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Doris Burke: Shocked at Rondo's halftime comments

Jun 5, 2012|

ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke joined D&C to discuss her halftime interview with Rajon Rondo in Game 4. She chats about if Rondo can balance his emotions and lead the Celtics past the Heat, the negative media attention LeBron continues to get, and why the Heat's Big 2 struggle with their shots at the end of games.

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Our conversation with Doris is that brought to you by Comcast business class -- to Comcast business class for Internet voice and TV solutions. Don't wait call 803913000. -- switch now she joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Four GL the good morning DP how are you Doris. I'm doing very well gentlemen thank you. Do you think we will see Chris Bosh tonight and at the actor to that is yes how much of a factor you'd do you think you possibly be after nine games on the sidelines. Well I think I am. And Brian what more sharply this podcast and your show on -- on the release has been on the short he has maintained all along that he thought he would play at the sweetening them he's got great -- just. In try to eat so yes my expectations well we'll see him play well I wonder you know. Have to Syria and free ones -- played. -- in favor of the heat I don't know the answer to that and what -- like tragically. And now do you spend your time adjusting you know you're -- -- -- the -- Europe -- -- package and not adjusting and the other thing that the Celtics may be doing that you you could be thinking about it. -- -- -- -- That's a good thing because truly turn -- has given you not thank him and obviously adding eighteen and seventy rotation at this in my estimation never bat and -- they don't comment just a lot of the dead wrong about the here he is an element of luck to you didn't play out. On what side of the ball is it more difficult to scrape the rust off him playing defense within their system organ playing offense within their system tonight. No I think absolutely out until Libby could see her so much more rhythm involved at Lincoln and players you who score the basketball where you're getting to your spots. You know how much how much consistent shooting -- she's able to do you like millions -- basketball related trials but -- national. -- -- militias there vocational -- in the -- they're beating me when I'm getting their treatment -- hours before they are already in there and -- -- -- And they can't you're shooting routine or whatever they're they're pregame routine -- weeks ago. I think actually on the option to man you know at this point that he tried to package as the coverages you watched. You know where your troubles are coming from a legitimate question -- them. All right you have to clear up for -- source of -- we have a lot of speculation yesterday and yeah your question at halftime that when Rondo just out of the blue match in them cry into the refs in transition went viral you. Followed it up after the game and I don't think he appreciated but he doesn't in the appreciate you know good a good reporter doing -- job. What did you say after -- Mike off camera can you reveal that to us. Sure you're like we're -- -- -- -- because to be honest and you guys out there. I should -- is right here at the blocking out or trying to block out all the ambient light I was listening to my pretty generous off the year. Also you know. 101000 plus optional expand you know going absolutely not. If you were called -- -- -- the interview I wish naturally it was not my place somewhat and then the analysts will but it popped into my ethics that you're playing back you -- Sort of it could cure the common frankly in the position I was in but it just popped into my yet and I. I don't think he heard me I think he might have heard me say. Back you up. And whether I'm rich you maybe in the next game because of that sort of response and a common mighty -- I don't know but I think he around to actually sort of what each day. And there was a point at which I'm sure it's grabbed his arm and this is what I -- -- and what and I repeated it. We sort of met eyes and we eat is not at. And I culture where you are director -- shot at that we give myself -- any objection I'm happy to speak with him. Our chimney was. Person all shocking that he would say about -- the kind of -- you you rarely get. Charlotte checking the -- who -- because you know fantastic. She says she wasn't surprised because of what had happened just prior -- -- happy ending. With the charge in the -- and all that. I don't know what they were shocked at 11 o'clock isn't actually he can tell me that I believe he was our insurer what I we. Yet he's sort concurred without -- direct -- make eye contact and nodded and yet. Okay I got a. We asked Doc Rivers about it yesterday was that gamesmanship is he trying to set the officials supper put some thought their head or. Just emotion was he just frustrated and doc said it was just the motion. Sure. Sure -- as you know your greatest strength -- your greatest weakness I. Is to me one of the most highly intelligent thoughtful enigmatic. Figures in the league I eat fast and he's a basketball player and as a person non -- Trying to leave -- all gamers can you match and can't get. -- -- -- Transition to becoming the lead. You watched you know evolution of Tony Parker hit a hook. Gregg Popovich watching Tony Parker on national T after a first round defeat last year I don't go Tony Parker and I wish. At least to your -- And Tony that I'm I'm I'm -- pop attention and he -- our natural evolution on all of the insured up to navigate between the ages. -- -- I wonder if his leadership role and his maturity not just because of the passage of time. Will increase exponentially Doris win the Big Three starts to fade out and he remains in old V loan core guy leading this team whoever they. Future pieces happen to be around him as opposed to deferring because you have a -- -- -- Paul Pierce and -- on the team now. While and you'll also have to wonder. In a short shot consciously play at that point okay these displays of emotion. Won't bumping the special and consequently -- those count my. The kept that Willie could cost him. A technical or beyond. You know -- -- able to blame all of those things as a competitor in terms or sort of walk. Fine line between. You know being and I say how much like in terms -- competitive spirit and absolutely nastiness -- -- on your -- US tour -- And it -- on the opposing side you actually touched by it I'd be able to navigate that walk without being detrimental to -- team and we're in charge. I asked Tim let this little while ago and I'm wondering if you have a theory about it as well he did. The heater over ten in this very famous -- -- making the rounds in the last week or so in game tying or go ahead shot with less than 24 seconds left in the fourth quarter or overtime. Ten times is not a small sample what's your theory as to why they can't get it done in crunch time Doris. What I feel like and I don't have culture and played there wouldn't mind going -- search for the sort of pulling those all up on video and watch program what niche. Strikes me. It's gonna a lot of individual play not necessarily like -- it went Doc Rivers when I watch him secure a playoff advantage. It always saw action might he might run ray off and start screen are all for pinned down to get to that you know left elbow or just -- vendors. Where it always strikes me that eventually. It's Dwyane -- at the top of the key either in the lower you know rejecting the ball screen it's coming horse or calling somebody to him. But these aren't sort of watching play out -- -- should sort out the top out. -- good looks to me an idea probably idiot for the start are part of me. That that Shaquille -- -- not neutral ground and what I -- I -- I'm not gonna graduate from high school and I'm. At my charm. You know -- most of America rooting against amateur. Relish. And I wish failures with the -- he. Show I -- he's the most compelling. Human drama. In the playoffs right can eat shrink away all the demons we won't watch it. You know our own accord China or wherever you might be a -- going to be excruciatingly painful or delicious if you're an opposing -- But there's just a part of me that's probably the mom part of -- -- heavily -- he can't get our act back. We'll give us your hunch here mom does he get it done does he chased those demons away. In these next three games. Well given accept the Celtics would lose this week five because I saw the level such a -- thought at the end of the the sixers. -- and in my heart to stop the rapid fire pace with tickets total. And being you know -- and react I think that this goes shoving. And I think ultimately see women seven I cannot say enough about the coaching. And the physical and mental toughness. Mom the Celtics displayed throughout the series took an extraordinary skill very lucky to have shot him and watched and now -- close rational guy. George would you agree that that LeBron couldn't win a ring but it might not change his legacy that simply winning a ring. It just to be how he wins enemy does he not need to hit a critical shot or two. In the final minute of a game to win the game for his team for people think differently about him not just win a ring if they blow somebody out for four games general. Yeah I agree completely that -- in my estimation are actually at that. This idea that he can't commission the court to serve because I was part of those Cleveland Detroit series and you know the phenomenal for Korea and -- to hit enough shots and when he plays. I also see this while you're still so I know that it's not it's not a complete equation yet but I inquiry. Further in the broader sports -- certainly -- not on the extent and certainly casual fan. He gold -- to do something extraordinary. In the moments that matter he's going to have to make make the populist moment. Best moments. In order to change just like there's no doubt. Do you think he's he's nervous about that doors right now is he's looking ahead to games five and six and seven and may be of another finals. The city is he worried about is only twice seven as he already worried about the perception -- has that he's a Joker that he's. That is legacy will be one of a guy who could not get it done. I think it's impossible in the morning between them. Not to be aware of the content and people say about sugar is everywhere. And they -- You know coverage you know he vehemently -- that story and turn it over an inside out a thousand different ways you guys -- on the year. All in any discussions or tunes and sports. Yeah there are so -- for a huge. And these gentlemen can say all they want it don't care to speak of and it rolled very human man and they don't care personal. Question about it. I hear you here. You -- -- -- what you do when people don't like -- it hurt no matter how good you are no matter how earned her job you are. It hurts when people say. You know -- thank you I guarantee you he hears it. Whether he can use that and let it fuel and the way Michael Jordan. You know social clearly didn't some great person in sports history have used. You know remain and I mean he's the best player in the NBA. He has it. You achieve cloture. No. The trip much of this before. I like watching the Celtics and possession game with all -- with the ball in his hands it's -- guy no fear. They don't want to I don't I've missed like a built in my response political make light and while watching that kind of you know majority that kind of -- basically somebody who doesn't mind being the go have to be willing to absorb. -- -- will end with this a little inside television question for you. What are the last what is the last minute like just before halftime I guess I'm asking for what the rules of engagement are. Requiring at halftime guest how do you pick who and what requires it for you how much time to have what are the rules. Are basically you know I have usually the PR director sure each team -- and they're here they're anxious pilot or check -- the person and we shoot I will be in communication. What my producer. And they look I'm here I'm thinking you could look at certain guys you know like Kevin Garnett would never during halftime interview he only -- -- -- -- Hewitt I get the -- majority of my conscience from mention -- might. Kept me an unbiased and completely biased I think he's the best and most of television. And writing down and -- and act on a good example. Third quarter of the game or anywhere -- and -- and I don't want -- talk of Al marquee. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Howell how does that coach -- the decision to to sort of put the diabetes and what I wanna know is. You know to me -- talked about before the game a matchup I talked to my question I asked I'm gonna ask -- he wears them -- And go so you know that's sort of how it all played. Interest in Doris. Appreciate the time as always will be watching tonight continued good work on the side regulations and -- kid. Yeah. Yes yes and -- not out anxious moments you know this very very thrilled. Not missing game seven for this are you. -- -- it is graduation and a graduate -- Little Rock Island national someday I'll be home plenty of time -- ordered the sort of look at big out thank you sell a lot. And that you have to start cutting college -- pretty soon I would assume right. Marty during my daughter year old junior. Called double -- -- that I'd probably -- I a long way to go right and mark. Doris thanks for the time appreciate talking down the road. My record on the north -- Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline our conversation with Doris was brought to by Comcast business class. Switch to Comcast business class for Internet voice and TV solutions don't wait. Call 803913000. The switch now.

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