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Tom Thibodeau: Rondo will do whatever's necessary for the team to win

Jun 1, 2012|

Former Celtics assistant coach and current Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau to breakdown Rajon Rondo's performance in Game 2 and preview Game 3. He chatted about how the Celtics will have to adjust to the refs, the future of the Big 3, and if you'll ever see a performance like Rondo's again.

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Last week we enjoyed our conversation with Tom Tippett knows so much he was so insightful has the insights on the Boston Celtics a life in general in the NBA for obvious reasons head coaches Chicago Bulls former assistant with Doc Rivers here the Boston Celtics. We thought we'd invite him on a again today. And the fact that the heat and the Celtics are playing game three at the garden the -- good morning Tom how aria. Good morning I'm doing well what -- you expect out of your old guys as I mean old on several different levels the guys used coach used to work with and the fact that they are old and injured can they Muster up that kind of intensity and effort that saw them. Come close but no cigar in game number two tonight to win game number three. Well I think they can't you know the and and again you he can't sell them short Europe I thought they played a great game two days you know meg game. They could be usually have one in unfortunately things didn't go all the way down the stretch. But that was a heck of a -- I thought. During -- global America anymore that was great and I expect to be great against in the next one. Tonight do you think that that guys like a Garnett Allen pierce. On to Muster up one more game like they did in game two. Yeah that -- those guys there at the open approach. And there at this point this she's in the though both find the way they always do. All of their drive and then -- winners so great. Bill do whatever necessary. They'll be ready. I think I know you guys had talked about the officials I'm not asking -- good call bad call but. Does that change when the game moves to series moves to Boston to expect may be the Celtics get more calls more free throws than they didn't Miami. While you're there I think that they'll come out with data intensity and I think. You know I upload Rachal was but -- about it the whole night -- and usually Paul is too. But what Paul had some tough calls go against them. -- you know that that changes the way -- he was playing a little bit. Appalled and very aggressive players drive the ball hard a social action I expect him to two field gets calls. Rondo cloudless with the outside shot in that game was eye popping to be sure does it carry over -- or is it based on what happens when he launches up the first two or three tonight. Well it I mean you're America has you playoff game and he was incredible leverage would would he did -- that game was just the basic. And that's -- You know there's there's nothing that he does that bit surprised that you are thought. You you don't seem nearly willed that win in. You know outlook over go to tough no call for him in the overtime. And he did get hit the right times that happened just going. Unfortunately. We're very untimely for the Celtics to believe that there's sort of minute and have to go in the game -- -- score. In so. You know the boasting some time to talk to deal with what you know you have to -- problem Rashad is he he did everything he wrote he he was attacking you shoot the jumper. He's just created topic in. That's the type of player users are built in whatever gesture for the team to win I thought it was very aggressive reporters -- were great and energy was great. When he's playing like that they're very difficult to beat. But you know that they're gonna give it. They played a great game my book the big the big thing was -- the into the third period the third period. Right at the end here. -- with -- ratio we got blocked by the way I think they went fifteen for right under. In the third quarter which prop that -- really just the end of the third quarter could take that out. I think they win the game but that being said. They still came back -- up there after I think it was 71. 66. On that play. In this and they typical fifteen or put them -- the -- come -- -- get the lead again to start to force so but they played a great game they they fought like crazy. On and unfortunately things didn't go their way -- stretched. The outcome we. Obviously Rondo was great he was unbelievable ball well and you know what we've been sick of watching missile career I didn't think he had that in -- -- -- shooting performance. A sixteen for 24 he was ten for twelve from the line and ten for twelve from the perimeter. Did you you know better than we do did you know he could do that and do you think he can do it again tonight. I do you know the the thing is. Than Rashad has always been the type of you know the team needed more scoring he would provide more scoring. In that they needed more play making guys were -- You know I think that when you have quality Depp who played Mary keeps. He took very bright guy I think he reads the game extremely well. He -- defense is great. And you know and as I mentioned -- Fourteen years at all Clinton to himself he can create all kind of thing to not only performed so well obviously pristine did you guys see that every night. In you know I think that the big thing -- still get the team played -- stretched -- he understands where the matchup -- you understand and got a hot hand. And you know he let it -- he's really growing McCain. We're talking with the bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau and and Tom to a man and I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know. To a man the guys on the team called Rondo the smartest guy on the team and affect doc I think referred to -- may be the smartest guy in the league. And I'd be able to curse and a blessing of oftentimes we hear coaches and managers may million other sports say I don't want the real cerebral guy who thinks some processes everything. I want someone just to walk and let it flow can that be a curse and a blessing. I think just being you go to who watched him from the beginning I think. Each year he's gotten better and I think going deep into the playoffs every year is really help them I think being around. You know cabin ray and Paul helped -- -- -- around -- Our -- terrific Foreman in. And -- -- the in the in the as I mentioned Rashad has the ability to make other people up and he's done that -- his career. I think because Kevin Garnett will be back next year and Ray Allen will not -- which would you agree with that -- what do you think this is compiled for. I think it's too early to the to make any of those judgments and you know usually. With Danny and doc and the shutdown after the she's -- though you know decompress. And build value -- everything and then we'll formulate a plan and move forward but I think it's premature. To jump to any conclusions. And when you look at it during the you know there in the conference -- to get in you know there there there is capable -- there's any but. It's on this probably qualifies as nuances of coaching -- coaching minutia but many many years ago Bill Parcells talked about the fact. That he has a book a scouting report if you will on officials and official. You know officials teams. And and they knows that certain guys and certain members of -- particular crew call a lot of holding on the line of scrimmage others do this others do that does that exist in the NBA when you -- your team out there and you know who tonight's three officials are. You talked about. Watch this or watch that because these guys are quick whistle when it comes to this. But I think there's you know you do have a book on everybody and I think you know although -- called games and sometimes. -- games can be cold differently and I think it's important for the players who would just. To public games being called and sometimes they they caught tight at the beginning and let it flow a little bit. But you you have to read I think the thing that's typical. Is in it if it in this theories because they're changing crew -- so -- that they too would be better. If it were more like baseball you have the same crew and -- for the entire series because then you're you're have a better understanding of -- all the you know how how the game is going to be called. But I you know for the most part. I think who the players you know you've you've you've got with the officials were to have a pretty good read on. In the you know these these guys are great officials so. The players have to make some adjustments at both know there are thought they had some tough calls go get them but you know you also have to look at the polls that maybe you -- avoided also. Our Tom I know the coaches live in the real world of x.s and -- performances out on the court how much of the psychological evaluation. Comes into preparation and getting your team ready and by that -- and I Ellis asked that to ask this. A sense of urgency as an example we assume the Celtics have the greater sense of urgency tonight. He is going down three nothing it's almost like being automatically eliminated the heat on the other hand having held court at home -- up to nothing. Don't need the game as much do you think any of that kind of psychological stuff. Plays into anything tonight. You know I do want quite honestly because it -- He saw last night with inventory you know in Oklahoma yes he's the biggest adjustment was probably the intensity in the sense of urgency isn't you know. That was the big adjustment -- her defense was terrific. All of last -- and you know the Oklahoma city's problems janitorial. Wasn't the -- as they scored very effectively I think they were averaging close to -- -- five point to last night game but I put their defense was terrific. And you know I think he is it they're also goes through all principal and -- true. So being able to get out in transition getting -- -- -- baskets attacked in the basket here you know is the Pacman defense reports that. I think you see all those thinking you know hard drives the basketball -- to the referral. One more one last question on the officials and Yugoslav talking about professionals. Just got the assignments he would come Scott Foster Mike Allen and Rodney. -- will this -- -- tightly called contest tonight. You know I think did little -- Evenly called. Going to be careful they're you know a bit it's -- you know you you -- few players decide the game. You know. In Israel mentioned that -- Paul had a couple of calls go against them. In the in game two and you know hopefully it'll do it'll do won't come down to the officiating it's gonna come down to how well team place. Okay did let us put it put you on the spot with the official question -- -- -- try this one on you. You need to win one game and you get to pull one player off any other team not a Chicago Bulls to join your team. Would -- be LeBron. Durant Rondo wade Howard or somebody else one guy from some other team not the bulls. Move that's covered all the you know and I guess it would depend a lot upon the opponent that you're change and the and the opponent. Because you know all those guys are great America. You know this bill do something a little bit different idea you know so I guess so a lot depends on the opponent in your team you know like what are your team. You need more play making point guard. Duke with win which would sides of first. All right so you're you're team -- the 76ers in the elimination game which of those other guys do you take. Uh oh shoot a small craft a notebook they go you could. You take your pick you would be wrong. Well doc had to take one guy back. Tonight would be taken -- Perkins and Tony Allen. Move out that's felt when -- You know I I guess you'd you have to say you know with pork you're talking about anchoring the defense with such a program. -- we told me is that you know -- and gore winning well one we're really don't have to help. With anyone. That's that's a tough call. And they got some pretty good wing news here on this ultimate catch -- -- program. Tom Thibodeau thanks the conversation fun as always we'll talk -- down the road all right thanks a -- victory over on a little -- coached the Chicago Bulls joining Dennis and Callahan on AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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