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Wally Szczerbiak: KG proved me wrong

Jun 6, 2012|

CBS Sports Network’s analyst Wally Szczerbiak joined Dennis and Callahan to talk about KG’s clutch gene and the Celtics current playoff success. Szczerbiak discusses if he’s surprised by the impressive run the Celtics are on, what’s fueling KG’s amazing playoff performance, and why LeBron’s clutch gene has dwindled since he’s left Cleveland.

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You'll see Kevin competition and they say this all this talk too much you know people don't -- -- 3630 Fargo could do without -- A -- other Doug took a lot of bottom up crept over Rudy hallmark craft every day Sonoma to professional. Kevin Garnett post game looking directly in the camera at his nay sayers Dennis and Callahan it's our number two. The morning after the -- 32 -- one win away from getting to the NBA finals. Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T Ford GL TE Wally Szczerbiak who played seven seasons with Kevin Garnett. Who here in Boston currently with CBS sports network as a studio analyst he's part of the network's weekly roundtable. College basketball show inside college basketball morning while it's John and -- in Boston thanks particular manner to how aria. I'm doing great thank you have famously of the last two or three days have been quoted on Twitter is saying KG is another one who lacks the hash tag. Clutch gene. And always has. What was your basis of that week Andy's still believe it after you watch what to watch last night Wally. Well here's the thing about KG like you said in his interview last night it's it's incredible what he's doing right now it is a it is a credit to his craft Al professionally -- He's got like poignant and every single playoff game I think it maybe that you know double doubles every single playoff game -- the best basketball. Quite possibly have ever seen him play at the biggest moments I mean it's just incredible but. The reason why put the put put put that we got there about the -- -- To be objective and an in our profession our job is to be objective and we put LeBron on blast for not having the clutch -- So watching -- throughout his career now with Boston. I just stood out there that hey let's keep in KG crunch time and see what he does the crunch time. You know could in years past when we were Minnesota we've got hooked and could sell it to the big shot now what Boston is Paul Pierce and Ray Allen indicate he's credit by would you defer to those guys at the end of games there. You know big shot makers Paul Pierce showed it again last night. Now having said that -- -- prove me completely wrong last night made two huge free throws down the stretch and made a big fifteen footer. Though you know if someone of the naysayers that helping motivate KG play at this level and maybe departments sent only a little thank you could see just play -- off the chart. What I get a credit your man for saying he proved you wrong with what he did last night -- question this question -- it was no secret. That your relationship with Kevin was a little and even during your seven seasons together in Minnesota a relationship the -- marred by some sort of hidden source of conflict have you ever dress that and and said exactly what was why YouTube didn't necessarily go -- to dinner every single night together. No it happened early on in our career and I'll say that propelled that book if that ever -- I'm not saying that ever will but we learn to get along very amicably. We -- seven great years I mean he was a phenomenal teammate he took me as a player -- extraordinary -- helped me make the all star team. Hope that make the playoffs every single year we made the Western Conference finals. This unfortunately -- the team we couldn't achieve that ultimate goal which was an NBA championship. And he's achieved in bought them with other great players around great coaches great organization organization has nothing but. Credit to him you know it's unfortunate and sport you know you there -- thirty teams in the NBA and a pretty much only one team goes home happy at the end of the year. So it's really tough to accomplish that final goal and you know this is very fun watching them do what they're doing that -- some really -- basketball. RC you won't say specifically what was what it was a specific incident is that when -- was. Yeah OK fair enough do you think did did KG's arrival in Boston evidently you do with the end of your time here in Boston -- I don't. They have a question. You you've finished up here and 07 right right he arrived like a month after year. -- your departure it. -- just coincidence. I don't well I mean I was traded for Ray Allen I mean I have no idea I don't know what went through. You know the -- division you know there's -- You know any change in the -- Boston I really don't have any. I mean you are you know more about this game than than than we do you're as surprised as we are with their accomplish I mean that's -- as well nobody. Picked him to get past that he and there are one game away from the finals as you sit there watch these this series on full. Is it is surprising to you as it is to everyone else. Honestly no because I know how good Paul is -- not -- good -- -- -- good of a coach Doc Rivers I mean when you're playing for coach that'd been in the wars playing with the Atlanta Hawks against the Boston. And felt that. In 67 game series back in the playoffs. When you look at their coach like that he. He can he gain ultimate respect right away at the player. And that such a luxury to have in you the job that he's doing in the series it's just phenomenal what he's doing as the coach. And then with the creek park that outside that at the beginning of the series KG. Is the key he has the matchup advantage every time he set foot on the floor nobody can guard him out there. And with a point guard like Rondo finding him on the lobs finding your money's at the world with a look with a coach like Doc Rivers draw enough plays to get -- the ball. Positions where he can be successful I thought the Celtics could definitely beat this -- no question. You're dead do you do you think LeBron James lacks the clutch gene. I think when he was with Cleveland he did. Because when I first got traded to the cast my first conversation with Mike Brown was -- our job is to get the game into the fourth quarter give them all the LeBron the last five minutes and he'll win it every single time and he did. We knew where the ball would go and we knew who's gonna come through for us ever since though he's got the Miami. He's been totally different I think -- the -- games I think it was evident in game. And in the game before so -- in game four in Boston -- -- it was horrible decision at the end of the game not even getting shot up. Allowing the defense to dictate what he was gonna do the ball -- with the ball the last possession and not attacking the defense and make in the defense react to him. And then you know last night he was referring to -- and it's one of -- things where is it should not be -- the -- probably not I mean played like you know Paul Pierce is very clutch guy why do you think KG differs little bit Paul Pierce and Ray Allen couldn't possibly the right move to do those guys come up with big shot but. At the same time you know he would not in the same player that I remember playing with and Cleveland. In Miami in those clutch it. Episode tomorrow night you're expecting. The Celtics close it out here in Boston where the pressure is going to be much much greater. On on the -- It if you ask me a prediction and I predicted Miami would win game five of the home team at such a huge advantage in the playoffs it's -- -- to win on the road. And what Boston did last night. We will with the big when I mean to go in there and the pressure situation pressure -- get that victory was just stick. Now all the pressure swings the Celtics. You know I think you know they have to come out -- that the federal court. They're gonna get Miami's best effort in the mines and pride in that locker room and it's great player in the locker room and they Chris -- -- help they. Though I've just been captivated by these playoffs by the series I don't think it get any better and I can't wait for instance. Wally Szczerbiak is an oversimplification. To stated this way the Celtics seemed to play their best when the stakes for the highest and the pressure is palpable. And the heat seemed to play their worst in those same situation as Federal Reserve obligation. I think that's completely accurate yeah completely accurate I mean you see guys that stepped up their relish the moment Paul -- 2000. A really tough shooting night many of the cold blooded three right LeBron James and say -- -- Made contact with a -- right after he released that I mean that was just a phenomenal shot. No way out up on the birth of his ankle -- and shoot 60% from the free throw line during the playoffs what is he doing stepped up to make -- you've decreased goes at the end of the game that. Popular victory in the KG -- You know whatever reason that motivated by the naysayers he comes in and make big plays down the stretch it to the credit to those three. And the team as a whole -- you know I'd like Keyon Dooling was shot Michael features -- -- the end of the game those. Huge clutch shot I -- that's about it not gonna back down from anyone done a great job on LeBron on defense all series to. That's just it it it just showed that if you put your hand out. And then you make it into a -- you're gonna do a lot more damage is assessed that if you put your hand out you just put two fingers together. And you try to break something and I think that's the difference you know are right now bought and the scene and right now Miami is a little bit fragmented. -- after the game Chris Bosh said I had more to give I felt good out there Erik Spoelstra remarkably said I didn't see much -- he seemed to have a lot of energy he was fine at the end and then he said. But I didn't think it would be fair to put him back in there at the end of the game do you understand the absence of Chris Bosh from that game down the stretch. -- look -- -- who's -- have to answer a lot of questions let me tell you I mean. -- -- what they run at the end of games and I look at Doc Rivers he runs across screens you know the last two minutes for KG to get on the ball at feet from the basket with a smaller kind of back you know if they -- it seemed like he -- -- also make wade and James to beat. You know -- beat the Celtics won on five from the top of the key here half court I mean I don't see any. Get the guys and a good position where they can score get the guys -- the ball was an advantage to score and you know -- when he looked at -- spot she sees another all star and he's another match player all you right away I think he has more respect for him the defender it's going to be tougher for KG get. Make it move to get those laws to get these players baskets that he and when he has -- smaller guys like apple guarding them. Sometimes LeBron guarding them with so far been doing a lot I mean LeBron you Jakarta Post defenders so I agree I mean. If bosh was healthy I don't see why he wasn't in the game at the end you've got to go to big money guys and I anticipate he'll probably be in the games that aren't. Final question will get Jeddah here with with this -- when you compare the matchup Celtics verse of the heat you know the Celtics point guard verse of the -- point guard the Miami superstars vs the a Boston superstars is the biggest disparity in matchups the Celtic coach vs the Miami coach. Absolutely. And you've got to -- got to preface this by saying one of the Big Three hasn't been there for most of yours from Miami that at a big disadvantage sure -- he's really exploited that but. You know as a coach I know I've been coached by about bruins' best coach of the -- -- he just knows he gets that. He knows what's going through the mind of the player he knows how to. -- -- get a player into rhythm how they get them going how to get on the ball in the sweet spot where he can make a play where you can make a shot that he can start playing better defense and you know he's just he's got a great for the felt that you know it starts to deal with and he goes to standing in the document that would make a great organization. You know in the brains of the organization trickle down the players I think that's what they're accomplishing some. -- we wanna help sell the tell all book well it's just give us a hint not. The problem with KJ was. It was really don't know about you know -- this. -- that sell my -- for some like that you know what happened engaging in that that would prefer the closed doors he's gotten over it. And you know I have no hard feelings towards him. On the court -- off the court. Comedy about whom. I'm intrigued yeah let us know when the book comes you able. We'll voluble pushed the book wary when it comes out he is a Wally Szczerbiak former Celtic former timberwolves currently CBS sports network studio analyst part of the network's weekly roundtable college basketball show. Inside college basketball. Wally Szczerbiak thanks for taking a couple of minutes this morning -- -- basketball -- us might well throughout Barbara -- is epic Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up at ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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