Where they need to go to the fine. I got to tell us we even around here every Olympic heat saw an -- Me. Want there world went down the name joking no army couple. It would laid out you could never had an easy role to the finals been. I can't remember who they played the first round that nick. Did well absolutely extreme. -- -- irritated that Navistar. And they end up back then got an aging Celtics they mean. What more could you have asked for a beauty. And they'd still know that I didn't get to that and it doubled in a lot that should give him the benefit of the doubt. It data to come out in Muster up some heroic effort tomorrow night. Chris good stuff as always you love your work on ESPN and at the sell this to get the files will talk you down the road. That's the best Christmas RTC and breaking things down and ESP enemies of brought do you. Our -- Comcast business class to switch to Comcast business class for Internet voice and TV solutions. Don't wait call 803913000. To switch now a very very brief 92 break. We jump in your phone calls not -- ninety threesome.

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