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Doris Burke: In shock of amount of techs called against the C's

May 29, 2012|

ESPN & ABC broadcaster and reporter Doris Burke joined John & Gerry to give her firsthand account of the technical fouls called against the Celtics. She tells the boys about the Celtics reaction to all the techs, if Doc will be fined for his comments, and how ineffective Ray Allen and Brandon Bass were.

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To quote Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra that's one down and three to go after watching that beat down last night you almost get the sense that. That may be the number of games we -- remaining would be read ago but that remains to be seen. Game two tomorrow night joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Doris Burke the NBA analyst for ESPN and ABC it's John and -- and bought endorsed good morning thanks for taking a couple of minutes. Good morning guys it just told your producers center around the streets Providence in the morning you are very often my company. Excellent excellent we knew we appreciate that -- art theory and stayed at the outset I think the officials had nothing. To do with the outcome of that game I'll say it again nothing to do with the outcome of that game how ever -- a theory as to why. Crawford and Malloy felt compelled to tee up Ray Allen and Doc Rivers for virtually nothing good there have been an edict from the league -- says. Game one let's get these guys in place let's keep things calm let's not let them get out of control is that possible. I suppose it's possible. -- oral you know virtually all the technical I was sitting at the PR the Celtics and we are an actual shark and we're also we also are going to be very close to celtics' bench. And -- looked over a couple I mention you can imagine he was very sure I'm sure will be fine for comments. And PO I spoke to -- and then at halftime and he looked great I thought and it because of the kind of credibility here brings to the telecast. Kim being the hardest he was in the essentials -- thought you know. It would -- which he did his job and that's because they did not agree with any of them and it was just difficult. And when you have Mike Green who they should acknowledge -- tease -- about this all the time -- Mike Breen who sometimes I want -- apologist for the officials but he's certainly trying to -- scare him. When you get he -- agreeing on that you know there's an inch. Doris for your vantage point. Had -- been riding Malloy mercilessly and then the hey Ed just was the the the ignition point did you see any of that prior to the team. Absolutely and a while I mean I am in very close proximity to -- he was absolutely not riding at -- and end. I think we we ran the replay. Initial reaction when when he -- them after -- and he simply could not believe it. -- out just you know it's dark that's one of the worst technical he's ever seen. All four of the one all for the tax on the players -- the coach were bad calls doors do you think. It affected the game. No election you know what effect -- that game LeBron James greatness. I think you know there's a couple of things have happened from the Celtics and I thought the energy they had in the first and third quarters. Hurt Camelot and whether that was -- ski course doc told me happy you know it was almost as well. We didn't compete at the start -- Willie discipline it was. It completely -- We were surprised to -- starts so early. You know -- is just just cannot afford those console lol and that kind of team with her letters to. And their explosiveness. And and the other thing that -- You know poker every morning to recount and an action at who leap out. Of poorly thought between those two I know Brandon is not eat you know volume rebounder at any point but wishing bad Egypt can you get -- -- problem. And Mario Chalmers has five and you combine I was so what can change stores give us -- scenario that's of people would like to hear here in Boston away. That this I don't know goes six. Thousand and in four. Well I think the fact that they were despite. Just one solid -- such a quarter one and one quarter where they get 35 inch. And there are still making prolonged stretches and that itself. Should give Boston Celtics and comfort. -- I don't think your best -- and find that comfort Ray Allen he looks a shell of themselves and I'm sure were from Boston and. This has really hard to watch I mean it's. It's brutal. And -- went around and make make a shot of free throws at this point you are to wonder where this confidence level -- And they and the alternative would be Pete trysts without -- Bradley. Healthy. Does he -- look like he'd be an upgrade in anyway. What think you can battle more defensively -- -- -- -- -- at this point and there's one player particular. On the Celtics than where they ram -- Awful low stagger screens they -- quite as he battling it over the screen but he has not it'll lateral -- At this or any kind of -- -- to get there and that calmed and grow speak. Because I'm sure you actually the one rebound where he rate went up in the air and and went and battle and that he told me that sort of those. He can take a reader on the bench. Where first stretch and then it's ankle Italy restaurant stop. Sort of back jabbing searing pain and don't get comfortable. And then you go back to contribute. But in terms of -- option at this point when you don't see it -- sure I'll hear that you the most prolific shooter in NBA history. This is something that shocked me when I started covering the leak is. That these guys as great as they horse players suffer a crisis of confidence just like everybody else just like every athlete every person. They have this period and we don't suitable that count for long stretches. -- -- Doris do you think ray has become so much of a a liability on both ends of the floor that doc needs to consider not. Trying to let him shoot his way out of this thing and reduce his minutes substantially going forward. He doesn't have the luxury anymore. Right I mean -- without a tree level you know without Jeff Green without all the guys -- -- it happened but I no longer believe -- task launcher -- -- do that. Is I -- You know before I watched game seven -- the Philadelphia series -- the Celtics could take the sixteenth. Based on their the way capital explain what we are we know racial honest capable planks. And and my corporate came -- -- -- pregame Lisa what do what do you think about the secret because everybody -- in four or five. You know most people in the media and I -- I'll might have I eaten -- he shut the door open source. He went on and he looks at his frequent question I wouldn't -- the same thing except I watched in seven. And -- immediately looked at Kevin and Paul work. Exceedingly tired at the end of acting as well as they needed to play date yet. Let's say look higher cure and tell the patient which speaking of being played. Heart is and and there are so undermanned and banged up. And that sort of reiterated my feeling that it could be five. You what you expect them to let Chris Bosh that there is peach pants and and get healthy for the finals. Well I certainly think. That it's it's they go up to well. It is from the luxury of waiting now Brian -- course recovers. Not yet it he trucks and we've actually talked about in on your hair he's he's for a spec. He has maintained all along that he believes it's necessary bosh would play Friday in this series if necessary now. That there hasn't been much leading and that abdominal care and that's part of the key onto the circumstance -- but that's why would you -- -- the PP you have command of the series. And -- you know you don't have to put them at risk of put him in inaction. -- bodies can hit more maybe he sort of structures that care a little bit. You know why would you plan. Your door you're talking about what might change between game one last night in game two tomorrow night -- today it and it could be a number of things maybe Paul Pierce's knee feels a little bit better may be the bone spur some allotted a better place for Ray Allen doubtful all those things. But the thing I think we know is not going to change is the difference between these two teams in terms of speed and apple the system. And the heat being able to get to a spot on the floor either offensively or. Supersedes what the Celtics are able to do that's not going to change any time soon. Our current I mean it's it's an amazing thing for me to watch. And the rare chance I get to -- color as should be on eighteen which is probably twice -- here. Sometimes. The speed of the -- with this team. And -- conference call in the college games you know those are two completely different things. And I'll struggle to keep up I mean -- hate this is sometimes extraordinary and it's from position depending on the line up a minute -- how to stop the game. Their client. And the amount of ground LeBron James -- -- yes -- you know. It doesn't matter a lot sometimes a lot of turnovers occurred and that he -- in the Pataki. For mark and a lot all -- and it's going end to end because they changed and so quickly it with a -- or with a of all you look at that the touchdown pass so that. It's thrown yesterday it from from way to change such a strike. And -- -- heart your picture from Boston right I sort of marvel at the physical abilities of LeBron changed its. I had last Erik Spoelstra the question of -- quantify what disconnect in -- And you know all the maestro. I hate him extra. He has he's not maestro he's some enemies he's great he's -- killer reason peace but he -- Maestro would be guy like to reading things. But it just takes things a whole Rhonda B a maestro and -- you -- exactly -- is a doors we appreciate the time a league with a little fun question board and West -- review big demolition derby -- Now I only limit -- about -- They had already missed that. -- that's our public demolition derby got an ABC why would a sports back in the day Doris likes the conversation good talk -- -- Thank you Doris Burke and Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT. You know. I thought that was a dumb war and some balls he's a mice maestro and he's not you come over the million other that he met master. Master I mean he was -- he's. Unstoppable in the open court you know -- a maestro conduct he brings all the pieces together and it's not conduct if if you score you got a chance against Miami is it back on defense yeah. But if you don't score or rebound and went -- to either. The Celtics. And I'm gonna give you mine else's I think I -- learn this from magic Johnson's Celtics have the score you know. The win yet and they have to rebound a little too because of the old school or rebound. Miami does bing bang and then it's LeBron in the battery life as well wait -- -- -- or Penn relays and it doesn't matter appears. Healthy peers whose. A pretty good defender against LeBron but doesn't matter who would -- you could put. No five Paul -- is on him and he's in the open floor with the stride. In a with a full head of steam there's no stop. Yeah quicktime. Pro sports I had thought I had a plot that you went somewhere else I love is like Wednesday and say he's trying to be the best. He won. Yes yes you are distraught -- my favorite magic moment what if affiliate one. Mean it'd be you wouldn't put it this close all I don't know what to say you you might take away from that was among a couple of other things she said technically. She sat right next to dock in the PR staff and -- was not riding Malloy. Nothing of the sort just said hey -- you wasn't. Lieberman blasted him for five minutes prior to the team being called said nothing about -- Clearly these officials. Had a real bad night and then agenda amend it didn't affect the outcome I'm what you and it won't and they didn't get a memos and make sure LeBron gets the finals. But they had rabbit -- they made some really bad calls yet at least I think before if this were Roger Goodell he would simply -- statements and that that and they made some mistakes. This is David Stern he'll stick his head in the sand -- fine. Doc -- yes for answering the question. You know. Did you deserve that T induction know when they notify. Deduction taken the Jim -- approach and said what did you see out what you write what you said and and and maybe -- doesn't get fine because I think it does it -- umpire once he will be different he will the -- kicked out for all that -- -- via an -- in that wasn't that's politically -- the thought well this doc said. What did you see on the call. What did you think about the radio and situation you sought what you write what you said -- I have nothing to shut down against citizens think the only defense stock needs. I'm right. A wrong I was right he's wrong I mean it was not a good call -- -- and David Stern will not ride them he didn't deserve the -- he's had a lot of -- in his career this was. The least deserving David Stern is the most tunnel vision. Commissioner in all the sport when it comes to protecting his officials no matter how bad based bank. No matter how awful the -- -- a matter help putrid and hideous the officiating is that applies not true he wants can mountain and condemned. -- -- -- All that the gaga didn't like him he wanted no part in -- April -- flashes back.

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