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Friday, June 1st Whiner Line

Jun 1, 2012|

Poor Meter, plus the NBA offices get a message or two on their voicemail.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and expressed. My mind these aren't buying these teen TE Chris Cox. This is discretionary -- -- -- And now -- -- your line. You wanna go to college. That's my personal life there's nothing -- -- the Bruins hockey. Remains sound and now it's. That's my personal life as -- On your hockey. Team we've been WEEI. War near lie and basically just a it is you have to -- this question read the rates and an answer. You -- okay -- you don't want. My job. FaceBook is my personal life. That's -- dial 6177793535. You guys don't understand the difference between individual. And what they do the job earning athlete in his personal life. I think there's a problem whiner line I don't think that you become nationally did you sign away your right CNN. You and and then have your own views and we will lose. Host and host them on FaceBook if you like hey now it's platforms aren't enough this. My personal life that afternoon I hear the Boston Bruins I'm not gonna addresses you guys can keep asking. We can do this every day from now on the first question I get I learn every day from an interview for let me WEEI. History you're writing it. Whiner line from. -- suspicion we may hear from FaceBook real soon. Because he's got to get a little bit more this information out I got planes took place side right now it's a little leverage got to play. Applause as he leveraged as -- I just -- was he's got leverage. This I I can't remember another athlete. It was in the situation that had cut of the right to three million bucks he's got talent at the don't make that up. Yeah. Thank you look at leverages at the end of your career they've got your replacement already on the team to grasp of getting knocked on his Rask. Shrink pulmonary. We doors as they got three million dollars -- a balanced enough leverage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Odds stacked right now for -- -- decide the AT&T wide of the Waco -- -- down the -- so off right now organ upon those who once the president software ago. And then you decide the wide of the week whatever it takes to devote to 85850. So we all game. Now let me any. When equipment that portraying a well paying. A. Have a good. -- thanks a lot hey -- from Rhode Island. Had gas tank without so my bank collapse and current problem island. And -- get me programs or sit around -- any political grants you know move towards them. No I don't Jose -- -- I haven't too many Dalia I here's your second nominee it's nominee. What was good about what it was. All right beautiful L -- you know uses that people hate to see how. Are you that will any public school. I watched it. And -- gonna bring him like always other celebrity. Guys that are gonna do it how was made a last night did you even -- anybody lives and he's second all -- find some that it Marcel Marceau gonna do it. I moved to Houston wide of the Rick yeah week. Obviously. You think it's. I'm just I don't want influence voting right now quite painful but I want -- -- so I won't be surprised when Andy says. A wins by a landslide any of the Celtics -- the sweep you -- right that's not the other. They -- and enjoy the game. And hurt us. That's all -- apple that's tradition tape got a testament to how far from -- at practice today and hopefully. Machine and a at first -- Nelson. At second -- Milwaukee. And at third base Chris Guccione. Dino sounds like every other announcers know. And he could be Tripoli game for -- we know -- He can't -- Third baseman number 24. Miguel. Cabrera. -- -- Cabrera. The difference for a third -- David you. Fourteen. -- right to vote for a factual I don't -- -- the letter a need to wait 5850 apparently a lot of people. Did influence there's no I'm not trying to look though I tried to -- it -- However the voting process to play out I tell -- -- your doors and even the Antarctic do you -- Lester a couple of Elizabeth Warren -- needs some help. Out. Not to vote for -- and all -- to breed a 5050. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Of one it was scored a receiving 100 dollar market experts give to also eligible for the want to -- you grab a new iPad one year AT&T -- and limited. One of the -- powered. By AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT. And T rethink possible. Stoke up man. But for me -- the green just indicted. That we've gone from -- becoming mayor -- people. Would ask that abuse this. Iran off you if that doesn't happen johnsons -- -- studies are -- -- -- deaf -- back in the game yeah. So what you out of the way here here commercial. And commercial. What do you guys got official spoke of the good I. You'd be surprised. And I have to -- I think we will you don't think it's up and that that's why he's doing -- the important parts of my body or all cleaned. The important. Stuff I can tell you what it was and actually. Got special paint brush and don't know -- that -- aren't at their word for -- -- for it it's good -- -- Yeah -- and it was the dinner -- Quite radio is great as a -- do I think my. That all of his friends. He's definitely twenties or early bird not the quote and I thought the putt was like 65 years old Larry just. And -- just said that's discouraging apparently you're not a friend of a month and about -- yesterday should've known it was a joke when he said friends. And looking at odds over there about this Texas on the line with voting these -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're gonna act on them and it -- That would lead block to get rid of the darker the I don't want more -- -- I have well. And after that hit her. -- -- -- -- -- -- and not -- is obviously a great. Current order. Doctor. Who care. And initial test for the shows you think is the callers pop pop right at WW dot com we have a little resonate restaurant or complete listings and Malia go check it out they do that on ESPN June analysts are talking a little -- called -- But we can do that's what it comes Obama thing they shouldn't want to let WEEI dot -- -- drive everybody to the Joseph doesn't audibly for each player that comes up does it. -- -- up. -- slot now on all my god look at what it did give up being being. Football and basketball -- grand. Power -- hours. By the -- the first game of a series. Is always one of those were. Joseph really goes overboard if you've noticed right -- hit the project. It gets to forty -- secondary title a -- mother works as they have a nurse at the local high school. No he's not that bad match would need everybody knows these are -- And in the -- because. They've got -- -- you period and now for the red side. -- to -- last night was great. -- great reviews and was Alice it was a -- -- Fries and stretch and -- just along with our Fenway Park -- as he -- take me out to the ball game. But it's what he's supposed to give the guy's name. They are are generic or does say is that how are you -- remember his name he didn't know it. Apparently -- put the seat in front of them we've got to have a seat right. And made -- great job. But I understand what they did. They've got to stick -- gotten word from you wanna -- it. Austin auditions first time it's probably a little nervous when Dallas please rise and distractions and along without that was part organisms as he plays take me out to the ball whatever. They'll -- you put your own if you're only inject your own opinions and and they don't have. You know what did you hear you're on a -- here remember this if you go to if you go to I've. I've heard this in the -- more than in the northeast -- southern games. Ladies and gentlemen please stand gentlemen remove your caps. Yeah everybody northeast -- I don't know I don't know I -- it's understood members Charlotte. Remember the original -- the originals are desperately short ones when they relief to have prayer and to pray people pray before -- -- -- again and bring in a paper and a minister and he would pray before the end journalist he's stupid stories thank you very much of that Johnny most get down there and Tebow has yet. -- very important for the games then after that George Shinn would sexually harassed yeah. I. All right did break is it. Got -- but can't take your little bit -- meters and out thing happen let's not -- wanted that to me is that bad guys are very hard. We got nerdy and how to avoid -- and -- -- and that's gonna do what. To limit and you the other so called celebrities that are gonna try as they called him like you know and never call me at all kind of put off by actually -- -- -- pretty good announcer appointment put out our our our flash -- is Riley's gonna do Vegas real costs -- were pushing this sauce gets -- -- announcement because. You would be good we now. Last please rise and stretch and sing along with -- that -- part organisms the only way to out into the ball game. This the only count we have a fed report or generic or. -- him either he's like a little school girl. You go because I think it would show a benefit do just that the telegenic. Okay you know that's my fault but because it's. The -- drank a bottle locally grown. And I'm friend my prayers go well all this didn't happen quick break up in just. Someone please help Kimmel live when. But his commercial that says that this story. This story of the beginning -- beginning of the middle everybody says. And -- put me which was that the beginning. Which is now what the end was coming talent show. And you know I interviewed about Vegas. And I think he was a better have you back -- he's doing a lot of blow. Really yeah right yeah it is kind of you know matter of fact and and kind of just like an almost like a computer spout off by real I've yet you lost forever first -- have when you start out. And -- it is -- at the yeah okay. They're both of the ball available. I have I would have a quick break out the best way what about -- But you thought brought great great friend probably told you once they've got that are critical to -- with equipment that everybody. And everybody else. What there is a great friend to me it was quite good we. Good job. You saw in the always tough to beat those things I thought he was you know as an additional story with Miami is talking about -- that was a nice little story in -- -- and that what. They end up. I thought that I'd -- -- It to I don't want to get the comrades. It's spelled out his activist. -- the -- -- What did Adam did. Opt out but it got but it ended -- so it appears that'd be dealt with yet guy. And now I know a couple of -- one well you techsters say that the organist it doesn't want his name mention. -- asked for the guy's name noted when his name and Liza. I don't know. And then this protection plan and any other text and I disseminate the racism Croker over the weekend -- craft. Okay I got it out. Is a picture of recent is this does this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but but I'd just like to get it makes me feel better bastion of phone number -- still better there's a phone now this this idiot I wouldn't dignify this call his brother are around and -- -- -- -- This idiot. It's so stupid. That he makes a comment like that on text in which his phone is listed right right to it I guarantee you we call a lot. You'll be scared sleepless. I'll call right now let's call Oprah kills over a com -- call his mother last night. I'll probably kept the ball -- Hit it -- that. Right out of it and it try. Want and then we'll talk like that -- Very. Much about how you look at. Maybe they don't. And that. Political style. Let Hartford. Assortment that Andy and myself Lenny Clarke. -- Digital outdoor. About what we're right guys freedom of the -- got losses due with the AFLAC commercials at least you know we was right. I know Adam you guys like copy of the opposite yesterday. What about that -- -- quote. Would you believe that I am. Excuse me might -- better. That it. Actual question about. -- that would. Could -- and -- -- -- -- -- felt got. It they get paid to write a lot. Of stuff with the gold that. Out of court. It happened like complete that we haven't -- but yet. And that. -- tell you get fewer with. He's got it all and then I've got to tell you is that it is -- base you know emotional -- you get about this though it is now. All that unit have a sort of wrapped up. So how can -- so they've been pretty -- you know. Well. A good step somehow broke we've heard this -- you can bet if you out. Mean this so it's bad -- you can do is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They do -- how bout -- -- a big games and then the playing field. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her mind and that. How prep for that the you know Russia they call foul on heat is ready. Yeah I'll be there tonight so -- I'm going to be beautiful and you're not gonna I gonna be -- I didn't -- -- the names of these reps are you -- balanced the baroness -- single out these rats with my very very penetrating vocal -- Trust me. What the Mormon religion but to get the -- lying about but wrapped. Being okay. Yeah yeah it doesn't -- And open up but wrapped tightly how we have to fly out of it up because its debt like toolbar like that -- Her out. And match isn't the rep tonight to one down and he called a hundred dead or test of that -- that's a great sign after the -- -- -- yeah. Danny Danny doesn't drink. Andre doesn't swear noted elsewhere never I've never -- a foul -- -- -- -- -- ever -- -- ever Cedric before haven't even on the golf course good golfer misses a shot in every it's out exposed to gamble -- that's right that's the kind of the Mormon thing you know I haven't I haven't read about our rules like they -- I'm sure should've asked him on the golf course right thing to fundamentally. To a national. Here in the city they're gonna limit the size of sugary drinks. You can get around because Mayor Bloomberg was brought -- basically if you want 32 while the folder. Yes what voters Connecticut that they go to apple -- from the I want a little but wait that didn't play. I didn't want they wanted to wait physically. Michael you. Just landslide. That to want to honor you notice -- -- so that when you did it today that the actual audience with you when you've done with -- -- win you don't know why they. Just answer this trend out there not just lemmings dialogue Arnold doesn't know material ever gonna come back next week well congratulations -- dollar American -- I've express gift card. From AT&T eligible out for the 81 player of the year grand prize to claim your prize. Send an email to want to weaken WEEI dot cabbage -- line. It's brought to you by AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to -- times faster than three G. He teach you everything.

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