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Jun 1, 2012|

We speak with Danny Ainge for his weekly appearance and try and get him to comment on more than his team... let's just say he politely declined to speak about the refs.

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-- back here at the big shelf. Let our white Michael Holley Cedric Maxwell those are third man and for the first couple of hours and we'll head over to the garden and get ready for tonight's broadcast. That the Didier Joseph weekly get together with the president of basketball operations of the Celtics brought to you by SP -- dependable no nonsense like insurance. At a price you can live with call 888 get espionage or visit SP -- don't count and by Comcast business class mr. -- Are you doing today. Undergrad. At this hour. By Dan I before Greg before we get its video game. Give us a little play by play but apparently referred from different people source that sources little moles. That when the game was over last night UN candidate -- heated conversation. -- Joseph -- jumped right outside the officials' locker room he's the vice president of refereeing operations not a Mecca. I would they would eat it number actually Rick we we actually were talking about. -- don't call it appears caller you got -- we're talking about the way it is the rule. The breakaway lower order -- power. Rule it's -- -- -- -- -- A lot via YouTube where game on and on an interpretation. And that rule that the -- But I would not quality inspections or and I don't so this year -- -- at the city on how that should be. Probably are stationed up again this summer. -- not how do you deal that you obviously can't go out and blast the officials docked at the same thing he was very careful bowl. Kind of led in and allowed to try to get the media to talk more about it doesn't help you do that on the other hand. You've got to look at the first two games the five -- in the first game and in some of the calls the other night. And -- yourself pushy guy who's played the game from me what's going -- up and people talking about not only here at any. But nationally which is unusual this is not just how many nights and and the Tommy writes you know they're complaining about the officials. This is -- now our conversation for the last 48 hours across the country. Well no audio hey I'm here at the NBA trapped -- buying in Minneapolis right now you're ready to jump on a plane and in other -- I can I think every player or front or every Vietnam -- -- team up to me about it as well. You know it's just part of the game make you get your game and how I mean we have other thing to worry about it got others together. Rebound better and better. And it makes them more shots -- sideways in that's what really what our focus beyond. He talked about all the other things you have to worry about in your mind what's. What's the top priority was number one for you and in turning this series around. You know why I don't ever look at it. He has got a break -- on the game but -- aren't always believed and I still believe. Their attitude. And that's the way you go out to gain confidence in which you play and the how -- the standard you instigated the physical player you -- -- You know both kind of things are way more important city one day you're I think that that's what you do it now. Follow rotten -- out each came out. Play the last game and we all play that way and play with competent and aggression and electric yet. Well one thing you saw Danny was that it seemed it to me it's stood out count what Paul Pierce. Be an aggressive went. LeBron James and I think that. He has to continue that because I think everybody kind of looks at him as as a person AP if you talk about the other team in the opposition in the leader of that team. Is LeBron James and you've got to cut off that he and then the the body count at that. Well you know I I think that's true that's true generally but I I think the print that a lot easier said -- Democrats say they cut off. Ahead of Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. That's what we did -- -- where -- We got. Thought we went -- we're right it we went right it -- win the top of -- -- does. Well I mean if I recall we -- we wanted seven game a battle and you know we lost a mixture tried to do same army. What a standard that you -- have the -- -- I guess the great players. In the public enemy and it -- please -- -- -- your damn it Danny Danny I didn't play in this -- that's what you laws. I. No I did not play in the eighty about it and that's what I meant and then read random audits found it and American marriage to -- won't forgive our. Hey -- what they say the most important ability as -- availability. Okay -- Doc river if I did you what you saw the other night from Rajon Rondo is something that. Would all but looking for for a long time and I'm not expecting him to go out there and hit sixteen of 24 or score 44 every single light. But when he does. Take an outside shot when he does take the ball to the hole when he does become a bigger force scoring for your team hasn't changed everything out there on the floor. You know what it what it does why does it sort of takes away the net of what people have been saying about it on or. You know that the critics servers on Europe -- years that you know the only reason you'd be good player is -- That the victory. And what you'd seen Rondo -- -- out -- he's -- great moments in the victory work. Plane up their gains and -- yacht race is not a great player that you -- what is it injury. But. You know what -- on -- I would like to see him do that all the time even when he's not naked coach out all would like you look at the other night I always think you'd. Take that open shot and it's. It's very important part of the game it's hard to -- -- Oprah and she sold yet it. At finding that you know print it out where that same shot or key key that same shot. At the end of the clock that sometimes I think he's sort of it as a -- there in our I -- and -- a year and Jason had been accused. A young point guard where you know what he decided to just take the shot he became better much better. Anyone that things ever look at meg game is meant 53 minutes for Rondo every minute of the game and also over time the even with him it it it is or something where he you know he's just beat you on others because. It just seemed super human to go that long and be that strong at the end of the game even at his age. Yeah I know each EU special -- -- we don't know that they will want whatever. There you the other thing that you -- viewers. Your party Chalmers given are dead -- Miami did a really good saying. In that game and they were running a lot of pick and rolls with LeBron setting the screen -- Rondo. And charmer that really read at all because Paul was guarding LeBron it was trying to give you know Roger I'm a little bit help. But you know was very concerned about getting back to LeBron and that really street robbers -- about Robert Ritchie who -- success. Work around the street that LeBron was setting. On Rondo so that's just another element of -- 53 minutes -- talk about a subject said that restraint built up that. -- what's your analysis of what's happened with Ray Allen this post season doesn't look like the same guy the numbers say. He's not the same guys made some big shots but it's not the -- that we -- to what do you see. -- -- We -- in your dad go to physical therapy to get injections to get out there on the court of me. -- is trying to do all cheer for us and Europe looked better last game shot at a little more grip he made some shots is that -- try to gain the -- Re doing everything he can't it's it's you know rating rated is not garner player got a lot of basketball left in -- but he's got -- -- never meet their. He'd be checks when it's when you developer and it's unfortunate that part of the injury. I know you're not a doctor I'm certainly not a doctor but Q you mentioned we also audio more lift the last game is it just that from from what you've heard from your own doctors doctor McKee and -- and everybody else. Is it just a random things some games. He's gonna feel better and other games no rhyme or reason he won't have the lift that he hadn't game to. Oh yeah there's definitely a -- -- the field where offenders there are moments where it's -- really good. When it comes out it's warmed up and and then you -- check -- out if it's the pain returns. Well yeah I think there I don't know what the reasons are not the fragment and the -- Or in the ankle joint actually shipped from -- during at certain times but. Yeah he has moments where he's still much pain and others. No no -- no disrespect no disrespect to the balked at but the Bobble. Lot of years he is accused the united you know this -- -- can't win this thing media critics over and over again who don't know the gain. And they hit you with and I just don't understand I guess I understand but by. It it just seems crazy how what -- those critics with Charles Barkley he knows the game of this death and he's. In the end you know he's that before us like they are taking you know not looking at this team. In in a hole. It is just your religious taken apart right now seeing this guy though and not take it -- at the heart of a champion could do. Well I agree -- I think the barriers. There are guys have shown over and over again over the last five years what they're made. And you know I mean I've -- I'm proud of the guys are flying out its last game and we didn't finish off. And you know tonight will be another major. Reply and the planet very good team. And you know we are playing great basketball when we beat them in the regular season it was wasn't because we were. Always better but we -- really what's the occasion and step it up who played great game Miami brought the best out better. And double the -- about others. Are you talked about attitude approach. It's the least of my worries about this basketball team based on what I've seen they have tremendous pride. And from a mental standpoint I don't believe for a second their heads are dropping from what happened the other night on the other hand here they are. Playing another basketball game in less than 48 hours apart and they are Zhu said they're beaten up. Should we be concerned about that physically. Whether they can come back and -- and do this year tonight. Well that's what everybody said the -- Wednesday where -- they went after we lost first game you know we'd. And that would not only between -- that's what I mean I mean are I believe that. We'll see. If that's true or not I I think that our guys will play a great game tonight. And I can't -- -- exciting game. You said you're at a draft come by and now -- draft scouting session. Or whatever it is and he says something like that where. Who we were talking about this the other day. How would you fix the lottery if it needs to be fixed. I think. If I were commissioner -- a day I would I would not -- I would have a sector out. Where everybody got to stop expect every. Few years -- their top ten -- and you don't. And you would drop and everybody gets the -- number one pick every thirty years everybody gets number two pick every thirty years and so forth. And come up within algorithm -- formula some sort where its he wall and there's absolutely no better trip. Or rewards. Or losing game. How would you feel about that if let's say it was Miami's chance to get the first round draft it. This year for next year how would you feel I have a better party have brought afterward right and if Chris -- right back it's a great team. A team that you had a challenge within your conference. Is sit -- get the number one. Well I think it over at the same for everybody. It's the same opportunity for everybody you know for their efforts and owners are making good decisions and app -- obviously it like in any business. In business a success. Eric -- you've got to give up some lock. And good fortune can be a way and so I think that there -- the better way -- the current system. -- the Republican fortunate when you were you were picking number five let's let's head -- school with -- by it. It's so that said that when he got Limbaugh I mean -- the team that was the best team in the world loves that they get. Probably the best player and drew. Downtown that just works its Q. And then sometimes it works why he died mean there was nothing but -- and -- -- he could have been a great player in that memo -- and it would have carried on a power house team he has nasty -- -- it would help Larry. With the help and I know you all -- -- Larry I don't know that. Saw Eric at Danny you're commissioner for a day what would you do with your personals. And I think our officials are doing all right we. I'm need to focus on what we need to do much the same athletic realist I watched game -- over the world. And a lot of -- or. -- and general. You know. I wish we could get them all right in you know started giving -- that way short ball or your replay all the big plays in the baseball. And value we play different -- you continue to watch every ball strike can be critical of it but. Overall I think -- will have not it and -- not -- her reason why she won. All right is it -- of the toughest game as you've played all these different sports and told them -- a professional level. Is that the toughest game to officiate people keep on bringing up the NHL but let's face it how many -- -- contact sport. And you're able led it to bang into the other guy you were able to hit the other guy. There are few penalties during the course of the game to get an NBA game. The colder the course of the game so there's so many more decisions. That have to be made is that part of the perceptual problem out there. In that it's just an impossible game. -- -- That the cocaine to call I think it's not impossible because you know they get most of them most of the calls right side. What I think it hurt for a special is. -- -- all the -- me he's something by it much easier to see -- trap and from fifteen wrote up. Almost four and -- are sort of wondered at. I don't know how you do that it. Rectory. All sitting in my figure volleyball -- sure you can see the game so much more the player -- your -- -- -- a problem -- the -- and keep saying why are better than whether rep re standing. You don't want that that's a great point because -- if you remember -- all broadcast location. I don't know if you remember Max was in that first level legal Boston Garden. I thought that was the greatest you you could see absolutely everything you weren't too far away from the action but you were far and therefore he conceive and you get down on the floor. Guys block Q -- if you can't see stuff that the in the -- good point. I but I'm not only that ran back -- the clothes that what you hear the crypto bigger right so tightly at the wide and people. And though you -- get everything up and that's why official gets -- -- -- -- -- Because if you try to make a call we -- parochial vision so you can see. What happened with your per abrasion which you. If you're seeing what exactly happened. If you're trying to make and I think that's what -- -- you to watch it try to make calls with the repealed. You're not looking at a screen that the guys swap that are -- but you can just somebody foreign Al what did you think at. What you asked the officials have big wanna go up to the ninth floor. Tonight. Then they -- -- all good things we saw that it keeps happening in this game I'm not sure how you fix this is that -- allow the coaches now call timeout. From the bitch. Well when the play is that the other end of the floor like it was in on the south in of the floor. Like he was against Miami in Doc Rivers was trying to call time out from the -- he lost about three or four seconds in that transaction. How -- -- how can you fix that. What is the official thought about. Maybe you had a buzzer but I -- Buren bought what was that spoke a little bit so -- -- -- I think. -- about -- challenge or you know -- the coach you got to communicate via special that another guy to communicate -- You know typically in -- Austria and communicate that your players. And when they go -- Elop I don't see -- coach yelled for timeout but the system now a little bit better but it's still up for. You know I can defend this back to the official for a second I can defend them on May not being able to see all the time we're making mistakes as you pointed out. When the game is fast and players are bigger and stronger than ever before. But my problem with them Danny is is things like your in game one Ray Allen. Who is who it is not the most demonstrative guy on the court doesn't like a call which was a bad call he turns away he says man or something. And get the technical or doc gets a technical for saying come on -- I mean. That has nothing to do with the size of the court and angle that's ward judgment and decision making isn't. The aspect that -- taken things you know it's one play at a time instead of particular all game and social workers. A lot of -- match actual let's -- you yell. Get away with a lot the first -- media -- -- get away with a lot the second third and -- a that this thug yet you get away with a lot left. Yeah it's old and and so -- you know if it's all about the whole game and -- being officiated -- -- communication been going on the entire game. Good to get the people probe referees are human and you know you you do too much you're gonna get you gonna it's gonna happen. Like Danny are good luck here tonight we'll talk to an actual like. -- don't like Danny Ainge brought to you by SP ally and -- -- his business clients. Switch to cal -- business class for Internet voice and TV solutions. Don't wait call 803913000. To switch right now. -- six point 77790858885250850. It's your turn -- go to the four goals. Next direction.

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