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Tim Donaghy: Doc & Ray didn't deserve technicals

May 29, 2012|

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy called into D&C to react to the poor officiating in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final. He comments on what the league probably told the refs before the series, if the C's deserved the technicals, and if the NBA will punish the officials involved in the game.

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The technical foul Doc Rivers meet -- -- It's. The worst thing I've ever had begins now. The moment. The now goes to the senate before but it didn't appear that. So -- you've been told to stop it. But -- tell you this stuff -- about trying to make up some scenario. That would make that okay to give him a technical foul up front that that you want I can't believe the ball with those villages that. That's the perfect little. Come on -- although auto run up ever resent these names like Edward hates to be called eighty some people don't like yeah but diminutive -- yeah right. Donna he's got thirteen seasons as an NBA wraps until the betting scandal ended up portion of his career -- network affiliation called sports. Connection wins dot com he's been against on our show on several locations and today we thought would be an appropriate time to welcome him back to the DNC show good morning Tim how aria. Under great -- more do you have any theory as to why Malloy and Crawford went T happy on the Celtics last night is it possible does that lead edict that said. You gotta keep this thing under control you got to really really be quick but the -- whistles and not -- these guys get out of hand. Until dark out there are -- Iraq Richard most likely got there are. Upbeat he wanted to compress files were told that make sure that they can control and to control that he's here early. And look for any particular due to send a message out for these -- -- Unfortunately for all -- and consent. That would indicate that David Stern or the powers that be in the league -- think that what we saw last night is entertaining and somehow enhances the product I think it does just the opposite. I thought it would appear that they're not hectic out there opt in all the players that they're not out of control it. And act in the wayward outlook for TV. And you know we talk about being Crawford in these operators are selecting you got a lot technical route so not so we try to lag. Are you detecting the ultimately bought itself a -- -- -- out technical -- probably one of the most professional players. -- in the history of the NBA you know actually disgraceful. But but you don't think that he would that this edict of his memo would single out one team the other they were just told. Be quick give don't be afraid to give technical fouls at the first sign of disrespect. Yeah that's correct they know it is it for a -- you. Technical out with god there on the yacht -- -- because particulate. Matter. -- is the ultimate. Outcome in there come on now. You know it's -- on which rock -- on the floor. -- in that situation where you know an adult and -- wait see -- own feet and then corporate is not a guy. Or REIT until it's it's really an adult and the home team -- situation. Now will there be any repercussions from them obviously publicly. And we don't expect to hear from the -- -- from the commissioner bud. Will the commissioner will someone reach out to. Danny Crawford and say you're wrong bad call bad call the file back on the T really tell Ed that he was just too. Too quick on the west too sensitive at that point when they hear from the league. Well because -- believe more actually want to send that message out there Rhett -- and the pregame meeting that they want it and the tick control. Odd and domestic early on in this series especially like -- said and he wants to know him and there aren't really -- leaks might be it was they want it stopped. Tip of the letter of the law and I know it's a relatively new rule in the NBA the talks about out of -- the use of the term showing up the -- but what are your lines of discretion there if -- Crawford or Malloy and and I'm -- I certainly don't think Ray Allen crossed that line by saying -- And turning and running the other way what's the -- state what what are you trying to enforce there. You try to import it you know code -- -- and respect for the eighth and you know I don't think it -- really appreciate reform. Ot know Ray Allen -- that we are. That being ruled in -- -- you're not where I know we can really be a thing in Iraq three -- You certainly didn't even come near that line -- note issue expecting anybody at all much thought it -- her out the way had a lot. Well we aired Boston all day and we're gonna hear that the the fixes in their play a conspiracy theorists of peer -- think. The commissioner wants LeBron and Dwyane Wade in the finals. Is ever implied is that ever inferred did you ever hear anybody. So that you'd think somebody says us you know gets the message through that we want one team -- the other to advance. I. Absolutely yeah I mean those messages are sent number -- you know with their Little League game and -- -- the -- -- and the bottom line -- You know you're up Oklahoma that you're seeing Antonio which from the Indian it and no matter the elite globally. We weighed in and prodigy and it all so I'm we thought it -- it in the technical out I noticed it there was opportunity there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We shall -- -- should -- been picked out by it it wasn't done so I think he really insisted it would put it what channel op art. We're talking with former NBA ref Tim delegate -- -- -- message come down from a from the ivory tower in the league offices if indeed they want. The Miami Heat in the finals how how that message sent. What don't you know you just sit in the being. You know supermarket commute from the NBA all essential in order job. Op play -- a place that. -- they seem. And -- gone the right way or another in Internet may be something they make sure that. Rondo may be traveling on the ball or they're unique being at all the things that they won't call -- -- that he picked always go in expecting that they don't want to advance. Interest and play you said Dan Crawford doesn't give is in so quick to give technical files but. Before that techie give -- a real bad personal file call. On Ray Allen I mean do you consider him a good -- and will we see him again in this post season. I don't that we -- in the postseason because he's been in the NBA finals for years in the NBA in. -- judge people unfortunately on her. Ability to do the job you're in and year out like there are minimal charge a lot. Are you on into the -- Kevin Garnett T for the delay game that two in the second quarter would you call that he bought one finger on the ball and I guess technically according to the role. That would be delay of the game but these are not a spirit of a lot -- gets invoked -- -- There's all the -- law and CN BA I think that's why they have so many problems there's really no consistency from. One directly to another -- rate -- a lot from. In my mind should be called absolutely not but. Like I say -- they're out they're trying to -- that the speech is that a precedent -- that he wants for the rest of the series. Will there be a make up call so some sort like. In the next game with a B acquitee on the on the heat just take the heat off. I think that you it depend on who's the rep resource for the game that night it's at -- oh sure you look at a guy like it Joseph Crawford. Who is not on the -- -- home crowd affect them. And he could see what happened to be one which I'm sure he was watching yet you're here click here you can see somebody. There are a Miami it technical belt it's got all -- -- -- showed up. The where they realize the product often got shorter and expect. A final question for meet him procedurally. How they graded and if you great out poorly how do you get demoted or punished. A rock -- officials on talk about of course you're. It by. I would call that they may hear in anything in the summer currently use these are -- -- then. No unfortunately there are not punish the European Union shop technical back there. 2003. Went Bernhardt the lady and that that ever read that thing that in Sacramento. And the Walton who played their innate. They'll -- every call you can't even in favor up. The lakers but yet that -- are all -- referees still being -- eight file they got. Big bonus for doing that felt really -- -- your big game pitcher -- not going to be dealt. -- game. And even as embarrassing. NM. As embarrassing those as those two calls were Malloy on dock in Crawford on Ray Allen the -- happy with that that bleak bleak it's okay you think of those two calls. Oh I don't leader during the amount say they were wrong in any way shape or because they -- the ones. That dictated that they they wanna back dot. You think F jet action to wait for technical called it I don't make it look good yeah yeah when -- -- league won't tell. Those refs that they were all the then went a little overboard now. But I they and they -- before the game and that's what they want event. And what didn't they -- so terrible at unlike expected it dot -- technical out. But Ray Allen is one of the most professional players in all sports and and that are really root for a loop where I use it that was discussed was acting. He's -- Donna he he is with thumb sports connection wins dot com appreciate the timely insight as always double talk to down the road. Tim -- with Dennis and Callahan on AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LTE. The speeds up the ten times back to the three GAT and T rethink possible.

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