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Mut and Merloni's Sports name Spelling Bee

Jun 1, 2012|

In honor of the annual Spelling Bee, Mut and Merloni attempt to spell different Boston sports athlete's names.

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-- I'm on the WUPI Sports Radio network. -- -- -- -- -- Schilling -- awesome the last. In your favorite -- athletes' names. Oh yeah yeah he's cool as I. -- -- -- -- This is a real bad idea. Much -- not -- seven WEEI that was alive not even taped this jumper on the -- this is at a terrible idea. I'm predicting -- zero correct we have with three rounds and a potentially over Tyler I apologize to all the -- a night out their -- apologized -- -- sports fan who can spell better than I can go I'm gonna get probably all three of these wrong. As we go back and forth with the hard and I felt I -- throughout Boston athletes are most first. I you go first we had a coin flip -- -- in the bathroom and I chose to go so much deferred I would reserve the NBA lottery. OK we are grown that's. Mientkiewicz. Oh my god. Doug Mientkiewicz. And make sure you say the person's name after you finish spelling it so I know that's why would you use -- in a sentence. Doug Mientkiewicz stole the World Series ball from a Red Sox. Is it verb. There. Our MIA I MIT and T. Good night I don't know why we did finish the word. I -- misspelled Mientkiewicz hit by tragedy that I know my level. We just -- you gotta do it now. Not that night to do that one now that we have well I reset your everyday alert data. -- -- -- HM IE NT I N I EW. ICZ. That's Charlie said the first five letters right you stop. And lifestyle so embarrassing to a got a cousin who dream which should sort of just thrown in there. The figure the whole thing okay 04. I passed thank. Paths okay stupid so stupid ahead chase one limit. Did you go. No that's we test well because that's the -- and Jason one -- go get him. Do last name let's look I was in her ally and the last -- label -- mobile alerts that full name. Chase one can you is that what's though this country abortion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- CB age. Eating it up dash and UAM Chez Swann Lynn LIN. Your. They get that when you're. -- what I do spell CHE. I had that. HS UAE and off they'll lied and that's a big plans UAE and that's -- -- was close your close okay loose in the minimum. Junichi. Is now off. JUN. I see aged guy you reading also I think all okay good drive through a laptop JUN I CHI. EA ZAWA. She -- she is our. That's my Japanese immigrants do. For the record the easiest ones so far right don't that was our golf I speak Japanese that's why knew that number that island what do you do oil and -- you point out -- -- his Kryptonite it's. I well I went second they'll have my with a torrent I know my fault zone -- up okay among men from Finland to go brass can. C'mon. This is number two easy. It's up cooling over there I'm looking down to -- Rask. I see the starter this year the backup goaltender the Bruins are not broke up. I'm guilty for this TE UUKKKR. A cast. -- used to -- two points -- are not telling you that from Jack Edwards lied. You're used to -- two point okay Iran straight down. Ben while bully got. DN. -- -- They're all like G. Start that again. Me and I don't know I started again we'll start what is right you can't get media and -- -- ID. Then walked. Only got. While. POU ally OT. God. This is it -- it ZZ this isn't okay mother magazine hello through. They -- which Madrid which same thing newly acquired pitchers defensive end Jonathan for Nene. Our policies. Is such that it. Sort throughout this -- John I'm just the -- Israel NAS. Right when they made that move I wrote this it is such a ridiculous spelling it doesn't look like for Nene right just admit to me it doesn't look like for Nene. I agree -- looks nothing like -- -- There's no phone a friend here. It doesn't even look like that's. I'm trying to -- the name. Effort. Good start. -- And they may. Actually got it looks nothing like it right. Just a guess and it looks nothing like a -- so. The -- Let's go -- the buzzer. FA. And pay an eight he for -- that I. Exactly -- -- name and FA and ENE. And they next FA NE Janine congratulations Lou you've covered it as a game losing. Pretty embarrassing -- -- -- A lot easier with other going to be like my gotten Saltalamacchia notes like a big joke to know how to spell I still wouldn't know get that that was -- analyst. You know what I always use this group was -- The look of an -- want to. -- -- There you GoDaddy Yankee Stadium you know. Name your own re Yankee guys edit them a note to -- and -- when they asked Ortiz who can spell the Boston sports fans better let it be known it is. Sweet Lou yeah we are always here. The latest on your favorite teams that Sports Radio.

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