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Bobby V with Dave O'Brien before the first game against the Blue Jays

Jun 1, 2012|

Dave talked with the skipper about the series win against the Tigers and about the upcoming road trip, starting in Toronto.

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Okay John thank you very much pretty quick turnaround for the Red Sox and with the manager Bobby Valentine and Bobby it is a fast turnaround because after a lengthy game last night almost three and a half hours. The club comes right to Toronto gets in about. 3 o'clock in the morning everyone a little bit sleepy may -- at least at this point you don't expect -- -- 7 o'clock. Yeah I think the wake up call come. Right before first pitch of the guys we really go. You know we're playing good brand of baseball and things -- Our movement OK I don't think they're gonna let this late in this jetlag bother him. A good series against the Tigers so tough to be. A good team three in a row let alone four straight games -- very pleased with a. Know extremely pleased him. You know we had a gun loaded there in the in the fourth game in. You know -- -- you play games week you're in it in and day you had a chance to win then the hope. Continues to to build -- net. We have a lot of -- to. Josh Beckett had been pitching so effectively he did give up ten hits in his outing last night what were your thoughts on. That performance it looked like he threw a lot of change ups and a. Yeah he humiliated has curveball early in his fastball wasn't as explosive as it was so he just did it with. You know kind of gutsy he figured it out he pitched like a veteran and they kept us in the game me. He did really good job without having his best up and down. You know Major League pitchers when they -- thirty times started thirty plus times a year there are days that you have to get by him and he almost got by with a win. Bobby anything new on Dustin Pedroia. Imagine he's as much as. A pain in the neck is ever when he's not a whole lineup every day and you can't claim again today anything new developing with the thumb. Is that what it is that's the body part these pain and -- I like that. He he's the best wraparound and and he might be the worst. Not to put in the lineup he sees just to rearing to go he has a a little brace. That's been custom made it feels real good about it if in fact. The you know has to take some swings that he played catch yesterday and today he made him take some ground balls -- him -- -- so. He's progressing nicely the swelling is out of out of the injured part of his hand. And now it's just. Waiting on that training room to say that down it's okay for him to play the game baseball. So is your confidence pretty high that he can avoid the disabled list altogether are you already jumping way beyond that and and maybe thinking in your own mind well this is the target date I'd like to see him back in there without deals day. I'm not doing your target date but. You know the progress since been so wrapped today I really don't want to miss. Some days because we put him on an analyst. Well you got Clay Buchholz. Going tonight clay coming off his best outing of the season. What will be the early signs for you Bobby that he is gonna pitch that way again he's gonna have the same kind of outing or even a better out in the -- the last time when he was outstanding. Well it's a tough offense is -- -- here and yes they have the arm speed and his changeup. Early to go along with his fast poses fastballs down in the zone removing any stories change of -- of that. Then he can complement those pitches -- -- a curve -- his cutter and down. You don't work some magic against the Carolina. And -- -- -- Mercedes-Benz question of the day about this division in Toronto obviously very active part of it do you expect Bobby for. This to be the race a five team race right down to the end in October. I don't know it's to be a five team race but they're small -- teams are going to. Have. You know what have a little say in and who wins this. Division and I think it -- gonna go down to that. You know last five or six weeks and who gets -- last who's healthiest at the end. Who builds their team throughout the season. That they'll be on top. Buddy -- good looking game one here in Toronto tonight. Okay thank you will be as Bobby Valentine lets toss it back to John rash.

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