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Mikey and Pete talk about the Celtics matchups

May 30, 2012|

Pete and Mikey look at the Celtics-Heat matchups and talk about who needs to step up and have a big game for the Celts to steal a win over the Heat.

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It is to do there in the afternoon noon. And again I thought we had it I thought we -- that doctors are so these songs are so close. Now but we were trying to name the and you don't BP that's what I do best I agree -- -- like this stuff I mean I know this this other crap but the in breezy and top cornerbacks in the car or something by himself that's why it's in short I'd Eric is -- and Eric how are yet. Say Mike what's going on how you doing it big family thank you. Area. Try to Arab people saying that LeBron James is one of the best plays in the world that barbaric that makes -- -- -- you. Eat soup I mean that that means we can -- consider Michael Jordan about play in a world before you won the governor's -- as well why oh why why the body well. You -- not sure -- to make it about rings in the case of me like I take Ted Williams okay you know just moved to a different sport Ted Williams never won a ring. Ernie Banks never won a ring and there's a lot of great people back and in every sport find guys who didn't and then say what Charles Barkley. You know at about phase of the great players ever but. -- and that -- that now. No Michael Jordan and at all Albright and so yeah pretty much Scotty -- what the in the second best player on the team but what can not wait. You better and played right in on the same period plague and -- squabbles. We all own talent. Just get a chance shipping news means to struggle well if -- the. Chosen one mind me if you're the chosen one you can do whatever you want to but I do you do you agree to me on this since high school. Probably every step of the way needed to college bridge over the pros. Every every single rep has been looking at him and going oh you know they can't be LeBron foul. That's gotta be the other guys following him I don't you think he gets nine out of ten of those calls. And -- -- you know how many and he traveled actually also recorded that game and I'm like I'm one backed off. And I have my son next to me and I and I columnists and this is not how you play -- army -- takes. Three steps all that and they don't call that -- -- like you. Yet his averages three and a half from moved to a group I sort of got in his. It's -- you mentioned. Me too buddy I'm within a 100%. Thank -- Eric C -- Smart guy mark IP a load on where to -- -- discussion about the wraps and it was much force that Donna can be I've it was much forced to try to warn you beat. What I thought no I definitely didn't -- -- identity for years to send -- about it being hard on him. Dad dad pass and exactly that's exactly your Jesus accidentally released this market damaging -- -- dodgers' Spanish guys. Saw him back his side Wednesday you'll never done this and it's it's. There isn't a scrutiny Williams ask truly Gilberto and that's what this thank you all of the ultimate goal if you steam song. -- this -- -- he was trying to figure run Armey thanks a Homer Simpson he does not have thought that goes through in these tests but it isn't related Homer Simpson won one way or the other. I'd Davis in Jamaica Plain and nineteen layups and dunks and game 1:9 AMR -- conducts. 9019. Layup that -- I it never it never want to. You know if I would -- -- our teams are descended you know you don't -- he calls the LeBron James. Is the -- how I would not if I'm gonna build a team I would not want in the locker room I -- who -- all men shot. But how good -- they didn't -- that -- -- -- -- not -- been laid -- being how many fouls have been called on LeBron -- Its last seven playoff game six files series averaging less than -- how it happened list that -- -- game. -- Football probably 4001. Miami it out there right on the world it's not. Create and it's not like he plays and physical game like it's magic in his match. It's it's strictly. According doesn't seem to at least you -- -- those men in black hands we put the guy's face the kind of forgets what's going on exempt for all run that -- all the BS what is we have to show for it -- not that. But what you want if you want to open it you'll have -- looking at -- which you I would want. That you don't duplicate -- playground people picked. I hope they pick LeBron because he's at EE I I can't -- can't hurt a lot can't even. He mentally mentally I don't think that you and -- always told. Outrageous he has Iran there's not been a person since his junior year in high school wasn't his disaster. Every step he takes agree with all that if you're on the Celtics you guys should be dealt with them from day I -- -- -- -- -- and it sort out. Of course it would not a lot of -- are so it's hard to imagine you -- -- you know walk. You know if if Kim Kardashian was my girlfriend when I still think she's a whore. Probably just a nice -- What might want to I don't want to cooperate and a. Jon Lester the decrease in -- in the east trending. I don't like the direction you trending right now and it and he really he really he's up against a rookie maturity it beat up and come out in in in knocked down did you target one by -- It at the very important game -- my. -- republic day. Is we don't know the direction stranding he's all over the place on that respect it looks great he looks crappy Maryland -- -- history and bad start and April. -- did it not April -- we keep propping him up the -- you know what it. And then double want to -- that record revenue 130 -- -- 66% but -- ignored it but still -- you know and look. David two different guys he got the guy from three to a three years ago and and last year he was okay. But generally speak he's got a high winning percentage played for good teams good Richard what we're promised -- to think that starts he's always got not a slow start secondly. He's out of the -- is Smart I don't think you -- -- Smart to contact it yet it gets pissed at the jobs he tries -- tries to strike guys out you when he can just got ground out that. Not he -- get knocked out -- -- A Buick -- from the take these days he's got a strong not. All all. He's yet to prove I tweeted this the other night if bill leak had Jon Lester stuff and Jon Lester had Billy's brains both would have been undefeated -- my god. -- And chicken and beer David thanks ago. -- 7779. 0850. No score in the Red Sox games there in the top of the first -- just so you know Lester with one out already has guys half the first and second. This is the instrumental -- So somebody somebody texted me about. Construed to be compared -- thought it was a guy and it's a woman and you know there's been no proof of that. Note that about prince for a little Mikey to receive the avengers I called prince of Wales Prince Fielder looks like he's halfway between. Bruce Banner an incredible -- He shoot it doesn't I mean that I mean this breaks that you looks like he's rented the gamma rays there are focusing -- -- change to turn green right destroy Fenway Park any prior everything he's halfway there -- and that's where I don't let Michelle wet mop on he looks like -- -- when he's halfway. To -- the -- but it looks like how'd you like a nickname I tweet that's going to be my slash I hash mark prince of Wales. Whenever we talk -- WH a little hockey term yet the prince of wails like a scenario that -- -- -- -- -- because these have to be at -- It's Murphy in Nantucket Murphy that it's the law that we go we -- next. Are you are a little nervous first time but I listened to you all the time thanks I respect say that. I think. Yeah I'd raise. Whole. Sport I view of the block in the area I wanna thank you but into my question thank you particularly this year right. Particularly this -- looked at my question yeah I'm all he has we put the cavs and LeBron was was on the caps. UPS shut him down for a few game on different accounts and point game. I would say shut him down I would say when it counted -- he contained him probably better than its most were right and Stewart to the degree it's a sacrifice of some of his own office yes. I haven't heard squawk about I mean that you know. The pregame guys last night that they were practically -- Well why why would that matter in this series in the post a couple of years ago why does that matter it's only different bosses out Bradley's out why would that matter a year and and there are those -- say he's gonna need probably two senators let's let the project's -- -- let -- -- lit up Miami Heat during the regular season what does that matter right now. What -- -- any one on one I saw rock pianist handle him and deter him. You know occasionally he's got that ability I think I think pierce could turn -- -- -- and and you know the Celtics that's what they. That's what they live on defense. Yeah well two things have to happen in order for that to -- their first -- yet to say well is his need OK so he can cut move as he needs to play defense against my secondly. Are the rest gonna. If you don't ignore what we've just been talking about and every time there's any kind of contact whatsoever blow the whistle point appears. What did that put one on one we will -- you know around looking at stepped around the eight he's got a get those easy basket occasionally but what I want last not the last game I thought he would handle. Pretty well and no ordinary capital often and the are content to. Lightning the second last game was the last game the stars on both teams that play agreement seasons they talk among the second last name of -- that's right and it. All that would -- why would that that's -- it's totally different teams you can't compare. Years like that completely different like people last year so talk to me all your apartment above a picture of the Baltimore. Playing the game mode where we're two years ago there for players for stars and play for the patriots. What happened two years ago in the NBA playoffs is a relevant right now boxes out Bradley's out and the story. And the store you -- you're you know rethink the whole -- reassess the whole situation c'mon man. Murphy gets from days. I don't know why not just on I mean it's nice to crazy. Everything everything has its own there's no big -- referendum everything to its own separate entity don't bite his head off PM I don't I guess so we don't play obstacles and I thought about what happened two years ago. Or last year it's relevant -- didn't play last year most of those games. It got rejected the first game it is their boxes out at our -- I would say it's totally out where hold it I always say I totally irrelevant how -- -- -- -- -- 100% last year series to this series -- relevant last year is different from this year in two years -- was different from last year and so on and so -- and this year may be different disease -- But let's not say it's a relevant to talk about. How -- defend up front that's coming up irrelevant. Relevant I don't partially but there's got to put -- that you have to. You have to talk about the entire team what they're capable -- I'd agree to -- it is now it is relatively right now they are the different scenario that it world last night aerial assault Pierce's role may HAB protocol. -- you know -- -- so well ol' boy I can't get a word in -- in my own freaking program it's like unbelievable. It's happening again. Murphy -- -- -- did a good job Murphy's first call here -- brightness African had a I'm not on its head up to what you did look at the -- he's what he's -- now nobody -- if you start talking about any particular team in any sport about what happened two years ago supports the -- -- -- what are your Ty -- where you're where you're missing the point and -- waste my -- -- points as she did know his appointment going to -- -- -- ones. Two years ago he completely contained LeBron so he has in his power to do yet so that's not a relevant. I'm I'm might say he doesn't have that is power pop -- two years or what he might have different defensive help this year or last year might be different they might have different schemes that they sent last year. Zone or man to man whatever they can never talk time planes on -- -- supposed to a couple of years ago says Pete lighten up differences. I'm -- I'm. Aspect. Okay come down to take a break and I like the chances to break I'm like I'm like you batteries went fifty bucks on. Got a nice set to break we're proud. Lighten up. France's.

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