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This is a big series for the officiating too

Jun 4, 2012|

Mikey always discusses the way game are officiated, the Celtics-Heat Eastern Conference Finals have been no different, but more people are taking notice of the influence the officials have over the outcome of the games and are debating whether they're blowing the whistle too much and should let them play or call fouls as they see them.

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I mean I didn't go the way back and let a lot of those calls. You know go to boot that is not just about to let salt but I would add to coop or call. Could have been filed February. -- have been -- autumn and you know to tell whether if you don't call him a good you can call it on one guy it's. Until they do appreciate it obviously. And that's that. The sum that up pretty good he related as stock. And what he must disagree what that means yet out you know he's trying to be the Smart guy in the conversation now. The bat speed traffic that's his true opinions about her that I think every. Every coach knows I mean Al coach yet in -- dark that's getting through the rest like some of the guys I mean I don't game two but he dessert that that was to zero -- girls yeah yeah so you so they should be three and one giant. Never will could be the other very well video recorder movement -- -- to to to an -- housing yet I know -- so long corn -- senate beginning could be three. I just has snapple following this great cuisine we had from our our friends at big daddy's on western avenue would brighten column at 6177871080. Put on your speed dial 6177871084. Big daddy's become highly recommended others beat it and equality. Abs to good food. And my snapple -- says. Many noses are ready. Stepping out for a walk everyday can actually help you sleep better at night. When you walk every day don't run run. But she walked. Well yeah I do walk but I mean when I did not know I do two and hello miles. Right yeah fight fight sixties we -- exhibited in cautiously tonight. But that's a in a through -- that's -- open he snapple caps while you all entry although restoration after I work out. I get more energy than I had before it worked out so. Sometimes it doesn't work so well. Well but yet I know right after but then late at night rush right late at night and they start my day night sometimes -- while running running midnight. Doing yet -- it's for the best thing is when you retire you catch all the books. Well I can -- during the commercial breaks I run laps from the building is amazing remarkable -- a bad time especially to smoke in the same time passes. Eat fish heads and you really feel good. Monica Saint Louis are you there -- Monica. I am saying though aren't you cardinals fan. -- St. Louis Cardinals -- you know what a year. I respect card rate it its value do you by the way that really threw me for a little window and wouldn't get many Monica's in Saint Louis now and -- -- the first -- -- hegemonic the capitals have a girl's school more than one run against bush calls. Yeah what -- -- will pull it can't -- Willful or some article and your mind tonight darling that felt good. Well. I'm the quiet and now -- gonna want Iran want to go now air it and saying we need a conference can win on hero. And and I'm out of neglect and we're locked and we're low it we're rated adult. They really do look at you what -- -- you say starting with game two okay. Don't look like champions. Eliot. I think so too. And they've kept under under estimated. They bought and so a lot of -- -- -- -- -- about the raid in it in the N in the thought that can keep it down there. What do you make of Rondo what do you think of him as he -- is it that number one story in this all of this. Now well I really don't have you know favorite. They'll pick you know because that Hitler -- -- -- -- good W dot great air and it -- because you know they helping -- get into the title you know it's likely. It's got all want to -- Now. Why US I'm just wondering are not that you know you should have a particularly favored basketball team down there. It's been awhile or Saint Louis Saint Louis soccer and Bob -- why the Celtics what may dubious Celtics and Monica. Well I'll watch them because I have four Brothers and I'm the youngest though it's either watch an election in at all so. I'm watching them on and so the story of how they came together back in the -- yeah. At the Paramount -- that guided hard -- Laker thing. Must have been. Well when the and subsequently broke out now about how that would get the -- and call. Maybe that's a great great thing you know look at that maybe they blessed you with the right move to the right time. There's so much for that though news of places where there's not an NBA team. Typically hear the lakers or Celtics yeah I'm wondering and -- I don't think -- heater loveable enough to be you picked up by people Newton nice area of Saint Louis right Monica potter palm. I thought I'd sure some young kids are bugs and LeBron. It is nothing without the rest and add to wait wait is a filthy little player and Monica you are good caller. And I expect him up are my number that will bring that W back tomorrow. And get go ahead and take it all home premiere there aren't you stay in touch OK Bubba thanks Monica C I love Monica you know solid. As you know the only reason -- -- break of Monica's if your Laker fans perfect through.

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