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Tom Brady on Super Bowl loss: I could pick a lot of plays in that game I could have done better

May 30, 2012|

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady joined Dennis and Callahan to talk football, fashion, comedy and charities. Brady discussed the team's progress at OTA’s, meshing with his new receivers, Welker's contract, and shared his thoughts on the passing of Junior Seau and his former mentor Tom Martinez.

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Yes on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. The quarterback of doing it patriots Tom Brady Tom. Good to hear your voice long time no talk to -- Very good -- litigated the video of woody get into football I wanna get into. Just buddies promotion but I won -- -- at the risk of scrapie a scab. Off they wound that is healing. Have you moved past the Super Bowl loss have you put it behind I know you won't ever forget it but if you move past it and put it behind you. Well I think that's the fun part about Spartan. Negotiate processors. -- you really start looking forward at that point so. Very brawl but it's. Are you eat supper in our process and this season and we we -- question what are called then it's a top centers seasoned vet. You got those months and there we were really which do you think. About the past and you think about what you can do better here trading and then -- our practice and it's you know it's it's a different -- so. The different group of guys at different mix of -- in certain. And we got to see what we can put on the field so it's been fun get back to work and there are seeing everybody together and could get on the field and -- all -- because they're really foresee future. To move forward I think you're uncertain at this point. -- play did you lose more sleep over in the offseason or have more regret about the intentional grounding at the beginning or the inaccurate pass to Welker at the end. Well I mean I think there's. -- anytime you don't do exactly which you hope to do you bureaucratic government and you are. And you lay in bed at eight -- about every play that you could develop -- federal and so. -- an -- all. Our target it's you know a lot of plays nice game that I wish records from. We -- After the game come Wes Welker obviously very upset and appear everybody was. Wondering you know is he -- -- over the second recovered as he is he's taken too much of the blame. And then we saw arm I guess some some photographer from a distance you know on networks -- you guys hanging on the beach together. That light did you want -- on the beach we guys. Going over the place going over every bit and not missed opportunity aren't we we're not talking about it and all -- you bolts and my bad my fault -- how'd that work. How are you are what -- two people who spent a lot of time together so. You know we know each other car through you know your girlfriend wife Carol -- you because. Here they -- -- here -- -- where you know we put in you know weekly. Trivia our best and they definitely he's from the from the outside. What. So what. What we have you're prepared each week but -- an orderly. Our building there at Foxboro in concedes that kind of you know pressure and scrutiny that almost Wear -- the performed so. You know lead we just kind of you know you you go through it he talked to -- you tell you you know we support each other and you know our team has always gonna -- a job that every player or team because I think we all do have a closeness about it. You know we're concerned with you know how how people are. I don't mourning a loss -- warnings you know something that you know it's really important from their support so we. A lot of you know Mikey -- -- -- you know my best friend so. It's that's the way -- expect our troops that's the way it's always going to be. -- to talk about OTAs and we've we've seen footage of mom Peyton Manning trying to get accustomed to his new wide receivers out in Denver you'll have a lot of their -- some of that. A stall worth coming back you can -- coming back Brandon Lloyd in particular -- just a little bit about that process and trying to figure out. You know what he does best where he once the ball and and that's sort of adjustment that a quarterback and wide receiver like break the law would have to be on the same page. Yeah and on and fortunately not very familiar with Tarvaris Dante bright and and you know -- an -- district here so. He's really a professional as well I mean he knows how to prepare himself and he's here our offense so you know. You know as a at least familiar with the paperwork you're and so. It's it's fun to work early and perhaps their law we I try to practice is to go. You know hopefully we make progress certainly did it open to what were on the field -- communicate and talk -- in the film world. -- -- stuff on the game field that. Think Dicey things that I expect the increase fees and it either that he expects so ultimately you have this game as a participation. And figured -- on the same page with your receivers or backs are up and like you can ever just in the history new reactor a slow. So I don't need to be more slow birdie from. They're also -- figure out ways to participate battery -- that's part of that process. You know an off season you know things that you see that you need to make improvements from because. If you don't you all be art and Eric order also dating Greg -- got -- to gain ground as well. I assume you pulled some strings and had them cut Anthony Gonzales before you showed up -- in one and Ohio State receiver out there. But new guys Steve how long does that take Q. To feel it and the believe that they will be on they will be able to grasp the offense they'll be able to do what you need done that they'll be able to make the adjustments and and and and and understand the complexities in the new wants of your office is gonna is that like a week a month. How Long Will it take you say in the case of Brandon Lloyd. -- believed to -- that the feel like he is going to be able to do the joke. I think it's it's different with the current players are. You know I think -- There's a lot of things are going to troops are being good players actually RT art. Could go to court -- this you know it it's not an easy program that you run and -- -- some -- comparable thirteen then maybe you're not really held accountable a daily basis let you know coach Belichick keys. You know it it's -- ordered completion comedy here and I think -- of the teens come and they go a little extra Laporte -- you know if you want more of the bridge. Biodiesel so far -- he just trying to keep the pressure on 'cause he wrote you feel -- The way to get the most out of it so. You know I think you'd tell relatively early by the way -- -- response to that paper coaching. You know you can look at our good -- and feel confident culpable here and what you're asking him to do. Astronaut in Ottawa complicated security that it means that there he got this. Expressionless face like oh god -- I would play -- -- alert to go you know how to do it critical. Number am I going to be able to do what are the coaches are committed itself. Here -- some guys you know right away from guys take in a couple -- Obviously can't take forever and we're all. -- other performance based business you're gonna feel performing an opportunity -- reveal -- so. -- -- -- It just. You know I think that you're gonna have to Richard seasons and -- you're -- -- -- the -- strictly on the Fortier senior and -- the future -- to play. I mean you're gonna you're after establish your own role for yourself but if you don't hear -- -- goodness there's certain law. -- I guess the development of a quarterback and a quarterback any wide receiver similar to that of an actor you have sort of your rookie year it's Saturday Night Live and you get through it you do okay people look at -- there's some potential. And you churn out this three minute 52 video on Funny or Die yesterday for under armour it seems like you are raised your game a little bit in the acting business would you agree. Well it did actually. Yes and it's not like. You know top exit counselor had accomplished that grammatical or mistreatment in the east. It wouldn't do it it was fighting in right its interest England when you work for people for years secretary you know we try to -- You know what -- -- what they were after needed it right I thought it could be pretty good and and you're out there are some funny. Some funny parts of that -- that you know maybe -- -- -- from hero stuff but I was last and pretty much the old days after the October to get pit board not much -- failure rootkit. Yeah -- you know -- you know this is gonna lead to another invite invite from Saturday Night Live would you consider doing that again. Yeah well I would -- and I would -- I hope that would be fun to do we get at some point if I had the opportunity because. Other great experience site. They'll like a lot of things you go through our -- and you don't appreciate -- until. They're over. Connect an -- that was one of those experiences where. I'd love -- and but that really realize how much I look you're after it was all right let it go you look at -- I wish -- District in every single moment of that and that is so unique and you never know you're gonna get these experiences again so it's nice to really a broom and enjoy them. As much you can't and I are -- -- -- and I'd like that it you know would get her video and armed. You know that's that's part of the growth and I think our expert sort last year. It something's in the offseason turn out great like this under -- video then there's the foal -- was that your idea or PD Suisse is idea. I have. I get a lot of reform and they did I ever -- I guess part of the I don't take this seriously. You know it's just. I don't know it would -- that bad that. You know as an -- -- are they actually. Leadership ruined my air show when they are like well I'll say that I might -- that my people could you know you ship away your chance to hear these cabinet. Richard at certain you're okay cool Lavinia. -- -- -- -- some other so. It was a and I hope you and Jerry like the -- most of. Well are are afraid -- our mutual friend. Describe the situation in the context of the event where everybody is trying to outdo the others with this sort of outrageous kind of looked in the stubble in the hair -- -- Lady Gaga kind of outrageousness and he said the to have you sort of got caught up -- that so let's go with it is that about right. Well I mean is it it's it's you know especially for the better and so. You know if you're reduced subset of the a couple of different talks are different outfitter -- there they go right to do American it you know Goodyear. You know here here. You have some other -- you know to what -- that so you could figure out if it's one night. -- -- -- -- -- I hope we're not trying to please too many people blog by a lifelike as a mom like school and they like to. And and we did which -- -- -- speaking. Speaking of fun -- one night. How crazy will the Wes Welker winning in Aspen next month of oh crap I mean do all the linemen get the common and enjoy the open bar. You there's a lot of guys that regard and a lot of former teammate through Mac cast so that Larry Izzo and and -- We a lot of us get together the Kentucky Derby every year you know we have a good group of guys that have kind of gone out their the last. Six years so. We. It's kind of the the outcome of our warm up for what's -- weddings so. I'm sure -- great Chinese. You've got a lot of stops planned in Saudi you know I go back and -- -- pretty funny. So nobody has more on the west and that wedding you've got a lot he's got a lot of our guys -- is so very great term. And I assume you bring in your gunmen from go from Costa Rica. Keep the paparazzi at -- And public still can comment on that situation -- that that's been brought out so I don't know the statue limitations of government. Maybe at the rehearsal dinner the quarterbacks audible should be a two a two part audible stay in a nearby hotel guys and get a car service tomorrow night does that make sense. I think that's a great idea that there -- What are you get no easy like registered at -- catalogs I that we get a thugs under arm around the settlement. -- -- and some some. From. The videos that the fighters died after that that advocate the. We saw you written courtside at the lakers game. This curious what what prescription is the problems last us a. I think they're strong. Headache. And I got to go back -- -- record but it sure. Unless -- on Charlie used to -- As you said there are certain event she would Wear the full -- -- I assume that would be all the best buddy events that are coming up no fall ball at best buddies. No probably not I would do that wouldn't be that -- but I'm looking forward to it this week and then you know some none have been apart referred. It's it's like I got this area nine years ago so. You know I'm excited every year we've we've grown. You know we've raised more money for first the buddies and all the different programs that we run so. I'll look toward the football game at Harvard stadium last Friday night in the right on Saturday it's always. Some and I look forward to shuttle which it should be a nice girl the little ball -- off more aircraft across our -- not have a broad range foreign. You know I I don't really enjoy that you know is much. As you'd like to see the patriots give less and wedding gifts and -- Multi year deals and he'll be here like we view for the rest of their careers. Well you know I. I'm wishers -- answer I'm. Not. Are always support west you know but I. You know now those decisions Europe to meet him in there. And and these days and that work themselves at some point I don't know how or when or who are wise but you know I've. You know it's sometimes like it emotionally volatile situation -- that worked out well for me so. Our district to support him the first and then an you know we're we're all in this business and to top businessmen. Know yours so the best so I don't I don't know what's gonna have and I I certainly. I'd love was so low that bear fruit on the -- and so. On but you know none of those things directly to me. I assume gronkowski is going to the wedding and started there -- Easter -- to go to did you see the latest I know you're a big you know tabloid guy Tom news -- with is Kim Kardashian -- -- with Tim -- earlier in Atlantic City. By the panel. You. The that maybe the paparazzi will all be -- -- -- and while -- there it will be they'll take a picture on them. -- well I hope we moved on from those pages so. Other outlets from by the gesture at the limelight notes and those. Column a speaking when I when we talk about best buddies I thought of the word buddy and I'd be remiss of -- and askew -- How you -- -- junior sales passing your thoughts on that is we haven't had an opportunity talked about junior's passing. It and you know he was very down view this very special person and then there I was fortunate to play would ever get -- In just I'm sure like a lot of people -- you know you. You don't really understand why these things -- I had a really close family friend. Of mine commit suicide. Last fall and and it's it's it's hard on the sale late that part of friends then. Specter there was a very -- great man and he. You see it live with -- Oceanic and -- are pure teammate you saw in the motion every day at his love for life and outlook for the Cayman. It looked at our teammates which is probably surprised so many people. Know where. Obviously you -- some things that. You know he yeah you know work or performance so. I would sure. I wish she got he could find ways to you know get help and then but -- I just. Unfortunately it happened. And it was very it was very tough -- you know offer for myself a lot of his friends and lot of guys who sat them. In a lot cooler salmon and the you know seventeen meeting rooms have -- Yeah we we all looked up to -- so much so and we still do it. It's certainly he'd lived. You know very full life from the short cover future we're. On a much more positive note Tom I'm not aware if you know about this story on the heels that you unsuccessfully trying to find a kidney for your mentored Tom Martinez you inspired a 48 year old man by the new look Peter Hughes to donate his kidney to a woman he did not even know. Because he heard you talking about the metric donors web site promoted by you on a number of occasions. A he was found to be a match -- a mother of two. Said it had not been for that particular article featuring Tom Brady Hughes said I don't think I would probably donate the kidney re aware of historic. How are less than not that's pretty and what a great story and you know there's a lot of people were doing great work out there and matching donors they were you know they work very hard to try to help our -- -- -- -- guy yesterday in our stadium net you know as import involved in transplants and -- you know it's just -- This creating awareness for the issues that people have that are looking for owners and can't find them more the stigma attached to people that actually give. Or in this -- you know a lot of people just. -- they don't really have the right information so. Because that's pretty cool to hear you know. -- Actually we worked pretty hard to help common. Unfortunately you know trying to live out our. -- put -- by some other people really got help. -- be on record set matching daughter. You know they they've been involved a lot of those cases over the years and if another great organization. Our job before we say good -- is there a way the public can still get involved in Friday night and Saturday's big best buddy's situation is or website or someplace were tickets are available or information available. Sure best buy dot org I think that that that'll give you all the information you need so. We have a game Friday night of horror that starts at 6 o'clock -- a lot of fun a lot of teammate come out. A lot of people who participate in Iraq on Saturday come out. You know people upper right not Saturday I'm sure all the information government's site and be able to -- so. It should be brought hope that -- a lot of familiar faces up their. And I just give it to words of warning on at 6 o'clock football game Robert Edwards. You know all. -- quarterback but they're rushing it okay. Rubio. Are all right enjoy the weekend -- your best buddies to talk to again -- we'll talk -- down the road. Our guys thank you don't be sure of but it though Erica ought to end tomorrow on NASA I'm gonna Wear the fall ball in the morning -- McDormand and all right Tom Brady Dennis and Callahan and. AT&T unlike those classes you get the glasses lymphoma -- -- -- would look like Justin Bieber who play in -- that'll be more hair on that hat you need more hair and yeah. Yeah that's gonna I gonna happen now you join us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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