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Tim Thomas will take a year off from Bruins

Jun 4, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk about Tim Thomas' decision to take a year off from the Bruins and also do some Twitter role play with some Bruins writers.

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Butler and ID 37 WEE we left the show on Friday. A wacky story about Tim Thomas. And the reports from ESPN and -- LeBron that Tim Thomas is going to potentially sit out the year. We went back and forth is a contract. Is it negotiation. Is it true. On a given Tim Thomas is posting on FaceBook over the weekend. -- it's indeed true opted not seated it's posted up a WEEI dot com sure by now many of you have. But Tim Thomas obviously acknowledging on FaceBook or I can tell that he's gonna sit out the year folks in the three deaths friends family and faith. In 20122000. The battle order. And I got what one I would want to be family faith and friends five or implement some safe they want Stanley inference that you. The friends definitely third. Out of I would hope so. At the age of 38 Thomas -- deadliest kind of put my time and energy into those areas and relationships. That I've neglected. That's why at this time I feel most important thing to do in my life is reconnect with the three asked that we just talked about. And this is what I planned to -- over the course of the next year. I want just taken seriously and maybe there's something that he's not writing -- maybe it is a family issue maybe someone in his family's sick as a focus there. That's the case a lot of this. Yeah back and forth becomes too. A penny drops the plugin or you didn't. Ultra systems and I had but I don't waived by OK -- different companies apparently working with that he plugs in his FaceBook -- post. And he ends what what does this portend for the future will seek God's will be done. TT for Tim Thomas -- would you would you feel differently about this if this was just. I don't know if it is or not the distant retiring from the game. He decided to walk away and retire right and said you know what would -- and my skates has gone away. You know I just out on the energy to do anymore I don't wanna do walking away I would I feel a ton differently about it today absolutely. The thing if features that you know what I am just. I'm done you know and then it's time to give back that says some of relationships that you neglect -- your professional last understandable if people can understand that. But what he says I just wanna take a year off. Then it starts that better starts. How are you talking about you to take a year off the dual all the stuff in a year when you contract is up. If you wanna take year off you go do it then but if you wanna retire all might be my guest that's up to anybody could decide to retire whatever they want. But just a -- a year off. Think about you leave a team with a five point five million dollar salary cap -- no player will get to that part of it but I understand he wanted to retire you BM. No -- job prospects goes overseas comes back at thirty wanna -- a -- in the NHL and asked to work is Nassau last seven years late start at this. And assured affect the family because at times as a young goaltender Pomona college for your top prospect every different light ski he would be going over there is restricted he's always going to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With that the way that I the way to see BA works now and it's another wrinkle is the CBA is gonna evaporate on September 15 or sixteenth. He is cut and he be the Bruins property year after year. But he placed in the suspend hiring police placed on the NHL suspended with the Bruins had that option baseman Eusebio we have in place right now that may be gone in three months from now. He still on the books for five point five million bucks. He doesn't get -- three million dollar salary but at the end of next year. -- salary basically just rolls over his contract rolls over and again he's property the Boston brutal besides that on a second year -- year -- off because of relationships again. It worked on them enough to want to -- friends fairly faced the Bruins take another. Five point five million dollars into this guy decides to play or retire everything I read this week and how we don't hear I don't know. I -- it again that it's tough for me is that. I just can this really be it is he really that this got -- -- stubborn wearing it in a way that was a serious and especially he screw in the Bruins. You stick it was five and half a million bucks and up. Next to it it has to be more I don't know if if all of a sudden 8882. Year extension. Would get in a way of him building these relationships. If bill and try to reconnect with a three deaths almost and two years might now want to reconnect with a -- I don't know that the end game what's two year extension. Record yet. Maybe he wants to be traded. Page have brought -- not come back through you want to the salary cap hit find trade me but he doesn't wanna be treated -- -- those three options. Or might just trying way too hard to get into a guy's head. That we obviously over the course of last year realize that that can be very dangerous you're doing that needs and -- see all our one year ago today. Right Bruins -- -- Stanley Cup finals. And we disguise on top of the world he cant do anything wrong page coral absolute epic performance. You do it goes back to a year ago today you think he could do whatever he wanted to they witnessed cup. If Thomas can do what ever he wants in this town. At night of people just text the incident will have just retired general and with that the text messages have to make it up security put it up to the -- stuff that people -- -- the Q3 this. Guy out. Well would also is the curve ball here's before you posted this on Sunday. -- said he wants but the energies into the areas and relationships -- I've neglected on Saturday night. On his FaceBook page he posted a pair of links both predicting economic world disaster. And let into the first win by riding CY hockey and just not an important right now. That's a little bit -- much hockey nothing important because the world economic disaster. But they're from the what are posted on Sunday which was friends family and faith is ordered not -- In terms of the Korea so I think your question is a very good one -- just trying too hard to get -- Of a guy that is out there and as wacky. And hassle beliefs on things yeah. I also think you -- that list of what could be going on is there a -- there is a deeper family issue. That's gonna affect the next year of his life and he wants to go spend a year doing that could be rocketing -- Information about that any of that conversation and off the record piercings on all by well we know. Which can complete react to be completely different -- comes out today. That says family issue and here's what is he wants that your off okay austerity want to train for the Olympics. A year from now. Adjusted there's all this stuff. But just sit there is a Bruins fan -- that the biggest thing he sticking your right now as far as you know of five and a half million dollar salary cap it. And if be retired. You make this thing a lot more clean break right in their be a way to break it off instead he sort of hold them hostage when it comes -- the five and. Tired Dino talk and today's talks somebody's maybe there's something going on with his parents they wanted to take time off health reasons and got I don't know but I I would almost. Rather hear that you know because if that's the case that OK now now which sit here and maybe it's it's somewhat of a different discussion but just. This -- taking a year off. Friends family and faith. You know we got to open this would packet pick in September when the whole thing us. Afterwards talking about my family my wife and -- nobody but finished most aboard the -- don't -- -- -- -- to screw you. That whole attitude. If Tim Thomas in my family's most important thing I've neglected those relationships. He had that's you've been rewarded. Of those sacrifices haven't you but they treated you unfairly when they did people like like cupid extended this guy for that long he's been good but it what does he want. There was you is -- -- he's shown he can win in the playoffs. They rewarded him financially sound a -- years down at three million which isn't very go when he looked around the NHL. It is it motive just to get another contract. I it's tough because he once again without getting into a guy's head that is just all over the place right we found that out of course the last 56 months. Adding we know more this year about him Tomas in about it just as general -- we felt during the run a year ago you know when that silly cup run happened -- any of the stuff. Was this on anyone's radar outside the guy's not locker room and I'm not exactly sure war that it was. Us about was interest thing you know Joseph haggard is -- story up on on CS and today he goes to. No one Bruins player texted him and said I guess this is good for -- it -- like Joseph went out tried to talk some Bruins players about this. One guy didn't want his name attached to it but said -- gasket for two. Two guys said it wasn't he didn't have enough on opinion that -- respond to really. Yeah a goaltenders thirty make it a walkway if your team lead to a five and have -- dollar salary cap it and you don't wanna response -- -- the record to find out what we. These guys don't want talk about of one point one of the record to set now and again to let. Three guys to starting goaltender. And now it's not worth the commented -- steam engine on -- Aggies article what Tim Thomas. Also Kirk -- article -- Jim Jones is there and DJ being article on him to it was we have three. Articles on -- yeah Thomas and the Hagerty men hand and I get -- -- -- beta there's been attached to open its apps -- keeping me. Entertained throughout the entire self the stock early on that set the falls like investment on what city is a little look at Michael on and on. On Twitter beef but we don't need between these they'll repeat -- manager had -- go back and forth the DGB chicken and I think advocate Hagerty did you mean -- in rather -- article -- -- the media was a lot to blame for Tim Thomas and basically kind of -- and he just he doesn't talk is give the media what they want that -- had a bad articles the bottom received bad things about what -- kind of came fired back and and -- and really started that would curtain and hand tweeted yesterday. Tim Thomas might be knots but at least he stands by what he believes that's what -- chilling comparison. Doesn't work for me that was the first week I saw amongst the back and forth different -- but it was the article in the kind of got axle fired up Ireland. What a Joseph -- arsenal -- made an agreement -- -- Tim Thomas one point three million because the media blow smoke up the spats in the -- Wow so many good shot on -- Kirk. -- up like Turkey play jail and I'll respond to you -- sort of a couple that's not what the column was about. Stick to holding a microphone and giggling with Sagan and -- writing to the rest of us. Once again Kirk writing from my coach -- and his all the answers. You be dangers he had a -- over anybody W wore -- exact. It got pretty testing a statement. Never wrote that the media holds any responsibility GO just think guys like you are complete hypocrites in this situation. If Titi told you you want to hear you'd never rip them easy to kill a guy would you know he'll never give you anything. You Wear any all of an opinion about Bruins who packs with -- as guardian of gate beg for permission before and during his world almost a three columns. For a minute and the job respond well ya know -- opinions about media covered Bruins are certainly something I've vested interest -- -- columnist with no quote. But -- the best part because Kirk and Joseph have in this little. The so now now DJ dean Witter beef all the sudden. Eating pig gets involved. -- in Paris and. The packed -- of attacking people on Twitter on the an ally. Of the -- at DJ here so why -- -- -- at. There also bags of packet -- -- ought to eject. The of ever seeing you argue with anybody person Kirk protocol critical Bruins media pretty clear. Tax -- meets -- out weather here today -- -- -- -- well known attorney in two jobs. He started out round of fired the Jayson -- -- -- -- at WEEI tag team Monday who's doing attacking again. -- attack at her and there's only one guy he uses Twitter to belittle other. Your followers are now. Thought -- Kirk a little Sotheby's in his columns much more appropriate great point mean. I'll bet there's this sort of this -- so it dictating I gotta be honest with you well I think -- hand tags Eric. Did you -- -- and -- minute and response finally if TT was one of your guys this is that the tax -- -- TT was audio guy should be treating him differently. Think it could go on a killing spree give a free pass. I'd love to what are. Really I love Twitter to get a good. Midnight to fake one day -- -- -- allies say that beautiful thing here this that was a beautiful -- I don't think all three -- for detaining my morning I think the only day like this text message DJ sounds but it. It's set up. They -- great job by the way rates just DJ thank you for coveted today and joining us here in the -- the -- but it's unbelievable and it's what we got here we gonna both fifteen -- point. Tax bracket for the tweet re going to fourth. The retreat before and actually act act Kirk men at DJ be followed all that you watch the tweet beat the goes back and forth. Quick break what's on -- -- Italy united threesome.

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