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Bobby Valentine with Dave O'Brien in Toronto

Jun 3, 2012|

Dave talked to the Sox manager before the last game of the Jays series about Jarrod Saltalamacchia's performance this season, and about how the team is jelling.

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Okay John thank you very much Red Sox going for the three game sweep over the Toronto Blue Jays -- with the skipper Bobby Valentine and but it certainly has a nice ring to it as the team continues to play good baseball yesterday wouldn't say either side was terribly sharp defensively. It's one of those games you've got through even though you maybe wasn't the greatest baseball on both sides -- you get yourself win. Yeah -- you know takes all kinds of games in. You know so many things go unnoticed. You know Saltalamacchia. Who's hitting so well and and catching so well makes the big throat -- Miller runner in the eighth inning at third base trying to -- he's. Made about five throws right on the money to second base. But the guys have done good and attempts to just get an -- tags is timing gets AM. He gets an assist and you know we knew we were in a ball game and that's always good news. And on salty are we looking at a guy who's going to be very seriously considered for the all star team I know it's still early it's just the early days of June. But he's had that kind of a starred in in April and may especially -- been playing the last few weeks hasn't. Absolutely I mean our. Our fans come at a ballpark is it is loyal as is any and -- recognized salty is all star and you know his numbers speak for himself he -- right up there with anyone in the league so. Sure he'll get mentioned but you know the all star team that selected at the end of the season as mobile one and beyond and I think he's gonna continue to get better as the season goes on. But delegate thoughts about Felix to Bryant yesterday it's it looked as if there was something awful little bit early in his performance at one point. And you went out to check on an injured player Mike -- in the -- chatted with Felix on you way back to talk about that. I just thought his command was off a little maybe his concentration to hit it two out come backers that. You know bounced out of his glove and any had a chance to feel whose -- and media -- could use a little. Whatever confused by that. There's a lingering effect. You know with the bases loaded we needed a big out and I needed and concentrate on the hitter and not on what happened in the past I think he did daddy got out of the inning and that. Threw a hundred and competitive pitches that day it gave his chance to win ball games. Nick Punto has his biggest day with the Red Sox in an absolute bomb on the second level got three hits. And afterwards we had him on an and he was talking about how this team really likes each other they they lean on each other is -- a feeling of camaraderie. He can't under sell that can you when a team gets off to a rough start in recovers as this one. Yeah I innovating and the oldest adage in the world is if it doesn't Killian makes you stronger and there are a lot of things that tried to kill us early in the season I think we got stronger because that is a very good group of guys. Who are coming together. And -- becoming a team. A guy like won't go to be able to come off the bench and deliver like that when he spent a Rocky start himself how important is that. For the 25 guys in there. Well I think those important is that there was no panic by the organization you know he. Test and went down nine he was starting he. He wasn't looking really good for a couple of games and then. There wasn't. A panic button placed where we had to either make a trade bring someone up place someone in his stead. You know he was on this team to play when does that are or Mike needed some days off and he's doing just that and doing a fine job. Is Mike Kabila's OK after taking that shot off the other hand -- wrist yesterday. Yes thank god it wasn't off the wrist it was off off the meat of the hand and the you know Mike along with so many of these guys sees a tough guy and he's gonna play through it in and and given tomorrow off. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the day Monday by the way is an off day for those of you following it all. A Mercedes-Benz question then Dustin Pedroia Bobby how to deal look to you in the cage and you -- him yesterday when he was hitting they're taking some batting practice. How did he look in how close is it. He's close many looks fine he had no after effects from hitting. He and you know he's gonna make whatever adjustments he needs to make to them. Perform at the Major League level and a permanent and a very high eight and a very high Dustin Pedroia fashion I think he's going to be fine. Sooner rather than later Bobby thanks elected to go for the sweep here in Toronto. Thanks -- you know series are important but sweeps are fun sweeps are fun indeed that's Bobby Valentine lets get it back to John rash.

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