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Jon Meterparel's starring at the Mic at Fenway Park

Jun 1, 2012|

D&C begin the show analyzing Meter's audition as the Public Address Announcer for Fenway Park. They review Meter's performance reading the code of conduct, his pregame interview with NESN's Jenny Dell, and how it felt to sit behind the mic at Fenway for a whole game.

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-- -- Boston Celtics can only hope. They have as successful a game tonight at the garden. As -- probe brought to Fenway Park last night even the code of conduct warning -- question -- takes pride in the -- -- code of conduct. The nine items on the lineup card. Leading off. Reasonable balls and -- -- second never trespass onto the field to. -- drink responsibly all the helicopter and the cleanup spot help keep them apart when he. Didn't watch your language. Screw us respect to all other -- extra. Seven -- cell phone conversations private without gestures to attract attention. -- it only in your seats. And then -- spot please do not smoke in Fenway Park. Currently serves at. The suspect. It's. Every game remembered here in August 2 two yeah the last couple years to last couple years -- read that whole list yes yes that -- copy of that way for 100 year -- I don't know what's good all part one I guess in of the 37 thousands lose a couple of thousand we're thinking around on the field. Until they got that warning. And thicket of drinking irresponsibly and -- home made -- or used to be called seen him before that. -- -- said progress OK. Shaw are wonderful next one thank you and enjoy the game. Okay are you good to excellent on the very first -- -- disciplinary. As a poet teacher but you anybody run on the field. Did anybody drink irresponsibly -- not that I could tell from anybody traverse. An anti smoking. Now -- you generally studio. I did odd actually but though I doubt that I know of nice job me -- -- did you guys screw up I heard you do said -- when they did little focus on you you've got it said. God said -- Yes they're able to get that first -- is said and -- for the Red Sox. Have a choice to. Stop. But -- there. Right twice can come back and -- just the last. I don't says it it's my homage assurance quality it is injected. On. The good rhythm like they -- much -- -- just 10% -- I did and I thought unit volume anytime -- -- -- when Jenny -- the the interview of course cited yup I checked out later you are you are. Arguing disciplinarian for the fans you are disciplined yet I didn't catch. Her boobs -- -- to solve the problem by doing the -- eyes closed. Are you. Let's let Jason avoided looking and yet she's over I should you know -- -- might keep my sunglasses on his guide you might take off Mike okay his sunglasses that -- you don't sign on TV I know I. Lot of moderates but there's a lot -- what -- Miami fan. Game sunglasses if you were Jenny have yelling out of the lot of moments with their little electricity look at of course there was that little -- that something discus shot and I met her boyfriend spring training. And a judge didn't see an upgrade mean that I would say -- it's a step up if if she's you know dumped him and -- analysts so it was so nice and so many doubles but Sosa and she's got a nice personality -- it that is important to me -- -- -- at the how long was that -- because we just you know -- a three minute minutes it's. Play -- will play but I'll -- you guys and we -- for about ten minutes you know I agree agrees -- a little bit before hey Jenny great to me you'll know Boston you do and a tremendous job and questions and then I'll do it here's myself so I haven't question RNC -- comics and the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're ask him anything images like where. Were you born. We don't wanna get -- when -- -- -- lives and on the Connecticut native you know -- from. One of those Tomlinson Hartford and it's good via this one of those suburbs Arnold issue. Point six boos you if that number wanted to sit as anything else well I think if mean he gets the job that those two -- and a lot of you have the only time lot of quality time to -- game pass game rain delays the you know. I mean which she go when it rains. -- goes up to the you aboard the -- rallies and deals bones too crowded out a lot going on as closely as an issue. -- those people and there with him a moment ago there's so it's such tight quarters -- of do good in the -- I was still in China -- you know haircut for this I love. -- -- Take a backseat known outcome that just Loveman chairman well one of the great guys great characters. He could sit with them all of -- -- -- -- and -- being a great -- America. But both of those to neither of those two TV guys -- in on the didn't have the in the years right to have the haircut. Didn't have that milk these outfits you know I was I was styles and I ignore style and I'm used to that usually that's a whole different thing that's where they put the you know the guys with the voice yeah. It brings a a new take the genre the sea Knight out -- -- this kind of sophisticated sort of all we've all that bond due on one of those one -- whatever that means if I guess I guess. He's going to why angle his way into being Jenny Dell's mentor role in all. Teachers it more about baseball so partisan knowledge about the Boston sports scene just sort of do the whole broadcast thing with that she's so what. And she's already rejected your overtures I understand you volunteered that that I'm -- can all follow caddie help. Oh but John dummy well -- not -- that vacancy -- Are laying and -- other things to worry becomes. I don't know. Larry's look he knows guy you know Larry. Forgets her original yes it does the -- is -- a lot of does it bother me but. I didn't I didn't similar. To get a good reviews from anyone who matters. Yet. Well -- it's the third of the jobs I thought I had to do some stuff post game you just leave -- the last which is filed Monday but it felt like I had agreed by pages after the game do you drink responsibly under way out the door and I don't think ever made sure analysts say drink respond to all. Straightened -- -- a accord on smoke if it bluntly put us out of the help I was home this is a good pusher of things but I wish we could create real sure greatest -- it's. Off the air I mean off the Mike what's your commitment not and on two of them -- actual audience and it's the Sharm Philip Booth is it assesses. Great picture firm with -- -- he was a force for the organizers next time out or if it is get out of here for -- I don't -- do as well those patsy is around -- caps that in the -- yeah. He. Bought his clothes at goodwill or -- -- in at reminding it was not a big -- they are now no nothing never -- nothing was never -- never -- anything from used to drive to spring training with Fred -- let's go our friendly and next time we talk different -- -- ask for some his best -- they were pals they were prevalent the most. Best looking guy you know clean cut looking guy. And she room is as bad a laundry and -- to a war enactment -- chase. I think he was like. Pretty sideman recall that we would win it presenting men and only went into the as some bright spots in Winter Haven as policy is policy and attractive as those. What's the common man assuring -- or was he did really well with the latest. But yes he did very well with the ladies and he would county jail but -- -- He would kiss and tell which was always good for a laugh in Britain may feel the same way a lot of great with the ladies I am I out of my Bible says it shifts and fell. I I got a lot of tweets lot of ditty -- all we -- bottom here most people I mean there's that Peter you know I'm jealous I so I usually use and the fact that you can get an opportunity. Homes. In the voices and strong enough -- -- -- voice on the excellent in distinctive. Not supposed to sound like you know. And -- of boys as I said that's supposed to -- Don Pardo our you know it's a generic. Now announcer boy that -- season TV commercials. And voice so supposed to. Is that I've got to have a unique sound a unique sound distinctive some tough to be. Brought a lot of the -- that's why not Colin on the dollar or Gary Tang -- Exactly yeah the whole sheet of tweets to you could. Yeah the our -- heart out invent -- over our good luck tonight OP knock -- out of the park and will be lucky to have you as -- full time and I'll talk like that. So about the subdued -- Perera says all meets tweets making us proud already there's just feeds off her -- Apparently it didn't notice Cuba. Perera very -- locally oh -- you didn't job we both just evaluate the tape meter you like -- that's right in those two beautiful. Eyes you do not look Billy Payne. The ability to be Bill Daly being gets -- hit some pregame advice to you were nervous really down to the -- believe me I just as easily be I don't know which one it is a dumb -- -- -- good luck -- -- nervous. Just protect the stands are filled with Pete -- in his underwear annual two. A fifth. He's gonna get any more opportunities there and closed -- -- that they didn't give you much who's kind of take. Great job and does that give you a little form fellow edited yet they give me a little it was update that you'll you'll get remuneration be nines is that yes yes and I will get renew moderation -- -- I've decided to do. Donated donated by yours yours sports don't think Mitt Romney's really coveted door and there was some college fund it's dialogue don't know that I ought to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fully aroused than -- because it's so much fun last night. With -- and with that all experience. How did. Ray Allen Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce feel when they woke up this morning. Yesterday morning they would dragnet you know they had to get on a flight and get up -- it's locks in on the head to fly home down 02. But today. Does Garnett. Pierce and Allen particularly -- and -- Do they feel okay does that lactic acid buildup all those muscles they use for 45 minutes against the heat in game number two you know other walking around -- -- they sort of audio and massage isn't -- -- if it were just the guy if we're talking about names and -- older players shack yeah. If or Shaq I'd say screw stimulus would be useless tonight in an older Shaq. But these guys knows we know Gephardt and we can't under estimate that as we -- two nights ago. I didn't think they had that and about they edit and the wind in them and they had that kind of performance in them. The question is can they surprise you can do that again it's just -- what I have to. What Kerry is the night tonight at the garden and and if you're looking at for the us from the Celtics standpoint is that. A combination of the Boston Garden energy that the crowd brings is it Rajon Rondo having won -- one web preferably. Took his teammates joined him in the eight plus category of a basketball game is at the desperation that if they lose this game tonight it is over and they conceivably the end of the Big Three -- the big four right around the corner. Desperation helps I think it doesn't -- as -- so -- -- city and general that's why I think we agreed like tonight I did an excellent what's the line and they missed the -- I like him tonight I'll call lefty out of it at all you know for all the reasons one and a -- Celtics they get the calls -- do and that they get the -- -- I look at some -- -- -- -- I don't think they get. I don't think there's a 4730. What was it 47 point nine -- disparity in the free throws. But they do get their share of calls I still think LeBron -- line more than anybody or wage goes one more anybody on the Celtics but. The Celtics will we won't piece here tomorrow morning Larry Craig -- -- hearsay and they got hosed again I don't think maybe who knows but. I think they get the calls that the -- at the crowd at that the Mike knows and the Mario Chalmers. Have a tougher time -- -- -- or use what about the negatives Hughes if you know -- dunk it adds -- can do that on the road but not good now at 12154. Is tougher but here's the scary thing to me when you talk about the -- excellent prospect game. And this is. Quote from dark. After the game after game two. We have to get more guys in bowl as simple quote yeah -- just the cliche and and then you look at the names and look at the sparks scored to say. More guys involved. There's only one guy I think you can get more involved and then a week ago and yes. And I know who he's referring to Ray Allen did one and a terrific job better than it but I think if he does what he did in game two you're pretty happy especially if he. Logs 43 minutes in right away much of it. I think Paul -- -- fans gave his best effort. I think if you think if anybody thinks that bench we NG game the bench comes out and you know it's big shots in the bench makes the difference is is crazy it kind -- I don't the home team home helps role players I think. He's referring to Kevin Garnett to be sure you play the way he wanted to play in the paint and we've seen that bump on on a number vacations in this post season so far. But might he also not be referring to. Brandon Bass returned to the land of double figures could be -- about Brandon Bass double figures I think here's what can I ask all right I think his game on the number of the -- splits but his game it helps to be home to fifteen footers. Let's go back to know that process. Beat that to a life you can pass and before I think he's not taking it does not -- -- not looking for a shot in this points and eleven rebounds accurately yet -- labor. Shots he just doesn't it just doesn't and that's a problem you know it's a problem it's tough to do this playoff pressure he's not a Stockton. You know he's not get the calls he's working his ass off from the other -- they don't have any size. You know they don't have any rebounder. And maybe Iraq maybe -- and as they need 28 points out of Garnett and he can do it. But I still think their -- stinks and you don't get anything you know any great contributions so what we're talking about is Garnett Allen pierce. Joining brought under the -- plus category correct and at least one to have any chance and to. They'll win the games sold does run I mean does Allen and Garnett they feel good do they feel good them you don't think the so. -- -- go to -- does I can't believe he's he summon that courage or whatever you call equipment the way to what you're talking to a different kinds of good in terms of exertion Kevin may be more tired and an infield the depletion from the energy expended. Playing defense and do what he did in game number two but ray I don't think -- physical standpoint from me for me from my fitness standpoint as any problems it's just a matter of where those spurs are and I'll accept this morning bright and I thought. He didn't he couldn't do what he did in game two with those spurts but he did it recommend I think. Again normal guy average just the guy we look and was then he's drag and he's dragon at the quick buck or two guys who. Know how to. -- that button that sum up what they need to summon up in this into two things I don't know about tonight's game gonna go to break -- touched -- -- Rajon Rondo play as -- he did in game number two that's not gonna happen again. I can also guarantee you the Dwyane Wade knock a score his first bucket. With 27 seconds left in the world today let Rondo shoot again and good question because if they do he has to shoot I think he will I think they should early on by the way they let shouldn't second half after had a great first -- I mean that's their best strategy. Is to let him -- -- -- off from the right it's 12 it's one shot when you talk himself which they don't. Office again just it's a shock to us afloat probably spice they -- if you're -- you'll in the schemes and I got to try to do you and it. Do exactly what it did in game 212 jumpers or twelve shots on the perimeter. Knocking it ten but it might six. Ever heard of the term reverse Mulligan. It's a -- -- play right off it's a great it's a great thing in golf focuses. No but I just could use some know what you get you could use them if it's a game played between you know two teams -- to some vs the twosome. And once per nine holes. You can -- the opposite team. To do that shot over yet so so on the Michael they they drank like a fifty foot putt to win the -- to win the front side -- reverse it and do it again. Aren't able to say like you can save save itself against our last poll in their wonder oh and if they striped the drive -- Wednesday. Try it again to sell all or call the Miami Heat looking at Rajon Rondo tonight in terms of the jump shot with a reverse Mulligan you'd do it again yet look at -- you'd. Again in the second half that different guys on a -- that put LeBron on the weighed on him but they still backed off from that's how you cover. Rajon Rondo I mean he was a once in a lifetime kind of performances I mean. When Hezbollah Brian call today recalling epic. Call -- like that and -- -- to the peace legacy says performance it seemed. In person -- -- theatrical anyone playing as well as -- did in either a playoff game or a game against the prime rival. And not being rewarded with a victory. But I appreciable O'Brien was there with -- us when Jordan scored 63 right in a playoff game. And was not rewarded with a victory he say Celtic -- see any seven birdies there is there miracle anyone anyone -- plus fifty in a losing effort is there. Yes and but I'm he would double digit. Ten assists and eight awards in. You know those big shots in overtime you could make the case that was as good as Jordan's sixty tree. Yeah I don't think it was you can make the case he could make the better all around and I don't Jordan 63 is the best I've ever seen. Anyone that kind of hard to surpass -- -- and lost is a free for Friday it is a giant glass photo caption contest Friday -- -- that and jury's going to describe the photo to you which probably a party scene and if you haven't. You can log on to WEEI dot com you can follow me on Twitter and we'll take some your suggestions on our Twitter accounts my Twitter account is at John Dennis WEEI. Jerry's is ads paid Callahan. To describe the photo is -- oh and as these you don't. Now as he's referred to one it's been half naked yet Tito half naked happy. He looks happy he looks pretty buff books and he looks rested. He does not look like that nervous wreck you saw in the dugout separate years here and I hate to jinx the -- caption contest but we've never come out of the -- quite so quickly as we have with this -- caption contest the early entries. This is just won the district one's confirming that notion that he still popped up on pills Kerry gets ready to drop this -- -- Reference the pass at all government as an epidemic of cannibals yeah like everywhere. -- Critics think it would not ignored us as we try that out you wanna do bath -- -- -- this weekend to see what happens got to find that pat Ellis diesel we got to deal. Lester the Sox threw in the towel maybe I could do the -- same. Tito taping his new gigolo T commercial. It's -- patriots' record not know it's Francona not Travolta can we get the massage started. Up more trouble to references com. -- meter you've got such a sexy voice. If I -- very huge gain. Mum. Like this for sure as we -- with the day for me I'm gonna show off his vetoes. Up this data. Windows. Look at these WTO's. Everybody. That's. When you read TO -- Matt who had to apologize.

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