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NBA Officiating: is it fixed?!?

May 31, 2012|

Mut and Lou talk about the horrible officiating in the NBA and address comments from listeners who suggest the league is fixed.

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Listen we just gotta keep going until our guys that matter we can get distracted we we will not get distracted in this series. You know I argue until you right now. They're they're distracted. Our team in the locker room. But we have to get it out of this and move more. Does Doc Rivers. Teams got to move on game three at the garden tomorrow -- much Lou not to 37 WE ELB get all your reaction that able to jump right back. The phone calls -- when Rondo. Game itself I'm sure we'll get a lot of officiating. Calls -- today when it comes to the NBA days in New Hampshire hi Dave I don't -- How much -- -- -- now I know or hear what you guys think about it. -- beat them bullets let him. What it's somebody gonna go through these games with a line to home and really know -- all should have been called and called should've been called so public and really get a deal the numbers are and you know what. You know can be done. -- -- not on it reactions like those. Yes -- who would do that we have our first question that some in the and it's source like I wouldn't it -- in kind of an independent sports source with some NBA fans. You know what we're sick of this crap let's go through use the video we have a point out how bad certain -- Needed independent source to do with the NBA is never going to do -- That. Fanatic so really they -- the government make some of these guys a little more now there's a now on the -- on the NBA could do that are you crazy. The FBA's gonna create a veto that and MLB does what do review review the strikes and balls. Publicly though are now publicly that he set when -- what does he get -- what are people gonna do go through almost like when are we gonna see. -- to call that's why I'm Dennis hunt ignited resentment what he said was that go through Tommy maybe you could go -- to go through what. And hold them accountable now is going to be a certain extent with the abuse -- say well -- yeah I can watch in slow motion report re placed by knows a wrong call. There is an element of you know it seems he thinks -- during a time. Bug you start seeing it more of these calls -- are wrong or 10% of them -- -- but also the jumped up to a quarter. Or third and -- -- any good serious issue. But we although they already have anyway they deal and you hope they do that -- point maybe was that you are they doing a behind the scenes you would think they would do that -- we have no idea. Publicly. They're never gonna embarrass their officials they don't do that I mean if they let any of sports I mean we just found out that. You know I am umpire got suspended for a game and -- -- games paid by whatever was for. You know not following rules before that at any umpires never called to the carpet or bad call Joseph west. -- -- And it just started doing this vote of no baseball yet. Picture they should be able to do that attributable edit Credo these guys a question you hope they're doing that already gave -- that was the questions it was a cold -- through today Aysu. The warning that morning -- you. Permanently out initiating their wallet that Rondo always. To order it by that but. Not on here while without that all was well arterial it. The game you know that I could've gone either way it's it's been -- air. You know it would -- but. -- I didn't which I mean I Orman iiroc -- It was open. Why Michael Jordan. And I don't Saturday with the ever hear him but there. All the bargaining make you know -- But I know Foreman is in now. You know it. It would it to a heart wrenching really was no. I mean this there's it was a questionable call. You want the refs institutes of Paul Pierce is -- five would be careful calling a follow all. If all doesn't jump understands there's a charge. It is always guards got to make sure he's outside -- beat you to a guy -- feet to the outside of that sort would be -- weight to that spot to get stood up straight not jump to maybe it's your coach John -- also Dwyane -- or and listen to it it relative to sell it anybody we all know that. And if Paul Pierce doesn't jump. Chart we'll go back Leo I'll talk to lose in channels for we talk Celtics -- what you guys that live. And god I love this show very frustrated over the game my night. -- I'm right on line with what everybody fan but I have an idea. There were worries. God complex fined because the players and the -- choose. Have always gone and Almonte first name basis like oh. -- are ready to walk along it beat you know the guy then it would have been a problem why don't we out. -- -- playoff games where they know -- -- relationship. With each. Believe me go on -- -- way trio guard a guard chore it's our. All then we're gonna go. Against. What quality -- and someone that. How are older you learn ways. I'm gonna please David start at a -- I'm gonna make sure these Miami Heat win the game because that's what you want. Now I'm not on my anger than paper isn't going as far -- Commissioner coming down saying all I want these guys to -- of the case you're able -- The lakers an -- or bigger audience or not saying that. Come on and win win Dwyane Wade -- dot. Com. And Garnett they all all I'm gonna you gotta say. On you know public but I had little beta good went off the year that when you you saw that play half and moved from -- for why did you see the -- -- through. But here is our live your better than make is that it -- -- second third -- -- seeing the actual -- the -- -- bother me. -- -- -- -- -- -- That the loose ball foul they called on on -- Rajon Rondo when you guys go to the war. Nicole took a job there and all of follow on that in a playoff game I thought was ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Organs -- -- though that one I mean that that when I hated it. A second and both went for the ball doesn't make it and I at all should have how he -- that oh yeah I agree that you guys diamond for a loose ball don't you want hostile don't you wanna see. You guys give it their all of that -- and Rondo for Fallon is under the pile went that he got well. At some level for LeBron James it's amaze route to -- heard earlier in. As they talked about DNC detector went in the hole LeBron is averaging 41 minutes less than two files in every game and that is. And again here. Find it hard to believe that needs just this series big physical guy you know I find an -- but -- throughout the entire playoffs the gap is in Indiana that textured we had a Tweeter a couple days ago six games against the pacers. -- -- -- Above the rim better than anybody. That we're that your goal of the latest physical to take that would probably relate to the dwarfed by a lot of block more than 5006 and there -- some blocks between you and Dwyane Wade that you. That they're through it wary of the file you know the followed. In way to -- -- deft volley you know all I think you through all years LeBron at what point. That's he's a great athlete however you cut a kid played 41 minutes a game you would they keep it more than what more than one point eight -- -- game no. You would think so what -- the guy that physical play like that. It'll go through games and go to file format is one problem. -- That's all we continue with all your reaction game -- we come back. You're gonna hear Magic Johnson raise Rajon Rondo had never heard of -- anybody in his time as an NBA analyst ethnic.

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