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Where does Doc Rivers rank in the history of NBA coaches?

Jun 4, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder and Lenny Megs talk about how crucial the coaching of Doc Rivers has been with the Celtics tying up the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals and debate whether he is a Hall of Fame coach.

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-- more about Nick Punto a wave we decided not to do that right. Okay never mind. -- -- -- Mosque must already bags joins us live in the start ago just like in my phone thank you. -- of Smartphone Melanie. Well I heard Nancy might become a dongle Leo over the site while w.s and two men but they want where you're at the game did -- see us on the and I. So are you a matter of fact I was gonna call you on that because not card you literally brought you told Ryder begin to show. John didn't know you're their last job I was there last night right you -- you're. This is they -- is -- -- you said sometime don't remember something like that. Well you did remember you know what I guess he had eight you haven't Howell new head alright actor Jeff. Right and when you're on the big screen. What did you deal. I've appointed dad's right I knew you went the last two games that we on the Jumbotron. Tried last night yet again yet again looking at here's the thing guy -- with the idea that the thing is when you're as handsome as me that's it. You know where -- it is pretty. As my faces. Then they're gonna show you constantly threatening you know it's like -- hot chick only different it was a different or listen to bring you an -- elitists at the camera goes forward and had to make a decision right. On the WEEI dot com planet Mikey page it is of someone took a picture of the big house with Fiore the other night you this Friday -- -- both nights to bear on mine are doing and by the way that it was a different -- time I was blowing kisses up. We -- -- down -- and it's something I've never tried before now. Eventually I'm going to juggle. Wild abuse -- I've just gotten going a little bit I'd taken my time on that it's that's going to be a couple NBA basketball. While something -- on the night do that's all taken off. Com. -- -- -- Testified that he Roseville Libya Iran -- -- had a few -- problem and any new sport but is of them the good time Friday Friday night. -- Sunday night you know me this get these things where it gets so caught up -- I have to be at again you know I am I'm a fan of this team. I'm a fan of Rondo I'm a fan of Garnett more than ever now. I'd like Garnett more now than I did but it beat the lakers. Well there are -- he's pretty good night and all but right now it's like this is the years later and he's -- -- just Boston adds more remarkable what he's doing this pierce is -- soldier I mean look at their involvement terrific and I'd Doc Rivers the greatest coach in the NBA. Well as long before I get came heroes on the teleconference with -- landed in Miami right and and he was asked about Saddam. You know you to a true game five you know since oh wait these guys been through lot of game five since is that to your advantage right. And dark paraphrase since no. I mean every game is different how he really has -- -- boys especially this series. -- about it and I mean I wasn't a bad question but I -- note I imagine it it was a Miami brighter right thing right. I've on the Boston guy well. He was asked that in and -- and I just said I kind of knew a dark was gonna say right how can needle on this team has very little unpredictable Li -- Going through the -- receives data. -- -- -- Both teams and yeah yeah but Miami still want -- while Miami is expected to be here yes but what I am somewhat number -- an album that -- now the Celtics -- here and you look back either they get here by by getting better. Yeah I you know the thing is to the -- is a cool calm collected you know he sometimes -- its enemies in the senate -- to -- -- -- they're doing their supposedly devoted Upton. -- he -- -- buddy over these crucial situation I stomachs churning and -- like a an elaborate places freaking out. Docs say to these guys. You gotta go get you gotta be just simple messages he gives these guys -- then there's such professionals have been around a long time. He's charting plays and he's a -- -- I don't know -- -- -- that's what -- just spent the bulk of the time in some -- -- -- Doing that when they know what the play's going to be he's just talking -- very simple message from where to keep their focus needs. I think he's great now he's he he really is the best. I mean he's right there with you know apart for every one of yeah currently obviously there's been more successful coaches rain wise but. Now he's terrific news but don't you think -- if he -- if they somehow pull off this series. Get to the finals. And they and they went they went against whoever it is and he automatically hall of fame coach. Which two rings again one against the lakers won against the the heat in the quarterly and and he'd get some sympathy nonsense approach of the tourists from there. Necessarily. Com you know. Now not necessarily I don't even have a shot -- it definitely -- too -- -- -- latest on injured reserve has won two rings that isn't in the hall I don't think so. I wouldn't think so Ramirez -- you know it was not a one time bill Fitch guys like that one timers don't want to. Who are dogs are great coach and sort of Barrett Chuck Daly a detailed in -- -- -- or detective I think -- I think to get you get just so. And plus I was gonna say I think you would guess and support because. Days Alan nice guy and -- was it held a good play -- -- -- and also I think this championship to if they were to win this champion yeah especially on the front get Syria to factors of the see -- Doc was saying you know again he was asked about you know but this team. The knock was that two world the human. Dubious right and -- and he jumped ray said no say they're not too low they were out of shape. And he said that a report -- Past random month to two in the season and then -- will see him right he said this the Celtics team last year. Would have been out of the playoffs and original which on my team that through 36 games on 66. Under 500. Under 500. And now there in their fighting against quote the best he's a great story it's a great story -- wrote it in the metro west daily news on a regular basis. That's that's but I didn't like about it -- Try to get -- That's what you do what what that's what you do have this -- that's -- newcomer from. Right in my time and I -- nominee appears to be men cover the NBA many years. Now 38 periods haven't. Been around them and then. I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm the voice going how does a great job on that -- -- Gary -- in a car and -- how you. Government. -- -- thing about this earlier today -- thing about ever crossed my mind what is this series goes seven games which I think it will be. -- -- -- Lose. On bad officiating. On that please. -- destroyed at least what it used tick you'll worry about some analysis I can't. Really -- and I -- can't -- -- where donated at both ends of what went right I got to -- on your own failings and this scholar. You know for a possible seven game and say. This great this Celtics team that was going nowhere in my -- that was on the 500 gap brand and now you're gonna worry that the -- got a screwed up how they Scoble left for Miami yeah I'm presently being in my head against the microphone. Diana had taken any kind of hard I really can't well I'll -- invited John Street euphoria I seasons already worried about game seven again. Group by the Iraq argument you know what I've -- worse -- you are particular about that since. Of course separately got their awful -- -- wailing you'll agree. The Celtics should be up three games to one. A -- that could be quite as I -- I asked you you because they're aggressive because of the play of the two teams just based on what you've seen in the first or four games don't you think the Celtics should be up three games to yes. Casino that's a good answer that's only because I don't want to exhaust and I have. I'm very well could be a battery of Gonzaga and they're getting coded. It is as best we don't know -- had taken but if the Celtics are up to one who knows how to he'd play last night so if they come on. Little more fire and a little more Chris Bosh who. Yet he's actually -- -- is bad or maybe maybe supposedly he's gonna government and abdominal strand I don't know I don't think it's the right move you don't -- that. He says we've been prepared for him every game he says he hasn't been out that long rang games right with -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- remember Shaq. The -- into an attitude about the whole season with -- McDonald's and yeah I knew he was but I can -- -- -- you know what -- the Celtics is probably can say well you know we we we have had experience playing the Miami Heat finished this season with bosh and we pretty success not worn -- Alex yeah it's I think bosh is a dummy. Well recently spread to flow a little bit yeah but you know it's and doc said he says you're gonna it's gonna bang heads whether it's you know and today you're boss whoever in the they yes it was a no patio what we're playing down on the cape this guy called Butler text unity he wants to well I hear the full planet Mikey show we not have the tape tonight. I area like you would know I mean on display you know will be essential case it is important that you need to slip -- piece of data on. Ben is in the car -- next on the planet hello. They were or I. Real quick. -- called to talk about the Celtics but one the next planet Mikey Oki come out. You know we've had that for some reason it's been tables for awhile I think where where there are plans under way to try to you know bring it. I thought it was a wonderful marvelous event -- that's not even talk about the drink it. -- as an analog a couple of good pro you know that was sent. But anyways I just wanted to call and -- -- right right I I called a few times and argued throughout this is not just here and suggested that the Celtics go after a guy like Marcus Camby or. You know. Didn't know Ney York or are you -- -- even go after Christie you know it I I was. Even when the -- will play all I was saying they're just one he can play no way in even I was brought meeting even need that extra body. Regardless. I would I would go as opposed -- saying that even if they do not -- you know even if they don't win the final -- -- -- be -- I consider that he's been a huge you know a lot. I heard analysts consider and its it ice consider misses the success ran out but but but you know John I -- I've had this feeling that they can if they get by the heat who you are picked to win it all. I can see the Celtics beating. I mean I I don't know why I think kind of positive clear definition of a team the unity they know this is -- last stand I mean I think well part -- that and they're talented as well of course yeah but our idea was the the other two teams you know our. Must be pretty good right okay and they are which I don't. I'm deducting either -- final analysis might just be there with these tootsie you know these via he'd have to hall of famers on the team right -- a tough for. That could be just what it is an and it is able to -- can be too tired to play this thing out then you know maybe the overall experience of therefore all of yours. And their coach is that thinks Erik Spoelstra is better -- dot com -- the so they have edges you know they have an edge here and an edge there now. Red tape themselves out of it as an edge of heat and I think they give a really good show about you know that the thing is that they can't get there and yet. If they do get to the finals audio which who's such a well balanced machine and also -- well coached -- -- well coached. And who familiar coach is there. But the Celtics who thrive on defense want to Oklahoma City does a lot they led the league in turnovers but the one other thing is they run you out of the gym. -- Russell could Miami in this threw to -- so I don't want there's audio and yeah -- Antonio Boston because that's when I predicted I'd like be right John noses. John knows that I like right beat almost more than him and being. Having sex right now or do you got to do a great job with all the time keeping up -- spent.

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