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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN, on Celts Heat ECF

Jun 1, 2012|

Jackie Mac joins the show to talk about the Celtics loss to the Heat in Game 2, the officials, and why she believes KG will be back in Boston next season.

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Celtics take game three tonight at the garden -- loan not a 37 WE EL we talk all things MBA with Jackie equality ESPN. Joining us on the AT&T hotline Jackie -- Lou hurry don't. Exactly. Well orders and a lot of stuff but officiating today and you have the chance to talk to people within the league whether -- players coaches and officials and I wonder in those conversations Jackie did they talk about. Officiating as much as a dope like -- talks about officiating heading into a game three tonight and Easter conference final. Well I think that's different about this time. Is -- and -- you guys asking about the officiating from time to time. And I did -- refused to go there because they just don't think it's it's relevant most of the time but I think it's time it was I really do I think the Celtics had a legitimate beef. And you know when you have a game like Rhonda what happened for instance. Dominating the game that way. And at the end of the game when you make that drive to the basket he gets raked across the face it you don't get that call is this something amiss there to -- LeBron that's always gonna happen. Actually it's always gonna be he's a big strong guy he always you can get a lot of trips to the free throw line that the numbers tell you that fiscal from the beginning to the end. Of his career and he started. And and look in the style of play suggested that the -- to have more free throws because they attacked they drive to the basket and the Celtics are perimeter jump shooting team. However. When the Celtics were being the aggressor and when they were willing to drive to -- for the most part. They weren't getting the same cough and I think that's what everybody agrees with the with the egregious part member to the games started out seven to nothing. File in favor of Miami -- pulled that number up to the referees to vacancy. You can make it a number seven to them selected -- And what happened at the end of that quarter. That's -- run -- -- on the line that's when -- started driving and getting those calls and go to the free throw line and I think that a lot to do with set him off and get them down. There is definitely can do it do about it -- -- the with with what happened Donny -- in recent past to meet even the point where and in here people involved in the draft lottery and see what behind the scenes everybody is there. Everybody is witnessing it's impossible in the new wall and hornets get the first pick and I could just the perception is what it is is there any way they can fix this. Well I mean come on that is you know we we were joking about an oppressor because we watched it was right before. Gained two and but I mean honestly they've got these security guys there that that would be crazy. But just the reception that's all. Yeah yeah and that you know what that -- everybody had their own issues right every league has their own protection issues and and you know steroids in baseball with -- baseball for a -- right and now this is the NBA's officiating and -- it and I think the part of the reason for that is because. More than any of the other sports the official can change the outcome of the game much more so I think in basketball. Than in any other sport because every few seconds the officials are involved. You know you can go a long stretch of a football game in the officials really don't have to make call. You know it not true in basketball look at the amount of personal files that are called -- every single game. So I think that's part. Jacqui Bob Ryan wrote about it today in his lifetime watching basketball that what he saw from Rondo in game two is right up there especially in a losing effort you have settled. Out of an incredible you've seen a lot of games and a lot of great players is it fair to put Rondo when that. Same thing as you watched that game is at the top of a list of sorts for you in terms of performance producing life. Absolutely and you know what I was so happy -- because he's under so much scrutiny and then so much of this the input on his very slender shoulders. Mean he's very didn't you know that his side that the punitive nature of the body to me is what -- tell me and I was so happy for him that. He came together the way it did we'll see what happens going forward now that'll be the most interest in part of Italy is. -- Rondo but you know he just he literally took over that game he was on the floor with five hall of famers. Five guys and he was the best player on the floor and that's really same companies that. -- do you just watch him early on you expect in the -- had a test that jump shot CL a goes early on her. What does that -- mentality throughout the -- Well I think -- the one thing that -- -- can mean -- enough credit for is it over the course for the seat and I'm not one of those stats. Geeks I wish I was we I I work with a lot of people that pay attention that sort of thing and I should probably cost that the information immediate and find that the intermediate will wanna hang up. But that elbow jumper for Rondo had been fairly consistent it really has the three point shooting obviously not in. And some of the you know the -- to -- -- but that. But when they leave them open there on that -- -- corner entry that elbow jumper and that's what he worked on last summer continue that was what he had to work until. I'd I'd I don't have the numbers and funny but I bet he'd been fairly consistent with that jumper throughout the year from that spot. But you know -- still not a guy that can come down worked the shot clock down and hit probably three the -- Paul -- Kennedy still seems to wanna do that a little bit. But you know what an incredible performance and again we take for granted nevermind the offensive portion of the -- that's what we haven't seen we haven't seen that kind of output from him before. Remember now he's -- at different times LeBron James. Dwyane Wade at certain points -- being guarded by those guys at different times I mean what an incredible performance with all of that. I'm taking into account and of course the rebound which we we know about these. He's probably one of the best young rebounding guards in the -- All go back three games -- I thought your piece on Rondo after game seven was as interesting as anything I've read about the guy and it and it's a got a possible figure out but your point about. He gets down on himself that it's Rondo who. -- get sold beaten up it's like he he he does something negative and it it eats away at him can a game like game two. And that's start to turn that they can build up that competency look maybe do miss some shots or -- they do have some turnovers but I gotta keep the -- stay engaged in this game. I hope so but I mean you know the funny thing about him is one day he thinks he's he's declared he's the best point guard in the league and believed -- means every word of it. And the next day he's like me and I can't be in the game and make anything happen for a title belonged out here and he believed that and cell. You know I think this is the guy that really believe he's one of the best players. In the leak and certainly one of the best if not the best he believed -- position. But but in order -- the parties can understand it in order to. Get that kind of cred street cred you've got to do it every night and you know we've said that over and over again with him but honestly I. I think it's brilliant it's what -- him and a lot of -- because there are times when he's still brilliant he is huge turnaround will likely get outside or just flat. You've got to score 44 point all the time that's crazy if anybody thinks he he would. They're gonna make some adjustments that he will to slow him down a bit but -- cared you guys can't either eight or 44 point. Carol I just wanna attack Jack you want the guy that attacks the rim and doesn't -- when he gets their loved the god tries to finishing its they'll jump shots to me that's. That's icing on the kid when he's engaged in attacking that's the best right when Rondo -- lets face the risk was twenty plus that's him being score -- which is not. The word justice there were may have that Sosa great job of double team and Dwyane Wade early on trying to get the ball out of stands second half. They switched on Rondo got a close that's basing a little bit for him would you expect to see here in game three anything new. Well I think that the Celtics have to figure out something new they've got to find a way to get as an iPod -- talked about it and I'm one of the I think he'll announce I'll running together but. You know KG in in game 21 of the reasons that he was struggling what do you see where he was shooting from. He machine from opt -- to decide they did a great job of taking him out of his comfort zone. And and doc said after the game to as -- -- Rondo was in and you know KG get decent numbers -- it was like he played poorly. But -- we've got to reestablish his position. Positioning in the game and I think the reason for that is when you get cagey on that post submit post or even at the power lines but speaking of your team is much much better. And I think the way they knocked KG up where he'd like to be affected Brandon -- it affected everybody on the floor defected to -- now Rondo took wonderful advantage of it. But see the thing that worries me about game two of your Celtics and it. One of otherworldly performance. -- we had appeared that he didn't leave me you know he -- his shooting ended up not being great but hit some big big -- same thing with Ray Allen huge shots including that Big Three pointer. At the end of regulation. And as you played probably about as well as you can play offensively. And you don't come away with a win. And that's that's got to be concerned. Well Jack McMullen ESPN joining us is applicants are not concerned mentally -- this team has done such a nice job and -- -- -- and -- all that. Physically right how they bounce back. Yeah -- so I just. I agree that there are one among the more than most mentally tough teams I've ever seen but you still -- which had down at night. Picky when -- politicking too when you're writing is it what they've done differently. And you know -- a little a little thing here a little thing there but but but overall you're thinking man that's about as good as we can do. On the off and you know from an offensive standpoint where and a little bit -- -- you know nick and I think what happens is they scored so quickly. They you know the demolition -- alive and Colin in the third quarter -- -- -- to. Where they had their run and you knew it was gone -- eleven nothing run all athleticism all transition. All -- -- deeply and we're not talking you know pull up jump shot we're talking transition slam -- blocking shots humiliating demoralizing place. That's what. Does that these guys. The run and indeed they -- they shine they just don't shine for themselves they demoralize the other team they come down you know Rondo on the -- that body -- back. Ray Allen on that fast break and I know we can't look with the port thing you know but in. Those kind of things. Are demoralizing so it's not that they get. Check out what that they had a big run against -- you why you're doing that he did they destroy any kind of momentum more motivated hat and that's why can be. It was so incredible. That the -- that the Celtics took that plunge and came back and took the -- and I thought well now to get a win that game but now they didn't. After watching the first couple games and Fletcher is your opinion changed at all was so maybe when it an extra game that you maybe stop before going into the series will what do we got to. S auto we -- here on Monday after the what I. But I thought I you know I know it's only two games and I you know I know probably needed to hold service on Leno on that but -- get back into the crusher I really did. I just think you go home saying what are we have to do to beat these guys and I'd taken -- and six and and now I'm wondering if if it's more like five but you know what let's just wait and see because -- -- -- you know all of all the -- that you aren't pretty sure they went and I kind. Doctor if they don't that's who they are that they make up there I'm sure they're exhausted but you know what they've been exhausted all along. That there and that mental mode that kind of built Chela Belichick put your head down one game at a time. Mode now I don't think that they even have time to think about how exhausted they are and and we I think that's a thousand times you know number 87. When the Celtics were all beat up that -- was all beat up parish had an ankle Byrd back with Killen at the killed playing on a broken foot. And when it finally ended a member -- put -- foot that the day after they were eliminated. Put in this put up insane. Now I can admit to you and to myself but for the killing me. -- helped hold Tillman. Last question for me you mentioned this on the pregame show on the Celtic radio network couple nights ago. That it and -- please for the cracked me from wrong but you get the impression talk gonna docking had a great interview with him on ESPN a couple days ago. You get the impression now the Kevin Garnett not only is gonna come back to the Celtics but and back to the NBA but it's going to be back with the Celtics next year is that fair. The evidence says that impression that gave me I just have to -- blanket -- you know Kevin told me a couple of years ago when the contact up I'm done and and doctor Healy says that -- that I'm telling you what he's coming back I really think he -- like OK fair enough. But the to come back to Boston couldn't get analog touch because I can't imagine not coming back he does but. He will be one of the most coveted free agents in the league but the impression I get from -- Is that KG is is they get about plans to more and thinking about planned right alongside Doc Rivers so that's good news for Celtic fans. It's great news Jack you'll see at the garden this weekend enjoy it. I well I hope you guys will -- Going to be a lot of on the Milan tonight that building Jackie McMullen obvious -- joining us. On the AT&T outline its AT&T forgy LTE was speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible will continue with you guys we come back. Negotiate. Out as a free ticket Friday right now that I is that. Well have come back in a free ticket Friday and will label game called negotiation want all want the Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas you've been here.

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