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ESPN's Chris Broussard: Tough game for the Celtics to lose

May 31, 2012|

We speak to ESPN's Chris Broussard and get his reaction to the Celtics tough loss in game two and what will transpire the rest of this series.

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He was an -- Put us but so too many times on the shoulders. You know this stuff that happened later when that -- today. Honestly. Because he did don't basically everything right. You know yeah. A lot of opportunities for. Doc Rivers talked about the performance like that John runner 44 points tennis is only three turnovers. 53. Minutes. Accurate depiction of glove -- why Michael Holley everybody's been enough of an arms about what they saw in that game last night people pretty upset. Certainly the call with a minute 27 remaining in the game we thought we get somebody who was neutral somebody who we trust. Somebody who has great credibility is under ESPN pregame halftime post game show. So we thought we'd give a -- -- Chris Broussard and have him try to give us the lay of the land nationally about what he saw so Chris what did you see last night. One stop bit no outlook on the radio earlier in Miami they were trotted out or meet her or hot or -- people and no call for a ride ago -- out that -- my god look. I don't know if it doesn't would have won the game or not and not have -- ever do ones who you know. Jump toward the initiating and tired of an excuse for a team lose you're anything like that. I'll let that call -- and call Alando. We clearly got hit in the face. On that -- lay out and it seconds later that -- and -- down and scores. -- -- was huge I thought that was huge and it certainly -- she weighs about -- a lot of calls. That you can make up toward you know where maybe you didn't change -- get possession. All hours of the bat the ball goes something like that. But that wouldn't -- it was. Somewhat related it was related to that -- of those still on the floor you know under the battle. And Google all and it as a great transition game. IPE. If I'm not saying that the reason the -- -- -- and know how the game would have ended up like that would get a huge. Huge loads. Ladies and I hit it felt fortunate that there's really nothing you can do to make up for that. You know -- -- said and I -- usually jump on the officials. Is it because you think. The officials do a decent job on average and that some of their mistakes are glorified or. We just think that. That talent has gone is gonna rise in in the the team that should win the game is generally gonna win again. I think that's definitely do a great job overall of the obviously is that -- you don't -- from car. I don't think that was it dominate Iraq it is my opinion I don't think that was the case lap right. A bit -- the whistles I think they simply missed the call. I can understand it themselves. -- like you know they -- it's loud it was so obviously that decision was right here we should we have seen that. And all okay maybe not -- people. And I hit the public may god. People have questioned. The call that pop out all here. With the way -- played -- also. The way going to get lucky and kicking Kevin Garnett. OK you know that would put -- either way. Obviously way toward AG. But I did they give you the world that it does do a good job at the very top job that you would lead of the game. Generally update how -- went out. But certainly a call here or there can make all the difference in the world. An and I -- day to day. -- I think it BA war. You know I absorb the integrity of the game not stroke that they want. Fair competition not wholeheartedly believe that it didn't work fair competition. And that they would do would be -- purposely. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know Chris I don't think that's the perception though the a lot of fans haven't like anything else you can go to an individual city of that team loses. They're finding excuses I'm not wanted at the complaints about the officiating and we get a lot of calls you were after game. Plan as well and most cases most cases it's a matter of the Celtics stayed out on the permanent. The other team were the aggressors took the ball to hold so guess what you stay in the perimeter you're not going to the free throw line what I thought was -- usual last night. Is I thought Boston with the aggressors I thought Paul Pierce was very aggressive early on the game certainly Rajon Rondo was. And yet the Miami Heat to 47 free throws they only -- 31 like about this the game you watch last night at the Miami Heat. Hit their normal percentage of free throws. That would have been a regulation. Regulation game we never would have gotten into overtime in Miami -- -- probably wanna -- double digits in yet. My eyes Tellme. That was a different game. Well I do they get that free throw discrepancy between that you gave me great eighteenth lap I -- large but. This problem lay in Miami gonna give them a lot more didn't know quite what -- that the way in not winning or we don't have a lot. But that aren't saying -- but -- why that the weighing our. Years -- out among the league leaders in free throws attempted. We note that the Celtics especially at their older age. You know they don't have got kind of got lord -- that -- and even Latin night run double. Don't -- get a lot of damage from the outside. Oh. I'm not so old that are being all in the discrepancy. Mean that we went there because I understand obviously the way they've played by the -- -- and -- But I did not know what you call. Will be honored -- that don't want would -- not questionable and the other question. I still. What it for free throw attempts and 35 into the -- -- just -- unit has -- did not a lot also about and I also think I got a court. Sadness and and we've seen some great players. Who have been. You'll have been MVPs and defensive players of the year or all our first team all league defenders in M Jordan was the but the player of the year and an MVP came Olajuwon. LeBron James MVP first team all league on defense I I just have a hard time thinking he could play. Virtually the entire game and come away with two files. Well -- an MBA and a -- we -- he -- and a guy who guards by prisoners. And yeah that's not only crime -- that you write. Because that would indicate on the tour career and we under. Superstar. That you've been called they like that in an update -- -- night. So bad it in the -- -- -- very united we're watching the game. It was cute I say it. It. Odd. That a superstar like Paul Pierce and I'll I'll two of the lap legally. And again I'm not saying they're didn't hear anything without it usually a guy out of here it's faster. I didn't really cute dot like that found out you rarely see assumed was our player opt out of the NBA game. And that he happened into that brigade. That will -- as don't think you. Should recommit I think I'll. Let it absolutely blown away in the end and other great players and -- -- have completed Powell. In these days that don't you call and so. Did he. Here is that the power out like we get. I don't know I don't know how to call the lack of respect lack of proper respect. The way glad. That was straight down straight in the. A ticket dislike of respect the respect as. A superstar at this age. And that's how they're viewing -- might tell the story earlier today Chris at the conversation in eight years ago with Earl Strom and talking about. The superstar treatment and he gave me an unbelievable answer and the answer was. Well we see these guys the superstars the birds the match six the Michael's. They do stuff that's super human we see it all the time in person we see it on tape or whatever so when you see a certain play made. And he's unable to make that same play that I've seen him make a million times. We figured there had to be contact and so there's a tendency for the superstars to get away what little little bit. Because they can go on worldly things and I think the perception now witnessed. Let's face it it's accurate LeBron can still do on worldly things. Paul Pierce can at times. He can't do it consistently because of his -- because of you know the injury situation. So maybe that is the perception of the way they look at it. -- the great aunt and how I heard explanation before some officials. Like 88 -- -- -- it is like you say. I won't be a lack of respect. At this point you know -- all the words for the -- in general. But I -- I -- find -- -- to think I found out is a guy that good and bowed out to the last three minutes. And I thought it was terrible give out right because you think you're going to go Qatar what I'll give that up as the place. And no Ben chooses as evident by -- note -- -- I think that that he -- being held together with band -- -- -- -- places. -- said last that is one of the best playoff performances he's ever seen and you know he's play with some great players and watch some great players. Did you share that two -- Rondo did you think that was one of the all time great playoff performances that you witnessed. It was one of the opera great especially with you know. You know I mean the way you rebound he's terrific. The plate hit a three minute. At times. The guard LeBron James the best player in the world. It got. Is cute it and all the underground or -- With the -- I look on her -- I thought it was an updated on the air. It into -- -- nightmare scenario for other people in the and the other thing if Alonso lobby will be that you -- play consistently. But it ever. Got eight then hit the jump shot. Like recruit Paul Michael Russell Westbrook has really you know they were excited right now. You know if he ever got accepted that -- -- shot it was pretty pretty much unstoppable because these two quick. What you really keep up one and I'll leave it happened back -- they didn't face. And if you they what is shouldn't be any concern that we could be nothing you can do so. When he. Apparently jumps was just amazing. I personally think. The best that that individual performers I think in NBA history. It would match. When he with a rookie. Or 42 important is -- now seven. In game six of the bottom -- -- -- -- it happened because what obviously it was a great game statistically does Dominic. -- -- He play with an important part of playing center. -- he didn't have it it'll VP. -- -- out it was a lot more it was a rookie at this stage. Think it would it not that they alleged. -- It's got ahead got to get rid of them all encrypted that -- did get an -- -- -- prisons. -- what Bobby did probably wouldn't let it. -- have gotten your dad hit an eight do you imagine I'm looking. -- I would agree with you one of the all time great -- and that's what we -- -- talk about it all the time and we went to all the offseason Michael -- talking about possibility Chris Paul coming here. And I think we both like that would be a good deal and yet you know -- beat up by a lot of callers or whatever. But I think last night -- I don't -- at the Michael Eric is that frustrating. Or is that encouraging when you see what you saw. A lot of -- last night. Frustrating near where well wait. Would that ever hitting it meant where's that and that's exactly what we're looking for you describe. As you know if you can make an outside shot. If they sent to the free throw line if you can make free throws like that that means they they have the -- differently going to hole it can't just you know Appalachia and I'm so. If he got. Hit a shot that old. Is it. I don't think he can control that yet it made me look at that point out that you work our ability to. We know in his early years he worked there aren't we Ray Allen -- -- -- we're -- now -- You know he's not. A very good jump shooter. And he can get hot and that's what happened to me it ain't what it. You know whether it was an hour I -- now the bird that is the way -- -- -- outside shooter but they can get hot they can't -- here. And an apple might like that I thought that's what I would love I don't think he couldn't do that. Could -- immediately not yet you know ultimately get that point but yeah -- All include -- they've made Asian muted -- at least we have the position that I just think he's not into the without fashion than we just hop. Our Chris court cancer Celtics make this a series they do some damage this weekend. You know I I don't think rise were hot and they're going into the series I think it the and period. I think that felt it would be hard with there that you know skill than their veteran savvy update. Will win game three. Ended up it does does -- win the next two. This vehicle I gave -- big do nothing difficult about it. Where's -- right now Chris. Lot of it Los Angeles we're out here without -- -- interpret it I was gonna say -- Well get ready to have your eyes turned down Miami for a lot longer than you think -- are good and I think it's going to be this -- 87877. I think we've all six yes seven I thought. C a part of it is in that now now revealing how have been have been hit come in the corner because now. Yesterday I thought the Celtics -- were gonna win that game -- it did during the show they win this game. In Miami in that truly would have taken it to put us on a seven game -- yeah yeah out ode to now my chances don't look so good but I think it's going to be seven. Well they obviously got to win these next two. To have that Google that. Would be. Chris no doubt that he knew that would that doesn't demand it. Actually I -- -- out of it but if you got gotta run but it. You know it could say without needing -- win the championship this year even if they beat Miami. If there's say that the big legal legal and as we weren't idol as some of it because of injuries and trade department I think they definitely sort of got to admit he. Three -- were good enough. But -- You know you've gotten can't even when they lose like black -- who can't help by the law they'll put their heart. And that they they do because they're banged up and pick is that piece that appeared athletically that fit in this crime and all that. And they still report that -- orbit. You know you can't really add anything but respect for these Gatwick or removed. Say not at opted itself. Chris always great talking you will be watching. I don't -- thanks Chris -- from ESPN. Pregame and halftime post game -- back with more people -- next.

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