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Joe Castiglione with Bobby Valentine before the 3rd game in the Tigers series

May 30, 2012|

Joe talked to the manager about yesterday's big win over Justin Verlander, and about Dustin Pedroia's healt

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Our body of course the biggest interest of concern Dustin Pedroia yet. Have you talked to him today what's the thinking with Pedroia and his stop. Yeah I'd been thinking about it all night and loses sleep over it -- talked to belittle today it's feeling better it's an amazing situation. And does so we're gonna take it day -- take day by day and see how he progresses. Not gonna play -- game elicits an emergency and if we decide we have the back dated DL do that or if we decide. Playing sure it is in -- -- to missed. You know it is in the win column then we'll do something there. While certainly day in one way it's refreshing have a guy that wants to play the top all the back. He's the best and in his that unlike any -- -- -- breaks in the fifth inning yesterday. You know in the KG's. He's he's what we we want everyone to be all rolled up into one and you know when he gets injured uses and he just doesn't believe that happened in this is an injury that we yet to we have to monitor. Physics special -- Foam -- being designed. Yeah he's got a pad which will be but -- moments hard plastic so if if he gets to point later on in the weaker next week. He's comfortable hitting with that pat they think that doctors who probably feel a little more confident that he can play in the game and then we'll take it from there. Well certainly our big boost to be Justin Verlander and it really hit them hard. How about the at bat by Daniel model was he ever locked in a lot. He was really into the competition in you know that's what I think the fans paid to see I know that's play. You know coaches coaches and teammates. Get excited when. You know you could see that game with in the game being played the pitcher against the hitter in. And Verlander you know raring back and thrown everything he had in. Daniel digging in and taking the balls and swinging at the strikes. It was it was a terrific. Competition. He and we have for the win Millen. And copy it -- very hard to a lot of balls so we're really stroked well. Well poppy and you know -- coming out of the coming out of the -- he was going to. You know set the tone to say hey you know we know you're good we're good too and I think you -- really relax thirteen with his first step that and it lasts through his last. No radar readings are overrated but to see Daniel by consistently around 95 last night -- had to be a big boost. -- I think we mentioned. I don't goes on there up to hear that. You know Daniel said he felt a little something in his mechanics that. You know it is helpless postured out get them a little later rotation and allow him to. Freely throw the ball harder he found that and that that was a good site. You know makes a big difference to get away with few mistakes or break -- vote comes -- -- change of becomes better and down. He got a win and then you know -- we can build on that. When you save -- -- rested tonight he's worked three straight days. Knowing Alfredo he's probably going to be saying he's okay but -- -- -- is on the field tonight and maybe John -- rest that bullpen and I'll take my lead from Alfredo I think the more he throws. The better years yet you know his his command really wasn't as good as it should be last couple lights out. We say they would do brought last night with a save his job blisters. Had some issues with the balls and strike calls and that's something you really like your pitchers to avoid them. Yeah we we we can't be me you know fighting the opposition and the men in -- we have to. You know take take what they give us and I understand that we're human they are two there's never personal situation that's being. Exhibited against us and a move on to an. Spinach we that's dangerous Somalia but this kids got pretty good numbers a left -- here facing tonight. Yeah he's a real talented pitcher he throws hard he. He works it in and and and out and -- better -- on the top of her game we're gonna hit them. You have burn out there middle expect that there yet middle Rex britches policeman in the best forests and then. You know agents back in right field so bull. See how that goes. Body attack to wrap up with our Mercedes-Benz question of the day were already to the Celtics tonight but the NHL Stanley Cup finals starting tonight Los Angeles against the Jersey Devils -- you have a rooting interest for the Devils. Yeah I I texted -- in the majors at the insults and in this boxers the same page and I. Also talk to camera follows the president and GM of the doubles and wish him the best -- -- and my coaching keep -- a hundred years ago and still very dear friend. It like tonight -- okay did you think you. Our question with a manager brought you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz -- this -- take advantage of attractive offers and so like models I enjoy our. Local dealer and scheduled a test drive today it and be USA dot com. Let's go back --

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