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Kathie Lee Gifford... biggest 'OOPS' in TV history?

May 30, 2012|

Not sports related, but great sound nonetheless. Kathie Lee Gifford has no idea that Martin Short's wife has passed away, two years ago. Whoops!

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But show it -- way in Hollywood don't live over here at at Fenway Park talking about the Celtics and heat from Miami will talk with -- maxed. A coming up after the next break the he just as yesterday but we we chased -- down day so. You don't get away with much witnesses we as we track about what is more stuff today. On that whole situation that guy eat the other guys feast. I mean it's worth fastener -- you know what I go to the Miami Herald everyday. Because I wanna read about the other side don't wanna hear what it would they're saying about cared about the you can't help bubble solidly in -- can't get. You can't get around -- it's all of the newspaper done. There's more graphic video today because video security -- I was security -- the old and a and you don't find -- about it is you've got one -- and you look at it you see how many hits that have. And recipients say they give you warning this is graphic material. You know a few -- crazy Charlie don't that's what people don't I don't care what millions of hits and one but I like that right now we like. Chaos yeah we like chaos -- like it the other thing that largely over its biggest accident I just read this on the Miami Herald. Is that when somebody screws up on radio -- TV it becomes depleted -- league yet. That people like beaten up -- cap the -- -- is that safe to say yes it is felt like for some reason she's on the The Today Show. -- -- -- -- -- May be reflective. I'm not sure about that. She's only the late to nation right that even let you sit in in the reliever I don't know once the show. But that's not actually. Michael I was just looking through the channels so that I shot on now it. My wired on the other -- that -- -- it doesn't even want to -- as I've seen the that they do -- added that with -- right. Reitman and yes some of those and -- -- who's the girl Dakota hold. Should change that meant to break her picture. I totally -- league -- -- on The Today Show today and Martin Short. Is her guest. Now he's promoting Madagascar are three -- that's other shows were we get the stars -- when they're when they're promoting stuff right. So he's on -- today. And Kathleen who just doesn't impressed me is one. Who does an awful lot of home you know she's just not ready for. A lot of these interviews and they go for about this conversation and -- -- and I had a good time and a Saturday Night Live where production right now they're done for the season. They would be ripping this apart this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- she starts asking about the secret of his success with -- his wife. Nancy don't. Now want shorts wife died two years ago. But apparently Kathie Lee. Doesn't realize it says she's issuing Nancy -- one of the greatest marriages that anybody inch -- business. Years now for you guys. And short. Who's trying to promote this movie. Does Italy wants to be diplomatic doesn't wanna throw it back interface to the movies but it -- and he said we -- 36 years. Which is still in love why. Because -- Q. If you just trying to play along with a whole plan. Yeah it raises the marriage isn't anybody -- I -- -- nothing we. There at 36 years and -- net met her. Proposed. -- Well. Why the pressure a lot of a bit embarrassed that of a and these are all -- in just doesn't seem he seems like he's a nice guy doesn't know archer he's trying. To be nice stern and where your even. They're great result returns that is certainly am I like it better -- -- There's everything it can't happen she's. She's dead stopped stopped. Move on loan anybody into coming here without him we -- 36 years. Net that -- in law. Should and should be back. Well. On. -- a -- -- Show. Yeah your your area and loyal watchers know I'm not like I just don't personally I'm paralyzed. Simply don't look Celtics in the heat of -- don't go tell us how does that Miami Herald -- indeed and I did not get out ahead I cannot let the headline. Kathy lead of more short punch you dead wife. -- it's just. August event and vocals here are just trying to get away from the Ortiz clock is trying to milk it share price or. And I'm -- -- -- got to be the most embarrassing thing how can I do have answers if you can do on an -- TV had to come back and say I apologize. Now that can happen you just how long would also have at some point it's important commitment to bar. Her contract months ago. -- -- that I'm really sorry. I'd be doing more companies and. It took a look at. -- -- are bad right. And not Mike a little early shall when that Cheney was making a full access to pull. Inappropriate words -- want apologized and I -- -- defending. That it needed. When are you all are invited to. -- Forty -- Original sentencing. I'm in enough trouble in his new book just came out of audience beyond statement. Literally -- a broad anyway we're definitely went in -- -- great lives right what -- the amount. -- -- People who are all -- -- cookies and I think it's because he just for the B visa and Gary goes out there and does all the right things and he was kind of the anti mini it was difficult for people not to like -- -- was around. But. PD he's he's working in the environments. That they're based quality setup it's not that he's he's. A product of a bad. Contract it it's it's what the pollute the environment it is. Shoot the dealers it he he never signed one of -- ten year 200 million dollar deals and the reasoning of -- one of those. Is if you look at all the guys that do what they do what when they're at the peak of their career. Okay so that they can. They're able to cash and because teams are interested in them in free agency. Because that's what it's gonna take to bring it got like fielder over to Detroit. You know or it and that's that's -- -- happens he was never one of those guys. You know he brought it right get the money into different places he got Texas originally many got -- in New York. Look if he was my -- was started selected early in his career like A-Rod didn't he would need to get the two podtrac. He weighted toward the start putting the needle into it but. I don't know what was I mean that life says it was lines he said he may have done some things that who knows I saw the Flintstones and every one of those tablets items. It's just there. Where we're going let's go to Mike in a delicate question where where exactly are we going not -- Mike Mike what's up. But -- -- Yeah that won't back the guy it's still dot comforted by the or fourteen. I -- I just think that nowadays we're. Where were distancing ourselves up its -- we have a new coach of all new players that seeing earnings. I going above 500. And that the -- you know they're young all with the 2011. Or greatness and the all willing to go right you know. And you're not the people they don't like. That Graham. You know doing whatever you're not making ER controversy. In the dugout. And all your -- go step by. That the better that there were gaining weight -- weapons the better but my -- that pot. How much of people got away from 2011. And I'm not sure that their people throw out here that they have simply gone above 500 -- last place it's it's something that's unfamiliar territory. For the Boston Red Sox late in May into June it just did aspect that you say that you see people having gotten away from from 21 mile. -- I mean it's well I -- it because arms of any terms of that that collapse or is it still looking at it. Still looking for answers I tell you what if this team is in first place on September the first. By two or three games when we take these phone calls. Okay do you really believe that people are gonna feel real confident. About the team I I think they still will fear. At the same thing will happen from a year well that a year ago it I don't feel account I don't -- -- -- they should be nervous if it's two or three games. A year ago was not two or three. Years ago was many -- -- eight. So. If there's seven games eight games up on September 1 made him crazy. I think there will be confidence. You'd you'd just don't expect that happened. Twice in. You don't expect to happen twice in right now expect a collapse like that happened. Twice in ten or fifteen years would you agree with me that we don't feel loved in the air right now with with -- industry you know line. It just went over 500 for the first time in late may -- Betty I had to make everything. So hasn't hasn't been like this it'll long time there's not a great as I said it's not great shame for sixteen years. Theaters. Last time the Red Sox were under 500 this Leslie here it's it's not a great achievement. So so I'm I think that's what it is it's not I don't think it's the September hangover I don't think it's you know I think it is I don't think I've mentioned all the teams now likable. I think -- this. You're not really sure what you have with this team based on the record 500 so is that what the team has an also. The injuries. And me. Really it's a great story in and Bobby was very complimentary of the day they're great resolve moral -- I. I think there's something you're gonna get something to -- -- they could have easily quit. And let's face it after the way things went in April the fans kind of turned on him than any got to turn it have any easy for others say screw it right with that. That's it -- If you didn't have your tickets. Before now you if you are part of this of -- sellout streak we had to buy your tickets in February or march for today's game. And you saw this Salina. Nava. -- is -- a lot of middle Brooks and their bird Shoppach home -- starting. Would you behind would you buy ticket I would night. Right so I think that's a part of it do they have lost a lot of awesome guys who -- -- you reasoning comes at a ballpark figure they've lost guys. We'll give you reason it's an and a nano now right now because Pedroia as a war -- It becomes Ellsbury he's -- policy of Carl Crawford's got a break out of that slump. All of the injuries plus their record. I understand why there's some there's some pause among the fans again. Have nothing to do with September guy tick the other thing -- Michael is every time you were readied. Kind of emotionally start to June may -- Grabbed them something else happens over the week and lost two or three. To Tampa Bay and they needed a miraculous. Finished two with a one game that the that they want over the weekend and you look at them say OK well -- our competition here in the division. -- to -- -- for me so now they want to the first two here including beating the best pitcher in baseball Justin Verlander last night when two of Detroit. So I think if they can do it over a prolonged period of time. I don't care was outlined by the people would suddenly. Start to say you don't want this team that I couldn't stand to start to become a little bit -- a lot of times people like. The the the no names who were suddenly doing something that they never expected low expectations. Great achievement great production and people are are watching although the although those guys. -- those guys become laughable to them. -- am unable to do it over a long period that but I do feel is this just put this and that out there. And one of -- one state wants -- wants the announcer. The PA announcer calls all the balls and strikes throughout the entire game wheelchair double engage in higher crowd 38000 will be engaged. On every pitch I guess so that's gonna turn it around those guys are lovable than unnecessarily box office draw -- about lovable that's what Cedric Maxwell list ditch efforts yesterday. And we're gonna find out exactly why and that will be punishment. He left the -- doing it if you would definitely different. That Martan just told me as he was leaving -- captain probably didn't know what his beautiful precious like Nancy did pass away. A year and a half ago ovarian cancer and I. I feel so badly that he sent caddies -- -- -- -- Nicholson just keep the conversation. And that was speaking out her. One of the great marriages at the end utilities and -- Lack of resources to count the ray -- I know where you wedge yesterday next.

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