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Dale Arnold: Tim Thomas' family more important than his relationship with Boston hockey fans

Jun 5, 2012|

NESN hockey analyst Dale Arnold spoke with Dennis and Callahan this morning about Tim Thomas' decision to take a year off. Arnold discusses Thomas wanting to spend more time with wife and kids, the bad blood between Thomas and the Bruins organization, Thomas being "just different," and his desire to still play in the 2014 Olympics.

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And joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT our good friend and hockey expert. Dale Arnold I -- good morning Gloria. According boys like here meters over sold my appearance today when he tweeted that I'm gonna tell everybody what Tim Thomas thinking no. Nolan -- -- tell us your best. I think he's been I think he's been very -- right actually in its own clouded by the way. I think he's worried about relationships within his family is white kid the time but he spent away from the game he. Said that current specifically in his Facebook posting on Sunday. I think he feels. He needs to spend more time with his wife and his kids and I think it's as simple as that. Do you think there's a burn out factor with somebody is telling me plays a large role on this he just as emotionally and mentally drained and doesn't wanna do at a got -- doesn't think he can do it and this year. Well they don't accept how I'm not sure any of us know exactly you know what's going on with Tim Thomas I'm not sure bird out of the term ideas. I think -- Stanley might be burnt out I think it's one of those situations where you know you do have to spend. Vera not a time away from home to do this at a level that he does that that any win your home. In your mind as probably elsewhere. I think they may be burned out what it takes to play at the top level like he has. I he may be worked out as well I mean I short -- and -- Stanley Cup championship. East apparently in I didn't notice a very religious man. He talked about fate in his in his. Statement on Sunday amendment FaceBook posting yesterday was quoting Matthew. So apparently is a religious guy -- feels very strongly about the time that he's had to spend away from his wife and kids and has decided he's gonna do something about it. What do you think these organizations. Take is on this I mean at the guys telling the truth there is no hidden agenda there is nothing duplicitous we're trying to get more money. An extension contract to trade if what he is saying is true I can't. Understanding set of circumstances that would have the Bruins. Angry at him may be disappointed maybe maybe you know realizing that -- canal has some bargaining power he didn't have a week and a half ago. But beyond that keeping your organization is upset with -- Thomas dale. Help -- -- I think that's probably too strong a term -- I think you're right that. That you know they'd rather have him -- now rate than -- -- in album you know September 1 you know what my heart's not in that sense. And I was listening to you guys earlier your right to social certain strength of character. If he's willing to do it at this point. I I I know everybody has said that there's no way in the world he can now be traded I don't happen to think that's true actually. How does that work a brick and I were talking about this Sunday on apps and on Sunday night and a lot of this is tied into the new collective bargaining agreement issues that are still being ironed out there bottom line is. Everybody knows about the salary cap. What they don't know about it the salary -- and while the salary cap is going up next year to whatever degree it's gonna cooperatively CPA the salary or it's gonna go up as well. And you're gonna have a number of teams in the NHL we're gonna have a hard time actually getting themselves to the salary floor. I went we just we we went over the so few minutes ago dale tell me this well how does. A Columbus they win the panic sell it to its fans. Say we're gonna acquire gangs of five million dollar cap it just to get to before we don't have to actually pan -- He's not gonna play it for us. But this is gonna help us you know get to that war. And we're gonna put another crappy team on the -- While at the same way when an NBA team acquired a crap contract in the deal just to satisfy. You know the whole salary cap issue bear when you went to the Celtics acquiring guys don't -- gonna play -- -- That you know they don't want but they have to do with the make the deal work. The other way to validate your Columbus or whoever else. This a really good goaltender. Out to -- trophy winner. Might change his mind it well if and when he decides to play again he's got a plate for a while until he makes that decision. It offers us some financial flexibility that we didn't have. Yeah that's not a bad there I'm just looking at the bottom bottom of the -- -- -- look at a story that he linked to in his statement which. And he make an interesting point -- maybe this is a literally a religious epiphany. But when you look at the thing that he linked to about the end of the world is common. It's a little. Heavy it's a slide show thirty slides charts graphs about how the world -- the world's economies about the collapse. This is so we felt it was important enough the link to his statement about walking away from the game. I'm the last couple slides that the author writes we have six months left of trading in western markets to protect ourselves. And make enough money to offset future losses and your time looking at the risks. Of custody safekeeping -- After that we put on -- ten helmets and hide until the new system emerges. Then he goes to -- I wish I could see another -- come with equally high probability. But I can't. All we can do was hope I'm wrong either way a new system will emerge it'll open up a new set of opportunities. But we are going back forty years and time. And 15100 years and 3000. Year -- who wrote those words the guy's name is is less than -- PA AL. Pal first things roll roll well he's a co manager of G else G global mark. Global macro fund. And a world renowned economist. Who already has his literally has tin foil hat on. So I think one thing we can all agree on dale that if that Tim Thomas at the right now talk to us. That they would be much much more to the story. I don't think is any doubt and and he obviously believes some of this stuff with greater degree than others do. You remember the story you guys are telling on the -- while ago -- Pia. The reverend who was suggesting that the world's coming on October 20 -- like two different dates right it and then when October 21 come to got to change -- -- -- something. You know Tim Tim believes some things obviously very strongly yesterday FaceBook post and link was to area. A Christian singer. Or consider by the way and -- and it actually was quoting masculine linking to this Christian not him but and I'll -- up tempo Christian singer. -- that you guys were talking earlier that they talents and how he's just different well guess what the guys just different. And I think one of the reasons of people are so cynical because we wheat. I did not have a hundred times we see athletes take money and don't care whether they performer if they care doesn't make any difference whether they know they can or not. This is certainly the exception rather than the rule the gasses I don't feel like playing I don't wanna play I'm -- -- other things a wanna do you keep your three million dollars let me go home. Well into his credit I have a feeling what he's saying as. Even if I wanted to play even if -- help financially -- -- you know could keep going even if I felt I wasn't burnt out to use your term deal. My family doesn't want to apply yeah I am my my my relationship with my wife my kids is more important. In my relationship with the hockey fans of Boston that the relationship I'm trying to -- here. Would to Nebraska -- be happy dispersant and the Bruins organization about this stale. Assuming that he wanted to stay here and I think he did. By the way the site he had some that that you know. I'll see go in and in -- came up with a nefarious plot they helped to correct negotiating position. Is just ludicrous that I would be drummed out of the agency or in a heartbeat and using one client career have to bolster another. To -- will be the ultimate recipient of the of the senate this year we don't know what was gonna get it anyway. He's a restricted freeagent. He bought -- shop where where he wants he can get the best possible deal somebody law -- and somebody very well might. And and abroad can just say we're gonna match they're a pain in the either way I don't think he was going anywhere any way and I'll tell -- the other part of that. I think she can play more than Tim Thomas next year anyway. Which means Tim Thomas could've taken a real easy way out here. Right he could have deferred said give the job to Tuukka I'm getting all them tired and NA content to back up make it three million. Yeah except that he really is more concerned about this whole deal was his maybe it and I got I think he got order along okay. It FaceBook post on Sunday when he said it was under. Reconnect with friends family and faith that might suggest he got the order wrong by the rest of any serious. Is there bad blood between. Tim Thomas and neatly and surely. Yeah. -- and that hasn't changed. Now I mean. You guys were talking earlier about the negotiations that went wrong with Thomas. There is absolutely no doubt Boston Bruins were very very disappointed. That he did not go to the White House if you remember the White House business and I remember one of the sound -- they were. They were showing a video of Jeremy Jacobs standing at the White House after the ceremony after the thing with President Obama. In Jeremy chickens that this might be the proudest day of my life. When the owner of the team feels strongly enough about it and he's gonna go to ball to Washington from buffalo to partake in what he called the product -- -- And you can't convince your goaltender it's worth just a few minutes of your time just in the back. Don't smile don't pose for pictures don't talk to anybody just beat part of -- and he says no can't do it. I think they were very disappointed and I think they're very disappointed. -- -- -- a question for me we assume that the only reason Tim would retire is because he doesn't know what he's gonna feel like a year from now he wants to leave that that option open to himself. The other part of this and he keeps talking about not wanting to play in the Olympics and 2014 rightly. He's got no change right I mean let's take a realistic look. How about that kid who played in goal for the LA kings last night you think he might be a little ahead of Tim Thomas some on the pecking order Ryan Miller. -- -- Jonathan Quick jump in -- -- -- -- all due respect to him. Up 3940 year old Tim Thomas you're not gonna be playing as a member of the Olympic -- might be helping to coach it is now going to be played. Maybe is a different country hasn't mine. And I -- thought about that integrates right away like that breakaway our country up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where they're there and form their own nation and -- there's also what deal which is a dictatorship dictators country was what -- what they thought baron Cohen with the dictator what the other -- -- out there. A minute already that country that in the guy with a tin foil hat or perhaps it's -- when the economy -- Hey dale as always we appreciate your explanation and your your. Lighting up the information. Guidelines were for depreciated bill could talk -- doctor -- -- -- Callahan on AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE.

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