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Bar Refaeli dating Shaun White? Really?!?!

May 30, 2012|

The crew discusses the NY Post report that cited an eye witness seeing super model Bar Refaeli with the very disturbing looking Shaun White.

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Dexter commented that hoosiers was a good underdog story up capitalists do. Underdog stories in sports name your your favor one of the biggest of underdogs. I can top that right now. Shaun White. Is he pulled ballot the New York Post reports into a pulled down. He wins for biggest underdog of all time. Are -- reality is the hottest. Woman in terms of -- women hot women made he's right there with Kate Upton maxim when that listing graphic the hottest woman world and I think they got that thing right she did what we are DiCaprio and other famous actors during her life. I she recently complained that she doesn't get hit on by guys. Olympic gold medalist Shaun White gave it a shot over Memorial Day weekend. The snowboarding champ was spotted with the -- newly crowned hottest woman in the world at the so hole loud -- you've been there right this way you don't. Shocked. They were dancing hugging and kissing in the wee hours of Monday morning spies told paid six. Not white was first seen entering the spring street club five pals after midnight sources said he was distracted it soon became clear why. When stunning model Raphael arrive to arrive and -- white and about 1:30 AM. They dance they drank and most importantly folks. They were seen leaving its way around 3 AM. White walked throughout to the car. Let walked her out and let her take his car home. Why return the club more fun I was chatting with two girls a source close the aptly pointed out that the beauties were just friends and part of the group the white and -- with but there -- There is a thought here that Shaun White who got red hair he's not attractive deals -- OK I was gonna say different way of -- and ugly guy. That he scored. Doesn't this give you -- if you're Shaun White looking guy went out the local watering hole on Friday and Saturday night trying to bring home some strange trying to -- cougars. Doesn't this give you hope little shot -- -- all bar up BL EK you bring home that forty year old cougar. No because in the Olympic gold medalist snowboarding and Applebee's -- a model would TV that don't have money doesn't do all the advertisements. -- said this isn't this isn't anything -- what the ugly rich guy gets a girl. This is not just a girl. This is -- this is a Dick isn't just a girl's got a I got in but still this is the hottest woman in the world maximum number one you go in DiCaprio saw -- on whites yeah I satellites -- -- -- it is an underdog story of course go from. -- Leonardo DiCaprio Sean White but I mean in the mean. And I still shot white you know what it means not just take -- look pick all his money -- bar roughly -- all right but. That the new shocker. And no business being there zero. Apps I was if I had the show on but also -- -- -- that's I mean he is and how are you absolutely out kick coverage your thing in this one can she give you any when she wanted to go to on the list the Hollywood and -- he's way over snowboard -- Wail over she can be with any video. Way over right now but it Olympus. Yeah well good for them Caprio and show all light red hasn't. We -- looking face gold medal. 3 AM -- New York. That's pretty good actually give you hope this week when you go out you try to bring home that. A -- the end of the -- initial about a minor league you do that shoddy -- union not up. That's what you do Christian Shaw white can do it you can do jelly shot like can do -- you can do my friend you can get them I have some hope now. It hit it that. I don't know if -- did that that's not -- York Joey got to get heavily commercials go to win goal is going to be in the limelight everybody needs to know yeah. And if you do all that that I think you're gonna show us. Because. I have got good job out of -- like that is up there with brute ready verdict -- hoosiers. The eighty Olympic team. Underdog story of the time to me you'll see it -- fetus the PA job. You know it's what's at Fenway Park. Second enemy that that though women's are following my children all over get to the PA announced early the Boston Red Sox are mean and tons ladies are being given me the Roland. Good guide to address the -- Loko being -- a good man. -- in the limelight you know the picture on white your picture are fairly good -- tonight to get some on your day. I'll white apparently. May laid down the -- good job -- -- White that is a ticket. Not dry hump that sometimes gold medalists. But sometimes gold -- to you that apparently in this case and maybe it did.

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